If you want a more intimate bond with your partner through hobbies, this post is for you.

After writing about this list of hobbies and activities to do to have fun with your girlfriend, I've decided to write the hobbies that you and your girlfriend can do to connect better and have a stronger relationship.

Let's start.


9 Best Pastimes for Lovers

The best hobbies for couples get you and your girlfriend active and engaged with each other and the activity so that you can learn to share a little piece of the world that not everyone gets to see.

1. Tennis

Tennis player Andre Agassi called every game "a life in miniature", making it a perfect way to connect with your partner. You can play in singles against your partner, or in doubles against another couple!

2. Photography

The internet is full of advice for couples aspiring to great photography for good reason: It can capture a moment in time for you two to re-live together at a later date. Fill a scrapbook full of the memories you've shared together - it will last longer!

3. Ballroom dancing

Sex and dancing are intimately tied together, and if that's not reason enough to take it up as a hobby together, I don't know what is. Show everyone your moves - they won't doubt that you two have got it going on.

4. Board Game Club

With a huge variety of mentally-stimulating board games available today, finding a club with a wide selection can open both of you up to new ways of thinking and interacting with each other.

5. Volunteering

Get together to do some good in the world, and you'll likely find plenty of supportive friends that will enrich your life together as a couple. Helping your community evolve can also help improve your lives together.

6. Traveling

Couples who travel together end up sharing a common goal and purpose that strengthens their relationship, even after the trips are finished. What could be better than seeing more of the world together?

7. Painting

Making art is good for your brain, and can change your thinking towards more positive and creative outcomes, which is an essential skill to keep relationships happy and healthy.

8. Sailing

Being on a boat combines freedom, teamwork, responsibility, and skill, which is an excellent range of traits to encourage in your relationship. The best part is enjoying the freedom of being out on the waters, full of calming ocean breezes and fun.

9. Learning a New Sport

Getting physical together can encourage cooperation and build a light-hearted competition that may spice up your interactions as a couple. With team sports, it can also develop your chemistry with each other.

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Looking to add a little extra to your savings each month? Starting hobbies that make money together can give you an outlet that is both fun and profitable, letting you work together towards the life that you most want to be living.

10. Baking

Equal parts science and artistry, baking can appeal to both masculine and feminine traits. Even if you don't sell all of your works, you'll always have delicious food around the house!

11. Refinishing furniture

With a little bit of creative effort and a touch of hard work, you can learn to turn someone else's cast-away furniture into beautiful, functional works of art together.

12. Flea Market Shopping

Thrift shopping feels like one big treasure hunt and can be a great way to incorporate both of your knowledge of other hobbies and products into a viable re-sale business on Etsy or eBay.

13. Starting a Blog Together

Already have a hobby that you enjoy together? Think about turning it into a blog, where you can share insights with other people aspiring to do the same thing. Talking about what you love can also help you explore your passions together.

14. Catering

Cooking together can improve your relationship, and sharing the product of your work together with others can be a great way to make new connections in your community.

15. Making Music

Even the most basic of musical collaboration can lead to casual gigs around your neighborhood for holidays and events. If you're not ready to write your own songs, try learning a few popular covers together, first.

16. Arts and Crafts

From jewelry making to greeting cards to leatherwork and more, any art or craft can be turned into a thriving Etsy business or sold at local markets. What exciting creations can you make together?

17. Beekeeping

Have a backyard together? Keep some bees in it! Not only will you be helping the planet, but may end up with a side business selling honey at farmers' markets. It's a sweet deal for everyone involved!

10 Activities for Sweethearts, that Men Love

Getting in touch with your masculine qualities together can be empowering for both parties in the relationship, making these hobbies for men a great option for couples of every type. Ask her to embrace her strong, capable side.

18. Martial Arts

Learning to defend yourself is an essential skill for people of all genders, and practicing martial arts together means you always have a partner for drills at home. Staying fit together helps you stay together, as well.

19. Hiking

Getting out into the great outdoors clears the mind and refreshes the spirit, giving you a chance to connect with each other more genuinely than in everyday life. Without the monotony of urban living, you can truly get closer together.

20. Working out/weightlifting

Lifting weights is a continual process of setting and meeting goals, which leads to a powerful sense of self-confidence -- and having a workout buddy can help keep you both on track with it.

21. Jogging/Training for Marathon

Running is one of mankind's oldest skills, and has a way of putting you in touch with our roots as people. Having a partner makes the process infinitely more rewarding.

22. Urban Exploration

There's a whole world of hidden sights to see in your city, and setting out to explore it together can be fun, exciting, and occasionally frightening -- perfect for the adventurous couple!

23. Camping

What's better than a clear view of the night sky? Sharing it together. Zip those sleeping bags up in tandem and share in the beauty of the natural world together.

24. Golf

A fantastic all-day outing, golf can be a chance to learn and share technical and athletic skills in an environment that can be as competitive or as friendly as you want.

25. Mountaineering

More strenuous than a simple hike, mountaineering can quite literally take your relationship to new heights. Plus, it's a perfect activity to plan travel outings around.

26. Surfing

For contemplative thought and feeling while getting your daily activity in, it's hard to beat surfing. Give yourselves a perfect opportunity to plan more beach trips together.

27. Laser tag

For the urban soldier in anyone, laser tag can give you a taste of war games without any of the commitment (or painful welts) of paintball. Team laser tag can turn into a fun, enjoyable activity that can get you and your friends involved.

8 Refreshments for Beloveds, that Women Love

Taking time for the softer, more feminine side of hobbies can be a wonderful complement to the intense masculinity of sports and physically-strenuous hobbies. Together, they can lead you closer together as a couple.

28. Touring Wineries

Get your wine vocabulary in full swing and you'll be ready to impress at your next dinner party or outing to a classy bar. If both of you love wine, then learning all about what goes into making it can be a fun activity.

29. Cheese Tasting

Europe's long tradition of pairing cheese and wine for afternoon outings should give you a good idea of why indulging your decadence can be a great activity to share in as a couple.

30. Pottery

Tactile and creative, throwing or hand-shaping pottery together can give you a relaxing, mind-opening hobby to share with each other (and a potential side business, if you find yourself to have a knack for it).

31. Dancing

Relationships have been compared to dancing for good reason: The give-and-take of dancing makes an almost-perfect metaphor for a healthy, successful relationship.

32. Yoga

The Indian art of "the way", yoga can help both of you tune in to your bodies' inherent wisdom for healing and connection, while building lean and flexible physiques.

33. Calligraphy

Learning to write more beautifully can add a personalized touch to letters and greeting cards, and has been celebrated as a fine art in Asia for centuries. It's also a great way to reduce stress, trying to make the perfect brush stroke.

34. Book Clubs

Sharing your thoughts with a reading group can create intellectual bonds that are uncommon in today's society, making it an excellent activity to expand your horizons as a couple.

35. Star Gazing

Amateur astronomy can take you back to a time as a kid when the whole world felt full of undiscovered wonders, and develop an appreciation of the cycles of time that comprise our lives as humans.

9 Conversation Based Fads for Significant Others

Improving your conversation skills in your relationship is a sure way to strengthen the bond you share with your partner.

36. Ask Would You Rather Questions for Couples

Playing a game of "would you rather" is a classic party activity that can help you both learn more about each other. Try these would you rather questions for couples to jump-start your game.

37. Ask Questions for Couples

Setting time aside just to ask each other questions can give you the personal time to really connect on a deeper level. Use our questions for couples if you're searching for new inspiration.

38. Ask Get to Know You Questions

Learning more about each other will strengthen your relationship, whether you've been dating for two months or two years. Check out our great list of get to know you questions for couples to get a head-start on great inquiries.

39. This or That Questions

A fun and humorous game of options, playing "this or that" with your significant other can get you both laughing together. See our list of this or that questions to get some inventive ideas for questions to ask each other.

40. Art collecting

The history of art spans the history of all humankind, which guarantees that you can find a topic of meaningful discussion for you and your girlfriend. It's not just beautiful to look at, but fun to learn about, as well.

41. Bird watching

Communing with nature can give your mind a rest from the stress of modern life, and give you and your partner a whole new realm of life to discuss with each other.

42. Learning a musical instrument

Learning to play a new instrument changes the way your brain works, positively affecting your ability to deal with stress and challenges in life -- two essential skills for any relationship.

43. Learning a new language

Learning a new language alters your brain chemistry, and opens up new ways of thinking about and seeing the world with your partner. It can also help you connect with your partner better, if they have a different primary language.

44. Origami

The ancient art of paper folding has mysterious origins and is a wonderfully relaxing hobby to take up with your partner. As you learn to create new forms from simple paper, you can share your discoveries with each other.

6 Enjoyments for Spouses at Home

You don't need to leave the house to find an engaging, exciting hobby that can bring enliven your relationship. Enjoy the comforts of home while staying active together.

45. Video Games

Long considered a hobby for boys, co-op video gaming has changed the face of the industry and made it much more inclusive for couples of all ages. Prepare to spend hours beating your high score, or completing a challenging level together.

46. Gardening

Engaging in the regular, seasonal activity of gardening can provide a rhythm to your daily life as a couple that will help put you more in-tune with each others' minds and bodies.

47. Cooking

Couples who cook together tend to stay together, because sharing in every part of a meal is an intimate experience that is difficult if not impossible to duplicate with any other activity.

48. Homesteading

Ready to embrace your wild roots together? Taking on the project of homesteading can build your pride together as homeowners and partners in the cultivation of the earth and your relationship.

49. Food Preservation (Pickling, Canning)

If you already have a thriving garden, learning to preserve your foods is a logical next step to stretch your food bounty over the cold winter months. It can also be a great way to expand the menu at home.

50. Meditation

Meditation has such a wide range of health benefits that it's almost a no-brainer to start up a regular practice. Having a partner to keep you motivated makes maintaining a practice that much easier and more rewarding.

7 Indoor Pleasures for Married Couples

When you're in a romantic partnership, you know that every night can't be a big night out. We all have to work, relax, and accept when the weather denies us the opportunity for time outdoors. That's where having some great indoor hobbies for couples can make all the difference. Pick a few of these hobbies, so you can look forward to those days and nights inside with your partner.

51. Getting good at Scrabble

Increase your vocabulary and become masters of the game. Scrabble is a good way to train your brain and increase your mental capacity. Doing it together can help you both discover new words together.

52. Escapology

Train each other to be the next Houdini. What sort of sticky situations can you find yourselves in... and how can you get out of them? Just make sure to take plenty of safety precautions before you try it out.

53. Survivalist Prepping

This way, you can both be confident to survive the apocalypse. Can you two outlast the end of days together? Learning survival skills together can help prepare you two for anything.

54. Cake Decorating

Create beautiful works of art, then eat them together. Perfect for parties and anniversaries. Can you make something both beautiful and delicious together?

55. Tap Dancing

The classic dance style of classic Hollywood is now your evening entertainment. Get down on the dance floor and show your partner how you move your feet. You'll score plenty of style points whenever you bust a move.

56. Mastering Charades

You two can get so good your friends won't let you play on the same team when they're over. It can be a fun way of getting on the same wavelength with each other and help you think similarly.

57. Greeting Card Making

Making cards for each other for amusement, then sending them to friends. It can be a great little side gig, if you know how to make them pretty. What sort of fun messages can you think of?

6 Fun Amusements for Husbands and Wives

There's no way you're going to convince your partner to start doing a couple's hobby if that hobby isn't fun. There's no reason to spend that time together if you're both bored. So, choose some fun hobbies in order to make sure you're both having a blast while passing the time.

58. Jigsaw Puzzles

Work your way up to thousands of pieces and enjoy the sense of accomplishment when you're done. Slowly watching an image come to life as you assemble it piece by piece... It's just like watching your relationship bloom.

59. Badminton

You can dink the shuttlecock around or really get a workout playing against each other. Play some singles to get a feel for each other, or play doubles against another pair and really develop that teamwork!

60. Kite Making

Feel creative together and then spend a romantic afternoon flying your creation. Perfect for windy days where you can spend a lot of time relaxing and watching it soar.

61. Bicycling

It's healthy and a great way to spend time in nature together. Cycle around scenic nature spots on the road, or enjoy a bit of urban cycling to explore places you've never been to. The fun is in both the journey and the destination.

62. Bowling

This sport is low-key competitive, fun, and as social as you want it to be. It's not just great for couples, but if you have some friends over, then it can be a fun, engaging activity for everyone.

63. Candle Making

Have fun choosing scents and colors and then lighting up your home in a romantic light. You'll never go back to ordinary dinner parties after trying out candlelit dinners.

5 Cool Adventures for Other Halves

One of the best ways to bond together is to feel cool together. Everyone wants to be part of that cool Hollywood couple. Well, with these cool hobbies, you can indulge that fantasy while having a time together.

64. Answering Question Websites like Quora

Brainstorming the perfect response is much easier and more fun with two heads. Play the expert together and answer everyone else's problems. Do you know your stuff?

65. Dodgeball

You loved it in school, it's even cooler as adults. Get a group together and play for keeps, or enjoy a private, romantic dodgeball session together. Just make sure not to dodge the post-match hug.

66. Roller Skating

It's retro, fun, and super hip. It's much more fun than walking, and can get you where you need to be faster. An ordinary walk in the park could be transformed into a roller skate date!

67. Crossword puzzles

They're not just for grandma and grandpa. Cool couples love crosswords too. Brainstorming for the right answer is much easier when you've got two heads, and the feeling of a synchronized "Eureka!" can help you get closer together.

68. Watch collecting

Find watches that match each other and become a watch model couple. Watches are fashionable, practical, and can really make a statement. If you both wear matching watches, then it becomes an even bigger statement.

7 Unique Enthusiasms for Lovebirds

Often, couples don't want to feel like they do the same stuff as everyone else. You're in a unique relationship, and you want to do unique hobbies. All of these hobbies are just a bit out there, so they're great fun when you don't want to be spending your Friday nights like all the squares.

69. Tarot Card Reading

Get mystical together and see how accurate your readings are. What sort of fate lies in the cards? Learning about the cards, their meanings, and what they mean when upside-down... It can tell you a lot about yourself and your future.

70. Attending cultural events

You can learn a little about every culture in the world together. Broaden your horizons by attending festivals, processions, and all sorts of other events... It can make your world just a little bit bigger.

71. Computer building

Fun for a couple computer nerds who love to put together complex tech. A well-built rig can last a really long time, and help you connect together when you're far away.

72. Off-roading

Don't travel to all the places everyone else does. See a different side of the world. What sort of wonders and treasures can you find when you stray off the beaten path? An adventure is just around the corner.

73. Shoe collecting

Go for matching pairs and wear them out on your dates. It's not just a hobby for women! A well-designed pair of shoes can go for a really long time. For more fun, try dancing with matching pairs!

74. Jumping Rope

It's a bit childish, but it's great fun and a great workout. Couples young at heart will really enjoy bouncing around and work up a good sweat doing it.

75. Whittling

You can whittle matching figures, or a whole chess set together. You can make anything match as long as you make it yourselves. The only limit here is your time and creativity.

7 hobbies for women that can be for couples

If you're trying to get your lady into a couples hobby, maybe stop trying to make that hobby what you want to do. These hobbies for women are far more likely to appeal to their taste. So, she'll be far more likely to sign up for it.

76. Salsa Dancing

Sexy, active, and great fun to have together. Sway those hips and move those legs, and you'll be falling for each other in no time. For the best experience, try wearing something similar. No one will doubt you two are made for each other.

77. Wicker weaving

Make your furniture, then cuddle together on it. Rattan furniture could very well be couples' furniture of choice. Give your home a tropical feel by wicker weaving some beautiful pieces.

78. Sign language

Learn it together and then communicate together in public for some extra intimacy. A highly useful skill that will help you two communicate in secret.

79. Rubik's cube solving

It's a great challenge and a great future party trick you can pull off together. It's great for brainpower and can be a fun pastime to enjoy together. Can you solve one together?

80. Watching K-Drama

Korean soaps are surprisingly addictive. Try it with your partner, and you'll be hooked too. Watching the drama unfold has never been so entertaining and addictive.

81. Genealogy

Trace each other's history and learn more about one another. Do you have any famous historical figures as ancestors? It can help you learn a lot about yourselves, and what sort of things your ancestors accomplished.

82. Folk dancing

It's fun and cultural all at once. Folk dancing can help you appreciate tradition, and get you connected with the historical roots of groups and tribes. And while you're at it, how about trying folk music?

8 Creative Recreations for Romantic Pairs

A couple that feels creative together stays together. So, create that bond by doing creative hobbies together, where you can both show how artistic you are to one another.

83. Comic sketching

Artistic, fun, and funny all at once. But don't think it's just a simple hobby! It can get really deep as you create backstories, design characters, and write a plot to draw about. It can be really engaging as a team.

84. Lego

Legos aren't just for kids. They're a great way to indulge that creative need. What sorts of fun shapes and interesting structures can you create? Building something huge can be a fun use of your time.

85. Soapmaking

Experiment with recipes and enjoy the fresh smell in the shower. Create the perfect scent your partner will appreciate! And next time you two shower together, you'll thank that you made the perfect bar of soap beforehand.

86. Choir singing

Be part of that beautiful sound together. Achieve the perfect harmony by singing together. It'll be good practice for singing a love song - or any song you two choose at karaoke night.

87. Quilting

You can both quilt and then put it on your bed. There's nothing like having a soft, plush quilt to cuddle together under. It's even better if you can put a lovely design you both will enjoy!

88. Puppetry

Have a blast with puppets, then perform your show for kids. Make your own puppet show and entertain your viewers! It'll be great practice for making plays in the future, if you want to.

89. Cloud Watching

Remember all the fun you had imaging what shape a cloud was? Rediscover that with your partner. Watching clouds roll by is a peaceful and tranquil experience like no other.

90. Watercolor painting

It's a challenge to get right, but you can learn this beautiful skill together. Creating gorgeous artwork takes time and practice, but is well worth it when you can finally nail it just right.

4 Cheap Entertainments for Better Halves

Engaging in a hobby together is a great idea for couples, as it helps bring you closer. If you're looking for cheap hobbies you can engage in together, look no further.

91. Watch the sunset

Making time each day to watch the sunset together can turn out to be a wonderful tradition for you two. During this time, you can connect with each other and appreciate the moment.

92. Art appreciation

Simply visiting an art gallery is a great way to spend time together. Some art galleries are free, while others demand a small fee. Either way, it's a great way to inspire you both.

93. Picnic

More couples need to have picnics. Picnics will never go out of style, and you can bring all kinds of snacks to a picturesque location - all without spending much money!

94. Watching sports

Why not watch sports together? It might be fun to pick an obscure sport that both of you have never heard of and then become die-hard fans together.

4 Interesting Enjoyments for Newlyweds

If your relationship is lacking a degree of mental stimulation, then an easy fix could be to engage in interesting hobbies together.

95. DIY

DIY projects could be exactly what your relationship needs, and building something together can give you both a shared sense of accomplishment.

96. Starting a side business

Starting a business together might start off as a fun hobby, but it can soon grow into something much more. Who knows? It might make you both millionaires.

97. Fostering a pet

Adopting a pet together is a big decision, and in many ways, it's like having a child. Although this can test a relationship, it can also lead to a deeper, more stable relationship.

98. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is an awesome hobby, and you don't need much to get started. As long as you live by the water, you can have hours of fun together doing this.

3 Expensive Leisures for Life Partners

If you and your partner want to spend a little extra money, consider these expensive hobbies.

99. Adventuring

Going on adventures across the world is what dreams are made of when you're in love. It's so romantic! Traveling together can broaden your view of the world, and help you discover more things about each other.

100. Skiing

Skiing might be expensive, but it's a fun way to get outdoors in winter and stay fit. You can also hop on a plane and visit some of the world's most prestigious mountains.

101. Spa trips

Trips to the spa will keep you both relaxed, and working out some of that tension is always a good plan when you're in a relationship. Under the skilled fingers of the masseuse, let the tension and frustration melt away.

How to Pick the Best Hobby for Couples

Experimentation is the key! Try all sorts of different activities with your partner - and if you both like it, then you can take it up as a hobby thereafter. Even if it doesn't seem like something you would enjoy at first, just try it - you'll learn more putting it to action than thinking about whether it fits you both or not. There are many, many things you can do out there, if this list is any indication!

Downloadable list of Fun Hobbies for Couples

Here is a downloadable and printable list of fun hobbies for couples (right click the image and select Save Image As…) :


Frequently Asked Questions

Have you tried out any of the hobby ideas in this list? I'm sure you both had a blast trying new things together. There's plenty for couples of all stripes to enjoy out there, and all it takes is a little searching! Still, maybe you have some questions about couples' hobbies? I've got some answers for you!

What keeps a couple happy in doing their hobbies?

The simple act of sharing something with another, and enjoying an activity together, is what keeps us happy when we do things as a couple. It can create precious, unforgettable moments that will stay in our minds for a very long time. If you already had fun doing something by yourself, then having fun with someone else surely makes it even better. That's why we think these hobbies are great for couples - they're a blast by themselves, but even more fun when spent with someone you love.

Do couples need common hobbies or is it better to be opposites?

There isn't a strict need for you to share a hobby, though it certainly helps! Both of you can enjoy your individual interests by yourselves, with the other person simply watching or talking to you about what you're doing. Even just witnessing the other enjoying their hobby can be fun in its own way. That said, there's no guarantee having opposite hobbies is better - if being opposite means they clash, it can probably cause some friction between you two. In short, there's no real need to share a hobby, but it's not better for you to have opposite hobbies.

What is the benefit of knowing the hobby for couples to do?

Knowing what you can do together can help you both connect through a shared interest. Anything that you can do together can be more fun and rewarding than doing the same thing by yourselves. So, next time you both have some free time, try exploring shared interests, and we guarantee you that it will lead to tons of lovely memories and loads of fun!

Can a relationship work if you have nothing in common?

You don't need to have much in common from the get-go. The important thing is to find some common ground through interacting with each other and spending time with one another. So, even if you both have nothing in common from the get-go, there is plenty of time for you to find something you enjoy in common later on. This list, among others, is designed to help you discover that shared passion.

In Conclusion

Taking up any of these hobbies for couples together as a couple can be a powerful way to affirm and strengthen your connection with each other.

Whether at home or out on the town, active or passive, making a commitment to stay engaged with each other through a new hobby or activity is sure to make your relationship better and more rewarding.

Use our list of hobbies to find the best hobby idea for you and yours... and get started with your exciting new hobby today!