Whether you’ve been dating for a while or new to it, having an arsenal of date ideas is key to an exciting and exhilarating dating life.

As with most things, all ideas aren’t created equal.

That’s why I am here. Today we’re going to dive into some of the best date ideas for couples.

Let’s do it.


8 Best Date Ideas

What are fun things to do on a date? When you come to think of it, there are good ideas but then there are great ideas. The key to success is how and when to use them.

Here are the 8 best date ideas: 

1. Take a trendy workout class

Learning a new exercise together can be fun and intriguing.

It might test your level of fitness, flexibility or even ability to learn on the spot but what makes this great is the fact that you get to go through the process of learning it together.

2. Fulfill your bucket list

Fulfilling your bucket list can be one of those great things to do. From skydiving to wine tasting, our bucket list can cover both ends of the spectrum.

Create great memories by crossing a few items from each others’ lists.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Take a ride up above the clouds. Enjoy a breathtaking view with your love.

You might want to celebrate the beauty with a glass of wine.

4. Snorkeling

Spend some time with sea creatures and underwater ruins.

Take pics or just fetch the amazing moments into your mind.

5. Star Gazing

When you think about romantic evenings some things that cross your mind include wine, picnics and star gazing.

Stargazing is a great way for couples to relax and connect with each other.

It is said that stargazing sparks conversations about the deeper things in life.

6. Check Out a Trampoline Park

There's no greater place to bring out the child in you than at a trampoline park.

There's no harm in a "play date". Playing brings out the best in us and helps us to relive our happiest moments.

7. Have Brunch

There's just something special about a brunch date, man.

Choose a nice, cozy spot to have brunch and it'll be a winner every time.

8. Go Horseback Riding

This can be a thrilling experience especially if you've never done it.

Horses are majestic and can run at high speeds.

The experience can be electric. You won't forget it.

6 Best First Date Ideas

Going on a first date can be overwhelming to many. This is because they want to make the best first impression, get to know their date and have a great time.

Processing all of this and coming up with first date ideas can be frustrating so here’s a list of things you can do on your first date.

Here are the 6 best first date ideas: 

9. Hit the Amusement Park

Don’t worry about awkward silences or conversation starters. Here, you’ll have plenty of fun things to do and many things to talk about based on what happens there.

10. Have a three-course dinner… at different places.

Have a night out on the town.

The appetizer at one spot, main course another and dessert at the final location.

This can make for an exciting date experience.

11. Play truth or dare.

On a first date, you’re still getting to know about your significant other.

Truth or dare questions can help you to get some answers to some questions you’ve been dying to ask.

And also, get an idea of their personality based on what they ask you to do or answer.

12. Go to a baseball game

Enjoy the excitement of a sporting event such as a baseball game on your first date.

It will take the tension off of having to engage in conversation all night.

Also, it gives you a lot to talk about during and after the date.

13. Go to the beach

Have a relaxing first date by spending time at the beach.

This gives you an opportunity to engage in many different activities while getting to know each other.

14. Head to the zoo

Visiting the zoo can be a good first date option.

Observing animals and engaging in conversation is a solid start to dating.

5 Best Second Date Ideas

First things first; congratulations on making it this far. You’ve successfully completed level one (the first date) of dating.

But seriously, after you’ve had a great first date what’s next?

Great second dates are needed to maintain the interest and fun in your dating life.

Here are the 5 best second date ideas:

15. Belt it out at karaoke.

So you’ve already broken the ice on the first date. Now it’s time to get crazy.

So you thought you were the karaoke king? Just pass the mic when you’re done and observe what she can do.

16. Go bowling.

Competition is always a good way to have fun on a date with your significant other.

Bowling is one of those good date activities that foster competitiveness.

Bowling is fun and is a great second date option.

17. Pamper yourselves

Maybe get a couples massage, pedicure and/or manicure.

The relaxing environment would naturally cause you to open up to each other.

18. Axe or knife throwing in which no one dies

Challenge your precision and throwing skills with axe or knife throwing.

But ensure it’s safe and there’s a professional around to give guidance.

19. Take a sunset stroll

Taking a stroll at sunset can be romantic.

Pick a place with a great view to amplify the experience.

5 Best Double Date Ideas

As a couple, there’s only so much you can do. Sometimes, adding another couple to the mix can turn things up a notch.

Double date ideas can open the doors for healthy competition and interesting group games.

Here are the 5 best double date ideas:

20. Go On A Road Trip

Going on a road trip with your special one is bound to be awesome but imagine sharing that experience with another couple you’re fond of.

This can compound all of the fun experiences on the road. Adding another couple means adding two more personalities and, of course, more diversity of music preferences.

21. Plan A Joint Picnic

Invite another couple and share this amazing experience.

More people means more food, more options for activities and more fun.

22. Go Kart Racing

Competition helps to breed healthy relationships. Also, you can have something to rave about for the next week if you come out on top.

23. Play Charades

What good are charades if you don’t have an audience to contend with?

Playing charades on a double date is a great way to mix and mingle with another couple and to have fun.

24. Decorate a Christmas Tree together

Put on some of your favorite Christmas music, dim the lights, make hot chocolate and have a great time decorating a Christmas Tree.

Whether it’s the holidays or not, the atmosphere and experience would lead to memories lasting a lifetime.

5 Best Date Night Ideas

Date-times can vary. You can take your significant other on a lunch date, brunch date or even a date to experience the sunrise.

However, dates are mostly associated with night. So having an arsenal of date night ideas would be beneficial for when planning a date night.

Here are the 5 best date night ideas you can use:

25. Have breakfast for dinner.

Confuse your taste buds by switching things up a bit.

Deliberately eating breakfast for dinner can be a fun experience.

26. Cook Dinner Together

Spend time together in the kitchen. This can be a fun and intimate experience.

Try not to the burn the food though.

27. Take a train going nowhere

The mystery and adventure that awaits might cause some anxiety but the key is to enjoy each passing moment together.

It can be fascinating how appreciative you are of each moment when you’re uncertain of what’s next.

28. Write each other love notes and spend the night reading them.

Have a romantic evening by reading love notes you’ve prepared for each other.

This can be done as an activity or it can be done at random moments throughout the night.

29. Take a dance class

Learning something together will build a strong bond. Also, dancing can be entertaining and enjoyable.

5 Best Cheap Date Ideas

All dates aren’t created equal. Some are more fun than others. It’s definitely the same with cost - some are more expensive than others.

Cheap date ideas are fun and doesn't need to be expensive.

Here are the 5 best cheap date ideas:

30. Take a Walk

This is not your usual walk. This is a scheduled walk. A date.

Select a nice place. Maybe somewhere with a great view.

Engage in meaningful conversation and talk about what you see.

31. Visit an Animal Shelter

Take a trip to an animal shelter and observe the animals. Maybe think about the possibility of adopting one someday.

Maybe even talk about what it would be like to have a few selected animals as pets.

32. Get Ice Cream

A date can be as simple as getting some ice cream and spending time together.

Maybe even sample your significant other’s favorite flavor.

33. Do a Sunrise Meetup

Imagine meeting your significant other somewhere to watch the sunrise and enjoy the tranquility of the morning.

Maybe even have breakfast together. Starting the day together is a great way to set the tone for the day.

34. Enjoy a bonfire

Spend time around a bonfire. Maybe tell some ghost stories and sing some folk songs while you’re there.

6 Best At Home Date Ideas

Dates aren’t only about going out and having adventures out there. It can also mean setting aside and spending quality time at home. Take a look at our list of awesome at home date ideas below!

Here are the 6 best at home date ideas:

35. Plant your own garden

Spend some time plowing, planting and taking care of a garden and you’re in for an interesting date.

It can open doors for discussions of topics you probably never knew your partner had knowledge about.

36. Play video games all night

A video game night would be a great way to include her in your hobby so that she can have an appreciation for something that you like.

Just get some snacks and let the games begin!

37. Make personalized scavenger hunts for each other.

Whatever the theme is for the hunt, conceal items that relate to it and create relevant hints to give your partner.

A mystery based at home date such as this will definitely be a winner and will create memories that will last a lifetime.

38. Write your bucket lists

Take the time to write a list of things you want to do and/or experience as a couple. This can be a dream list that may be out of your reach or smaller achievable things that you can then make a plan to begin ticking them off of the list.

39. Have a backyard picnic

Instead of a trip all the way to a nearby park, the mountains or somewhere with a view, your backyard can work just the same.

40. Power Outage Date Night

It can be an amazing and exciting experience to detach from distractions and all the “normal” that requires our attention to focus on what matters at this moment - your significant other.

Light candles, tell stories, play games and do whatever it takes to make it memorable.

5 Best Unique Date Ideas

Dating can be fun at the beginning but monotonous if you keep doing the same things repeatedly. To avoid boredom, you need to have some unique date ideas up your sleeve to change things up a bit.

Here are the 5 best unique date ideas:

41. Hire a ballroom dance instructor for a private lesson

Learning together as a couple is a great way to bond and have fun at the same time. The dance instructor is just there to ensure you don’t step on each others’ toes or hurt yourselves in the process.

42. Have a fun time with water

Play dates are not only for children. Physically playing together can spark a fondness for each other and build a deeper appreciation for each other outside the confines of romance.

43. Style Her Hair

Imagine a guy who has never done a hairstyle or anything similar in his life attempt to do the hair of his significant other. The outcome will either be disastrous or miraculous. To add excitement (and for show and tell) document the experience either with videos or before and after pictures.

44. People-watch from the comfort of your car window.

Sit in your car and not only watch people but narrate their lives. This is a great opportunity to be funny and creative while spending time with that special someone.

45. Take aim at the Gun Range

Have a thrilling experience with your special one by spending some time at the gun range. Learn the skill of shooting together and even compete with each other to perform well.

6 Best Adventurous Date Ideas

This section is not for the “dinner and a movie” type dates. This is for the risk takers, the adventurous and the bold.

Sometimes you need to get out and get your heart racing by doing something daring or enterprising.

Having a list of adventurous date ideas can come in handy when you’re looking to experience a thrill with that special someone.

Here are the 6 best adventurous date ideas:

46. Bathe in a waterfall

This sounds like something straight out of a movie scene but this is your movie and you are the star.

Enjoy a romantic bath with your significant other in a waterfall and make thrilling memories to last a lifetime.

47. Climb a new peak and open a bottle of wine there

Enjoy an adventurous climb. After conquering the mountain, celebrate with a glass of wine.

Celebrate with a picnic even. You deserve it! Just don’t sit too close to the edge.

48. Go bungee jumping together

This is a no-brainer for adrenaline junkies but for couples that aren’t usually adventurous, this would be a big leap.

Nevertheless, it can be a thrill and an experience of a lifetime if you have the guts to try it.

49. Go to the airport and buy a ticket for the cheapest destination of the day

Be spontaneous. Imagine going to the airport not having a clue where you’re headed.

I can feel the anxiety building already.

50. Go skinny-dipping in the nearest lake.

No matter your age, skinny-dipping can be an exciting thrill for couples.

It’s risky and bold. The experience will never be forgotten.

51. Ski or snowboard only in your underwear

Besides the possibility to freezing your nuts off, I’d say this would be fun to do.

Just avoid falling off into the snow on to your almost naked rear end.

This adventure could be thrilling, to say the least.

5 Best Anniversary Date Ideas

Anniversaries are precious milestones in relationships and there’s no better way to celebrate than to spend time with your significant other.

Rather than going on a “conventional” date, put in the extra effort by thinking of fun and appropriate anniversary date ideas that would create a lasting memory.

Here are the 5 best anniversary date ideas:

52. Buy a cheap canvas and paint portraits of each other.

Imagine two human beings, untrained in the arts, attempting to paint each other. The experience would be nothing short of fun and unique.

Whatever the creativity and skill level of the couple, this can be a great option for a memorable anniversary experience.

53. Draw a cartoon of how you met in sidewalk chalk on your driveway.

Get creative. Each of you can draw your own comic about how it all started or you can come together and make a single one.

Whichever option, it will bring a new appreciation of where you started to how far you’ve come.

54. Set up a tent in the backyard and order takeout.

Utilize the backyard and create a new experience by setting up a tent and ordering take out.

Enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of your yard.

Spend time engaging with each other and, of course, enjoying the food.

55. Give each other massages at home.

Everyone likes to be pampered. Even more so when they’re receiving it from their significant others.

If you can, take things up a notch by creating a spa-type atmosphere with a massage table and scented oils and give each other massages as if it were a professional service.

56. Find a hill or mountain in your area and go to the top at night to look at the city lights.

Taking a step back to view things from a different perspective can bring a greater appreciation for the things we unknowingly neglect.

This opens up the door for you to take a step back to look at things from where you are now while reflecting on how far you’ve come and thinking ahead to what the future holds.

8 Best winter date ideas

Winter can seem like the toughest season to pull off a good date, but there's still plenty of great things to do. These winter date ideas bring the romance, the fun, and the excuse for cuddles to the chillest of seasons.

Here are the 8 best winter date ideas:

57. Jacuzzi Date

Enjoy the cold by gettig warm and relaxed in the jacuzzi.

58. Hot Cocoa Da

Get close, and enjoy an intimate chat over a sweet drink.

59. Making a Snowman

Rediscover your childhood love of snow by building a snowman together.

60. Watch a movie beside a fireplace

Whether the weather outside is frightful, cuddle up on the couch for an indoor date night.

61. Play a board game

Monopoly is a lot more fun when you make it a date game.

62. Bake your own dessert

Impress her with your cooking skills and eat something warm and sweet right out of the oven.

63. Shop online

Who needs the mall when Amazon is right at your fingertips?

64. Carpet Picnic

All the fun of a real picnic without having to go outside.

9 Best Free date ideas

Not everyone has a flush enough wallet to pull off some of the classic date night ideas. When you're so skint you can't even pull off the old dinner and a movie, try out one of these free date ideas to get a great date in at minimum expense.

Here are the 9 best free date ideas:

65. Go to open houses

Pretend you're homebuyers and see how others live.

66. Window shopping

Find out what you would both buy if you had a bit more cash.

67. Play dress up using only your clothes

For some extra fun, switch closets.

68. Google Earth Trip

Plan out your dream vacation together on the screen.

69. Take a trip to a free museum

Go to a free day at a museum and enjoy the exhibits without losing a cent.

70. Go to a park.

Nature's beauty is free, and always worth the trip.

71. Walk your dogs

When the weather's fine, two dog lovers are never going to regret some time walking the pups.

72. Explore a nearby bookstore

Glance through all the great stories out there, and see if you can pick a book you both want to read.

73. Look for free concerts

Not all music costs a fortune to hear.

9 Best fun date ideas

Ultimately, the main point of a date is for it to be fun. If either of you is bored, the date's been a failure. Don't risk that happening to you. Use these fun date ideas to make sure you both have a blast.

Here are the 9 best date ideas:

74. Fly a kite

Simple, romantic, and so much fun on a fine day.

75. Ghosthunting

Get a little scared together and cuddle while you search for lost souls.

76. Go through your old yearbooks

Share the awkward teens you both used to be.

77. Make a pizza at home

It's a tasty, fun way to have dinner together.

78. Try the zipline

A little bit of adventure while zooming across the skies.

79. Go to a community play

Whether it's wonderful or comically bad, you'll have something fun to say afterward.

80. Go to the animal shelter and pet the animals

The only problem will be leaving without taking them all home.

81. Join charity events

It's a good cause and a great way to spend time together.

82. Make a time capsule

Have fun deciding what you both think the future will want to know about you.

4 Best Romantic Date Ideas

Want to make your next date extra special? Choose one of these romantic date ideas, and make it a night to remember.

Here are 4 romantic date ideas:

83. Go furniture shopping at an antique store.

Checking out an antique store is a super cute idea. Not only is it fun, but you can also learn more about each other's tastes and personalities. 

84. Take a ferry ride

There's something about an ocean voyage that just screams "romantic." Pretend you're both on the Titanic together - even if it's just for a few hours.

85. Go for a couples bike ride

Cycling is a great couples' activity. It really helps you two have fun together, and you can bring out your inner child. 

86. Sit in front of a fire and roast s’mores together

Want to get all nice and cozy with your date? Set up a campfire and roast a couple of s'mores - and don't hesitate to get cuddly, either.

4 best 3rd date ideas

The third date is definitely an important one. This is usually the moment when you decide whether you want to keep dating, so make sure it's a success with these 3rd date ideas.

Here are 4 3rd date ideas:

87. Have a go-kart race

Go-kart racing is always lots of fun, and you can let off some steam as you race around the track. Just try not to bump each other!

88. Customized bouquet at a flower shop

Nothing says "romantic" like a bouquet of flowers. Instead of giving a bouquet as a gift, turn it into a date as you customize your own at a flower shop.

89. Have a sandcastle-building contest and make a stranger decide who'll win

Make your beach date even more fun with a sand-castle building competition. There's nothing like a bit of friendly competition to make a date more interesting.

90. Play ping-pong

The noble game of ping-pong never fails to satisfy. The great thing about ping-pong is that it's fun for all skill levels.

10 Creative Date Ideas

When you've been into a lot of dates already, your options are going to dwindle down eventually. This is where creative date ideas will come into play. These ideas are unique and tap more into the options that are not commonly done. Pick one of these when you want something unconventional.

Here are 10 creative date ideas:

91. Do some geocaching

All you need is a GPS and a lot of energy then you're good to go!

92. Take part in an open mic night

Unleash your inner poet, inner singer, or inner karaoke master and hope that you don't end up single by the end of the night.

93. Go rock climbing

Because why not?

94. Redecorate a room in your house

An extra hand won't hurt.

95. Plan your dream vacation

This is fun, plus it's going to make your dream vacation a bliss once you really decide to do go for it someday.

96. Find great places and take photos of each other

Photos are printed memories, so go, go, go!

97. Start training for a race together

The health benefits on this one cannot be ignored.

98. Make a DIY waterpark in your own backyard

It's time to get wet!

99. Challenge each other to a triathlon of activities you both love

This can be a triathlon of just about anything you can think of..grocery run? Check!

100. Play a childhood game

The classic Hide and Seek or the I Spy With My Little Eye is perfect.

Birthday Date Ideas For Girlfriend

When it's your girlfriend's birthday, it is a must to go on a date. This is the perfect day to make her feel special with these date ideas especially picked for when you want to celebrate with her on her special day. Pick one of these birthday ideas for girlfriend and make her the happiest girl.

Here are 8 birthday date ideas for girlfriend:

101. Go hiking

Something unconventional for an unconventional day, huh?

102. Go to a street fair

Oh, the food alone is an adventure here.

103. Visit a botanical garden

Flowers and birthdays? Yup, they go together.

104. Go for a boat ride

Nothing more romantic than this!

105. Get a couple's spa

Relax and unwind together, because you deserve it, especially on her special day.

106. Take a brewery tour

Learn how your favorite beer is made and get some on the way out.

107. Hit up the farmer's market

Buy all the ingredients you need and cook her birthday meal together.

108. Spend the weekend in a nearby B&B

Fresh sheets and a change of morning scenery? This is just the perfect birthday date slash gift!

Fun Date Night Ideas

You want your date night not to be boring by doing things that are so ordinary and cliche. Pick one of these fun date night ideas and you'll surely have a date that is so one of a kind, it's one for the books!

Here are 7 fun date night ideas:

109. Go ice skating

This one's good for both beginners and pros, so it makes a perfect fun date idea.

110. Play pool

Oh yeah, playing pool is fun. If she doesn't know how to, then it's the greatest opportunity to teach her.

111. Play pub trivia

Show off your trivia skills and make them wow.

112. See a comedy show

What's more fun than a night of laughter?

113. Watch the opera

Watching the show isn't the only fun part of going to the opera, the dressing up is fun too!

114. Head to the drive-in

Enjoy a movie while lounging in your own car space - that's comfort, and leisure combined. That screams nothing but fun.

115. Try an improv class

Once you learn to improve, then you can have fun anytime and anywhere. That's a treat if you ask me.

How To Pick The Perfect Date Idea

Dating can be fun and exciting but it can be difficult to choose the perfect date that you and your significant other will truly enjoy. So we created a guide to help you decide which awesome date idea to go for!

Here is how to choose the perfect date idea:

1. Assess your relationship

Take a step back and look at how much you know the person, how comfortable you are with each other, etc. For example, it would be unwise to ask your date to prepare love notes to be read on the first date.

2. Know your partner

Know what their likes, dislikes and hobbies are. Know what they appreciate. This would influence what ideas you would choose and when. For example, if your partner is affected by lights in the nights you won’t take them to a live concert.

3. Pay attention to the season

This could mean anything from the weather, to the season of your relationship. For example, your partner is pregnant certain activities would be out of the question or if it’s winter you probably won’t have a picnic in the backyard.

Downloadable and Printable List of Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable list of Date Ideas (right click the image and select Save Image As):

More Great Tips On Taking Her Out

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In Conclusion

If you want your dating life to have fun and excitement that lasts, you need a bunch of date ideas at your disposal.

With the comprehensive list of activities for couples, you should be able to have lasting memories with your partner.

Whether you are at the stage where good ideas are sufficient or if you need great ideas to wow your partner, the list above is surely made for you.