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In today's world, having a fun date through a video call is more possible than ever. As a dating expert with tons of dates under my belt, you can count on me for date ideasat-home date ideas, and dating advice.

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Ultimate List of Ideas for Your Next Virtual Dating Experience

Need a list of ideas for your next virtual date? We've got a great and unique list of things to do when you're behind your screens. If you cannot meet up with your significant other and give them a video call, these things can help you fill the time and make your date more exciting than just talking behind a screen.

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5 Best and Exciting Things to Do With Your Partner Even When You're Far Apart From Each Other

Whether by circumstance or chance, you might find yourself far apart from the person you like. But you can't wait any longer: you want to spend time with them despite the distance. The problem now becomes: what do you do once you've gotten in a video chat with them? Check out these things you can do despite being far apart, and never fear ever again.

1. Work out together.

Even from a long distance, you can still work out together. Put on your best workout wear (preferably something tight, to give your date a little show), choose a physical fitness video to work out to, put on some workout tunes, and work out together. Even from your home, you can work a good sweat doing this... plus you have someone to talk to while you're putting in the work.

2. Play online Jeopardy.

Everyone loves watching a round of Jeopardy. The fun part is that you can do it yourself online! Play an online Jeopardy game with your love interest, optionally invite a few others, and have the most fun playing it during your date. If all goes well, you'll never stop playing it!

3. Play the Newlywed Game.

Put your relationship to the test by playing the Newlywed game. See how well you know each other, then check your score at the end! Even if you get the wrong answers, you'll come out of this game knowing more than you did before.

4. Ask 36 questions to fall in love.

Are you at a deep stage in your relationship? Ask your love interest the 36 questions to fall in love. With any luck, you won't even need to ask all of them to fall in love with your love interest all over again. A great way to spend a virtual date!

5. Have a wine and dine session.

If you've both got a bottle of wine and the time, toast a glass to each other. And while you're at it, have the best food you possibly can nearby. You won't need to battle hungry couples for booking at a fancy restaurant, and you'll spend it together, with no one else interfering.

5 Fun Activities to Do Online With Your Romantic Partner

If you need fun date night ideas for a virtual date, try some fun online activities! Save having a date at a net cafe or a place with Wi-Fi, these are things you can only do online while at home!

6. Have a Netflix party.

Netflix and chill, anyone? Enjoy a romantic movie marathon with your date, or put on some action blockbusters to get the blood pumping. The possibilities are endless! Don't forget to get some popcorn and soda for that authentic movie experience.

7. Take online personality tests.

Interested in understanding more about each other? Take some online personality tests and see what result you get! The next thing to do is take an online compatibility test to see if you two are meant for each other.

8. Jam to live music.

Music live streams are all the rage these days, and you can join in on the fun! Cheaper than hiring a live band to play at your date venue, and you can dance to the music. Even better is if one of you plays music for the other, instead.

9. Play Mad Libs.

Do you find filling the blanks in fun? Look for Mad Libs templates online and try to fill the blanks with the funniest things you can imagine. You'll have laughs and entertainment for hours!

10. Have a virtual karaoke night.

Do you both love Karaoke but couldn't make it for whatever reason? Good news, because you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Pick a love song and impress your date with your chords.

5 Unique Virtual Dating Experience For New Lovers Out There

Need some unique date ideas for your first virtual date? Try out these virtual date ideas that are perfect for new lovers! Whether you've known each other for a while and only started dating, or have just met, have a fun virtual date with these cool ideas.

11. Use Google Maps to give her a tour of your life.

If she's never visited you in person or hasn't been around your block, use Google Maps to show her around your place. A virtual tour like this will prepare you for when you meet in person - now you can properly show her around the places you've told her about.

12. Play scavenger/treasure hunt at home.

Being at home doesn't have to be a bad thing! You can do tons of things at home that will make your date fun. How about a scavenger hunt? You and your date can take turns trying to find stuff in your home. It's a great way to show your favorite stuff off, too!

13. Play online escape rooms.

Online escape rooms are great for an intellectual romantic night! Your objective: Escape. Use the clues in the room and find a way to get out. You don't have to prepare anything for these, and you can do them more than once!

14. Join Zoom yoga classes.

Yoga is a peaceful and limbering exercise, so why not enjoy a class with your date? Find a Zoom class and try out various poses and Asanas. You'll both achieve inner peace and relaxation on your date!

15. Play improv games.

If you've got no time to prepare anything elaborate, don't fear! You can play improv games with your date. Practice your quick thinking and coordination with your date, and try improvising to win the game!

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5 Educational Pastimes You and Your Special Someone Would Enjoy

If you're looking for a more intellectual time with your date, then there are plenty of brain teasers out there that you can only do online! These fun educational pastimes will add a touch of color to an otherwise ordinary date.

16. Enroll in a virtual cooking class.

Everyone loves a man who can cook. But why limit it to just yourself? Take a virtual cooking class with your date - and show each other your delicious creations. It's great practice for when she visits you!

17. Cruise through a virtual museum tour.

Museum admissions tend to be at varying times, and there are times when you want to experience a bit of history without needing to be there. Take a virtual museum tour, and enjoy some interesting commentary on the side as you explore.

18. Join wine-tasting classes.

If you both love wine, an online wine-tasting class can teach you so much about how to inspect better and appreciate fine wines. The best part is having a toast together - the best part of a high-class date, in my opinion!

19. Join a virtual mixology lesson.

If you love drinks, why not take it further? Learn to make each others' favorite cocktails through a virtual mixology lesson. You can even show off for her if you've got fancy tricks up your sleeve.

20. Host a trivia game night.

You don't need to meet face-to-face to enjoy trivia games. It's even easier to find trivia with the internet at your disposal! So, having virtual trivia games on a date can get very interesting quickly.

Downloadable and Printable List of Online Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of online date ideas (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How Does Dating Online Compare to Traditional Dating?

According to many users of online dating apps, online dating is considerably more convenient and accessible for dating than traditional dating. After the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic at the tail end of 2019, online dating has received a major resurgence as a risk-free way to socialize with other people. In fact, dating statistics show that in 2021 alone, the number of people using online dating apps for relationships exceeded 300 million.

Even as the pandemic's severity quieted down, people began to realize the benefits and selling points of online dating, and so it remains a popular medium of socialization even today. Online dating has many benefits that traditional dating doesn't have. The ability to narrow down your ideal partner in searches allows you to find the most compatible partner, filtering through countless unlikely matches.

It allows you to directly message them without going through the hassle of knowing their number or looking for a venue to meet up. Furthermore, it provides an avenue for the LBGTQ community to meet up without risking potential persecution from meeting people with incompatible orientations. Because of these many benefits, the number of people who turn to online dating increases year by year.

For the indefinite future, it doesn't seem like online dating will fall out of fashion anytime soon.

What Should You Talk About With Your Partner During an Online Date?

During an online date, the thing you'll be doing most is talking. But without preparation, you'll eventually run out of things to talk about, and it'll risk the date flat-lining and ending prematurely. Fortunately, we've prepared a guide on what to talk about and date questions to ask during a date, and it'll help you fill the time and make a date much more interesting and engaging.

1. Try to establish a connection between the two of you.

Nothing can start without you forming a connection with the person you're dating. Start by finding things you've got in common; it can be anything from having similar experiences in school or life to having the same job to sharing something you like. Once you've made that connection, everything afterward will flow much more smoothly.

2. Find common interests.

As stated above, having common interests is a great way to get a conversation going. Do you have similar tastes in food? Maybe you both like the same movie, have a common hobby, or can't get enough of a favorite book series? Keep searching - you'll find something you both like that can be the basis for a long conversation.

3. Discuss favorite things.

Of course, you can't skip talking about your favorite things when it comes to common interests. Even if you don't necessarily have the same favorites, discussing those favorite things can still lead to some interesting conversations. Ask about their favorite things, or have them ask about yours. Then, both of you have ample time to gush about it or just tell each other why you like it so much. Maybe they'll even find a new favorite thing when you fondly talk about it!

4. Ask them about their hobbies/interests/skills.

Another thing to keep the conversation going is to ask about what you and they do. Share your list of hobbies with them, or have them share it with you. Talk about the interests you've got, skills you have, and if you're lucky, you might even share those same things with the person you're dating. You'll never know you have something in common unless you decide to talk about it.

5. Learn about their families and friends.

If you're close enough with them or feel like you can trust them enough, another good way to enhance your date is to talk about your friends and family. Learning more about each other can make you appreciate each other more and get much more involved and interested in each other's lives as well. Just make sure not to talk too much about other people - the date is between you two, after all.

6. Be inquisitive and have fun.

When all else is done, the best way to spend your date is by asking questions and having fun. If you aren't having fun, then they likely aren't - so just enjoy yourself and spend time talking about all sorts of things. The conversation will flow so much more naturally if you act naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, after reading this article, you're now sold on online dating. Do you have any more questions about it? If so, here are some frequently asked questions I've answered for you.

Can dating online still be romantic and exciting?

Yes, it can! There are tons of things you can do online - in fact, there are some things you can do that you can only do online. From playing online two-player games to watching a romantic movie marathon together, you can enjoy a fun, romantic time with your partner despite the distance.

When is it recommended to date online?

When circumstances make it impossible for you two to meet or when the physical distance is too difficult to bridge, online dating can allow you to spend time with another without overextending yourself. Online dating will make it possible if you want to enjoy their company despite all these difficulties.

How do you make a long-distance relationship work?

Dedication and effort. Keeping a long-distance relationship alive is just like any other relationship - you'll want to stay loyal to the other person and keep a consistent effort to nurture it. Staying a long-distance couple just takes a little more than usual. But as long as you continue to develop the relationship, it can blossom just like any other kind of relationship.

What do I need to prepare for our online date?

The bare necessities: a camera and a microphone. Naturally, you can't have a good online date without the other being able to see and hear you. Having both of good quality will enhance your dating experience significantly. After that, the rest is up to what you've got planned for your date. Make sure to test your equipment beforehand to make sure no problems arise during your date!

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There are plenty of cute online date ideas out there where one can enjoy the company of a loved one from the safety and comfort of your home. When there's no time to meet up, and you still want to enjoy quality time with your date, a video call is all you need! It can be fun to spend time with them despite the distance. Enjoy!