Have you ever wondered how your watch really works?

I mean... think about it:

How is it so accurate? What powers it? What tiny mechanics allow it to tell the time?


I've said it before, every man should wear a watch. And, I'm saying now, every man who wears that watch should know how it works.

But here's the thing:

Watches are incredibly complicated. We've touched on how they work (here and here), but without a visual aid... it's tough to really understand what's going on.

So... to help you see exactly what's going on inside of your watch, our designer put together this in-depth, but easy-to-understand animated infographic.

What will it show you?

It breaks down the two main types of watch movements (quartz and mechanical), shows you how to tell them apart (just by looking at them), and shows you a detailed breakdown of what makes each type of movement tick (step-by-step).

infographic - how watch movements work quartz vs mechanical

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In Conclusion

Watch mechanics are, and always will be, incredibly cool.

...And now that you understand how your watch works, you'll have a deeper, more educated, appreciate of what it really is and how it really does it.

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