Let's face it, it's hard to come up with unique date ideas that are more than a "dinner and a movie" date night. This is the typical date night all couples seem to resort to, which is great every once and awhile.

However, sometimes you both are looking for something different. A little more fun and interesting.


10 Best Unique Date Ideas

There are a lot of date ideas that may come up over the course of a relationship. Sometimes it's hard to narrow down something really fun and unique. We have got you covered with our list of the best unique date ideas.

1. Rock Climbing Wall

Show her you have an adventurous side and take her rock climbing. You'll be able to show off your

2. Go to an Amusement Park

Let out your inner child together and head to that good 'ol amusement park your parents used to take you to.

3. Test the limit of your compatibility in an Escape Room.

Not only is this a great date idea, but you will be able to test your team work in fun and interesting situation too!

4. Stargaze at a planetarium.

Gaze into the known universe at a planetarium and, if she is up to it, get into a deeper conversation about our planet and maybe life on others.

5. Become amateur photographers.

Photography gives you a great opportunity to document all of your time together and re-live it later on in life.

6. Go back to where it all began.

This is perfect for a couple who has been dating for awhile. Go back to the first place you met or that first date spot. It's a great way to reminisce.

7. Take a Helicopter Ride

One of the more "expensive" dates on the list, but if you have the means, it could make for the most memorable experience you share together.

8. Explore a New Coffee Shop

Spend some time having a really good conversation over a great cup of joe at your new favorite coffee shop.

9. Visit the Casino

If you are feeling really adventurous, try your luck at the casino. When one of you hit it big, take a trip to a place you've always wanted to go.

10. Take a Segway-Riding Tour

You'll both be able to laugh at each other while wearing those silly helmets AND you will also be learning something new together.

6 Unique First Date Ideas

Nothing beats an unforgettable first date. Coming up with fun and interesting first date ideas can be a challenge, however. Skip the ice cream in the park and try something a little more unique.

11. Breakfast date

Instead of your standard "dinner date," try taking her out for everyone's favorite meal: Breakfast. Get to know her over a hot cup of coffee, bacon and eggs; sunny-side up.

12. Find a weird museum to go to

World's Biggest Pencil Museum? The Dog Collar Museum? There are a variety of weird museums to experience together. One thing is for sure, she will never forget this first date.

13. Hit the slopes

Love to ski/snowboard? Radical. It's okay if she doesn't know how, take this opportunity to teach her. It'll be a date she never forgets.

14. See what you can find at the flea market

Thrift store and flea markets are all the craze nowadays. Try playing a game of who can find the most unique item at the market.

15. Take a boozy tour

So many big cities have bicycle beer tours or pub crawls. Find one in your local area and take her on a tour of the city while enjoying a few cold ones.

16. Take a peek at homes in your community during real estate open houses.

Feeling a bit more daring? Pretend to be a rich couple looking to buy a new home in a prominent area. That is sure to get your hearts racing.

6 Unique Second Date Ideas

The second date might even be more important than the first. You want to impress her again, by one-upping the previous date. She will be blown away by the time and effort you put into the date.

That being said, you should have some second date ideas that will outdo your first.

You have already impressed with a date she will never forgot, how could you ever top it? It can be stressful to figure out, so we are here to help.

17. Attend a podcast taping.

If you both share an interest in podcasts why not see how one is made? It could make for an interesting experience that she has never done before.

18. Impress them with your karaoke skills

Can't sing? That's okay. She is sure to be impressed by your bravery to get on stage. It'll be worth it; those few embarrassing moments of scream singing "Don't Stop Believing."

19. Celebrate the sports with food

Are you both avid fans of your hometown sports team? Perfect! Grab some great food and cheer them on together, whether on the couch, at the bar or at the game itself, it's the perfect way to show each other your team spirit.

20. Head to a ~secret~ music gig

You hear about them all the time: a great band, playing a small intimate show somewhere in your town. Find out where and share an amazing first concert together, one she will never forget.

21. Instead of dinner out, cook something easy together

Save some cash and spend some quality time together by cooking at home. There are endless options for you to make and she will appreciate a more thought out and intimate evening over dinner out any day.

22. Check out a baseball game (the cheap seats will do)

Even if they are "nosebleeds," it'll be fun to get outside and sing "Sweet Caroline" during the 7th inning stretch.

8 Unique Double Date Ideas

To spice things up even further, try going on a double date. This will add more back and forth throughout the group and should keep things light and interesting.

If you are planning the date, you are going to want some killer double date ideas to impress everyone attending. Blow them away with some of these options.

23. Play laser tag

One of the best ways to get moving and to keep everyone involved right off the bat.

24. Build a tree house.

If you have the time, take team building to the next level by assembling an old fashioned treehouse. Not only will you be able to reminisce on those fun clubs or hideouts you had as kids, you will also have a new hangout for everyone to enjoy together when you are finished.

25. Visit an auction

A perfect chance to play a game of who can win the most ridiculous item. Or simply try and win some cool stuff that you could all use together in the future.

26. Play as teams on board game night

One of the classics, but a great chance for everyone to get to know each other in a more intimate setting.

27. Sign up for a murder mystery dinner theater

Generate your inner Sherlock Holmes and work together to find out "who done it?"

28. Compete in a bar trivia night

Put your heads together and try to walk away winners of a local trivia night. You might just find that someone has a very in-depth knowledge of 80's pop culture.

29. Hit up the renaissance fair for a medieval good time

Dress up, grab a turkey leg and watch some good old-fashioned jousting in honor of the Queen. It's okay to get a little goofy as you relive the days of yore.

30. Get ~spooky~ at a haunted house

Forget how afraid you were of Freddy Kruger growing up, because this is the perfect opportunity to comfort her as you make your way through the dark and creepy house.

5 Unique Date Night Ideas

After you have been dating for awhile, things might seem to get a bit stale. And that's okay, because that happens to everyone. You will just need a few great unique date night ideas to put some fire back into your lives and breakaway from the daily routine.

31. Think seasonal by carving pumpkins or going to look at lights

Get into the holiday spirit and carve some pumpkins or take a stroll to look at Christmas lights in your town. Use the season to your advantage and plan a date accordingly.

32. Chuckle at a comedy show

Laughing is good for the soul. So is laughing together.

33. Check out a live music venue

Search around for a great live music venue in your city and make a habit of checking out the live music.

34. Play at Target

Remember playing with all the toys you could find at the department store while your mom was shopping? Now is your chance to relive those moments of pure joy as an adult.

35. Embrace your DIY side.

Build something together. Whether it's simple crafting or building furniture, spending the quality time working together is sure to grow your relationship.

5 Unique Cheap Date Ideas

Not every date has to break the bank. Sometimes the simple dates are the most unique date ideas and is what will win her over in the end. She will appreciate your ability to have a good time spending little to no money.

That is why it is important to have some cheap date ideas in your back pocket, just in case you need a break from the "night out."

36. Admire the masterpieces at an art gallery.

If there is an art gallery in your local town chances are it is free or relatively cheap. This is perfect for a day trip out of the house and you both get a little culture as well.

37. Play in the Snow

It might seem childish, but playing in the snow (snowball fight, sledding, etc.) is some of the best fun you can have during the winter season. Plus, you can find everything you need right in your backyard.

38. Yoga in the Park

You can both work on building lean and healthy bodies together while becoming more in tune with each other's spirit as well.

39. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Get together and give back to those less fortunate, you'll both walk away feeling like you did some good in the world.

40. Try Ice Fishing

Ice fishing will give you the opportunity to keep each other warm in the cold weather while also catching dinner for the evening.

7 Unique At Home Date Ideas

If going out seems like a lot of work, that's because it is. Sometimes the best date nights happen right at home.

You might not think that there are any at home date ideas that would be exciting enough for the both of you, but you would be surprised.

41. Redo a Room

Have you been wanting to redo your spare room for awhile? Well now is the perfect opportunity to change the whole thing and make it a perfect shared space.

42. Interview each other

A perfect way to learn some things you you might not already know. Plus, this could open doors to wonderful conversations with a variety of topics.

43. Decorate a Christmas Tree together

Another perfect date for the holiday season, decorating the tree can be a fun intimate way to spend time together.

44. Have a Video Game night.

Pull out your old Nintendo 64 and test your skills in Mario Kart. Video games have become widely accepted by the all genders and ages.

45. Write out the story of how you met (and fell in love).

Not only a great way to make a date night more meaningful, but you will also have those stories to share with your families for years to come.

46. A Year In Review.

Take this opportunity to look back on your year together, highlighting your favorite moments.

47. Catch a Sunrise (or sunset).

What a romantic way to start (end) your day. Be sure you share some thoughts of why she is so special to you in that special moment.

5 Unique Anniversary Date Ideas

Celebrating your anniversary is a special time to look back and celebrate your time together.

That being said, an anniversary can be more than dinner and drinks at your usual spot. She will appreciate you surprising her with some new and unique anniversary date ideas that should would never expect.


Are you or you S.O. afraid of heights? Use this time to conquer your fears and show her you'd do anything for her... even jump out of a plane.

49. Stay At A Bed And Breakfast

Even if it's one in your town, a cozy BnB can be used as the perfect anniversary getaway.

50. Revisit Your First Date Spot

Surprise her with a walk down memory lane and reminisce on how nervous you were during your first date.

51. Head to the archery range

Guns not your thing? Let out your inner Robin Hood at a nearby archery range. Make it a fun competition to see who can get a bullseye, or split two arrow like Robin Hood.

52. A romantic cabin at the top of the mountain

Get away from technology for a weekend and focus on the beauty of the nature around you.

7 unique winter date ideas

You've got a girl you want to impress, but it's winter and you don't want to do the obvious date stuff like ice skating or a night at the movies. No worries. We've got tons of unique winter date ideas that will make sure your date stands out as something special.

53. Have fun tracing each other's genealogy

You'll find out all kinds of cool things together.

54. Have a hot cocoa tasting date

Get a lot of different kinds of cocoa and find out which one you like best.

55. Play along as you watch game shows

Keep score to see which of you could be a Jeopardy! champion.

56. Watch karate videos and learn basic moves

This might lead to some really romantic sparring.

57. Quiz each other about each other

Come up with quiz questions and see how well you know one another.

58. Make waffles

Nothing's better on a cold night than fresh-made waffles.

59. Watch funny videos and laugh your hearts out

Find some great videos on YouTube and laugh the night away.

7 unique but Free date ideas

When you want your date to be really memorable, you often want to do something extravagant...which can cost a lot of money. But extravagant and unique don't have to come at a high price. These unique free date ideas will make sure your date is the most interesting she's ever been on without throwing your account into the red.

60. Find constellations during a starry night

Let the sky do all the entertainment for you.

61. Create a time capsule

Try to decide what items from today the future will care about.

62. Test-drive some cars

They're free to drive, so pick some beauties out and cruise.

63. Head to a romantic spot to read

Sometimes, the greatest date is just some quiet time together.

64. Scour your fridge and make a meal from what you can find

Let her pick out the ingredients, then make something together.

65. Have a meditation date

A great date at the end of a stressful week.

66. Head to IKEA and pretend to shop for your dream house

It's fun and it'll bring you closer together.

10 unique but fun date ideas

There's no point in having a unique date if it's boring. Obviously, you want your unique date to also be super enjoyable. So, do yourself a favor and use these unique fun date ideas to come up with a date more fun and interesting than anything she's ever done before.

67. Build bucket lists

Write them up and then pick something to check off the list.

68. Play Wii

It's simple, but it's always a fun time.

69. Attend home depot workshop

Learn how to build something really cool together.

70. Go to the theatre

Get your culture on together.

71. Try an exotic foreign cuisine

Try something new for both of you to test how adventurous your palette is.

72. Try ballroom dancing

It's super romantic and a decent workout as well.

73. Enroll in an acting class

See if either of you is destined for Hollywood.

74. Go to a playground and take turns on the slides

The fun still holds up after childhood.

75. Play Never Have I Ever

It's risqué, fun, and you'll learn a lot about each other.

76. Have an afternoon tea

Play at refinement and enjoy all those pastries.

9 Unique Romantic Date Ideas

Your partner deserves a night to remember — and so do you. Use our romantic date ideas to treat yourselves to your best date night yet.

77. Go Ballroom Dancing

Put on your most elegant suit or a sparkly dress and waltz the night away!

78. See a Comedy Club Show

If you can make your partner laugh, great! But every now and then, it's nice to laugh at something together.

79. Plan a Weekend Away

Weekend getaways make for the best extended dates.

80. Go Glamping

Take camping to a whole new level and treat your partner to a fine dining experience in nature.

81. Get Crafty

... and enjoy a romantic arts-and-crafts session together.

82. Do a Food Truck Tour

Street food is the best.

83. Take a Photo Walk

Grab a camera or your smartphones and head out in search of the perfect shot.

84. Take In Some Culture

Hit your local museum or gallery for a date that is both romantic and educational.

85. Run a Race or Go to a Charity Event

You can have a romantic experience while supporting a good cause.

10 Unique 3rd Date Ideas

First and second dates are over. You've made it to the third one. What should you do?

Don't worry — we have a great selection of awesome 3rd date ideas.

86. Taste Wine at a Vineyard or a Winery

So sophisticated!

87. Take a Pottery-Making Class

No, pottery isn't just for kids and old ladies.

88. Sit by a Lake, Pond, or River

… and watch the sunset together.

89. Spend the Day at the Beach

Blue water, blue skies, and a gentle breeze: can you think of anything more romantic than that?

90. Go to Burlesque Show.

This is certainly something a little bit different for both of you to enjoy.

91. Take a Road Trip

This one is not for the faint of heart, but if you are both feeling adventurous, a road trip makes for an unforgettable 3rd date.

92. Go Apple-Picking

Just make sure apples are in season.

93. Rent a Boat

Not only are boat trips are very romantic, but rowing makes for a great workout!

94. Go on a Ghost Tour

There must be at least one haunted house in your area.

95. Reawaken Your Inner Child

Whether it's flying a kite, playing hide-and-seek, or making snow angels — do whatever it is that made you feel happy growing up.

96. Be Daring

From bungee jumping and scuba diving to race care driving, the list of activities is practically endless.

How To Pick A Unique Date Idea

You can't just pick a date in the list and assume she will enjoy that. There are things you have to consider when choosing a great date idea.

1. Figure out what she is into

It's important to pick a date that you know (or could guess) that she will enjoy. If she does not like clowns it would be unwise to take her to a carnival. If she like animals the zoo or aquarium would be a great place to start.

2. Be prepared

It might be a no-brainer, but if you plan a picnic you will want to bring all of the essentials with you. If you are going to the park you might want to bring a jacket. You might look a bit foolish if you forgot the one thing to make the date work.

3. Have fun

The most important thing is, no matter what you are doing for your date, make sure you are having fun. If she sees that you are stressing out and not enjoying the time together it will make her feel uneasy. Let looses and have a good time.

4. How long have you been dating?

If you are going on your first, second or third together, there are specific activities that you can plan to help you two get to know each other. However, if you've been dating for a while it's likely that you'll know the kind of the thing that the other person enjoys and therefore you can narrow down your list of activities.

5. What's the occasion?

If you've been dating for a little while, you might be celebrating an occasion - birthdays, anniversaries or promotions are all great reasons to have a special date together. If you're celebrating something in particular, you might choose something extra romantic to help make the date unique.

6. What's your budget?

Having a small budget isn't necessarily a bad thing - while there are more activity options available if you have money to spare, there are loads of fantastic examples of great cheap date ideas. In fact, some of the ideas are even free, so you can have a super fun date without spending any money.

Downloadable and Printable List of Unique Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable list of Unique Date Ideas (right click the image and select save Image As..):

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Now that you have the most unique date ideas at your disposal, every date should feel new and refreshing!

Whether you are going on a first date, second date or celebrating your 20th anniversary, you'll have a full arsenal of date ideas that will keep impressing her time in and time out.