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64 Best First Date Ideas – The only list you’ll need!

64 Best First Date Ideas – The only list you’ll need!

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first date ideas - postThat first impression together can be priceless, and that’s why it can be so nerve-wracking if you’re struggling to come up with some first date ideas that will make sure she remembers this date forever.

It’s hard to imagine how to get a girlfriend without some great first date ideas that come off perfectly and make her want to stick around to get closer.

The good news for you is that you don’t have to stress out looking for good date activities on your own anymore. We’ve assembled some dynamite first date tips that present you with plenty of ways to impress the girl you like, making your date fun, memorable, and perfectly romantic.


9 Best First Date Ideas

first date ideas - 9 best
Searching for some great first date activities? Start with the best ones first. We’ve assembled some of the most fun and unexpected first date ideas here that can catch her by pleasant surprise and make the date really stand out.

Here are 9 best first date ideas: 

1. Go to a flea market.

Try on used clothes, buy matching swords, or do any number of creative, surprising things here.

2. Go to an arcade

If she’s got a gamer side, there’s nothing that’ll win her heart faster than an evening in the arcade.

3. Play mini golf.

It’s fun, silly, and a great way to enjoy a nice long chat together.

4. Attend a comedy open-mic.

If she’s laughing and having a good time, she’ll want another date. This is a great way to make sure that happens.

5. Watch a movie matinee.

Don’t do dinner and a movie, see a movie early and leave the evening free to discuss and hang out.

first date ideas - movie matinee

6. Have a three-course dinner… at different places.

Pack three dinner dates into one.

7. Take a cooking class

Learn to make a great dish and then make date number two trying to cook it again together.

8. Go to a poetry reading

Show off your classy side and discuss your favorite poems all night.

9. Get Fancy Pizza

Get a popular favorite but in a classier way.

10 First Date Ideas You Can Also Use on a Second Date

first date ideas - second date
Sometimes, first date activities have a short shelf life. If you don’t try it on the first date, it just won’t work for date number 2, stressing you out all over again.

After all, you want to top the first date with the second, and now you’re out of ideas.

Not so with this list, here, you get some good first date activities that make for great second date ideas as well.

Here are 10 first date ideas you can also use on a second date: 

10. Go to a used bookstore or library.

Enjoy the charms of old books and discuss the stories that mean the most to you.

11. Browse through a record store.

Like a used bookstore, it’s charmingly old-fashioned. Buy a record and listen to it together.

12. Volunteer.

Show her you care, and build a bond helping others.

13. Get an Aura Reading

Whether you believe or not, it’s great fun and great for conversation.

14. Go to a Brewery

Getting a drink in a more interesting way is one of the best first date activities and second, third, fourth date ideas as well.

first date ideas - brewery1

15. Visit an Art Gallery

Get a little out of your comfort zone and see what art really speaks to each of you.

16. Sample some Fro-Yo or Ice cream

Every date is better with ice cream.

17. Go Horseback riding

Let her feel like she’s in a Victorian romance novel for an afternoon.

18. Plant a garden together.

Get your hands a little dirty and take time to smell the roses.

19. Trampoline parks

It’s a chance to feel like your little kids again, together.

first date ideas - trampoline park

11 First Date Night Ideas

Dates are often a nocturnal thing, so when you’re looking for first date activities, you’re most likely really looking for date night ideas.

Check out some of these great after-dark activities that bring you close to the girl you want to be closest to.

Here are 11 first date night ideas: 

20. Go to a Jazz club

Artistic, a little quaint, and a great place to lean in close for those nighttime conversations.

21. Head to the Drive-in

About as classic first date as possible.

22. Hit the club

Dance the night away together.

23. Whiskey Tasting

Find a new whiskey you both like, then buy a bottle and take it home together.

first date ideas - whiskey

24. Head to the Opera

Show her some high culture and enjoy dressing up to the 90s.

25. Dark Dining

Adventurous, intimate, and a chance to eat in a whole new way.

26. Stargaze

Just you, your girl, and the nighttime sky.

27. Stroll through a college campus.

Colleges can be particularly beautiful and romantic at night when it’s just the two of you.

28. Go to a Fancy Bar and Dress Up

Like the opera, a chance to play classy for a night.

first date ideas - fancy bar

29. Go to a Midnight Showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One of those activities that works wonders for those with a zany, adventurous side.

30. Plan a trilogy movie marathon

Watch your favorite movies or a great trilogy neither of you have ever seen.

11 First Date Ideas You Can Use on a Double Date

Most date ideas really only work when there’s the two of you. That makes it a little trickier planning that date when there’s another couple tagging along.

Not to worry though, these double date ideas make for fun for all four people, and allow for plenty of intimate moments with just you and your date.

Here are 11 first date ideas you can use on a double date:

31. Bring them to your favorite local spot.

The easiest date. Go to a favorite location and share it with everyone.

32. Cook for your friends.

Show off your cooking chops by making a quality meal for everyone.

first date ideas - cook for your friends

33. Play shuffleboard.

Imagine you’re retired couples and enjoy a great game of shuffleboard.

34. Visit a Haunted Site

Full of chills and scares that will keep your date giggled and holding you tight.

35. Have a campfire

An intimate way to share stories, play music, and be social while also being close with your date.

36. Go Ziplining

Exhilarating, great for groups, and also romantic and daring with your date.

37. Go on a hot air balloon ride

A completely unexpected way to see the world in a new way.

first date ideas - hot air balloon

38. Go Hiking

Go a little off-trail and see what you discover together.

39. Go boating

Double dates aren’t limited to just what the land has to offer.

40. Race Go-Karts

Silly, immature, and a great evening for everyone.

41. Visit a chocolate/candy factory

A particularly sweet double date idea.

13 Cheap First Date Ideas

first date ideas - cheap dates
Some date ideas have to be disqualified right away just because they’re out of your budget. That doesn’t mean if your currently short of funds, you have to be short of fun.

There are plenty of great cheap date ideas that allow you to have a great time without making you late paying rent.

Here are 13 cheap first date ideas: 

42. Dine out with a discount

Find a quality restaurant offering a big discount and indulge on a budget.

43. Fun, free events

Head out to a park with free fireworks or a free outdoor art exhibit.

44. Take a walk

Some of the best first dates revolve around this, the simplest of things you can do.

45. Stage a photo shoot

Try your hands at being real photographers.

46. Go Thrifting

Make your empty wallet the fun at the center of the date.

first date ideas - thrifting

47. Go to Chuck-E-Cheese

Pizza, an arcade, and a present for her at the end of the night, what’s not to like?

48. Go apple picking.

Get outdoors, enjoy the conversation, and get some nice apples at the end of it.

49. Fly a kite.

Simple, sweet, and a great chance to talk and enjoy the weather.

50. Go bird-watching.

You’ll find seeing that rare bird can be as exciting as anything a bigger budget could have afforded.

51. Go to your local animal shelter and play with the animals

Fun for you, and a wonderful moment for those animals as well.

first date ideas - play with animals

52. Go spelunking

Go on an adventure and enjoy the dark, cozy quarters with someone you like getting close with.

53. Attend a lecture

Find a topic you’re both interested in and then discuss what you learned all night.

54. Go running

A great date for the health nuts with slim wallets.

10 At Home First Date Ideas

You don’t have to go anywhere to generate some first date activities that really work for your date. Sometimes, the best way to enjoy each other’s company is just to stay home together.

These at home date ideas allow you to stay in and still have an incredible time.

Here are 10 at home first date ideas:

55. Work on a puzzle

Pick out a puzzle you both really like and spend the whole evening putting it together.

first date ideas - puzzle

56. Binge watch seasons of shows

Is there some great show you’ve both been eager to watch? Marathon it together.

57. Cook a meal or bake together

Make making dinner the whole point of the date.

58. Play Twister.

One of those first date perfectly designed to literally get you closer.

59. Bring Over Some of Your Old Records

Cuddle close and introduce each other to your musical tastes.

60. Eat Take-Out By Candlelight

Make dinner at home as romantic as a fancy restaurant.

first date ideas - candlelight

61. Listen to a Spooky Old-time Radio Show

A little more creative, old-fashioned, and charming than just watching TV.

62. Read to each other.

Read some of your favorite poems, or narrate your favorite comic. It can be silly, relaxing, and terribly romantic.

63. Have fun with homemade fondue.

Fun to make and tasty to eat.

64. Brew your own beer.

Don’t just bring the drinks, make the drinks.

More Tips On How To Get The Girl

Feel like you need more tips to reinforce your new date ideas? We’ve got you covered on every aspect of dating and getting the girl. Try some of these:

  1. Remove your nerves about that kiss on the first date.
  2. Find out how to ask a girl out so you can use all these date ideas.
  3. Make life easier by figuring out how to ask a girl out over text and avoid those face-to-face nerves.
  4. Learn how to flirt with a girl to show her just how interested you are.

How to Use These First Date Ideas: 6 Steps

first date ideas - steps
Now you’ve got all the ideas you need, how do you use them? 

Thankfully, all the good date ideas above are easy to implement. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be winning her over with that perfect first date in no time.

Here are 6 easy steps on picking the best first date:

1. Ask the Girl Out

There’s no point planning every detail of the perfect first date out if you don’t have a date set already.

Don’t waste time on the first date until after you’ve made sure she’s interested and gone through the difficult asking out stage.

2. Consider What You Know about Her

Once you’ve asked her out and she’s said “yes,” take a moment to think about what you know about her.

You can either choose a date idea that reflects what you know she likes or a date idea that reflects what you think she might enjoy if she tried it.

Either way, take some time to think about what you know about her preferences and use them to narrow down your ideas.

3. Do a Little Investigation

You want to take her to a jazz bar, great. Which jazz bar? How far away is it? What kind of jazz do they play? Can you afford the drinks?

Do the homework and make sure you choose the right park, restaurant, arcade, or any other location or event to make sure it’s right for you and your date.

If you don’t have the details right, even the best ideas can fall apart, so put the effort in here.

4. Choose Your Date Idea But Leave Room for Some Flexibility

Once you know the details fit the date, make your date choice. However, when you make that choice, resist the urge to plan every detail out.

If you want to stay at home and do a puzzle, don’t choose the puzzle without her. If you want to go to a fancy restaurant, make sure to let her make the meal choices.

When you plan too many details, it’ll be hard to make sure they all come together and even harder to make sure she’s enjoying the date. Get the general idea right, and then let the date take it’s own course.

5. Keep a Back Up Date Idea On Hand

first date ideas - backup idea
You’re absolutely sure she’ll love a walk in the park, but she’s yawning ten minutes into your stroll: what do you do?

Always have a Plan B just for this purpose. It’s a first date, so you don’t know each other well enough to be sure the date choice is right.

So, have a back up, different idea. Ideally, one that is near the same location. She’s not in the mood to stay in? Make sure you know where that jazz bar is or the best club in the area. She’s not hungry? Head over to that record store until she works up an appetite.

With a backup plan ready, you can make sure there’s always a way to keep her entertained.

6. Relax and Enjoy Your Date

first date ideas - relax and enjoy your date
Once you’re actually on the date, try to avoid stressing whether things are going right or not. You’ve planned a solid date, you’ve got a backup plan if she’s bored, so don’t stress, just enjoy your time with your date.

The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed she’ll be, and the more you’ll both enjoy the experience, regardless of the details.

In Conclusion

The best first date ideas are the ones that impress your date and give you the opportunity to get closer. At heart, all first date tips are aiming at this goal. All date ideas really come down to the best ways to bridge the difficult of how to get a girlfriend from that awkward prospective first date.

With that in mind, the above date ideas are all designed to provide the ideal date experience for different types of daters and dating preferences.

The good date ideas that work for you are those that keep your interest while also keeping her interested and eager to get closer. Those same ideas may not work for another couple.

All of the above ideas are great, but what you need to do is to choose the great first date idea that is right for you.

Use the steps above and pick a date idea that really speaks to you. That way, you can just enjoy your time with your date and enjoy getting closer. Then, get ready for date number 2.

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