Looking for fun things to do with your girlfriend need not be hard. All you need is a little bit of imagination and a lot of research.

Do you want to take girls on boring, cliché dates... ones they've been on a million times before?

Of course not. You really want to take girls on new, exciting dates that they'll actually enjoy.

...But I get it:

Coming up with things to do with your girlfriend can be hard… especially when you feel like you’ve already done every possible date in the world.

Well... check this out:

I've hand-picked 101 incredibly fun things to do with a girl... and each one can give you one (or more) of these powerful benefits:

  • Break the routine of your lives, and usual date nights
  • Let you experience something completely new together (and bond over that shared experience)
  • Give you and her a new way to connect and understand each other (which she'll love)
  • Provide an experience that both of you can enjoy equally (instead of only one of you doing what you really want)

This insider list can help you show any girl an incredible time... and can make you 1000x better at creative, romantic, highly impressive dates.

The Best 101 Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend [From Her]


And Pro Tip: I highly suggest that before you decide which date to do, you check out this foolproof formula for a perfect date.

Best Things to Do with Your Girlfriend... When You Can’t Spend a Lot of Money (14 dates)

Look… I get it:

Dating is great… but it can get expensive.

Girls usually like eating nice dinners, going on shopping trips, and receiving truly thoughtful gifts from you. And even if you want to do those things, dating like that can empty your bank account. Fast.

If that sounds familiar, a list of free (yet incredibly fun) dates can be a hugely helpful resource.

You can both enjoy and deeply connect over these free dates… and she’ll think they’re just as fun (or more) as an expensive night out.

101. Watch a natural phenomenon (eclipses, shooting stars, lightning storms)

Show her that she's the one you want to share extremely cool moments with. If there's no amazing phenomenon right now, just watch the stars (it's still cool, and insanely romantic).

100. Make s’mores over a fire (even if it’s indoors)

You can make s’mores without an open fire... just use the fireplace, or the stove. And you can even get creative with your ingredients: use cookies instead of graham crackers, peanut butter instead of chocolate, and/or bananas instead of marshmallow.

99. Try geocaching

Find out if your girlfriend would be interesting in (sort of) treasure hunting for a day. Visit this site to see geocaching hunts near you.

98. Go on a simple picnic

Take her on a simple picnic with whatever you have to eat at home (sandwiches, cereal, or even ramen). Choose a secluded spot with a great view, or great people-watching.

97. Wander around a bookstore

Just going somewhere new together can be exciting. Have coffee, find interesting books and read... or see who can find the funniest/worst/most awkward book.

96. Cruise around and look at ritzy houses

Take as little or as much time as you want. Talk about what you like about the houses, and pick features you want for your future houses.

95. Take turns giving massages

Initiate some highly relaxing physical contact. Turn on soft music and light candles (create a spa atmosphere), and rub her shoulders, neck, back or feet. After 10-15 minutes, switch places.

94. Proclaim a Couch Day

Not all fun things to do with your girlfriend need to be wildly active...

So silence your phones, bury yourselves under pillows and blankets, and binge watch TV all day (with snacks you have at home). Couch Day lets you be lazy, yet completely focused on each other (without the distractions of phones or emails).

93. Start a TV show neither of you have seen

This is a great way to connect/laugh with her, give you something to share, and give you something to look forward to.

92. Have fun on a playground

Go later in the evening, when the playground will be mostly empty. Bring some snacks (or a bottle of wine), swing on the swings, and talk.

91. Go on a photo shoot

Find a beautiful/interesting place, and photograph scenery/people/each other.

90. Ask her our 101 Questions to ask a Girl

This post is a highly valuable resource for guys in any stage of dating... the questions range from icebreaker to deep questions… so you can have fun, get to know each other better, or deeply connect. Check out the questions here.

89. Watch a show long-distance

If you’re doing a long-distance relationship with her, watch a show or movie at the same time (text/call/video chat while it's on). It’ll feel almost like the distance isn’t even there.

88. Have a movie night with a twist: watch a foreign film without subtitles

Try to guess/follow the story in a foreign language. Pro tip: adding a bottle of wine to this date makes it hugely more entertaining.

Fun Alternatives to Restaurant Dinners with Your Girlfriend (7 dates)

So… you’re both hungry… but your usual dinner restaurants have become boring over time (or maybe you’re just in the mood to try something new).

You obviously need to break your dinner routine.

...And any of these creative ‘dinner-out-alternatives things to do' can be hugely more exciting, and honestly, hugely more romantic to her.

87. Have a progressive dinner

Progressive dinners (appetizers at one restaurant, entrées at another, dessert at a third, etc.) is an instant way to solve the common disagreement on where to eat. Just eat at all the places you like!

86. Pretend to be food critics

Pick a favorite food (for example: mine would be street tacos), and eat it at 3 different places. Decide which one is the best.

85. Go wine tasting/beer tasting

Try several flavors and see what you like... and remember, these dates often have a really cool atmosphere… craft breweries explain their brewing process, and wineries hold tastings in gorgeous vineyards.

Pro tip: if you’re really into experiencing new flavors with her, join a beer or wine of the month club together.

84. … Or food tasting

Some specialty places hold food tastings (olive oil, baked goods, cheese, chocolate, etc.). Check around in your area.

83. Plan surprise dates for each other

Plan a date you think she'll love (her favorite restaurant, favorite activity, or favorite home cooked meal). The next day, have her plan your ideal date. Showing her that you know her favorite things will make her feel incredibly appreciated and special.

82. Compete in a burger/salsa/cookie contest at home... who makes the best?

Pick a food you both can make, and see who can make the best at home.

81. Try to have the most cliché Instagram date possible, and document it with your phones

If you’ve already planned a date as usual (dinner, movie, coffee, etc.), make it more interesting... turn it into the most cliché Instagram date you can (girls love being cheesy with photos).

Creative, Unique First Dates... Not Dinner and a Movie (10 dates)

If you’re looking for a first date that’s more memorable than a restaurant dinner, here are 10 romantic, unique, completely girl-approved first date ideas.

They let you get to know each other better… but also break the routine of cliché first dates (and maybe even give you both a new experience).

Pro tip #1: before you pick her up for your date, make sure you check out these insider first date tips that she wishes you knew.

Pro tip #2: if your first date went well (well enough for her to say yes to a second date), check out these second date ideas designed to go well.

80. A funny movie and dessert

Instead of a high-pressure dinner and movie (which can last a really long time), dinner and dessert gives you an 'out'. If you both enjoy the movie and laugh together about it, invite her to talk about it over dessert/coffee after. If not, say good night after the movie ends.

79. Berry picking/apple picking

This is a unique, fun outdoor thing to do with your girlfriend... that can be followed by dinner if it goes well. Plus, she'll get to keep edible souvenirs. Check pickyourown.org for local farms.

78. Coffee-to-go

Go for a long walk with your coffees... it allows for a great quiet date that lets you get to know her, but without the pressures of a formal dinner.

77. Local wildlife center/botanical garden tour

Flowers are always romantic. Plus, the gardens will be quiet, letting you talk and get to know each other (but again without the pressures of a formal dinner).

76. A trip to the zoo

There's so much to look at and talk about at the zoo. It's the perfect opportunity for joking around, getting to know her, and possibly inviting her to dinner after (if it goes well).

75. Ice skating

One of the more classic, romantic things to do with your girlfriend... that she won't expect. It also gives you the opportunity to hold her hand/waist as you help her skate (and even if you suck at skating, you can still support her).

74. Group trivia

Probably one of the best casual, get-to-know-you dates... your friends take a lot of the pressure off, but you can still get to know her (and how smart she is) over an insanely fun trivia competition.

73. Drive-in/outdoor movie

This is still an incredibly romantic first date... that she's probably never done before. Find a local drive-in at driveinmovie.com.

72. Theme park/fair

You can both have a great time playing around and eating fair food. Plus, you can win her a prize to hold on to (girls still find this gesture hugely romantic).

71. Brunch and a matinee

Take an unusual twist on dinner and movie. Brunch restaurants are usually small and quiet, and matinees are almost never crowded (opening the door for good conversation). Bonus points if you can convince her to play hooky and go on a weekday.

Group Dates to Take Your Girlfriend On (6 dates)

Group dates (with a mix of her friends and yours) can help you connect with her in a new wayin the company of others, instead of just the two of you.

With that:

A group date makes the next time you see each other alone even more meaningful (i.e., more romantic… which she’ll most likely be very excited about).

Pro tip: it actually is best to invite a mix of your friends on group dates. That way, both of you enjoy yourselves equally (and no one feels left out).

70. Bar hop to everyone's favorite bar

Invite friends, and visit everyone’s favorite bars. You and she can both experience new places, and get to know each other’s friends (but let music and drinks take away any awkward pressure).

69. Host a party

Any couple can co-host a party (even if you don't live together), for a holiday, the start of a TV show season, or a housewarming. Choose food to serve, create a playlist, make a signature cocktail... do anything that helps you to connect over being great hosts.

68. Go camping with friends

Physically get away for a night and relax. Connect with your girlfriend (and friends) in a beautiful, natural environment.

67. Have a game night

Your friends probably get bored of doing the same things too, so break the old dinner and drinks routine. Play charades, Pictionary, Scattergories, Quelf or another game that works for larger groups.

66. Go-kart racing/bumper cars

If you haven't been go-karting in a while, here's some news: it's still incredibly fun. Take your girlfriend and a group and see who the best arcade driver is.

65. Have an arcade night

Like I mentioned above, your friends might be bored of their routines too... and just like go-karting, arcades can still be incredibly fun. Bring quarters and play for a few hours, and have dinner and drinks after.

Insanely Fun Night-Life Dates with Your Girlfriend (6 dates)

If you and your girlfriend are looking for a new way to break your routine, try one of these 6 insanely fun nights out.

They're all specially designed for couples that want to have new, exciting experiences together.

If that sounds like you... try one of these dates with your girl.

64. Go to a bar that's slightly out of your comfort zone

Going somewhere new together can make you both feel adventurous, so if you usually hang out at college bars, try an upscale lounge... and if you usually like quiet, classy spots, try a dive bar or live rock music venue. Venture somewhere unknown.

63. See some local comedy/slam poetry

An uncommon, but one of the most fun things to do? See some local comics live. Many cities have comedy clubs, or you can search for venues that host open-mic poetry nights.

 62. Go clubbing on 80’s or 90’s night

You both probably grew up with this type of music... and a lot of bars will host entire nights dedicated to the great hits of a different decade.

61. Try karaoke

This date is absolutely guaranteed to make you laugh. Go alone or with a group… whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

60. See a local band you’ve never heard of

Search Yelp for ‘best bars with live music’ to find new artists or bands playing near you.

59. Visit a bar after dinner, then crash at a hotel

You don't have to get crazy drunk for this to be fun. You're still breaking your routine by staying at a new place, and creating an exciting, memorable night for you two.

Learn Something New with Your Girlfriend (4 dates)

Each of these 4 dates can give you and your girlfriend the chance to learn something new.

It doesn’t matter what the date teaches you (science, history, performing arts, culture, etc.)… just embrace the chance to learn something and have a new experience with the girl you like.

58. See an indie movie

Get to know a film genre you might not know yet. Sometimes indie movies are great, and sometimes they're more... offbeat. Either way, you'll both very likely experience something new.

57. Visit a museum/art gallery

Visit a museum of classic cars, an antiques gallery, an interactive science museum or a sculpture garden (because it doesn’t have to be a historical museum, or traditional art gallery if that’s not your thing. Go where you'll ahve fun!).

56. See a performing arts piece

If you’re not theater lovers, this is the perfect place to experience something new (at a ballet, musical, opera or play). And honestly... it can be really fun to get insanely dressed up for a fancy night out.

55. Go to an observatory/planetarium... at night

Stargazing is extremely romantic, but if the stars aren't out, go to a local observatory/planetarium and actually learn about the stars while gazing.

Seasonal Things to Do with Your Girlfriend (14 dates)

These date ideas only work at certain times of the year… but to a girl, that makes them even better.

Here's why:

If you're making sure to spend special, once-a-year dates with her, she feels like you want to connect with her in every way you can (you could have ignored this special time, or spent it with someone else... but you chose her).

In other words:

It makes her feel special.

...And when girls feel like they're special to you, they're more likely to treat you with love and respect.

54. Go to the beach for the weekend

If you don't live near a beach, this is an incredibly romantic way to show her that you love spending the summer days with her.

53. Choose an adventurous summer date idea

All the ideas on our top summer date list are specifically designed to treat you both to new adventures.

52. Visit a water park

Water parks are only open a few months out of the year... so tell her you want to take advantage of doing this together while you can.

51. Pick out a couples’ Halloween costume

I get it, it may not be your favorite... but most girls like dressing up, and not every girl gets the chance to be part of a couples' costume (it makes her feel special that she gets to do it with you).

50. Rent jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, or another outdoor adventure date

See the list of top adventurous dates that are absolutely perfect for warm-weather days.

49. Buy good candy for trick-or-treaters

If you don' t want to go out for Halloween, but you live near trick-or-treaters, buy candy for them. She'll like remembering when she trick-or-treated as a kid.

48. Try to beat a corn maze

This is one of the most fun things to do with your girlfriend... that's only open for a few months. Make her feel special by taking advantage of the short time you can beat a corn maze together.

47. Carve a pumpkin

Or, even better, carve two pumpkins.

46. Plan and make Thanksgiving dinner together

This is one of the most romantic things to do with your girlfriend... Thanksgiving is often a family event, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner with her shows her that you think of her as family.

45. Go on a carriage ride

Downtown areas of many cities have lit, horse-drawn carriages in the winter time. Take her for what may be the most romantic date ever: candlelit dinner followed by a carriage ride.

44. Drive around and look at holiday lights

You only get to do this for a month or two, right? Get some coffee and take her to find the best light displays in your area.

43. Decide on a creative theme for a tree

Christmas trees don't have to be boring. Come up with an original theme and decorate your tree with it (as an example: my Texas boyfriend and I like to decorate a cactus instead of a tree, with Texas-themed ornaments).

42. Help shop for family’s Christmas gifts

Christmas shopping can be stressful... and men usually put it off until the last minute. Ask your girlfriend to help you this year: you get help, and she gets to feel special and included in your family's gift exchange.

41. Have a snowball fight

This will always be a fun, romantic competition for most couples... just don't go too hard on her.

Make Everyday Obligations Fun... Do Them Together (7 dates)

You and she probably have responsibilities that you don’t want to do (fix that leaky sink, go grocery shopping, write your Grandma a thank-you card).

But here’s the thing:

You can both enjoy doing those obligations hugely more if you do them together.

Plus, she knows that if you can still connect emotionally with her while doing chores, the two of you have a strong future together (because even during the not-as-fun times, you still enjoy each other).

Grab your girlfriend and knock some of these things off your to-do list.

40. Farmer’s market trip

Pick up some fresh, local (healthy) produce at a farmer's market. Bonus: farmer's markets often have art venders, custom furniture, or handcrafted sporting goods on the weekends.

39. Grocery shopping

If you go together, you can pick out treats to share later, or get items you need to make a special dinner at home.

38. Clean the house

I get it: this sounds boring. But I'm pretty sure that she'll love your help making the house neat. Try setting a timer for one hour, and make it your goal to clean the whole house by then.

37. Wash the car

Instead of the car wash, wash it outside with the hose. This is a surprisingly entertaining thing to do with a girlfriend.

36. Plant veggies or herbs in a garden

Save some money at the grocery store every week and grow your own garden together.

35. Fix-it day

Get to all the tasks you’ve been putting off (each of you can do what you're best at). Order food in after you're done to celebrate all the work being done.

34. Visit/write family you don’t see often

Older relatives love getting mail. Take just a few minutes and write to family members who will really appreciate it (and your girlfriend will love seeing this soft side of you).

Activities to Do with Her At Home (6 dates)

Look, I get it:

Sometimes, you just don’t want to go out.

Maybe you’re tired, maybe you spent too much money last weekend, or maybe you just don’t want to change out of your sweatpants.

But check this out:

When you and your girlfriend feel that way, just pick a date off of this list for the night. You can find something you both enjoy, and connect over the intimacy of being alone together.

33. Cook a dinner together

Either use what you have at home, or make a trip to the grocery store part of the date. Then enjoy something that you made together.

32. Bake a treat for each other

If cooking isn't your thing, try baking a treat. Almost all girls like sweets, and love sharing dessert (it's very romantic).

31. Be bartenders at home

Get a bunch of cocktail ingredients (mixers, liquors, and garnishes) and craft cocktails at home. Be creative and show off your bar tending skills for each other.

30. Brew at home

If you're looking for something really adventurous, brew your own craft beer at home.

29. Have a staycation/weekend retreat

When you really need a vacation, it’s not always possible to take off for the weekend. Try having a ‘staycation’ at home (with your phones and computers off so nothing bothers you).

28. Play board games

If you don’t have any board games, start this date by taking her to pick one out at the store. Play classic games, like Monopoly or Scrabble… or if you’re feeling a little crazy, Twister.

Beneficial Things to Do with Your Girlfriend (9 dates)

Any of these dates will dramatically help one of two things:

  • Benefiting your (and your girlfriend’s) health and well-being
  • Benefiting your community in some way

Beneficial dates help you and her connect in a different way… by making it feel like your relationship is a positive influence on your health/your community.


Any of these things to do with your girl could also be a completely new experience for either of you... and the excitement of something new hugely helps you both stay interested in each other.

27. Running/working out

Do your exercise routine together (it's another way to encourage each other to do your best).

26. Walking/biking downtown

You'll hardly know it's exercise, since there are so many things and people to look at. Plus, you can stop and get a bite to eat when you get hungry.

25. Talking about your future

It can be hugely beneficial to share your plans and goals with someone who supports you.

24. Volunteering

Studies show that volunteering has actual health benefits... and couples who volunteer together encourage more and more volunteering (the cycle keeps moving). source 1, 2

23. Taking classes

You can take classes (cooking, yoga, ballroom dance, music, etc.) online or in person. Benefit yourselves by becoming more well-rounded people.

22. Building

Volunteer to build homes for your community, help a friend build a work shed, or build furniture for yourselves.

21. Adopting a pet

If you're ready as a couple for the responsibility of a pet, adopt one from a local animal shelter.

20. Go hiking

Get the benefit of exercising, plus the fresh air.

19. Getting a couples’ massage at a spa

Let a professional de-stress you both with an incredibly relaxing hour at a spa.

Fun Things to do on the Weekend with Your Girlfriend (10 dates)

Weekends are when you and she can break your boring weekday routines and find new ways to connect.

Now... check this out:

All of these dates are designed to take several hours… plenty of time for you to get to know each other better, connect over new activity/place, or do something exciting and adventurous together.

18. Treat your city like tourists

This is one of the more uncommon, but fun things to do with your girlfriend. Take a few hours and visit the attractions that make your city great, and take a lot of pictures of the two of you having a good time (she'll love having them).

17. Find a local festival

Most cities have some kind of local festival a few times a year (food, music, art or film festivals are the most common). Search for a festival going on that would interest you both.

16. Movie theater day

Start with a matinee, and then see a night film, and snack on concessions all day. You can have so much fun being lazy, yet still be out of the house

15. Go thrifting

You can find incredible deals at a thrift store (on electronics, clothing, furniture, etc.). If nothing else, thrift stores always give you access to pieces you haven’t seen before.

14. See what local events your town has

Search “your town + local events now” to find out what’s going on nearby that you and she will enjoy (rodeo, circus, truck rally, car/boat show, fashion show, sporting event, etc.).

13. Visit IKEA

This date is especially helpful if you're moving in together... but even if you're not, you can always find some highly efficient, manly home goods at IKEA (and eat lunch there too).

12. Share some bucket list items and do them

Pick a few items off your bucket lists that you can do in a weekend, and share the experience together.

11. Have an adventure date

Adventure date ideas include: helicopter, biplane, sky diving (even indoor), ziplining. See this list for even more adventure date ideas.

10. Visit the driving range

Not everyone is a natural golfer, but anyone can have fun trying.

9. Fly kites in a local park

On a sunny/windy day, buy some kites and practice your kite artistry in the park.

Simple, Romantic, and Cute Things to Do to Make Your Girlfriend Happy (8 dates)

I’ll be honest:

Most guys probably don’t want to do things like tell your girlfriend why you love her, or really listen to her talk about her day.

But here’s the thing:

Showing your girlfriend little bits of undivided attention (even as small as 20 seconds) can make her feel hugely more connected to you.

And we all know:

Girlfriends who feel connected to their boyfriends are usually hugely happier with their relationships.

PS: for more ideas, check out this post with 75 romantic, sweet things to do for her.

8. Show off

Demonstrate a talent that you're most proud of (and honestly, the stupider the talent (i.e. playing air guitar), the funnier this will be to her.) And while it may not seem like it... this is one of the most romantic things to do with your girlfriend, because it shows you want to make her laugh.

7. Make a list of restaurants you want to try

You'll have a great reference next time you can't think of anywhere to eat.

6. Do a Sudoku/crossword together while you’re watching TV

Making her feel special doesn't have to take a ton of time, money, or even attention. Instead of staring at the TV while you're hanging out, let it play in the background and do a puzzle with her (it shows her that she's still the most important thing to you).

5. Listen to her tell you about her day

I get it: most guys don't love hearing about their girlfriends' feelings and emotions. But if you just listen patiently to her describe her day, she'll feel hugely grateful to you for being such a good listener.

4. Talk on the phone when you’ve not had time for each other recently

If you've been busy lately, and not spent a lot of time together, call her (either during the day or after you get home). Talk for at least 10 minutes, without distractions around you (like roommates or the TV). Show her she's still on your mind.

3. Take her shopping… without complaining about it

Guys: I know you don’t want to do this, but if you’re looking to make her incredibly happy with you, this is your gold-mine date idea. If you watch her try on clothes for an hour without complaining about it, you will most likely be vastly rewarded with love and appreciation later.

2. Take a long lunch from work

Taking a long lunch tells her that you value your time together so much that you’re willing to put her above your work day (even if it’s just for 30 minutes).

1. Kiss for 20 seconds

To really make your girlfriend feel special, give her a long, drawn-out kiss. 20 seconds of your time can make her feel hugely appreciative of you.


No matter what, a girl who likes you just wants to spend time with you… so use this list of 101 incredibly fun things to do with your girlfriend to do just that.