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7 Adventurous Date Ideas Perfect for Summer

7 Adventurous Date Ideas Perfect for Summer

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Summer means good friends, sun and adventure. Its long days and longer nights are the perfect environment for those more adventurous date ideas.

These types of dates are important for your relationship for two reasons. First, taking her on good dates is fundamental to keeping her interested. Second, women love adventure. They want the excitement and anticipation that comes with the adventure.

This post will give you seven adventurous date ideas that are perfectly suited for summertime.


7 Adventurous Date Ideas Designed for Summertime

1. Paddle Board

The best part about this activity is that (almost) no matter where you are in the world, you can do it. Aside from a board and paddle, all you need is a body of water. If you’re both new to the sport, pick a relatively calm lake or river.

2. Little Tokyo, Little Lima, Little Ethiopia, Little Beirut

Stroll through the city, eat actual ethnic food and best of all go into the shops. In the shops you’ll find items you won’t find elsewhere in your city.

3.  Horseback Ride

Horseback riding is normally done with a guide. Because of this, you’ll have adventure in a relatively controlled environment. This makes it a great date if you want something a little less crazy.

4. Rooftop picnic

This is one of the more adventurous date ideas on the list.

The date is as its name suggests: find a high point in your city, climb to the top and enjoy the view with a picnic.

5. Bouldering

If you haven’t heard of bouldering, it’s basically a miniature version of rock climbing. Climbers ascend small rocks or boulders (name makes sense now, huh?) without any ropes or anchors.

6. Archery or Shooting Range

There’s something about weapons and destruction that really brings couples together.

Pack a lunch. A nice finish to this date of destruction is a calm lunch together in a spot overlooking the damage you did.

7. Swap Meet

Swap meets are one of the most underrated and underutilized adventurous dates.

8 Adventurous but Free date ideas

Going on an adventure doesn’t have to cost a ton. You can actually find adventurous dates that are cheap or free. These free date ideas give you the chance to do something out there with your partner that doesn’t have to leave you missing rent for the month.

Here are 8 adventurous but free date ideas:

1. Lock your gadgets in a vault and see how long you can stand it

At this point, just trying to get to work without GPS can be an adventure for some of us.

2. Explore the history of local urban legends through online research

Learn everything, then explore the locations.

3. Bathe in a waterfall

It’s about the most romantic image imaginable. And super adventurous to boot.

4. Explore an ice bar

The drinks may cost a bit, but the experience is free (and chilly).

5. Survive a day eating only using coupons

Those coupons may take you to some wild places.

6. Sunrise and morning picnic

There’s no reason a picnic has to be a tame lunch.

7. Have rooftop date

A rooftop can feel like the most private place in the world, even in the center of a city.

8. Try skinny dipping

All it takes is a private location and both of you indulging your adventurous streak.

9 fun adventurous date ideas

Not every adventure is actually fun. Some can be a real pain. If you want to make sure your partner actually enjoys your adventurous time together, use these fun date ideas. With these ideas, you’ll get your blood pumping and have a blast while you do it.

Here are 9 fun adventurous date ideas:

9. Kayaking

Get out on the water and see natural beauty from a whole new perspective.

10. Mountain biking

Get the heart pumping and take those bikes far beyond where your feet would lead.

11. Fencing

Learn to sword fight just like in the movies.

12. Go on an unplanned road trip

Just pick up and go and see where the car takes you.

13. Participate in an escape room challenge

See if you can complete the tasks together and escape!

14. Gate crash someone else’s party

Make new friends and get into some wild situations.

15. Try slacklining

It’s a real challenge, but a fun one. And you can do it anywhere.

16. Get up early and watch the sunrise together

Add in a crazy, relatively close but remote location for extra adventure.

17. Visit a shooting range

Let out your inner cowboy (and cowgirl) side together at the shooting range.

In Conclusion

These seven adventurous date ideas are all perfect for a warm summer day.

Break away from the standard dinner and a movie and do something a little different this summer. If you need more ideas, check out our post, “37 Adventurous Date Ideas,” here.

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