Boy, have we got some fun things to do for you! We're talking about an exciting list of things to do to cure your boredom, or give you something to do when you've got nothing going on.

Whether you're sitting alone or with a group of friends, these fun things to do will turn your dull session into an exciting one. You can count on this list to plan your day away!

Scroll through this list to find creative ways to make your hobbies all the more better. With this huge list of things to do, you're bound to find something that shouts out to you, guaranteed!


10 Best fun things to do

It's not always easy to come up with things to do on your own. That's why we've put together a list of some of the best things to do that are incredibly fun and will keep you busy and entertained for days!

1. Decorate your dream house

Everyone has an idea of how they'd like their dream house to look. Create it in your own special way and wait for the day to come when it turns into a reality.

2. Adopt a pet dog

We all need a furry companion to keep us company.

3. Host a dinner party with friends

Cook your best meal and enjoy the compliments.

4. Attend an open house

There's something so exciting about touring the inside of an empty house.

5. Cook something new

Don't be discouraged if it doesn't come out right. Try it again on a different day.

6. Play with legos

Legos aren't just for kids. Just check out all the amazing sculptures people make using Legos — Those things are amazing!

7. Attend an outdoor concert

When the sky is black and calm, and the air is cool and crisp — no better experience than that.

8. Take up a new hobby

Try something extremely foreign to you. You never know, it could be your new favorite hobby.

9. Make Coffee Ice Cubes

Because no one likes watery coffee.

10. Have a karaoke night

Invite everyone you know and also, everyone you don't know.

8 fun creative things to do

Are you an aspiring creative? Then you'll love these creative things to do that are also so much fun! Painting, cooking, whatever your mind comes up with — the creativity is endless!

11. Film a cooking show

This'll work if you've got a bubbly personality and, of course, know how to cook.

12. Make a scarecrow

It doesn't even have to befall, make one for your yard to scare people away.

13. Host an international dinner night

Some of the best food comes from different countries. Just be sure the food comes out good. If not, just order take out! No one will know.

14. Try Your Hand at Painting

Who knows, you might do well and gain new talent.

15. Paint rocks

Place them as decorations in your garden, or anywhere around your home (if they come out looking nice).

16. Have a photo shoot

Get all dolled up and put on your best pose.

17. Have a costume night

Nope, it does not need to be halloween.

18. Learn calligraphy

If you've already got good handwriting, this'll come naturally.

10 fun things to do online

There are tons of things to do online, and there are also tons of fun things to do online. Get some ideas of some fun ways to spend your time on the web with our list below.

19. Host a virtual murder mystery

This is actually so much more funner than it sounds.

20. Keep in touch with friends

The internet makes it virtually, super easy to keep in touch with anyone.

21. Write thank you emails

If you've got people to thank, emails are the less awkward way to do it.

22. Google yourself

You'll most likely just find all your old myspace and anime blog accounts.

23. Open an online store

Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, or open a store on a website of your own.

24. Explore Life Hacks

Might as well learn some new ways to score at life.

25. Take a Trip Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

Be careful... Sometimes there's no way out.

26. Take Surveys for Cash

If you didn't know, there's many websites that pay regular people to take surveys. It may not be much money, but it's easy work.

27. FaceTime a Friend or Family Member

Catch up with all your long distance relationships.

28. Start blogging

The perfect way to make money about things you're passionate about.

9 fun things to do at home

Sitting at home bored with nothing to do? Allow us to change that for you. There are so many fun things to do at home that will take away your boredom. Just check out our list of things to do at home to turn your day into a fun one.

29. Do a puzzle

Challenge yourself with the biggest puzzle you can find in your home.

30. Teach your pet new tricks

You and your pet will both benefit from this.

31. Create a Home Office

Home offices are the best place to get any work done that you have. School work, tax filing, even coloring...

32. Explore a new recipe

Don't worry if you get it wrong the first time. That's usually what happens.

33. Volunteer to babysit for a friend

This can be a fun experience if you enjoy kids. Put together some fun activities and watch the kids face light up.

34. Build a fort

Bring out all your pillows, blankets, couch cushions, and get building!

35. Scan your old photographs

This should be done whenever you have the time. You'd feel devastated if anything happened to all those precious old pictures.

36. Throw an indoor picnic

Who says you need to be outdoors to have a picnic?

37. Meditate

Great for the soul and mind.

7 fun productive things to do

Get things done that you didn't know you needed to do. These productive things to do will release some of that stress on your shoulders.

38. Take a break

Everyone needs a break once in a while.

39. Exercise

Exercise can actually put you in a great mood and, plus, it keeps you looking and feeling healthy.

40. Spend time with your family

Even if you don't like them that much, it's always important to keep up with your family.

41. Find opportunities to work from home

There's tons of them, and since you're already at home, find work, and allow the money to come straight to you.

42. Go to the library

When's the last time you held an actual book in your hand? And I don't mean ebook.

43. Rearrange the furniture in your house

This can really make you feel as if you're living in an entirely different place.

44. Plant a garden

Grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables to save you money at the market.

8 fun adventurous things to do

Spice up your life with these fun and adventurous things to do. Step outside yourself and take risks that are incredibly thrilling. Don't be afraid to try these out. Some of these things may sound completely crazy, but you've got to admit, they're totally worth the fun!

45. Rock climbing

It doesn't even need to be actual rocks. Go to a rock climbing resort if it's your first time, and you've got no experience.

46. Do some mountain biking

You'll definitely feel the burn and be totally sore in the morning.

47. Bungee jumping

If you aren't afraid of heights, this is a real thrill.

48. Shark diving

Don't be afraid. You'll be completely safe inside a cage. I can't say the same for the shark...

49. Attend an auction

Attend a livestock auction and get yourself a chicken. You'll definitely regret it!

50. Watch wildlife

Go out in the forest, or simply go to the zoo — it's much safer.

51. Plan your next getaway

And get away from all the stress of your current life.

52. Try a science experiment

No need for a science class, there's plenty of youtube videos with DIY science experiments.

10 fun things to do with friends

Don't go at it alone when there are so many things to do with friends! It really doesn't matter what you're doing, it's always a good time when you've got friends around. But, for the times where you can't seem to figure out what to do, try out one of these fun things to do with friends for a fun time!

53. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

You'll leave there feeling great about yourselves knowing that you helped out some less fortunate folks.

54. Play board games

The ultimate cure for boardom.

55. Invent your own board game

Don't you hate all those complicated rules every board game has? Time to invent your own without any rules.

56. Go fishing

Fishing is always fun, even if all you catch is an old, rubber boot.

57. Play charades

No need for any equipment. The only game similar to a board game that uses only body parts.

58. Play card games

Uno, or any other card game you share with your friends.

59. Host a BBQ party

Fun and tasty!

60. Play hide and seek

This game isn't only for kids. And, since your grown, play hide and seek in the dark for more of a challenge. Or in a park at night, if you're courageous enough.

61. Go bowling

Bowling is always so much fun with a group of your best buddies.

62. Learn to juggle

Learn to duo-juggle by tossing the pins to your friends while juggling.

6 fun things to do over the summer

Summer is the time for fun! No school, warm weather, long days, it doesn't get any better than that. And, since the days are so long, you'll need plenty of fun things to do over the summer...

63. Have a water balloon fight

Anything that involves water during the summer is a win.

64. Create a DIY waterpark at home

This is not as difficult as it sounds. Get some sprinklers, water slides and kiddie pools to create a water wonderland.

65. Go to the amusement park

If your DIY water park fails, make plans to go to an amusement park, and make sure they've got a water park included to keep yourself hydrated.

66. Make homemade ice cream

It's as simple as milk, sugar and ice cubes.

67. Make bubbles

Dish soap and water are all you need, my friend.

68. Go swimming

There is no funner activity to do during the summer.

7 fun things to do on a sunday

Sundays are one of those days you aren't sure if you love or hate — it's a day off, but, it's also a day where you need to get ready for the long week ahead. People don't usually do much on this day, though, there's a lot of fun things to do on a Sunday. And, we've got a few examples!

69. Meal Plan For the Week

Start your week off prepared. You'll thank yourself later.

70. Write in Your Journal

It can actually be very healing to write down your thoughts regularly.

71. Take a Power Nap

The don't call it lazy Sunday for just any reason.

72. Do yoga

Use Sunday as a starting point for yoga, and move your way up to other days of the week as well.

73. Go on a bike ride

If the weather allows it, use this day to catch up on some beneficial activity.

74. Go to the park

You can bike ride to the park! Two Sunday activities in one!

75. Read

All you need is a great book to keep your mind off Monday morning...

9 fun things to do for your girlfriend

Need lots of great ideas of fun things to do for your girlfriend? We've got them right here! Impress her by doing things for her that make her adore you. She'll be so grateful to have a guy like you after these things.

76. Make s'mores

If you make them right, your girlfriend might love them s'more than she loves you.

77. Have hot chocolate

Now's the time to use that fireplace!

78. Recreate Your Favorite Restaurant Meal

Well, if you're able to. It doesn't hurt to try.

79. Prepare a bubble bath

Or a bubbling jacuzzi for two...?

80. Have a spa night

Be her very own, personal misuse.

81. Watch the sunset

On the rooftop of the closest place that gives you a clear view of the sun.

82. Host a themed movie night

And let her choose the theme, and the movie.

83. Write out your bucket list

Nothing's sweeter than planning your last moments together.

84. Make a homemade pizza

You'll be surprised at how easy it is.

9 fun romantic things to do

Need some more things to do with your girlfriend? Or, just need a romantic date? Use these romantic things to do with your girlfriend or date and you'll be the king of romance. Every girl loves a guy who knows how to be romantic, so try these out.

85. Take a hot air balloon ride

Is there anything more romantic than floating in between the clouds with that special someone?

86. Take a spontaneous road trip

The second best thing to flying.

87. Horseback ride over the hills

Do this one only if you've been on the back of a horse once already.

88. Watch the sunset on the beach

Imagine the beauty and bliss of the scenery...

89. Play mini-golf

Cute, but not that romantic unless you're into that kind of stuff.

90. Stargaze on a rooftop

There is nothing more beautiful than the nighttime sky.

91. Go dancing

Try out a nice formal dance to let her know you mean business.

92. Make a romantic dinner

Cooking for someone is one of the sweetest things to show you care.

93. Watch a rom-com marathon

Romantic comedies are always fun to watch, but watching them while on a date is unforgettable.

Downloadable List of Fun Things To Do

Here is a downloadable list of fun things to do (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How to pick the best fun things to do

Yes, we know, all the things on this list are incredibly fun and you can't decide on which to do first. We can help with that.

1. Where Are You?

Choose things to do depending on where you are. If you're stuck at home, do things you can only do at home, and if you're out, consider your location, and do things that fit the scene.

2. Consider What Others Want to Do

Whether you're doing things with friends, family, neighbors, or strangers, keep in mind that they may not find the same things fun that you do. Choose things that are fun for the whole crowd, and that everyone can take part in.

3. Pick Things You Find Fun!

Finally, and simply stated, choose things that are fun to you. It can't be any more plain and clear than that. These are meant to be fun things to do, so do things that you find fun. That way you'll get the most out of them and you won't be disappointed.

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In Conclusion

Now that you've got your list of fun things to do, go out and do them! Put your fear and regrets behind you and just have fun with it. Let go and let your hair blow in the wind.

Don't be afraid to take risks and try more adventurous things to do. You only live once, so live on the edge — just be careful not to fall off!