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10 Second Date Ideas Designed to Go Well

10 Second Date Ideas Designed to Go Well

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second-date-ideasYou mustered up the courage, asked her out, and the first date went well enough.

The two of you end up scheduling a second date, and so now it’s pretty much smooth sailing, right?


You may never get a second chance to make a first impression, but when it comes to dating, it’s through a second impression that you’re given a chance to make a real statement.

Here’s where girls separate the boys from the men. The guy she wants to see again from the guy she wants to be with.


On a first date we aren’t ourselves.

You know little to nothing about one another, and thus things are a bit uncomfortable.

We’ve all been there and seen it: the rigid posture, the nervous laughter, and the awkward, tentative banter.

All of these are the hallmarks of a first date and almost completely hinder us from getting an accurate representation of one another.

Most first dates succeed based on more the superficial factors such as:

  1. Having a mutual physical and/or intellectual attraction.
  2. Not seeming completely insane.

Even if those two passed, and you made an initial connection, it’s during the second date that early perceptions are affirmed or upended.

In short, the second date is just as important as the first.

The following second date ideas are designed to make it easy on you.

Not only are they a lot fun, but each is designed to create a relaxed atmosphere, taking most of the pressure out of the date.

10 Great Second Date Ideas

Here are 10 of the best second date ideas in no particular order.


1. Bike Ride

10 second date ideas-bike ride

So, we’re talking biking jump suits and downhill speed bikes? No, calm down Lance.

Take her for a mellow (avoid hills) bike ride. Be sure to have a destination in mind. This could be a scenic view or a nice restaurant.

Pro Tip: Don’t tell her where you’re going. Women love a little mystery and the confidence that goes along with it.

2. Brewery Tour

10 second date ideas-brewery tour

First, seeing how beer is made is extremely cool.

Second, brewery tours are almost always guided. This means you’re able to experience something new together without having to force conversation. At the end of the tour, you’ll probably both be a little buzzed so the conversation will flow a bit easier.

Don’t take her to the Budweiser brewing complex; go to a small, local brewery.

3. Flea Market

10 second date ideas-Flea Market

Walking around a flea market, there is an abundance of cool things you’ve never seen or haven’t seen in years. This provides an almost endless source of conversation. If your first date was a little rocky, this is a great second date.

They usually have live music (it’s usually really bad) and often, surprisingly, have good food.

Pro Tip: Buy her something small as a memento.

4. Mini-Golf

10 second date ideas-Mini Golf

While admittedly lame, mini golf is ideal for a second date.

It is easy (enough) and is not serious enough to be intimidating. It is the perfect atmosphere to chat and flirt without making chatting and flirting seem like the focus.

This alleviates the pressure of forcing a connection. Since it’s essentially a child’s game, there’s also the opportunity for some shared nostalgia.

Mini-Golf will also tell you if your date can let her hair down. Is she relaxed or tense? Side note, if she’s wearing heels at the mini golf course you can probably assume you’re not going to be doing anything adventurous together.

5. Picnic

10 second date ideas-Picnic

The classic 2nd date idea. Picnics are tried and true.

A nice way to spruce up the old staple is to plan the picnic on a day where there’s a farmer’s market. Rather than bring food from home, start the date at the farmer’s market and buy your lunch there.

Parks are of course the standard for picnics, but, if you can, go elsewhere. Maybe the beach? Maybe by a lake? Maybe you combine this with #10 below?

A quick intermission:

If you’re starting to see a theme, the second date should be laid back and easy for both of you. You likely did the formal, uptight routine on the first date and neither of you want to do that all over again.

You want to feel natural and to better see each other’s true colors. The second date should be a more comfortable, casual outing than the initial go-round.

Okay, back to the dates.

6. Live Music

10 second date ideas-Live Music

Besides just generally being a blast, going to a concert can be an excellent bonding experience.

For a second date, it’s better to find a lesser-known act playing a smaller venue. You shouldn’t be spending $600 for two Springsteen tickets this early. Where do you think you’ll bond more, at an amphitheater packed with 15,000 people or a small venue with a handful of people?

7. Take a class/lesson

10 second date ideas-Take a class

Before you balk, let me be clear: I’m not talking a class on algebra or literature, but a class on something fun that is semi active. Think a pottery class or a surfing lesson.

This is preferably something neither of you have done before. It will help you determine if she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. As you are both likely stepping out of your comfort zones, a class on a new subject will connect you on a deeper level. Was that last sentence really cheesy? Yes, yes it was.

8. Gallery Hopping

10 second date ideas- gallery hopping

If you happen to live in or near a major city, strolling through a gallery district is a highly underrated second date ideas. It should cost you nothing, has the potential for unexpected excitement, and gives you plenty of time for casual conversation.

Art is something that’s very personal. Gallery hopping provides a great means to determine if you share aesthetic interests. If you’re don’t, it’s not a deal breaker, but it is something nice to have in common.

9. Cook for Her

10 second date ideas- Cook for Her

Women love a man who can cook.

The dish doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, and honestly, it doesn’t even need to be good. This date is more about the thought than it is your cooking skills. Side note, I highly recommend having at least one dish you’re really good at cooking (Rule #32). It is ideal for situations like this.

You don’t have to start cooking before she gets there, but be sure to have all the ingredients ready. Oh, and don’t forget the wine.

10. Botanical Garden/Arboretum

10 second date ideas- Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are parks on steroids. They are beautiful, often huge, garden complexes with a variety of different plants.

Just like with the flea market, the countless plants give you plenty of conversation topics. You don’t need to be a botanist for this date. Most of the plants will have signs explaining what they are and where they’re from.

In Conclusion

The most important component of a second date is some sort of relaxed activity. This will be something you can both enjoy and will create a relaxed environment. It will help you both be yourselves and will give you a much better sense of who the other person really is.

Use one of the above 2nd date ideas, don’t be weird and chances are you’ll get the third date.

About The Author

Kyle Boureston is the founder of and the Mantelligence app. He's a Cal Poly alum who loves his two Bernese Mountain dogs (Duke and Bruno), grilling and beach volleyball.


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