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Cool Stuff for Guys: The 11 Best Websites for Men’s Products

Cool Stuff for Guys: The 11 Best Websites for Men’s Products

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cool stuff for guys - postCool stuff for guys…

…if someone were to ask you what this was, you’d realize that we’re really quite simple creatures.

As men, we like very specific things: women, beer, gear, gadgets, tools, cars, etc.

Some evil, and likely rich, genius came up with the idea to create a website that sells (with a few obvious exceptions) all the things we love.

This list is all the best sites to spend your extra cash.

Be careful though:

I only recommend visiting them after paying your rent and buying some groceries.

If you’re looking for men’s websites, that do more than just list products, check out this post.

11 Websites with Cool Stuff for Guys

Here are 11 of the best websites for men’s products in no particular order.

Along with the site, you’ll see a few of their recent products and some of their best non-product posts.



Werd. is one of the best looking sites on the web.

They show you countless great products, all of which are backed by ridiculously high quality photos. Do you like cars? Werd’s got you covered. They post plenty of badass cars, most of which you and I can’t afford.


Huckberry brings the double threat: an awesome blog and great products you won’t find elsewhere.

If I were to sum up Huckberry in one word, it would be adventure. They sell products that are begging to be outside making you like Huckleberry Finn himself. I’m thinking that there’s something behind the name…


After you see a logo as bold as a pair of tighty whities, I assume questions like, “what in the hell does this site do,” are running through your mind.

Well if you guessed that they provide men with a monthly “man pack” of new underwear, socks, razors and other men’s essentials you’d be absolutely correct. They’re affordable, easy and ensure that you don’t leave your house looking and smelling like a caveman.

Build your own Manpack by clicking on their logo above.

His Potion

His Potion boasts some of the highest quality photographs on the web.

The site is the perfect mix of products, women, and generally entertaining posts. Their weekly post, the Friday Inspiration, is guaranteed to start your weekend off right.

Cool Material

Cool Material put simply is “stuff guys want”.

They bring a wide range of cool stuff for guys from tech to art. Their best post is the Tuesday Link Roundup. This links you to some of the week’s best articles and photos.

Gadgets 4 Guys

Can you guess what their niche is? That’s right: gadgets!

The vast majority of the products that Gadgets 4 Guys posts are gadgets. The best part is that you can actually afford most of the products they show! They feature a lot of tech products, but they also have plenty of other generally cool stuff for guys.

Great Non-ProductPosts

None – they stick to the products!

Man of Many

Man of Many comes straight from down under.

They provide everything from men’s products to men’s fashion. If you’re like me, most of the sites you’re visiting are based in the States. Man of Many brings a fresh perspective to things that you will see in their products and posts.


Uncrate in another beautifully designed website.

Their products lean on the expensive side, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. They feature a lot of tech, including a plenty of new apps.

Great Non-Product Posts:

None – they stick to the products!

Dude I Want That

As their logo hints, Dude I Want That is a “Geek’s Gift Guide.”

They show a very wide range of products that cater to our inner geek. Aside from the products they post, the best part of the site is their product bios. They manage to add a humorous description to seemingly every product.

Great Non-Product Posts:

  1. Giveaway: OuttaGEAR 4.0 Bug Out Bag


Joe’s Daily

While Joe’s does have plenty of great men’s products, it also has a lot of just generally cool stuff. The site is a refreshing mix of products and entertainment.

Joe is also really active on YouTube. He puts out some very entertaining and informative videos on his feed here.

Bless This Stuff

“Stuff we drool about.”

Bless This Stuff wins a side award for the best website slogan. This site is loaded with cool stuff for guys. They have a pretty wide range of products, but post a lot of tech and related gear.

Great Non-ProductPosts:

None – they stick to the products!

Dude Living

Dude Living is a great site for finding new men’s products. They focus on six main categories: house, gear, style, brews, tech, and gifts.

One awesome thing about Dude Living is not only do they tell you about new products, they provide great guides on how to buy and use those products (check out their kegerator buying guide below.)

About The Author

Kyle Boureston is the founder of and the Mantelligence app. He's a Cal Poly alum who loves his two Bernese Mountain dogs (Duke and Bruno), grilling and beach volleyball.


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