The first date doesn't guarantee a kiss, but it's always smart to be prepared.

If you're wondering how to get a girlfriend, that kiss on first date is definitely a big part of it. Even if you're not actively pursuing a relationship, just knowing how to kiss a girl is a valuable skill for any guy to have.

That's where this guide comes in.

These first date tips help you to make a winning first impression so you get that call back for a second date. After all, kiss on first date, a well-timed and placed smooch can go a long way in helping her to fall for you. Read on to learn about proper first date protocol.

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Should You Kiss On a First Date?

First things first -- should you kiss on first date? The answer is that it depends. First and foremost, don't go into the date assuming that a kiss is guaranteed. Plenty of girls don't like to kiss a guy until they're sure, and that can take multiple dates.

At the same time, if everything goes well, there's always a chance that kissing is on the horizon. That's when you need to do some strategic planning.

There are pros and cons to kissing on first date. Besides the obvious fact that kissing is fun, a kiss can show her that you're genuinely interested in her.

On the other side of the coin, if you rush into things too fast, she may think that you're pushing too hard or that you're only interested in her for her looks.

The best approach is to play it by ear and use other ways of communicating how you feel too. Body language goes a long way in showing your interest in her, and you can also just tell her straight-up that you're having a great time with her and that you want to do it again.

In short, if you decide to kiss her, make sure she knows that you mean it. That's what makes her want to kiss you again.

How To Kiss On First Date: 7 Steps

So you're going to go for the elusive first-date kiss. You only get one shot to make kissing on the first date with a new girl really count, so make sure you do it right.

That said, you don't want to overthink it either. Sometimes you just have to let your instincts take over.

1. Know These Tips For Kissing On First Date

First things first -- brush up on your technique with these kissing tips:

  1. Freshen up. If you sense that a kiss is in the cards, make sure you're prepared physically. If possible, duck to a bathroom and make sure your hair looks good, there's no food on your face, and that your breath is minty fresh.
  2. Calm down. Yes, the first kiss can be scary, but try to be calm, cool, and collected. After all, you don't want to be hyperventilating while you're locking lips. This is a kiss, not mouth-to-mouth.
  3. Timing is everything. Don't rush the kiss. Wait until the perfect moment. That moment might be after you say something sweet to her, at the end of the night, or it might not come at all. There's no pressure, so don't get desperate.
  4. Start slow. The first kiss should be simple, quick, and sweet. Save the tongue for the makeout session.
  5. Leave her wanting more. Kissing is fun for her too. Leave some to the imagination so she comes back for more.

2. How To Kiss A Girl On A First Date (For The First Time)

So you want to know how to kiss a girl for the first time. The simple truth is that every girl and every situation is different, so you're going to need to feel it out and make some decisions on the fly. With that in mind, there are ways to improve your odds.

  1. Set the mood. Bring her somewhere awesome, wear something nice, and be flirty throughout the date.
  2. Flirt with her. Make lots of eye contact, and touch her gently while you talk to her. If she responds positively and flirts back, she may be thinking about kissing you too.
  3. Be direct. One of the easiest and most effective ways to make kissing on first date happen is just to ask her. Girls really appreciate direct honesty. If she declines, that doesn't necessarily mean she never wants to kiss you. She may just need some time.
  4. Wait for the right time. You may also need to rely on body language. Eye contact is a big one. If you're in a suitable setting for a kiss, and you see that she's giving you those doughy eyes, it may be time to move in slowly for the kiss. Be bold when the opportunity strikes, but make sure that she's giving you the social cues to proceed.

3. How To Get Her To Kiss You On First Date

You know what's less scary than kissing a girl? Getting her to kiss you! Of course, it's knowing how to get a girl to kiss you that's the hard part.

Now, of course, there's no magic word you can say that will make her kiss you. You can, however, put the power in her hands by telling her that you're interested in kissing her, but you don't want to rush or pressure her.

If she wants to kiss you, you just gave her the green light. If she kisses you, congratulations. If not, she may not be ready just yet, so don't feel bad about it. She knows you want to kiss her, so the ball is in her court.

4. What To Do If She Denies The Kiss

It happens to every guy at some point -- everything is going perfect, and then she pulls away at the last minute. First of all, don't panic. Yes, it's awkward, but it's no big deal. You misread the situation. It happens.

Laugh it off. She's going to be feeling a bit awkward too, so just accept the situation for what it is.

Just because she didn't return your kiss doesn't necessarily mean she's not into you. She might just not be ready.

Communicate with her. Maybe she just got out of a relationship, or maybe she wants to take it slow with you. Talk to her, and be sensitive to her feelings. Never get angry -- that's only going to guarantee that you never salvage the smooch.

5. How To Act After The Kiss

So now you locked lips with her, what's next? Your first reaction is going to be to keep kissing her. After all, kissing a girl you like feels good. Play it cool, and try to hold back.

There's nothing wrong with going for a second kiss if the first one was successful, but you don't want to be the guy slobbering after her trying to relive that moment over and over.

Save your kisses for the right moments. Don't play all your cards too soon. You want to leave her wanting more.

6. How To Get Her To Come Back To Your Place After The Date

Of course, you probably don't want to be swapping spit for too long in public, so if things are going well, it may be time to move to a more secluded location.

  1. Pop the question., not that question. "Want to come upstairs for a drink?" It's a classic end-of-the-date line in the movies, and it works in real life too. If you're hoping to make out with her, just invite her over at the end of the date. She'll probably know exactly what you're getting at beyond hydration.
  2. Relax. Although your intentions should be obvious, don't assume that her coming over is a guaranteed makeout session. Take it slow, and let her initiate the first move.
  3. Hang out. You've done your part at this point, and being in an unfamiliar place with a new guy can be a little scary for her. Set the mood, and then let her turn up the metaphorical heat if she wants to. Being too pushy is the best way to ruin your chances for a second date (and more kissing), so be a gentleman.

7. How To Make Out Like A Pro

If you're going to make out with her, you want to do it right, right? Follow these tips to up your kissing game.

  1. Move slow. You don't want to crash foreheads or bump teeth. Pretend you're in a slow motion movie, and maintain that pace. 
  2. Close your eyes. As you move in, pay attention to where her lips are, aim for them, and then close your eyes. Turning a make-out session into a staring contest can really kill the mood.
  3. Use your tongue. When your tongue inevitably finds its way into her mouth, you want to keep it moving -- not too fast and not too slow. Use rhythm circles, and then follow her lead. Don't get sloppy, greedy, or speedy.
  4. Keep your hands busy. While you don't want to grope her, you also don't want your hands hanging awkwardly like some sort of Frankenstein. You can put your hands on her waist, touch her shoulders, or hold the back of her head. Don't be too handsy, and pay attention to her body language to determine whether you should continue or keep your hands to yourself.

How to Kiss And Make Out With A Girl On the First Date

So now you know how to improve your chances of getting that first peck. Now, you may want to start thinking about what to do if you're interested in taking things to the next level.

If you're wondering how to make out with a girl, it's worth noting that every girl has her own making out style and preferences. The first make-out session may be a bit awkward and fumbly as you get a feel for each other's approach. Don't worry -- that's part of the fun!

A lot of the time, the first make-out happens naturally after the first kiss. After you plant one on her, try moving in a second time for a deeper kiss. If the first one went well, there's a good chance she'll be ready for some making out.

Don't wait too long for the window to close after that first kiss. If you can see that she enjoyed the first kiss, go for the second. Make this one a bit more passionate -- maybe caress her face or hair -- and then incorporate a little bit of tongue to see how she responds. If she reciprocates, you're good to go.

Remember: when it comes to tongue-kissing, often less is more. Keep it neat, and then follow her lead.

More Tips On How To Get The Girl

Now that you're a bonafide debonair smooching extraordinaire (or at least something close to it), you may want to also boost other aspects of your game. Follow these tips to get the girl:

  1. If you want to kiss her, you need to know how to ask a girl out.
  2. When you know how to get a girl to like you, kissing becomes a whole lot easier.
  3. Before you can even think about kissing, you need to know how to flirt with a girl.

In Conclusion

The kiss on first date approach isn't guaranteed, so don't stress if you strike out. If you want to know how to kiss a girl and even how to get a girlfriend, the truth is that sometimes you need to take it slow.

Girls are smart, especially when it comes to dealing with guys. If she doesn't want to kiss you just yet, it doesn't mean you've failed. In fact, she may be purposely waiting because she genuinely likes you and wants you to respect and pursue her.

Be mindful, respectful, and understanding. These first date tips are for helping you to form a genuine connection with her, and kissing is just a small part of that. If it's meant to be, the kiss will happen in time.