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103 Date Night Ideas – This is the only list you need.

The best date night ideas are the ones that help both partners learn together, share passions and talents, and be vulnerable with each other in new but supportive situations. An inspired approach to deeper connection is going to be key for how to get a girlfriend.

Even the most creative and capable dating connoisseurs need a little bit of inspiration sometimes. Look no further than our extensive lists of date night ideas. We guarantee there’s something for every couple on every budget.


Our Top 20 Best Date Night Ideas

Whether you’re planning your first date with the girl you’ve crushed on since forever, or you’re keeping things fresh in marriage, you’ll want to check our top date night ideas. You don’t have to ask yourself about what are fun things to do on a date night because you’ll finally know what are some good ideas for date night.

Here are the 20 best date night ideas:

1. Check out a nearby city you’ve never visited and just explore!

Ignite your wanderlust and your adventurous spirit. You don’t have to leave the country to experience a “new culture.” Sub-cultures within the mainstream are often just a drive away. Road trips are wins.

2. Start a hobby together.

Pick something neither of you has tried before and watch what it brings out in the other person. You may find yourself adoring how she wrinkles her forehead when she’s frustrated. She may cherish how nothing can break your focus and you won’t stop until you’ve succeeded.

3. Do some wine or beer tasting (have some good cheese and crackers to try pairing with them)

New foods and drinks make everyone merry. A series of new tastes are like a sensory adventure.

4. Go to a jazz club.

The thing about jazz is it fluctuates dynamically, keeping the mood lively while never getting too loud and raucous for a real conversation.

5. Check out a new band.

Maybe you want to get wild and raucous together in a mosh pit like in the old days. Music soothes the soul and ties permanently to our most precious memories.

6. Play PUB trivia.

You’ll discover each other’s mental acuity. You’ll figure out whose brain is like a sponge for information.

7. Go to a street fair.

Street fairs are like celebrations of the local community and are all around great ways to get involved in the local economy. Homegrown entertainment is a great way to spend time on a budget.

8. Take a weekend trip.

Whether you’re planners or totally spontaneous or somewhere in the middle, 48+ hours together non-stop will teach you both about each other’s moods and really show how compatible you are.

9. Try an improv class.

Improv requires you to react and emote on the spot. It might help you get over your shyness. You’ll discover each other’s acting chops.

10. See a comedy show.

Laugh together as part of a live audience.

11. Head to the drive-in.

There’s something timeless and romantic about laying in the bed of a pickup truck or on the hood of your car for a movie the old-fashioned way.

12. Hit the club.

Getting to know each other’s bodies while dancing in the stimulating atmosphere of a club is a great way to get over initial nerves together.

13. Take a spin around the gourmet grocery store.

Being surrounded by the finest of foods is sure to inspire a new level of domesticity.

14. Head to the opera.

Opera can make us see, hear, and feel the world differently. ~The Guardian

Share an appreciation for one of the most difficult forms of singing on earth.

15. Head to the spa.

Spa treatments may sound like luxuries, but they can do wonders for your vitality, your overall health, and your confidence in your appearance. If the funds are there, these are a great way to bond over self-care.

16. Go to a dinner party.

Catch up with your friend group while sharing a meal.

17. Get your fortunes told.

Whether the clairvoyant in one of the world’s leading consultants or you’re doing it just for laughs, you’re sure to get a clear idea of what each of you hopes to hear about what’s in store.

18. Attend – Or take part in! – an open mic night.

Open mic night is when amateur poets with tons of experience or none at all can speak from the heart. Appreciate the unsung spoken word where melody may be absent but rhythm is everything.

19. Head to your local arcade.

Nobody’s life is complete without a little bit of good old fashioned Pac Man and Miss Pac Man. Challenge each other to Pump-It-Up or a race car game.

20. Do a food truck tour.

That way, you don’t have to decide between Chinese, sushi or fish tacos. You can have them all!

7 First Date Date Night Ideas

First date date nights are opportunities to share your world with each other. First date ideas are chances to create your own world together.

Sometimes it takes a shared challenge and a little bit of healthy struggle to learn something new together to discover new levels of intimacy. So, what are some good ideas for date night when you’re on your first date?

Here are 7 terrific first date ideas:

21. Go bowling.

Low-key activities where you’re focused on aiming at a target are great ways to soften obligation to keep the conversation flowing. You’ll figure out how to be each other’s cheerleaders.

22. Attend an orchestra performance.

Appreciation for classical music shows you’re a guy with diverse and cultured interests whose willing to spend a little for a fancy first night out.

23. Choose a bar with billiards or board games.

Similar to bowling, for a casual first night out, games are a great way to break the ice.

24. Choose your own adventure.

Whether you’re on a website, reading the books, or playing a game, you’ll get to know how the other makes decisions.

25. Sample some fro-yo or ice cream.

Figure out what toppings she prefers at a self-serve yogurt place where the sky’s the limit. Just like tea and coffee, ice cream can eliminate the need to chew while you’re chatting.

26. Take a ferry ride.

The water is a great place to be on a sunny day. It feels like an adventure to leave land for awhile.

27. Sip fancy cocktails.

This might be your chance to really appreciate a drink for its appearance, color, beauty, and sweetness, things that a lot of guys feel they can’t do with their guy friends.

7 Second Date Date Night Ideas

So the first date went great! You’ll want to up the intimacy gradually with second date ideas.

Here are 7 awesome second date ideas:

28. Go ice skating.

Whether you played competitive ice hockey since you were old enough to walk or you’re falling all over the place, it’s sure to be romantic and a great workout too.

29. Go shopping.

Some people follow trends. Some people cut coupons. Whether you’re on the prowl for very specific duds or you’re window shopping while people watching, you’ll learn about your partner’s shopping style and individual tastes.

30. Go to an indoor gymnastics gym, or obstacle course.

If both of you are reasonably athletic and naturally playful, this might put all of these on brilliant display!

31. Do a sport or activity you are both horrible at or have never done (table tennis, bowling, badminton, etc.)

First dates are for our best foot forward. Second dates are to reveal that we are wonderfully human.

32. Find a pottery class.

When was the last time you painted something you were proud of over tea or wine? You’ll have something nice and useful around the house as a keepsake of that first date when you are done.

33. Explore a new coffee shop.

Every coffee shop has its own character. There’s nothing that says “no pressure” better than coffee. The ambiance is a huge part of what you’ll remember when you think back to when you were both starting out.

34. Hit up a karaoke bar.

If you’re comfortable belting out a song right off the bat, power to you! Karaoke song choice reveals a lot about a person. You can choose Korean style karaoke in a private room perfect for a dance party for two, or you can get an audience involved at an open bar.

7 Fun Date Night Ideas

Different experiences bring out parts of us that we never knew existed. A lot of guys haven’t even touched the tender, playful part of themselves since we were children, if we have ever. Time spent with our girlfriends and wives is often a cherished access point into all of the parts of ourselves that we’ve been raised to silence or deny on our quest to be “real men” in a formerly more restrictive society.

This goes both ways too. A lot of women are still discovering the parts of themselves that have been denied in a society that used to frown on girls doing “boys” things. A lot of women want to feel powerful and capable and would love to find their wings with your support.

Fun date night ideas can be opportunities to do things we otherwise might not do alone.

Here are 7 fun date night ideas:

35. Play dress-up at a thrift store, and take photos!

You’ll find out who you’d be with an extra dose of freedom of expression.

36. Make a movie … not that kind.

Record your life together for all posterity and laugh at your commentaries together.

37. Visit a tea room.

Different from the coffee shops of modern times, a tea room lends a rich slice of history, tranquility, and mindfulness to the moment.

38. Go to a carnival.

Go all out with winning her a stuffed animal at the bean bag toss, cotton candy for days, and a ferriswheel ride. Recreate childhood together.

39. Play mini golf.

You don’t have to be particularly talented at real golf to get a kick out of mini-golf. It’s a low-impact activity that allows you to encourage each other and enjoy an evening outside.

40. Take a baking or cooking classes.

Formal instruction in the universal human practice of food creation could bring out the baker or chef in you on weekends at home too.

41. Go on a bike ride.

You’ll cover more ground than walking and you’ll see things together that you could never observe in a car where one is paying attention to the road and one is not.

8 Date Night Double Date Ideas

Guys, we know that date night double date ideas are on your mind when you want to make memories with the girl you’re into while each member of the couple has a peer and an ally along for the ride.

We know you want to set up unique experiences that foster authentic connection, tons of laughter, and opportunities to see different sides of each other that don’t often see the light of day during the daily grind. So, what are some good ideas for date night for a pair of couples?

Here are 8 date night double date ideas:

42. Go to a specialty bar.

Not just any old bar, you’ll be getting your buzz on in ways off the beaten path.

43. Go to an interactive play.

You’ll be a part of the story! You’ll open the treasure chest of each other’s imaginations.

44. Find a weird museum to go to.

In Seoul Korea, there’s the poop museum. There’s also a museum dedicated to phalluses for all species in Iceland. Get your weird on. Get your laughs on. Honestly, the sky’s the limit here.

45. Think seasonal by carving pumpkins or going to look at lights.

Evoke memories of childhood, school and family traditions. Holidays have spiritual origins and they’re blatant excuses to be festive with your loved ones. Share that whole spectrum.

46. Go to a driving range or batting cage.

Refine your swing. Admire each other’s perfect or imperfect form.

47. Discover dive bars.

Dive bars are often a city’s best-kept secrets. They are where introverts go to escape the noise of trends and popularity so two people can have a real, deep conversation over drinks without straining to hear the other person.

48. Foreign film night.

Cultivating an appreciation for foreign films is one of the best things you can do for yourself. They relieve you of preconceived notions accumulated from staying within your own cultural bubble. They train you to recognize subtleties.

49. Run a race or go to a charity event.

With registration fees as low as $25, these are a great way to get involved with your community and get excited about good causes together. Don’t forget about all the days you can spend training together, focused on a common goal.

5 At Home Date Night Ideas

Science is revealing that the majority of the population is actually quite introverted and there is plenty of value in that! Sometimes we want our bonds to be free from pressure to deal with outside distractions.

That means staying home cuddled up together every so often and enjoying what we have right at home with at home date ideas.

Here are 5 at home date night ideas:

50. Create a bucket/travel/micro-adventure list.

Dream together. Let your imaginations run wild manifesting all the experiences you’d love to have together.

51. Listen to a spooky old-time radio show.

Everything and anything’s available on podcast now, including delicious slices of history that teach us about the present. We all wonder a little bit about the experiences of our ancestors because they are pieces of who we are.

52. Make a craft together.

Recall some craft ideas from your childhoods. Pick up supplies like popsicle sticks, colored construction paper, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

53. Print and frame your favorite photos.

Take phone photos a step further and put your best memories permanently on display in your home. That really shows commitment. It’s a nesting behavior and a show of gratitude.

54. Make a time capsule.

Time capsules reveal our values and the memories we cherish. Creating one together with a girl shows that you fully expect to be together years later in the future to open it.

16 Cheap Date Night Ideas

It takes cunning, skill and imagination to create something special on a small budget or for free.

Any girl who’s in it for the right reasons can financially prioritize. She appreciates cheap date ideas just as much as the splurges. She values you over your bank account. You may be budgeting so you can get that dream home or that education you both covet.

Here are 16 cheap date ideas:

55. Volunteer.

Make the world a better place together.

56. Go to an animal shelter to play with dogs.

Comfort an animal waiting for a home and witness each other’s tender side.

57. Go thrifting.

Buying things secondhand is great for the environment (more stuff reused, less stuff bought, less pollution in the landfills). There’s also something sweet witnessing another turn trash into treasure. You learn what she perceives as beautiful despite a little wear and tear.

58. Attend a poetry or book reading.

For those who can critically think and feel emotion in words and rhythm, poetry and fiction foster deeper understanding of reality. Appreciate the truth in fantasy. Take a literary adventure together.

59. See what you can find at the flea market.

Flea markets are more extravagant in their one-of-a-kind finds than thrift stores. They are the salve to the soullessness of mass-production. They are a combined showcase of unique fine craftsmanship and historic artifacts.

60. Find a farm and pick your own fruit.

Get back to the source of all foods and the bounties of nature. The thing about budding romance is that it heightens our awareness of each moment and with them, the natural world. After you’ve eaten your fill, learn to make jam together.

61. Watch a Movie Outside.

Recreate the old-fashioned drive-through experience. A bit of wind and weather invites lots of cuddling opportunities.

62. Visit a botanical garden.

Elements of nature can have a re-centering effect on all of us. Even the girl who hates camping can appreciate the beauty of a million flowers in full bloom.

63. A poolside hang.

Re-enact late the lazy summer days of August before school and work commitments begin =again. What more paradisical a way to beat the heat?

64. Brew your own beer.

Make some memories together with a long-term project that you can really call your own. Like refining anything in the kitchen, you’re sure to both learn something about chemistry along the way!

65. Hobby swap.

For the past few decades, women have enjoyed the freedom to do things that were once considered “guys” activities. More recently, men have been celebrating the freedom to try whatever activities they want, including stuff once thought to be for women. So try it all, together.

66. Find a work out class with first-timer rates.

Tons of workout studios offer trial-rates for new clients to give you a chance to try something you never thought you’d be into. Whether you’ve got your eyes on “twerk-out” at the pole studio or “jump-zone” at the local trampoline park, its sure to evoke curiosity and vulnerability in both of you. Both are important for bonding.

67. Plant a garden together.

Garden requires longterm commitment and daily love and attention. The same is true for romantic relationships. Show each other that how you garden is how you love each other.

68. Go glamping.

Glamping is camping with a little bit of shameless, indulgent luxury. It’s a pursuit of the beautiful things in nature without giving up too many creature comforts. It can be a splurge or it can be done quite cheaply too, right in your backyard with air mattresses and extension cords for electricity.

69. Try indoor bouldering.

Flexing the upper body muscles brings out the best in all active individuals. Adding a “y-axis” (moving up and down) to the “x-axis” (moving right and left on a flat surface) is metaphorical for a new mental perspective about lots of things.

70. The Sunset Hike + Post Pub Visit.

Sunsets are beautiful. There’s no need to wake up at an ungodly hour to see one. Combine the intimacy of a moment in nature with a dive back into the local social scene.

9 winter date night ideas

While some people think winter makes it harder to have a good time, the fact is, winter date ideas are some of the best. Whether you’re staying in or going somewhere else warm, your date can be as awesome as it would be in any other season.

Here are 9 winter date night ideas:

71. Play Jenga

It’s a simple, fun game that allows a lot of time for great conversation.

72. Have fun with a blanket fort

Get in the fort and keep each other warm…any way possible.

73. Have a beatboxing competition

You’ll feel silly together and have a great laugh.

74. Get creative with your hot cocoa with cocoa art

See if you can pull off writing names with whipped cream.

75. Buy a bunch of balloons and try balloon twisting

Maybe you make her a balloon flower, or maybe you just make her laugh.

76. Make homemade candles

Then light them to turn the evening romantic.

77. Knit scarves for each other

It’s a relaxing and sweet way to spend a winter night together.

78. Watch tutorials and learn basic origami

Try to make some swans together.

79. Make your own soaps

Impress her by using the soap before your next date.

7 Free date night ideas

Not every date night has to cost a ton. Some of the best date nights cost absolutely nothing at all. These free date ideas can provide as much entertainment, romance, and charm as anything that would blow your budget to the moon. So, try one of these out next time you’re a little short.

Here are 7 free date night ideas:

80. Style each other’s food before eating them

See what comes out of the kitchen, with the rule you’ve got to each whatever’s on the plate.

81. Challenge each other in a game of chess

It’s one of the world’s oldest and most popular games for a reason.

82. Learn common foreign phrases through YouTube

Pick a place you both want to go and learn the basics together.

83. Clean and organize your garden

There’s nothing better than some good hard work and seeing the results.

84. Visit the local library and search for the oldest book

The history behind the book will surely be super interesting.

85. Workout by imitating steps in a video

You’ll feel silly together, but that’s part of the fun.

86. Answer today’ newspaper crossword

It’s an activity that couples of all ages love.

8 Romantic Date Night Ideas

A date night is not a real date night if it’s not romantic. Need some romantic date ideas?

Here are 8 romantic date night ideas:

87. Plan a Fake Vacation

Daydreaming about the perfect romantic getaway is almost as good as actually going on one.

88. Crash a Party


89. Play Never Have I Ever

A great way to get to know your partner a little better.

90. Go to IKEA

And try out all the mattresses!

91. Hit Up a Protest

There’s something very romantic about fighting for a good cause together.

92. Take On a Project and Go to Home Depot

DIY your date night away!

93. Make Each Other Playlists and Go for an Aimless Drive

Driving to nowhere in particular and talking about life late into the night? Sign us up!

94. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

And take cute fall-inspired pictures together.

9 3rd Date Night Ideas

Pumped-up for date number three? We thought so! And we also thought you could use a few 3rd date ideas.

Here are 9 3rd date ideas:

95. Take a Painting Class

Now you finally have an excuse to use the Draw me like one of your French girls line!

96. Ride a Rollercoaster

That should get your heart rate up.

97. Go to a House Party

It doesn’t have to be just the two of you on your 3rd date.

98. Make Out in the Back Seat of Your Car

Just make sure to park in a discreet location.

99. Go Bird-Watching

A great 3rd date activity for animal lovers.

100. Create a Recipe

And enjoy your first home-cooked meal together.

101. Walk Someone’s Dog

Dogs are a foolproof way to most people’s hearts!

102. Hit Up a Bar with a Working Jukebox

Play your favorite romantic song and invite your date for a dance.

103. Planning Your Future Dates

What better way to show your commitment?

Downloadable and Printable List of Date Night Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of date night ideas (right-click the image and select Save Image As…):

More Tips On How To Get The Girl

If you’re single or dating, you may be wondering about how to get the girl to build a life with.

Here are lots of other articles to address all your needs:

  1. There are all types of kisses, from polite pecks on the cheek, to full of passion: Sometimes a kiss on the first date is exactly what you need to clarify your attraction.
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Which Date Idea Should You Pick? 5 Steps To Take

There are steps to choose which unique date idea is best.

Here’s how to pick the best unique date idea:

1. Let Intimacy Unfold

Dating over the long term is essentially a commitment to personal development, together.

2. Be aware of your fears

You’re not going to forge a bond to last a lifetime without taking risks. The fear of evolving together is what dissolves a lot of relationships prematurely.

3. Know what she values

If she’s athletic, capitalize on that. If she’s introverted or extroverted, choose accordingly.

4. Communicate on limitations

How flexible is she? How flexible are you? Honor yourselves when a new activity is a little too much out of someone’s comfort zone.

5. Know your resources when planning surprises

Peruse her social media to find out what she’s into. Ask her friends what they think she’d love.

In Conclusion

We all fantasize about getting a chance to be a hero for our partners. We all want to be in situations where we can show support and encouragement to our partners with date night ideas.

We all want to play the protector for our loves. We all want to be a source of inspiration for them. We all adore the idea of them being all these things for us in their own unique way.

Date night ideas are the keys to making all these things happen!

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