Show me someone who hasn't needed romantic date ideas at some point in their life and I will show you someone who isn't telling the truth. We can't come up with awesome date ideas all the time - sometimes we need inspiration.

You might be looking for romantic date night ideas because you're going on a first date, or because you've been with your loved one for years. It doesn't matter how long you've been with someone, it's important to think of romantic ideas for things the two of you can do together. If you're planning a romantic date, the inspiration below will really help you to choose the best activities.


7 Best Romantic Date Ideas

Choosing the most fun date ideas shouldn't be a challenge and shouldn't take a long time. Check the list below to find out about the best date ideas that you can choose from.

1. Watch a college or high school sports game.

This can bring back nostalgic feelings of being in high school.

2. Have A Three-Course Dinner… At Different Places.

A super fun way to try out several restaurants in one evening.

3. Go to a local festival or fair

Checking out a festival together is a nice way to spend time together and see something new.

4. Walk Dogs Together

If you both love dogs why not borrow two and walk them together?

5. Visit the zoo or aquarium.

Going to visit animals can be a fun way to spend time together.

6. Go for a boat ride.

If you live near water this is an exciting activity for both of you.

7. Find a rollercoaster and ride it.

Do you love the thrill of rollercoasters? This could be the perfect day, but check your date likes them too.

7 Romantic First Date Ideas

First dates can be scary, but there is no need to be nervous when you have some awesome first date ideas to offer as suggestions. These activities are perfect for the first time the two of you meet in a romantic setting.

8. Attend a sporting event.

If you both like sport then this can make a first date a bit less scary.

9. Go to a Planetarium

A planetarium is a romantic place to visit as a couple as it's usually dark inside.

10. Go to a car show

Going to a show or exhibition will give you both something to talk about.

11. Rent bikes and go on a bike trip together

Why not check out a new neighborhood?

12. Go see some live stand-up comedy

If you're nervous this option means you won't have too much pressure to make conversation.

13. Go to a botanical garden

People who love nature will really enjoy this date.

14. Take a pottery-making class.

This is an unusual suggestion which your date is sure to love.

6 Romantic second date ideas

You have the first date out of the way but what will you do on the second date? A list of second date ideas is just what you need. Make sure you have the best time possible with the fantastic romantic date ideas below.

15. Check out a live music venue

A band that you both enjoy will always make a great date idea.

16. Pop by a cat café

Do you both love cats? This is a wonderful option for people who enjoy stroking kitties.

17. Meet for breakfast

Dates are usually in the evening so this puts a fun new spin on the meeting.

18. Go berry or apple-picking.

This fun activity might take you back to your childhood if you lived near the countryside.

19. Take a wine tour.

Who wouldn't love to go and see where wine is made?

20. Go to a farmer's market.

For two foodies, this is the ultimate date.

6 Romantic 3rd Date Ideas

They say that good things come in threes and so you should be ready to offer some brilliant 3rd date ideas even before the date is secured. You might be running out of ideas after the first two dates, but the third date is where you can really let your imagination shine.

21. Go to a flea market

You could see what strange things you can find at the flea market.

22. Go white water rafting

If your beau enjoys adventurous activities, this could be one that gets her excited.

23. Go out for dessert

Who doesn't love dessert?

24. Take a cooking class.

This can be a really unusual thing to do if you both enjoy cooking.

25. Go plant shopping together.

Is your date into plants? Looking around plant shops and seeing the weird and wonderful plants can be a fun way to get to know each other.

26. Rent a convertible and go cruising through scenic parkways and rural back roads.

A super exciting way to spend an afternoon.

6 Romantic Double Date Ideas

Double dates ideas can be super fun as they're a great way to make dates less formal. They can also help the people going on the date to feel less nervous as there are more people there to take the pressure off them. If you need help with double date ideas, just take a look below for some fun inspiration.

27. Host A Dinner Party

A quiet romantic dinner party can be a great double date.

28. Wine tasting

Wine tasting is always fun but especially so when spending time with friends.

29. Hold a baking competition.

This is a cute way to spend time with another couple - in the kitchen.

30. Tour a brewery.

You can chat together while getting to see how beer is made.

31. Go bowling.

When was the last time you went bowling?

32. Play trivia night at a bar.

Trivia nights are way better when you have a bigger team.

6 Cheap Romantic Date Ideas

Fun and romantic dates don't need to be expensive. There is no need to splash out on expensive activities or fancy dinners, in fact, cheap date ideas can often be even more romantic.

33. Go window shopping.

Window shopping at super expensive stores is always enjoyable.

34. Visit an animal shelter.

It's not expensive to visit lots of shelters or rescue centers.

35. Get an Aura Reading

This is probably something that you don't do every day so it's a brand new activity for you.

36. Go to a BYOB Restaurant

These restaurants are usually less expensive because you bring your own drinks.

37. Go on a picnic.

Picnics can be very romantic, plus they're cheaper than grabbing lunch at a cafe.

38. See a drive-in movie.

If you haven't been to a drive-in movie for a while, this is a great opportunity to get nostalgic.

8 Free Romantic Date Ideas

How much your date costs doesn't matter - it's the company that you're in that is the most important thing. Because of this, there are loads of fabulous free date ideas that you can make use of to impress your significant other.

39. Volunteer together.

Volunteering to do something you're both passionate about can help you bond.

40. Walk someone's dog together.

If you're dating someone who likes dogs, they'll absolutely love walking a dog with you.

41. See fireworks.

You might have seen fireworks lots of times but it is truly romantic to stand under a firework display with someone you really like.

42. Go stargazing at a local park.

On a warm summer night, this can be a super romantic thing to do.

43. Plan a fake vacation together.

Planning a vacation, even if it's fake, will let the other person know that you want to have a future with them.

44. Sit by the lake, pond or river.

Sitting near a waterway can offer a unique perspective of your town or city.

45. Watch the sunset.

Heading to a special spot to see the sun go down is a nice way to spend an evening.

46. Wander a new neighborhood.

Taking a stroll with each other can be a good way to relax and explore the local town.

5 Fun Romantic Date Ideas

Dating shouldn't be serious - you should both be relaxed enough to enjoy your time together. By using these fun date ideas you can set up the perfect atmosphere to enjoy each other's company and have an incredible time together.

47. Rent a convertible sports car or luxury car and cruise around all day

If you've never been in a fancy car, this is a super fun activity to try.

48. Have a water gun/balloon fight

On a super hot day, a water gun fight is always a hit.

49. Go ziplining

Ziplining can be really thrilling - just the thing to take away any nerves you might have about the date.

50. Spend the whole day doing only new things.

Being spontaneous or trying new things can often mean that you have a really fun time.

51. Drive some go-karts.

If you're good behind the wheel then this will be a super enjoyable way to spend the day.

6 Romantic at Home Date Ideas

Having a super fun date doesn't mean going out, in fact, you don't even need to leave home. Take a look at the at home date ideas below to help you plan the perfect date night without needing to travel.

52. Have a Scrabble Tournament

Do you both enjoy playing Scrabble? If so, this romantic and inexpensive activity will keep you both amused.

53. Have a Fondue Night

Everyone loves melted cheese and melted chocolate but they don't have many fondues. If you want to try something a little different then you could give this a go.

54. Plan a staycation.

Planning things with your date lets them know that you see a future with them.

55. Bake together.

Finding something difficult to bake together will make for a memorable date.

56. Dine al fresco.

Eating in the garden can be romantic in the spring or summer.

57. Do couples' yoga.

Couples' yoga can be difficult so you should be prepared to laugh as you struggle with the poses.

7 Unique Romantic Date Ideas

If you want to impress the person you're dating, you'll need unique date ideas. These will help you stand out and ensure that your date is super memorable. Use the unique ideas below to create the perfect day or night.

58. Make a time capsule

You can't get much more unique than creating your own time capsule.

59. Go to an auction

Who knows what you'll find up for sale?

60. Venture Out To A Wrestling Match

Whether you like wrestling or not, you probably won't forget this date.

61. Go fossil hunting

If you live near a historical area then this is definitely a cool activity.

62. Go donate blood together

If you're both blood donors you could donate blood before grabbing dinner.

63. Go Indoor Skydiving

If neither of you has tried this before then you'll definitely remember the experience.

64. Do a food truck tour

Food trucks offer delicious meals and snacks so you'll get to sample some fab food.

6 Romantic Adventurous Date Ideas

Is your date the adventurous type? If so, you'll want to make sure that you impress them by showing your adventurous side too. Choose your favorite adventurous date ideas and for a super memorable time.

65. Do an animal encounter at a zoo

An adventurous activity if you choose a dangerous animal.

66. Find places that are supposedly haunted in your area and visit them at night.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this would certainly make an exciting date.

67. Try rock-climbing.

If you've always wanted to rock climb, now is your chance.

68. Go paddleboarding.

Living near water has its benefits when you can hire paddleboards.

69. Swim with dolphins.

This is certainly adventurous but an awesome idea if you live near dolphins.

70. Take a road trip.

This is a fun date idea for someone you've been dating for a while.

5 Romantic Anniversary Date Ideas

No matter how long you've been together, it's important to make time to do something special on your anniversary. Coming up with anniversary date ideas can be tricky if you've been in a relationship for a while, so take advantage of the fun ideas below.

71. Start learning a new language together

This will show your commitment to one another as you both know that you won't learn much in the first lesson.

72. Learn some Tai Chi

An enjoyable and super relaxing date.

73. Splurge on a Couples Massage

A couples massage can help the two of you relax fully.

74. Go glamping.

A fun activity for the two of you to experience for a night or two.

75. Ride a hot air balloon.

If this is something you've always wanted to do, now is your chance.

4 Romantic Winter Date Ideas

In the winter, date options can be limited because of bad weather, however, this doesn't mean that you can't have fun. Enjoying yourself in the winter can just look a little different from the summer. The winter date ideas below are all you need to plan the best winter dates.

76. Make a Cheeseboard

Who doesn't love cheese? Sampling cheeses together is an awesome way to spend a date.

77. Have a "No Power" Date Night

This is an unusual and romantic idea.

78. Drink hot cocoa

Getting fancy hot cocoa together can offer an alternative to going to a bar.

78. Go snow tubing.

This is one of the best things you can do when it's snowing.

How To Pick The Best Romantic Date Ideas

Ask yourself these super simple questions and you'll be able to choose the best romantic date ideas in no time at all.

1. How many dates have you been on?

If you're going on your first date together, you might want to choose a different activity compared to your hundredth date. If you are choosing an anniversary date, you will probably already know what your partner would like to do. However, if you don't know the person very well, you'll want to choose a fun activity that can take the pressure off the both of you, such as attending an event, show or museum together.

2. What does your date do for a hobby?

If you know what your date does for fun, you'll be able to figure out what they'd like to do on a date. For example, if they enjoy rock climbing they might like to go on an adventurous date, or if they like nature then a trip to a park might be a great option.

3. When are you going on the date?

This is important because you'll pick different activities for daytime dates versus evening dates, when a location or activity might be unavailable. It's also good to consider the time of year - in the winter it will be cold outside but in the summer it might be too hot.

Downloadable and Printable List of Romantic Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable list of romantic date ides (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

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In Conclusion

It can be tricky to come up with romantic and unique date ideas but this awesome list should have given you some useful inspiration that you can draw upon next time you're planning a date.