Have some free time on your hands, and looking for some creative things to do? Well, lucky for you the world is filled with exciting and unique creative hobbies!

Solo projects, team endeavors, things to do with strangers friends or family members - there is a diversion for every person and every mood.


10 Best Creative Things To Do

Not sure where to start? Well, this list has fun, expressive pastimes that will keep you busy and feeling fulfilled!

The best part is, most of these can be done the same day, with very little prep! So, get going and try something you've never done before!

1. Attend a stand-up comedy show.

Every famous comic started somewhere - maybe the next big thing is at your local club!

2. Upcycle a piece of furniture.

This is fun, inventive, and can make you some quick cash!

3. Redesign a room.

A new layout can really freshen up the energy of your space.

4. Make some visual art.

Use any kind of medium - clay, acrylic, watercolors, or paper mache!

5. Spend the day at a new museum or exhibit.

A lot of them have free entry days - take a look on their websites!

6. Practice your photography or videography skills.

Use your phone, or invest in a film camera.

7. Make a time capsule.

This is a great way to declutter and to make something you'll look forward to opening again.

8. Try out a new recipe.

Maybe try something you've been longing to perfect, like an ideal apple pie!

9. Try writing a children's story.

Imagine a story 7 year old you would have liked to hear.

10. Pen a letter to a friend or family member.

There's nothing quite like getting a real life letter in the mail.

7 Creative Things To Do When Bored

It can be so hard to think of things to do when bored! It's like our brain shuts off, and honestly, we can be more prone to anxiety and depression. Those are even more reasons to give our brains a creative kickstart!

Try out some of these creative things to do when bored - they're like a happy vitamin! Do one every day!

11. Make some music.

Learning an instrument is a skill that can take you all sorts of places.

12. Create a Vision board.

Use your downtime to imagine the best of the season ahead.

13. Take an Online Art Class.

There are tons of websites that offer instruction in every style.

14. Tackle your Spring Cleaning.

Nows as good a time as any to take some stuff to goodwill.

15. Clean out pantry items.

Your local food bank will be happy for any unopened castoffs!

16. Make a fancy cocktail.

Try something outside of the box!

17. DIY Galaxy night lamp.

Try adding a little sparkle to your bedtime routine.

5 Creative yet Productive Things To Do

Sometimes fun and creative pursuits can turn into big time wasters. That's ok, sometimes, we all need to have a little lighthearted fun!

But if you really feel your best when you're crossing things off your to do list, try some of these productive things to do and kill 2 birds with one stone!

18. Revisit your New Year's Resolution.

Did you stick with it? If not, maybe it's time to recommit!

19. Read.

You know you have books laying around - maybe make it a challenge to read all of the ones in your home!

20. Watch an inspiring TED Talk.

Research a topic important to you and get inspired!

21. Catalog your wardrobe in a spreadsheet.

Start a capsule wardrobe and streamline your mornings.

22. Discover your love language.

Figure out the best way to connect to others and be connected to.

11 Creative Things To Do Online

Want to try something new but don't want to move? That's a mood! Luckily, there are about a million and a half things to do online that will keep you busy way past your bedtime.

23. Google Yourself

Are you the top result? If not, see what you can do to move up!

24. Tour Another Country With Google Street View

You can see every famous landmark!

25. Become a Part of a Writing Community

Expand your skills and encourage others with your feedback.

26. Read Funny Amazon Product Reviews

You'll be sending these to your friends.

27. Learn All About Your Family History

Start with genome tracing or a site like ancestry.com.

28. Play a Game

Hello, Solitaire, it's me.

29. Keep in Touch With the Friends You Already Have

Send a quick DM checking in with them.

30. Open a Store

It's easier than ever and free!

31. Catch up on the News

Make sure to throw some Good News Network in there.

32. Explore Life Hacks

Maximize your efficiency and have fun doing it!

33. Craigslist Missed Connections

These are a treasure trove of hilarity and earnest searching.

8 Creative Things To Do With Friends

I know I've been spending a lot of time alone lately, so having some fun things to do with friends sounds like a great change of pace! 

These hobbies are great ways to connect, have a good time, and maybe even learn some new things! Almost everything is better with a pal or two.

34. Pinterest Party.

Host a crafting party and rate each project's success. Bonus: you now have Christmas presents.

35. Host a SPA day.

You're a clay mask and some cucumber slices away from relaxation.

36. Play baseball at the local park.

A pickup game will take you back to your childhood.

37. Go to the school play.

Support the arts in your neighborhood!

38. Go to a religious service.

Search for meaning along with others in your community.

39. Find a swimming hole.

The water is always fresh and exhilarating.

40. Start a book club.

Get some fresh perspective on a new read.

41. Make your own slime.

There is a reason this is so addictive.

10 Creative Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

No matter what her love language is, girls love when you plan special things to do for them or with them! It lets them know you've been thinking of them, and that you put effort into your relationship.

Most of these creative things to do for your girlfriend don't take much time or effort, just a bit of planning. And the pay off of her enjoyment will be well worth it!

42. Plan a perfect date.

Get it right down to the details.

43. Uncover Starbucks's secret menu.

Get her the sweetest, foamiest, glitteriest coffee they've got in their secret menu.

44. Have a Tech-Free Date Day Together

Commit to just each other for a whole day.

45. Visit each other Hometowns.

Take a quick jaunt down memory lane.

46. Create a monogram.

Envision your lives together.

47. Sleep under the stars.

Pop up a tent in the backyard, or scoot over to the nearest campground! Bring smore's!

48. Take a Horse Carriage Ride

Make sure to bring her flowers!

49. Take a tandem bike ride.

A bicycle built for 2 is sure to breed romance.

50. Find some fireworks.

Set them off somewhere secluded.

51. Be an arcade junkie.

Show off your mad PacMan skills.

10 Creative Things To Do At Home

Being stuck at home doesn't have to be a downer. There are a lot of innovative things to do at home that will help pass the time.

A lot of these are fun, but some are just plain good ideas! 

52. Clean your computer.

You know your desktop is filled with junk you don't need!

53. Make a list of movies you want to see.

Do some research and get some goals going!

54. Have a costume night.

Choose a theme and have all your friends join you for a fun night in!

55. Plant Seedlings.

Egg shells make the perfect container for starter plants.

56. Film a Cooking Show.

Start a youtube channel of your achievements (and failures!)

57. Make a Scarecrow.

Keep those crows out of your backyard garden (or just scare your trick or treaters).

58. Make Jewelry.

Leathercraft, beadwork, there are tons of options.

59. Learn Yoga.

Your back will thank you FOREVER.

60. Learn Calligraphy.

Admit it, your penmanship could probably use an upgrade.

61. Invent your own board game.

The rules are up to you!

13 Creative but Adventurous Things To Do

Need a little spice in your life? Get out of your comfort zone and try something daring!

These adventurous things to do will get your heart pumping and are a great way to while away an afternoon and build some great memories. 

62. Skydiving.

There is no bigger rush than jumping out of a plane!

63. Bridge climbing.

This is illegal, so I can't recommend it, but also....

64. Exotic car driving.

Your local racetrack surely rents out all of your dreamcars.

65. Rafting.

Get a rush in freezing water!

66. Caving.

Grab a headlamp and go spelunking!

67. Swimming with Sharks.

Live near the ocean? Get in touch with nature!

68. Paragliding.

Get a birds eye view of your city.

69. ATV driving.

Explore the outback near you at high speed.

70. Deep-sea fishing.

See what you can haul in!

71. Surfing.

Learn to cut the breakers!

72. Visit a Safari.

Many wildlife rescues offer drive through safaris... or plan a trip to the Pridelands.

73. Scuba diving.

Local pools offer introductory classes.

74. Chug beer at Oktoberfest.

You may regret this the next day, but it will make a great memory in the future!

7 Creative Things To Do With Friends

Hard tasks are easier shared, but fun experiences are even better with friends! Try some of these creative things to do with friends and take your bonding to the next level!

75. Seasonal Crafting Party.

Don't buy decor when you can make your own!

76. Play drawing game.

Pictionary is a blast, but I really love Telestrations!

77. Host a Workshop.

Are you great at something? Offer to teach your friends or neighbors.

78. Art supply swap.

Offload those markers that didn't work for you, and pick up some watercolors.

79. Pinterest DIY.

Try upcycling something you've been wanting to spruce up.

80. Crafting in public.

Set up a craft site in a local park and let folks join in on the fun.

81. Trade books with friends.

Start a book swap and share your favorites.

82. Create digital products.

Share them or list them for sale!

10 Creative Things To Do Over the Summer

There are so many fun things to do over the summer when the weather stays nice and getting together feels festive. 

Think outside going to the beach and try making some new sweet summer rhythms! You may want to do these every year after the solstice!

83. Make your own swimming pool.

Get a stock tank and get to it!

84. Make homemade ice cream.

Get a machine or find a no churn recipe to have ice cream in no time!

85. Stroll into Sunflower Field.

The smell and color are overwhelmingly joyful.

86. Do a makeover on your porch or patio.

A coat of paint goes a long way.

87. Stock a Bar Cart.

Get ready for summer cocktails and make your own bitters and infusions.

88. Make Summery Drinks.

Put that bar cart to good use!

89. Paint a Summery Scene.

Take inspiration from the weather around you to make some art.

90. Make your own Hammock.

Macrame or parachute fabric - try a craft store or army supply!

91. Go collect wildflowers.

Try your hand at arranging.

92. Go berry picking.

There is nothing as delicious as fresh, bursting berries!

12 Creative Things To Do On a Sunday

Sundays can feel like a bit of a letdown - all the fun of the weekend is over, and the workweek is just a quick sleep away.

Reclaim that seventh day of the week! Break out some of these things to do on a Sunday and start your next week out with some happy!

93. Browse pet-adoption websites.

Maybe you need another furry friend?

94. Buy tickets to a charity event.

Have fun, meet some new people and support local non-profits!

95. Explore a personalized daily vitamin plan.

We all could use some supplements.

96. Look up volunteer opportunities near you.

Find ways to serve in your community.

97. Get your taxes together.

It's never too early to get organized. You'll be thanking yourself next spring

98. Treat yourself to fro-yo at your favorite local spot.

All of the toppings. All. Of. Them.

99. Take a soul stroll.

No headphones, just listen to nature and your spirit.

100. Wash your bedding.

Get some linen spray while you're at it!

101. Purge the contents of your refrigerator.

You don't need those half-open cans and we all know it.

102. Start a gratitude journal.

You can't be worried and thankful at the same time, so get your mindset in a healthy place!

103. Have a "Me" time.

Do all the things that make you feel happy and relaxed.

104. Try to do a Bob Ross painting

No mistakes allowed! Just happy accidents.

Downloadable and Printable List of Creative Things To Do

Here is the list of creative things to do (right click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Pick the Best Creative Things To Do

On a list this long and creative, how do you know where to start? Don't get lost in the length and breadth of it all.

I have a few tips that will have you doing something way more fun than scrolling through your feed in no time at all! And you may find yourself with a new pastime that will keep you busy for way longer than an afternoon. 

1. Pick your population

Are you in the mood to do something alone, or do you want some company? Maybe your girlfriend wants to try something new, your roommates are looking for a diversion, or maybe you just need something to recharge?

Dial-in on what would serve you best, and choose some hobbies that would partner well with that. It's not complicated, just don't plan a card game if you just want to be alone for a little bit, you get me?

2. Take stock of your resources

Got some cash to splash around or feeling a bit light in the wallet? Maybe you have a bunch of gear, supplies, or ingredients that are just waiting to be engaged.

Do a quick inventory to give yourself some parameters as well as give yourself some ideas! Many of these items can be done from stuff you or your friends already have on hand.

3. Gather your courage and go for it

A lot of people feel apprehension when they go to try something new for the first time. Don't let your fear stop you, these creative things to do are going to add so much to your life!

4. Consider Your Time Limit

If you only have a few spare hours per week, it might not make a lot of sense to embark on a creative activity that's going to drain hours and hours. Choose an activity that can fit into your schedule.

This will ensure that you can actually complete the task instead of leaving it half-finished.

5. Create Something Useful

If you're going to create something, it might as well be something useful. When you create something that you can actually use on a daily basis, you'll get tons more joy out of it.

Whether it's a decoration you can hang on your wall or some type of tool, it's great to make something you can be proud of. 

Choose a few that look fun, and start in on these hobbies today! You'll never be sorry that you gave them a shot.

More Awesome Things To do

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  2. Looking for something to do with your boys? Check out some of these hobbies for men.
  3. These cheap hobbies will let you have a lot of fun without breaking the bank!

In Conclusion

Are you feeling inspired and ready to try some of these creative things to do? There are endless creative hobbies, diversions and distractions to take up and stretch you into new skill sets you've never dreamed of!

Try out some things to do in the morning, over a weekend, or maybe try a new one every day! If you have the extra time, invest in yourself - you'll reap the dividends for the rest of your life, and have fun doing it!