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23 Best Indoor Hobbies – This is the only guide you’ll need.

23 Best Indoor Hobbies – This is the only guide you’ll need.

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Indoor Hobbies - Post 2Guys, with indoor hobbies you are looking to upgrade your life with more fulfilling and rewarding use of your time. It’s time to get a hobby or two or three!

If you’re looking for indoor hobbies, things that you can do rain or shine, and practice at home, you’re going to love our carefully curated list of hobbies.

These will help you create new ways to get to know yourself and what really inspires you.


7 Best Indoor Hobbies

Indoor Hobbies - 7 Best Indoor Hobbies

Some hobbies are practical, functional ways to keep things flowing on the home front. Others free your mind from pre programmed mental blocks that you grew up with or had to develop over time to deal with life.

Here are the 7 best indoor hobbies:

1. Upcycle Everything

Maybe you’ve got a house full of stuff that just reminds you of phases of your life that you’re not in anymore. Do not trash those treasures. Give to others and do less harm to the earth by making old but still valuable equipment or products available at a lower price than they could buy it new.

2. Cooking

Some people eat to live and others live to eat. Yet others prepare food precisely to gain health and vitality that the pizza-everyday dudes can’t even fathom. Learn how food affects the body. Learn the chemistry of cooking. Use cooking to create.

Indoor Hobbies - Cooking

3. Home Brewing Beer

Every beer aficionado can become more connected to his passion by learning exactly what ingredients and chain reactions cause that warm, comfortable feelings in our bellies.

4. Leather Working

Belts, boots, bags, and leather jewelry are playing fields for pivotal stylistic expression. They are wardrobe staples that get better with age and with quality craftsmanship full of pride and passion, can last years.

Indoor Hobbies - Leatherworking

5. Investing

If you’ve got a solid stack of disposable income, don’t just put it in savings. Grow it. Play with it the Wall Street way or the cryptocurrency way. Be a part of the inhale and exhale of the economy. Even better, invest in a startup that is trying to craft some magic socially and environmentally. Invest in people you love.

6. Magic

Whether you’re going for the magic of illusions or the magic of casting spells to better the world one community, society and culture at a time, there are magic and magic everywhere. Skepticism and logic are no longer where the cool kids reside. Belief in the still-not-yet-explainable-by-science realms is where its at.

Indoor Hobbies - Magic

7. Candle Making

Yes guys, candle making. Not just with your gal. For you. You’ll love the smoothness of pure beeswax and sustainable sourced soy wax. You’ll love the homegrown flicker and glow to aid in your meditation practice post-creation.

6 Indoor Hobbies For Men

Indoor Hobbies - 6 Indoor Hobbies for Men

Do not get caught up in the idea of traditionally masculine and feminine hobbies anymore. There’s been a merge and all past times are available to all of us.

However, maybe you’re discouraged by googling endlessly only to find most blogs clearly addressing the ladies and wishing the blogging sphere would speak to us guys directly for once. That we were included in the dialogue. That’s where we come in with our list of hobbies for men. 

Here are 6 indoor hobbies for men:

8. Bowling

Nothing beats the satisfaction of all ten pins coming crashing down. If you want an active hobby that doesn’t make you all sweaty and stimulates your drive for precision, you might want to put on your bowling shoes and join your local league.

9. Genealogy

This is the study of your family tree and who your ancestors were. Digging for anthropological information to learn more about who you are, as we carry so much in our cellular memory. Search city hall records and old newspapers. Ask family members for contact info for extended family members.

Indoor Hobbies - Genealogy

10. Metalworking

Get yourself a blowtorch. If you were a former pyromaniac with a lighter, you might get double the satisfaction watching metal melt into beautiful forms and shapes in the heat of your torch.

11. Learn A New Language

We can craft new identities for ourselves by tapping into the cultural understandings behind words in new languages. Learn more than just the intellectual translation of words. Feel the emotional links to cultural experiences and belief systems that words carry.

Indoor Hobbies - Learn a new language

12. Calligraphy

Not only is there beauty and depth in the meaning of words. There are beauty and meditative depth in the artistic formation of the letters. Develop fine motor skills and let your brush flow.

13. Meditation

Play with your breath. Presence your posture. Extensive meditation is not just about relaxation. It is an active realization of all points of view and unlocking answers about life’s questions. Study the extended exhale to have visions. No substances needed.

Indoor Hobbies - Meditation

5 Indoor Hobbies For Couples

Shared hobbies with your partner are some of the most rewarding ways to create your unique relationship and get to know aspects of them and yourself and how they fit together like puzzle pieces.

Hobbies for couples create an understanding of how the other thinks and processes situations and how those differ than yours. This creates more empathy and compassion in your relationship.

Here are 5 indoor hobbies for couples:

14. Podcasting

Are you and your other half an absolute hoot together? Do all the ways you play off of each other’s sense of humor just light up the room? Are some of the discussions that you have together inspiring because of the different points of view you each bring to the table? Put it all in a podcast so others can enjoy your banter too.

Indoor Hobbies - Podcasting

15. Contact Improv

In most forms of couples dancing, one leads, the other follows, and roles do not switch. Contrarily, contact Improv is full of intentional touching, holding, and bearing of weight up and down the entire body, standing, seated, and lying down. The role of leader and follower switch infinitely at any second and your united intuition is why lets you know when and where.

16. Singing

Whether you’re an aspiring rock star, or you can hit the low notes that are the foundation for the whole choir, singing is our human birthright. It was the first instrument ever invented. It is a an intimate expression of ourselves that deserves to be unfurled. In the shower, around the campfire, with actual lyrics or tribal utterances, everywhere.

Indoor Hobbies - Singing

17. Archery

Hit an arrow straight home to bulls eye. Develop awareness of your precision and posture that allows you to do that. Watch how other things you do in life unfold like a perfectly placed arrow.

18. Scrapbooking

Print out actual photos from your cell phone camera and feel how pleasurable it is to organize them into a book designed to honor memories.

Indoor Hobbies - Scrapbooking

5 Indoor Hobbies That Make Money

When you’ve got a laptop and wifi, and a drive to side hustle to create a better life with more freedom and spending power, you might need some hobbies that make money. Maybe you’re crafted creations are professional quality and others would pay you for pieces of their own.

Here are 5 indoor hobbies that make money:

19. Blogging

Blog about unique life lessons you have learned or soul searching experiences you have had on or another platform that pays its writers based on reads. For the top writers, its possible to make six figures annually just by sharing an authentic voice that inspires others to be more comfortable in their own skin.

Indoor Hobbies - Blogging

20. Knitting

Anyone can buy a sweater at The Gap. Few can source yarn sustainably and craft their own sweaters from start to finish. Women are cultivating their gross motor skills in non-traditional roles. On the other side of the spectrum, men are also free to develop their fine motor skills to balance their yin and yang polarities too. Sell your best sweaters on Etsy.

21. Carpentry

A skilled handyman is a rare diamond these days. Take your love of fixing things up and building things beyond personal DIY projects and be pivotal in helping others actualize their visions of what their perfect home looks like.

Indoor Hobbies - Carpentry

22. Proofreading and Editing

With the world of blogging regarded as a modern marketing necessity, lots of business owners don’t have the time to get their info out there in a clean and professional way. Search for freelance jobs on Other content mills like can be a source for projects.

23. Coaching

If you’ve got a background in helping people be the best they can be in positive mindset, athletic pursuits, or support in personal healing, you might want to build a side business in supporting others reach their goals and stay on track with intentions and steps.

Indoor Hobbies - Coaching

More Awesome Hobbies for men

If you liked our lists and you want more to be the best you can be at life, here are some other great lifestyle links to visit:

  1. If you’re a gamer, the stuff that comes with your initial purchase eventually runs out and you’ll need gaming accessories to fully live the lifestyle.
  2. Grilling is a man’s best friend and we’re sure you’re wondering what the best grills for your money are.
  3. When you are breathing your heart and soul into building your relationship, you’ll need to know some sweet things to do for your girlfriend.

How To Pick The Best Indoor Hobby

Indoor Hobbies - how to pick the best indoor hobby

Maybe you’re stuck in your comfort zone and you have no idea what indoor hobby would be best for you because free time is rare. Or you got your hands slapped away from things that interested you as a boy and you’re just scared to try something society hasn’t always encouraged for men.

Fear not.

Here is how to pick the best indoor hobby:

1. It’s 110% for you

Hobbies are not for anyone else’s approval. They’re not to appear desirable for anyone else. They’re outlets for your personal exploration of what gives you personal pleasure and drives you to sink more deeply into the moments you are enjoying yourself doing the hobby.

2. You are more than you are aware of

Indoor Hobbies - You are more than you are aware of

There is nothing more rewarding than going out on a limb and finding a deep love for the concentration a new hobby creates in you. Allow yourself to be proud of yourself simply for answering a sense of longing or yearning. Allow yourself to be proud for having a break through that you don’t need to articulate in words.

3. You are a better person when you have tried and failed infinite times

Hobbies are not about outer success. They are about the journey and the experience playing with your perceived limitations and crossing assumed, but actually fabricated boundaries. Watch as your life takes off and you emerge confident in your ability to fail fabulously.


Indoor hobbies are ways to enhance your life and make precious use of your time. Indoor hobbies are ways to get in touch with your softer side.

Indoor hobbies for couples are ways to build memories and better understand your partner.

Everyone benefits from a world where indoor hobbies to relax the mind and expand personal repertoire are mainstream. When you’ve had small personal successes with a list of hobbies at home, this translates to confidence in your success at all endeavors.

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