With the many benefits of pursuing creative hobbies, from benefiting your career to improving mental and physical health, you'd think everyone would have one, right? In fact, in one study, 88% of people agreed that successfully completing creative project brought them joy.

By promoting flow, helping you structure your time, and assisting you in coping with stress, starting a new hobby is a great idea for just about anybody! As far as life benefits go, developing a creative hobby certainly beats watching Netflix or browsing social media.

So what is it that keeps you from branching out and exploring an exciting new interest in your life? Maybe you feel stuck on the big question of finding the right hobby for you?

Well, wonder no longer -- we've put together our ultimate list of hobbies guaranteed to stoke your curiosity and build your creative muscles. Use it to spend less time searching for a new activity, and more time engaged in your new hobby!


6 Best Creative Hobbies

What makes these our best creative hobbies -- the ones that really stand out from the rest?

First and foremost, they are all extremely accessible, with very few barriers to entry. This means that each of the hobbies listed here is widely available, has a minimal start-up cost, and has plenty of tutorials available online.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today with one of our best creative hobbies.

1. Building Lego

For under $20, it's hard to find any hobby as ready-to-go as LEGO. Start with the instructions to build a set, then let your imagination run wild once you're warmed up!

2. Drawing

Requiring nothing more than a pen or pencil and a notebook, drawing can even help relieve anxiety.

3. Cosplaying

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, cosplaying might be right up your alley. Costumes can range from ultra-simple to ridiculously complex, leaving plenty of room to grow into the hobby.

4. Bullet Journaling

More than just a note-taking method, Bullet Journaling can turn any notebook into a powerful tool for getting a grip on your life.

5. Baking

From cookies to cakes and so much more, baking is a creative hobby that's easy to share with friends and family.

6. Adult coloring

For the cost of a coloring book and pencils, you can have hours of relaxing and gently stimulating activity.

5 Creative Hobbies For Men

All of these guy-centric hobbies have been chosen to let you work with your hands and your head -- a perfect combination for astute thinkers and doers. Better yet, call a couple of your friends to get a hobbies for men group going and share your accomplishments.

7. Reviewing Gadgets

Do you love technology? Go ahead and start writing or making videos about your favorite gear, and it might turn into a good revenue source.

8. Knife making

Check for a blacksmithing class in your area, and you could walk away from a weekend with a hand-forged heirloom.

9. Coding

The sky's the limit with learning to code -- but even just a little bit can let you spruce up a web page.

10. BBQ and Grilling

Make yourself the star of summer get-together by learning how to masterfully marinade and cook meats.

11. Homebrewing

It's hard to find a group of guys that doesn't love beer. Start a brew of your own, and you could be drinking delicious ales and lagers for less than a dollar a bottle.

5 Creative Hobbies For Women

While women can absolutely take up any creative activity that a man can, hobbies for women in particular can help you develop a tight-knit social group while exercising your creative potentials.

12. Scrapbooking

With a small selection of supplies and photos, you can turn any memory into a beautiful keepsake to share or keep.

13. Jewelry Making

If you enjoy wearing jewelry, then you already have a sense of what you might want to make for yourself, too.

14. Tarot Reading

Women are generally believed to be more intuitive than men -- making tarot reading a natural fit.

15. Cocktail Mixing

Because it never hurts to be able to whip up a perfect batch of margaritas when you have company over!

16. Flower Arranging

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, can make for a beautiful and relaxing hobby to liven up your home.

5 Creative Hobbies For Couples

Sharing hobbies as a couple can be a powerful way to make close, long-lasting bonds -- making the search for hobbies for couples a very worthwhile thing for anyone in a relationship.

17. ballroom dancing

Why not combine a rhythmic activity with exercise to keep you both active together?

18. Wine Tasting

This way, you can get a little bit buzzed together while exploring and developing more sophisticated palates to show off to your friends!

19. Bird Watching

Getting out into nature and looking closely becomes a great game for couples to share with each other, that also has amazing health benefits.

20. Paintball

Are you already an active and fit couple? Try introducing some good-natured competition into the mix with paintball.

21. Foraging

Searching for edible plants is a perfect hobby to take up for any couple that loves the creativity of cooking or baking.

5 Creative Hobbies That Make Money

It seems like everybody has a side hustle these days -- making the search for hobbies that make money a popular (and lucrative!) pursuit.

22. Web design

If you have an eye for color and placement, web design can quickly become a way to earn extra income on the side.

23. Website flipping

Already tech savvy? Consider entering the marketing of buying, fixing up, and then selling websites.

24. Freelance writing

If you enjoy journaling, writing about your favorite hobbies and interests can be a great way to add to your monthly income.

25. Video Game streaming

It's true: Twitch has made it possible to get paid for being great at video games.

26. Be a Local tour guide

When you know your city like the back of your hand, it can be easy to land a paid gig telling tourists about it.

4 Creative Indoor Hobbies

Especially during the winter months, having indoor hobbies can keep you fresh and active even when you can't comfortably be outside.

27. cooking from a new cuisine

Learning to cook well is an essential skill for anyone -- but being able to cook from a variety of regions can make every meal more interesting.

28. Homebrewing

Since it takes 2-6 weeks to brew a beer, it's an ideal hobby to pick up for when you have plenty of time indoors.

29. Pet training

No matter what sort of animal you take care of, it's always worth investing in their development -- for your own ease of mind.

30. Play the guitar

Easy to learn, but hard to master, the guitar is an ideal instrument to pick up and put down as you have time.

4 Creative Yet Cool Hobbies

Looking for a hobby that can make you more interesting while you learn? Look no further than this list of cool hobbies to inspire and motivate you.

31. Krav Maga

The Israeli self-defense art, Krav Maga can turn you into a certified badass while getting in shape.

32. Rube Goldberg Machine Building

If you're not familiar with these complex contraptions, you have to check out this video!

33. Metal detecting

There's nothing quite like a hobby that can help you discover hidden treasure right in your own backyard.

34. Parkour

This French movement art can turn you into a real-life superhero (or at least let you look like one).

4 Creative Yet Fun Hobbies

Creativity doesn't have to be all hard work and nervous inspiration -- and fun hobbies like the ones below will prove it!

35. Watercolor painting

Simple to get started with, working with watercolor can quickly turn into an obsession.

36. Axe Throwing

With the profusion of axe throwing bars popping up lately, it's easier than ever to try this hobby out.

37. Coffee Roasting

Did you know that you can buy your own coffee beans to roast? It lets you dial in the exact flavor you like best.

38. Antique collecting

Rummaging through thrift stores can feel like a hunt for hidden treasure!

4 Creative But also Unique Hobbies

If run-of-the-mill hobbies just don't cut it for you, you'll need to find more unique hobbies to really capture your interest. Everything you'll find on this list is different, uncommon, and interesting.

39. Bone carving

Do you have a taste for the macabre? Decorative arts with animal bones could be your next big thing.

40. Historical reenactment

Combining the best of history and acting, reenactment societies are popping up in cities all over the United States.

41. Sushi Making

A surprisingly deep field of study, learning to make sushi might just draw you into the whole of Japanese culture.

42. Photoshop

Learning how to manipulate photos could also turn into a lucrative side hustle!

5 Cheap but Creative Hobbies

Many of us don't have a huge amount of spare cash to spend on a hobby, which is why cheap hobbies are so popular. Doing an awesome activity shouldn't have to cost a lot of money, which is why it's always handy to have some ideas for creative cheap hobbies to try out.

43. DIY

Learning to do DIY can save you lots of money in the long run.

44. Writing a Song

If you're creative and love words, why not write songs or poetry? This is one of the cheapest hobbies there is but it's super fun and rewarding.

45. Learn Origami

Origami is one of the best creative cheap hobbies because all you need is some paper and a few tutorial videos to help you.

46. Baking/Pastries

Baking is a fun and inexpensive hobby because you're creating delicious food that will be eaten by you and your family. It is often cheaper to bake your own pastries and cakes than to buy them from a patisserie.

47. Nail art

Creative and beauty-conscious people might enjoy learning nail art and making intricate designs.

6 Creative but Interesting Hobbies

Creative and interesting hobbies are the best kind - these are the most absorbing and unusual hobbies that you can really get stuck into. You might not know many people who enjoy these hobbies but you can certainly get lost in the experience yourself.

48. Flower pressing

You can create beautiful pictures and framed artworks when you press flowers.

49. Terrariums

Creating terrariums and watching the plants inside grow is a wonderful hobby to have.

50. Glass Art

There are lots of different types of glass art to enjoy from glass blowing to glass painting.

51. Wood Burning

Wood burning techniques use heat to create lovely patterns in wood which can be drawn freehand or created with the use of stencils.

52. Sand Art

You will definitely get a lot of questions when you tell people that you create sand art. You can use this fantastic natural material to create all sorts of sculptures and images.

53. Flower arranging

Flower arranging isn't just for the older generation - the art of creating floral displays is becoming very trendy with people of all ages.

7 Creative Expensive Hobbies

While many of us are happy to indulge in hobbies that we can enjoy locally and aren't very costly, some people really like to push the boat out. Expensive hobbies are perfect for people who have cash to splash and want to try something a bit out of the ordinary.

54. Ice sculpting

Sculpting blocks of ice is a super impressive activity and one that will set you back quite a bit more than a regular hobby.

55. Car racing

Although you probably won't get to race a Formula 1 car as a beginner, you can try your hand at other types of amateur racing such as drag and touring car racing.

56. Collecting cars

There aren't many more expensive hobbies than car collecting, especially if you opt for sports or vintage cars. If you plan to purchase cars for your collection just make sure that you have enough space for them in your garage.

57. Hot air balloons

Hot air ballooning can quickly become an expensive hobby if you take lessons regularly. If you plan to have your own equipment someday, you'll need to make sure that you have the experience to be able to use it safely.

58. Scuba Diving

In order to become a scuba diver, you'll need to complete hours of lessons and might need to travel to a new country each time you want to get more experience.

59. Art or Paintings Collection

Collecting art is a super fancy hobby and one that is usually only reserved for the wealthiest people. You'll get to visit art galleries and auctions to see famous and expensive works of art that you can add to your collection.

60. Classic Car Restoration

Between equipment, car parts and labour you might find this a very expensive way to own a car, but it will certainly be rewarding.

Downloadable and Printable List of Creative Hobbies

Here is a downloadable and printable list of creative hobbies (right click the image and select Save Image As...):LIST OF CREATIVE HOBBIES

How To Pick the Best Creative Hobby

When you're trying to find a new creative hobby that really interests you, keep these three simple tips in mind:

1. Try, try, and try some more!

Anytime you're looking for a new hobby, try to test out as many different hobbies as you possibly can. When you find one that really interests you, it will obviously stick out from all the others that you've tried.

2. Think about what you feel like your life is missing

Creative hobbies can fill a gap that's left by whatever else is going on in your life. When picking out a new hobby, think to yourself: "What do I wish I had more of in my life?" Whether that's music, social opportunities, or money -- there's a hobby for that.

3. Don't be afraid to switch it up

Maybe the best part about hobbies is that you don't have to stick with them if they don't interest you anymore. If a hobby last for two weeks or two years, it's done its job: Making your life more interesting, by engaging you with what you're interested in right then and there.

More Awesome Activities

Already have plenty of hobbies? Are you looking for things to do that you don't have to invest as much time in as a new interest? Sometimes it's better to look for one-time activities than a whole new field of study.

We've got you covered:

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  2. When you just need a quick, cute activity, check out these sweet things to do with your girlfriend
  3. Maybe it's activities to involve a whole group in that you're looking for? These ice breaker games are perfect for parties.

In Conclusion

With this curated selection of creative hobbies, we've presented the list of hobbies that have personally brought us joy, excitement, and fulfillment in life. It's our sincere hope that you can find a new hobby that really stokes your creative fires and brings you new and interesting experiences in life!