No matter whether you are going on your first date or 101st date with someone, it's always useful to have some creative date ideas up your sleeve. This is because you want the date to stand out in the other person's mind so that they'll remember the super fun time you had together.

Even if coming up with date ideas is easy for you, you might find that you struggle a little with creative date ideas. These take a little more imagination, especially if you're hoping to try something that the other person hasn't done before. Using the list of creative date ideas below, you'll get loads of new inspiration for activities that your date won't forget.


5 Best Creative Date Ideas

If you're looking for the most useful set then look no further. You'll find date ideas to suit every personality in the list below. These super fun dates are perfect for times when you want to create a truly memorable experience for the other person, no matter how long you've been dating.

Here are the 5 best creative date ideas:

1. Test-drive cars you have no intention of buying.

This can be a fun thing to do with someone you have dated for a while.

2. Have a dinner date where you both try a new kind of food you've never had before.

Making it your intention to try something new can lead to an amusing time.

3. Go on a boat ride.

When was the last time you went on a boat? You could share the experience with your significant other.

4. Go to a drive-in movie theater.

It has probably been a while since you went to a drive-in but this can be a really romantic place.

5. Get drinks at a speakeasy.

This can be a daring and exciting way to spend time together.

5 Creative First Date Ideas

Are you struggling to think of awesome first date ideas? You want your date to remember the first time you got together, so creative dates can be really useful. These offer something different for a time that both of you will never forget.

Here are 5 creative first date ideas:

6. Go to a VR café / arcade

Whether you're into gaming or not, trying out a VR experience can be something new for the both of you.

7. Go to a local nonprofessional sports game

If you both like sports then you're sure to love this idea.

8. Play a sport or do an activity you are both horrible at or have never done

Trying a new thing can be one of the best ways to bond with each other.

9. Antique shop crawl

Going on an antique shop crawl to see what treasures you can find is an unusual first date idea.

10. Get some sidewalk chalk and get creative

If you both like art then you might be able to make some cool pictures.

6 Creative Second Date Ideas

So your first date went well, but now you need brilliant second date ideas. If you want your date to stand out from the crowd, you're going to need to think a bit differently. To do this, you might want some fabulous inspiration and, thankfully, you can find that in the list below.

Here are 6 creative second date ideas:

11. Find a dive bar with a jukebox.

Jukeboxes aren't common anymore so seeking one out can be a fun date idea.

12. Have a meat and cheese dinner at a park.

Going on a picnic can be an entertaining way to get outside without having to leave town.

13. Go Book shopping together.

Are you both avid readers? If so, this can be a fun date.

14. Hit up a rooftop bar.

In warm weather, a rooftop bar is a super cool place to see the city.

15. Visit a Carnival.

If a carnival is happening nearby then you can't beat the bright colors and energy for an exciting date.

16. Check out a local Ghost Tour.

If you've never been on a ghost tour then there's no excuse not to plan this date.

5 Creative 3rd Date Ideas

If you've got through the first two dates then you'll be eagerly looking forward to the third date. You might have already used up all your ideas, so some fantastic 3rd date ideas will be just what you're after. The ideas for creative dates below will help you choose something a little out of the ordinary.

Here are 5 creative 3rd date ideas:

17. Complete an Escape Room.

Escape rooms force you to work together which is a good way to bond with your date.

18. Salsa dancing.

If you're not very good at dancing then this can actually be more fun.

19. Do a Theme Movie Night.

If you want to stay in then a themed movie night could be an amusing way to spend the evening.

20. Go To Trivia Night

This is an inexpensive date idea that will help to bring out your competitive side.

21. Go to garage sales.

You never know what you might find when you hit up some garage sales.

7 Creative Winter Date Ideas

Coming up with winter date ideas can often be harder than in the summer because your choices are more restricted. So it can help to think a little outside of the box and come up with some creative ideas for activities you can do. The list below will help you to choose some interesting activities for winter dates.

Here are 7 creative winter date ideas:

22. Drink Hot Cocoa.

Heading to a cafe for hot cocoa can be a really cosy thing to do.

23. Go Sledding.

Find a big hill and feel the excitement of sledding in the snow.

24. Make Snow Art.

Have you ever made snow art before? You can make so much more than just snowmen.

25. See a Play or Ballet.

A fun thing to do at Christmas time.

26. Go Indoor Skydiving.

If you have a skydiving centre close by then you'll definitely want to try out this thrilling activity.

27. Go Indoor Bouldering.

Bouldering and rock climbing can be enjoyed in the winter when you do these things inside.

28. Make Gingerbread Together.

Gingerbread men and houses are traditional and festive, meaning you can have a cosy date when you make these together.

5 Free Creative Date Ideas

The only thing better than creative dates are free creative dates free date ideas can be the best because they allow you to have a super fun time without spending anything at all. Below you'll find a great selection of creative free dates.

Here are 5 free creative date ideas:

29. Find a free Concert.

Watching live music is always an enjoyable pastime and it's even better if the music is free.

30. Eat Samples at a Food Market.

If both of you like food or like to cook then this can be an amusing date idea.

31. Go On A Scenic Landmark Crawl

Whether you are from the same city or not, you can never get tired of seeing special landmarks and historical sites.

32. Make a DIY kite to fly at the beach or park.

Kite-making is an enjoyable activity for kids and it's even more fun when you try as an adult.

33. Get dressed up and go on tours of expensive homes for sale in your neighborhood.

If you have been dating for a little while then this can be a cute way to imagine a future together.

5 Creative Fun Date Ideas

Who doesn't want their next date to be super fun? But for a fun date, you'll need the best fun date ideas. These inspiring ideas are creative enough that your significant other will struggle to remember a time when they had a date like it.

Here are 5 creative fun date ideas:

34. Redo a Room.

If you live together, you could get some paints and materials together to spend the evening painting or upcycling in one of your rooms.

35. Go to a Jazz Club.

Jazz clubs are fun and classy places so this can be a great way of checking out something new.

36. Check out a New Band.

When was the last time you saw a new band or singer?

37. Get a music lesson.

If you two have always wanted to learn a musical instrument, now's your chance.

38. Make a DIY Waterpark.

An awesome activity for a summer day.

4 Creative at Home Date Ideas

Although going out somewhere can be entertaining, staying home can be enjoyable too. But to have an amusing time at home, you'll need to think especially creatively. Thankfully, these at home date ideas are original and super fun.

Here are 4 creative at home date ideas:

39. Eat take-out by candlelight

This low-key date is cute and romantic.

40. Play with watercolors.

Artistic couples can try their hand at painting.

41. Play Indoor mini-golf.

Make sure you don't have any breakables close by.

42. Make a craft together.

Find instructions online or buy a kit to complete a craft.

4 Creative Cheap Date Ideas

Everyone knows that dating can sometimes be expensive, but it doesn't need to be. In fact, sometimes the best date ideas are ones which don't cost a lot of money. When it comes to cheap date ideas, sometimes you have to get creative. But at least you know that the other person is going to remember your date for a while to come.

Here are 4 creative cheap date ideas:

43. Go to an open mic night.

Musical or comedy open mic nights are cheap to enter but enjoyable.

44. Have a "No Power" Date Night.

This is a lovely date idea because it forces you to get creative with activities and complete them by candlelight.

45. Get dessert to go from your favorite restaurant.

Eating just one course instead of a whole meal can make a date much more affordable.

46. Go fishing

Teach your date how to fish and you'll be able to chat while waiting for a bite.

5 Creative Unique Date Ideas

Do you ever wonder what kind of dates are the most unforgettable? If you're hoping to have an experience that you'll both remember, you're going to want to take inspiration from the unique date ideas below. By getting creative with date ideas, you can come up with activities that neither of you will forget.

Here are 5 creative unique date ideas:

47. Go to Burlesque Show.

This is certainly something a little bit different for both of you to enjoy.

48. Take a Meditation Class.

Booking a meditation class can mean you have a unique time together.

49. Get an Aura Reading.

If you've never experienced an aura reading then this will be something new.

50. Head to Aquarium.

Checking out the underwater life can bring you face to face with some unique creatures.

51. Visit a Tea Room.

There aren't many tea rooms left but they can be like a blast from the past.

5 Creative Romantic Date Ideas

To make your partner feel extra special, you'll want to focus on romantic date ideas which can make them feel like you really want to impress them. Being creative with these romantic dates will allow you both to have fun new experiences together.

Here are 5 creative romantic date ideas:

52. Take a ride on a Ferris wheel.

A Ferris wheel is always a romantic place for a date.

53. Couple's massage.

Who doesn't love a relaxing massage?

54. Try five-course dinner at different restaurants.

Make bookings at places you've always wanted to try.

55. Try glamping.

Glamping and enjoying nature is a lovely way to spend time together.

56. Host a wine and chocolate tasting.

This is one of the best ideas because you can get other people involved.

5 Creative Double Date Ideas

Being creative with your ideas for a double date can help to get your date excited for the activity. The brilliant double date ideas below are just what you need to show everyone a good time.

Here are 5 creative double date ideas:

57. Hit Up a Film Festival.

This is a cute way to spend time with another couple.

58. See a Magic Show

When was the last time you saw someone perform magic?

59. Go Paddle Boating

Heading out to the water can be a fun thing to do.

60. Indulge in Korean BBQ

Have you ever eaten a Korean BBQ before?

61. Take a Terrarium Planting Class

Terrariums are super trendy and super fun to create.

4 Creative Date Night Ideas

Being in a relationship can be awesome but it can mean that you need to come up with activities to do on date nights. If you're hoping to do something you haven't tried before, being creative with your date night ideas can definitely help.

Here are 4 creative date night ideas:

62. DIY Portrait Time

This is a super fun idea for people who aren't usually very artistic.

63. Become Bartenders

Bartending classes are an unusual activity.

64. Attend poetry or book reading together.

If you both enjoy poetry or books then you'll love this date night idea.

65. Take a free factory tour.

Are there any factories local to you? If so, why not book a tour?

5 Creative Anniversary Date Ideas

You might have had lots of anniversary dates but the secret to having the best anniversaries is to do something a little different. Take your pick from the unusual anniversary date ideas below to surprise your loved one and ensure that you both have an awesome time.

Here are 5 creative anniversary date ideas:

66. Head on an Unplanned Road Trip

Unplanned trips are the best because they are spontaneous.

67. Get a fondue pot.

Fondue is one of the most fun types of food.

68. Take an overnight backpacking trip.

A backpacking or hiking trip can help you bond with each other.

69. Explore a new city.

Is there a close-by city that you've always wanted to visit?

70. Rent a cabin.

Cabins can be super romantic places.

5 Creative and also Adventurous Date Ideas

You might think that you're adventurous, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with exciting date ideas for someone who likes adventure too. Below, you'll find a whole host of adventurous date ideas which are slightly out of the ordinary so you can have a time that neither of you will forget in a hurry.

Here are 5 creative and also adventurous date ideas:

71. Take a Helicopter Ride.

Have you ever been in a helicopter? If not, now is the time to book a trip.

72. Go Cliff Jumping.

What could be more exciting than cliff jumping?

73. Go skinny dipping.

This is a very brave activity.

74. Go on a Hot Air Balloon ride.

This would make for an exciting date.

75. Go to a Murder Mystery Dinner.

Try to work out who the murderer is before the night is over.

Downloadable and Printable List of Creative Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable list of creative date ideas (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to Pick the best creative date ideas for couples

If you're struggling to choose between all of these awesome date ideas, just ask yourself these questions and you'll be able to pick the best ones.

Here is how to pick the best creative date idea:

1. How long have you been dating?

If you are going on your first, second or third together, there are specific activities that you can plan to help you two get to know each other. However, if you've been dating for a while it's likely that you'll know the kind of the thing that the other person enjoys and therefore you can narrow down your list of activities.

2. What's the occasion?

If you've been dating for a little while, you might be celebrating an occasion - birthdays, anniversaries or promotions are all great reasons to have a special date together. If you're celebrating something in particular, you might choose something extra romantic to help make the date unique.

3. What's your budget?

Having a small budget isn't necessarily a bad thing - while there are more activity options available if you have money to spare, there are loads of fantastic examples of great cheap date ideas. In fact, some of the ideas are even free, so you can have a super fun date without spending any money.

More Awesome Ways To Get The Girl

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In Conclusion

No matter how long you've been dating, it's always a great idea to keep date ideas fresh. By choosing creative date ideas, you can create memories that both of you will treasure into the future.