Cool hobbies are fun new activities to try if you're tired of seeing the same old recommendations. Things like watching sports and reading can be fun, but they're such everyday pursuits.

To get out of your comfort zone and really push yourself, you need a list of hobbies that offers something different. If you're eager to learn new skills and broaden your horizons, our guide to the best cool hobbies is a perfect place to start.


12 Best Cool Hobbies

Not sure where to begin on your quest to find the coolest hobbies? Looking for a starting point on your search for the most unusual activities? Simply take a glance at the list below and take your pick.

1. Mountain Climbing

Improve your strength and agility while seeing some of the coolest sights in the countryside.

2. Kayaking

Love to be out on the water? Kayaking can be both calming and exhilarating.

3. Cycling

Cycling can include riding on the street, mountain biking or even learning bike tricks.

4. Calligraphy

The art of writing in calligraphy can be absorbing.

5. DIY Enthusiast

Learn to fix, make and renovate.

6. Creating Short Films

This is one of the coolest hobbies for movie enthusiasts.

7. Swimming

You can swim for fun or even train for races.

8. Flower Arranging

Brighten your home and impress your friends when you learn how to properly arrange floral displays.

9. Parkour

If you live in the city this is an awesome and unusual activity.

10. Paint by numbers

Painting by numbers makes creating amazing artwork easy.

11. Photography

You can take professional-looking photos when you learn photographic techniques.

12. Model Railroad

Make stunning railroad scenes on a tiny scale.

12 Cool Hobbies For Men

The coolest hobbies are ones that enable you to start as a beginner and quickly progress, allowing you to build on your skills. Standard hobbies for men don't always allow for this, so we've come up with some impressive alternative suggestions.

13. Woodworking

The list of cool things you can make from wood is endless.

14. Toy Model Making

Whether you love cars, planes, buildings, or anything in between, you can learn to make them on a miniature scale.

15. Golf

Tee off on some new skills by learning how to play golf.

16. Yoga

Yoga can increase your strength and help you reach a calm state of mind.

17. Learn a New Language

Have you ever wished you could speak French, Italian or Cantonese? It's never too late to learn.

18. Body Painting

If you like painting, why not experiment with using the body as a canvas?

19. Restoring Vintage Cars

A fun way to brush up on your mechanic skills.

20. Improv

Improvisational theatre or comedy is one of the coolest hobbies for people that love to perform.

21. Journaling

Journaling is a great way to relieve stress.

22. Volunteering

This is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your free time.

23. Motocross

If you love the thrill of riding on two wheels, motocross could be for you.

24. Vinyl Collecting

Hunting around vintage record shops is a fun way to spend a few free hours.

8 Cool Hobbies For Women

If you're searching for unusual hobbies for women that will coax you into thinking outside of the box, you have come to the right place. These hobbies are interesting and absorbing - just what you want from a new activity.

25. Terrarium Building

Create amazing miniature gardens and watch them grow.

26. Weaving

Produce stunning textile artwork.

27. Pyrography

By burning patterns into wood, you can draw some beautiful designs.

28. Homemade snow globes

Ever wondered how snow globes are made? You can find out when you create them yourself.

29. Martial Arts

There are loads of different types of Martial Art to choose from.

30. Rubber Stamp Making

If you love crafts, you'll be excited to create your own stamps.

31. Wine Tasting

One of the best hobbies for wine enthusiasts.

32. Designing T-shirts

Wear your own custom designs and create them for friends.

11 Cool Hobbies For Couples

When looking for activities to do with your partner, you'll want to make sure that you find something exciting and rewarding that will help you make new memories together. These hobbies for couples are just what you're looking for - engaging, interesting, and enjoyable.

33. Run a marathon

Whether you are a regular runner or just starting out, you can get fit together by training for a marathon.

34. Scuba Diving

Have you ever wanted to try out scuba diving? Now is the time.

35. Trying out New Restaurants

This is an easy hobby you can try out in your city.

36. Dancing

Learning to dance together can be an enjoyable activity for couples.

37. Tennis

Games played in pairs are perfect for the two of you.

38. Bouldering

Indoor rock climbing can be fun in all weathers.

39. Genealogy

Researching your family history can be a fascinating way to spend time.

40. Robotics

Learning to make robots takes some patience.

41. Medieval Re-enactment

A great way to spend time for history buffs.

42. Fossil Hunting

You never know what you'll find while fossil hunting.

43. Flying Drones

Drone flying can be inexpensive and offers a fun activity when done in pairs.

10 Cool Hobbies That Make Money

Cool hobbies are great, but you might be looking for something more. An activity that can make you a few dollars can turn into a very lucrative hobby if you can put your skills to work. Check out these great hobbies that make money for some ideas.

44. Landscaping

Imagine yourself outside in the fresh air while landscape gardening.

45. Be a Travel Guide

If you know a city particularly well, you could become a tour guide and show people around the best spots.

46. Be a Freelance Writer

Are you an awesome writer? You can make a living doing what you love.

47. Catering

If you're great at cooking or baking, you can try catering for parties and functions.

48. Start a Band

Are you a talented singer or musician? You can make money from this super cool hobby.

49. Be a Social Media Manager

Get paid to spend time on social media.

50. Be a handyman

Use your DIY skills to help others fix up their homes.

51. Graphic Designer

If your graphic design skills are up to scratch, you can charge for your services.

52. Mixology

Experience in bartending can be really useful if you take up mixology as a hobby.

53. Tutoring

You can earn a few dollars as a tutor for kids in your neighborhood.

9 Cool Indoor Hobbies

Indoorsy people will relish the opportunity to check out some engaging indoor hobbies that allow them to pursue their interests without having to face the weather outside.

54. Leatherwork

You can craft awesome artwork and useful accessories.

55. Learn to do Magic Tricks

A cool way to impress your friends.

56. Squash Ball

Why not hit the squash court and learn the game?

57. Billiards

Learn to use as a cue as you try to pot the balls.

58. Writing Music

If you have an aptitude for music, you could become a songwriter or composer.

59. Puppetry

From puppets with strings to shadow puppets, there are lots of different options with puppetry.

60. Aquarium

Keeping tropical fish, water snails, terrapins or other aquarium animals can be very entertaining.

61. Meditation

A calming practice that can help with stress and anxiety.

62. Latte Art

Whether you're a budding barista or just love coffee, this is a cool hobby to try.

8 Cool Creative Hobbies

Are you a creative person or are you hoping to tap into your creative side? Entertaining creative hobbies can help you draw on your creativity and get lost in a world of expression.

63. Coffee Brewing

The art of coffee brewing is more intense than you might imagine.

64. Bullet Journaling

Bullet journalling can involve sketching, drawing and lettering.

65. Bone Carving

A very unusual hobby that allows you to create some amazing designs.

66. Sandcastle Building

Building sandcastles or sculpting sand is an amusing and inexpensive activity.

67. Pooktre

The art of tree shaping is a hobby that requires a bit of dedication.

68. Candle Making

If you love to burn wax candles, you could try making your own.

69. Concrete Crafts

Concrete is a trendy material that has a lot of versatility.

70. Topiary

If you love nature, creating shapes from trees and bushes could be the hobby for you.

7 Cool Fun Hobbies

The best hobbies are the fun ones, right? These are the ones that make it feel like the hours have flown by. If you're looking for new activities to add to your list, you definitely need to check these fun hobbies out.

71. Photo Manipulation

Using photo editing software, you can make amazing manipulations.

72. Glass Art

Glass blowing is an impressive skill to learn.

73. Pottery

Grab some friends and check out a pottery glass.

74. Spear Fishing

If you live near a lake or river you can give this one a go.

75. Fencing

You'll need to have quick reflexes if you fancy trying fencing.

76. Chainsaw Carving

This hobby is only for the brave.

77. Metal Detecting

What will you find when you go hunting for treasure?

8 Cool Unique Hobbies

Unique hobbies are the ones that people love to ask about when you tell them what you do for fun. These are unexpected and out of the ordinary, making them interesting to learn, practice, and talk about.

78. Anti-Gravity Cocooning

Anti-gravity cocooning offers a super fun aerial workout.

79. Muay Thai

Thai boxing is one of those cool hobbies that can be exhilarating to practice.

80. Ham Radio

If you're interested in technology, why not give amateur radio a go?

81. Archery

People with a steady hand are perfect candidates for archery.

82. Astronomy

Stargazing and the study of planets is fascinating if you can get your hands on a telescope.

83. Glamping

Glamping is a fantastic way to experience the outdoors while keeping a few luxuries within reach.

84. Dog Training

If you're a dog-lover, you could try your hand at dog training.

85. Flying

Working towards a pilot's license can be incredibly exciting.

6 Cool Expensive Hobbies

These are the hobbies we think of when we think the ultimate alpha guy fills his time with.  You'll have to dish out a bit to play, but these expensive hobbies are so cool, they are totally worth it. 

86. Build Electronics

Customize your rig by learning to build it from the ground up.

87. Auto Racing

If you have the time and the money, unleash your Fast and Furious side.

88. R/C Piloting

Pricy, but fun! Live out your piloting dreams while staying safe with both feet on the ground!

89. Archaeology

Take your desire to travel the world and turn it into a growth experience.

90. Cigar Enthusiast

There are dozens of kinds of cigar shapes, widths and lengths, and countless premium brands.

91. Tattooing

Want to take your art skills to a new level? Learn to make your permanent mark!

7 Cool Interesting Hobbies

Anybody can dabble in these interesting hobbies, but if you become a master at them, you rise several points on the cool meter.

The great thing about these cool hobbies is that they're not very expensive, they just take a little dedication to the craft. 

92. Lockpicking

This makes for a great party trick, so change Sherlock Holmes and learn your way around a lock.

93. Paint Balling

Unleash some inner stress by gearing up and blasting your besties with harmless (mostly) paintballs!

94. Tai chi

Learn self-defense and improve your mental and physical health!

95. Computer Programming

There are endless programming languages to learn, and you can start for free by picking up a local book or joining an online course. This is a great one to pivot into a high-paying gig!

96. Electronic Music Producing

This hobby can get expensive fast, but it's super cool, so who cares? Start with an online program and a few AV cables and see where it leads!

97. Knife Making

What's cooler than carrying an awesome blade your hip? Having made it yourself!

98. Fantasy Sports

Almost every guy I know is part of one of these leagues, and often, they make some cool money doing it!

6 Cool Cheap Hobbies

These cheap hobbies are the coolest of cool, because not only do you get to learn something new and exciting, you get to save money. Win win win!

99. Homebrewing beer

Kits are inexpensive, and help you step-by-step! It couldn't be easier!

100. Bodybuilding

Join a gym, or build one at home! There are tons of free resources available online.

101. Survival

This isn't going into the wilderness with next to nothing and trying to make it... exactly. It's prepping and researching, and THEN doing that! It's fun!

102. Gold Panning

Buy yourself a cheap prospectors kit and head to your nearest creek to see if you can find any treasure!

103. Jigsaw Puzzles

These can be found literally everywhere - my BuyNothing group always has tons of them!

104. Bread Making

Baking ingredients are cheap! Let yourself experiment with all sorts of different cuisines.

How To Pick the Best Fun Hobby

You should have picked up loads of suggestions for interesting new hobbies to try, but it can be difficult to choose which one you should try first. Use the guide below to help you pick the best fun hobby.

1. Decide on a Genre of Hobby

If you're a creative person, you'll love creative hobbies, whereas if you enjoy staying at home you're bound to like activities that you can do indoors.

2. Consider Whether You Would Enjoy Lessons

Some hobbies require you to take lessons or commit to a course. If you're hoping to find something you can work on at home or in your spare time, these might not work for you.

3. Think About Activities You Already Love

If there are things that you already love doing, for example playing sports or creating art, you can nurture this passion and turn these pursuits into a hobby.

Downloadable and Printable List Cool Hobbies

Here is a downloadable and printable list of cool hobbies (right click the image and select Save Image As..):

More Awesome Activities

If you've read through our list of cool hobbies but you're still a little stuck for ideas, you might need some extra inspiration. Take a look at these other cool activities to add even more potential new hobbies to your list:

  1. You can create amazing meals and delicious dinners with the help of these fantastic indoor grills. You don't need a balcony or back yard to hone your skills.
  2. Making memories with a partner is one of the best ways to spend your time together. If you're looking for fun things to do as a couple, check out these sweet things to do with your girlfriend.
  3. It can be so useful to have some activities up your sleeve when meeting new people or hanging out in a group. These ice breaker games are perfect for this situation.

In Conclusion

Remember that the cool hobbies that last are ones that we can't wait to get stuck into each week. With this in mind, you should have found some awesome suggestions in this list of hobbies that you can't wait to try for the first time.