These late night date ideas should come in handy the next time you’re working late and a 7 pm dinner is out of the question.

We don’t know about you, but we could always use a few fresh date night ideas!

Pick your favorite and surprise your girl with a date she will surely remember.


10 Best Late Night Date Ideas

Let’s jump right into our best-ever list of late night date ideas!

1. Take a trip down memory lane.

Sometimes, there’s nothing better to do than cuddling under a cozy blanket and reminiscing about your favorite moments together.

2. Write each other love letters.

Letter writing is somewhat of a dying art, but you can help save it!

3. Have dinner.

Early dinners may be healthier, but you can make an exception every now and then.

4. Serenade her.

If you can’t sing or play an instrument, you can always blast her favorite song from your speakers.

5. Have a wine-and-cheese night.

Don’t forget to throw in some crackers and grapes, too — that combo is delicious.

6. Go to a 24-hour diner.

That can be a real lifesaver when you are starving in the middle of the night.

7. Go for a night swim.

Nothing beats that.

8. Have breakfast for dinner.

Waffles, anyone?

9. Go stargazing.

Is there anything more romantic than the night sky?

10. Watch the sunrise.

If the date goes well, you may get to watch the sunset together, too!

6 Late Night First Date Ideas

First dates can be nerve-wracking, so we thought we should put together some tried-and-tested first date ideas you can always count on.

11. Watch an outdoor concert.

The perfect date idea for those long summer nights.

12. Go to an indoor gymnastics or obstacle course.

That should get her blood running!

13. Go to a shooting range.

Some are open for business late into the night.

14. Meet at a coffee shop.

Care for a midnight coffee?

15. Go bowling.

You can always count on bowling alleys to be open late at night.

16. Hit the club.

An oldie but a goodie.

4 Late Night Second Date Ideas

Now that you’ve had your first date, how about some second date ideas?

17. Din in a restaurant with a view.

A panoramic view of the city at night makes for a great second date backdrop.

18. Watch a series marathon.

Who doesn’t love binge-watching their favorite shows?

19. Go nighttime horseback riding.

It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

20. Do a sunset hike.

Just make sure she’s into nighttime camping.

3 Late Night 3rd Date Ideas

Things really are getting serious between you two, aren’t they? These 3rd date ideas should help you impress her for the third time in a row!

21. Go on a motorcycle ride.

If she’s a bit on the wild side, she’d love that!

22. Try your luck at the casino.

Does she have a gambling streak? Time to find out!

23. Go for a photo booth session.

Just like in a 90s romcom.

4 Cheap Late Night Date Ideas

Just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t go on a great date. Check out these cheap date ideas for when you’re in a pinch.

24. Start a DIY project.

Working on a joint project can bring you closer together.

25. Make candles.

You can then use them at your next romantic candlelit dinner.

26. Try out some late night street food.

It’s much cheaper (and often tastier!) than restaurant meals.

27. Have a late night picnic.

You don’t even have to go very far — you can use your own backyard.

4 Free Late Night Date Ideas

What’s better than a cheap date? A free date! Our free date ideas can help you impress your date and save money in the process. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

28. Look at old pictures.

We bet she’d love looking at your baby pictures.

29. Go for a moonlight stroll.

The moon is gorgeous, romantic, mysterious, and, best of all, 100% free of charge.

30. Build the world’s best and coziest fort.

Then snuggle with a bottle of wine or some hot chocolate under the blankets and talk the night away.

31. Cozy up in a treehouse.

Don’t forget to bring up some blankets, pillows, fairy lights, and romantic music to set the mood. She’s going to love it!

4 Late At Home Date Ideas

Staying in for the night? Something tells us you could use some at home date ideas.

32. Go camping in your backyard.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors!

33. Enjoy a pillow fight.

Pillow fights are fun, romantic, and make for pretty good workouts.

34. Get warm and cozy in front of the fire.

Then pour yourselves a glass of your favorite drink and talk the night away.

35. Make s’mores.

That will make you both feel like kids again.

4 Late Night Indoor Date Ideas

There’s much more to do at home than Netflix and chill. Don’t believe us? Check out our indoor date ideas and see for yourself!

36. Do a puzzle together.

Can you finish the puzzle in one night?

37. Take online quizzes.

You can gain some surprising insights into the personality of your significant other.

38. Take a bubble bath.

That’s as romantic as it gets!

39. Make popcorn.

And then put on your favorite TV show.

4 Cute Late Date Ideas

Want to do something sweet for her? These cute date ideas should do the trick.

40. Have a cookout competition.

Be careful, though: the better cook might end up cooking all shared meals from now on!

41. Admire the view from a rooftop bar.

Nothing beats sipping on a cocktail while enjoying the sunset.

42. Do a food truck tour.

You might even discover new types of street food in your area.

43. Bake cookies.

You get bonus points if you cut the cookies in cute shapes.

4 Creative Late Date night Ideas

Do you want to take her on a super original date? You might want to check out our creative date ideas.

44. Make Tik-Tok videos.

With a little practice and some creativity, your videos could become viral!

45. Shoot a documentary of your night.

Homemade videos like these can be so much fun to revisit in a few years.

46. Decorate mugs for each other.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than sipping on your coffee from a mug that reminds you of your favorite person.

47. Try some glow-in-the-dark body painting.

Just make sure you read up on how to wash it off first!

4 Fun Late Date Ideas

Enough with the boring dates! Do something different this time around with our fun date ideas.

48. Visit a haunted house.

That’s a lot spookier than watching a scary movie at home!

49. Go to a drag show.

If you’re looking for great music, good laughs, and copious amounts of glitter, a drag show would be right up your alley.

50. Go ballroom dancing.

Shine your shoes, don your best suit, and take her on a date to remember!

51. Go to an open mic night.

These are always super fun, and you never know who’s going to perform!

4 Unique Late Date Ideas

These unique date ideas can help you stand out from the crowd and win her heart.

52. Escape an escape room.

This also makes for an excellent IQ test.

53. Take a helicopter ride.

Just make sure she’s not afraid of heights!

54. Wander through a corn maze.

Corn mazes can get spooky late at night, so be sure to bring a flashlight.

55. Buy balloons and try balloon twisting.

Check out this video tutorial on how to make a dog balloon.

3 Romantic Late Date Ideas

Our selection of romantic date ideas is all you need to organize a truly special late date night.

56. Go dark-dining.

With dark dining, there are no distractions. You can’t see anything, which is why you are able to give your date your undivided attention.

57. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

58. Watch a classic movie neither of you has seen.

Romantic evergreens such as Casablanca and Roman Holiday could be a perfect fit.

3 Late Double Date Ideas

Going on a date with another couple? If so, these double date ideas should come in handy.

59. Host an at-home poker night.

Let’s see who has the best poker face!

60. Go late night bowling.

It’s always fun to compete against another couple.

61. Play pub trivia.

Be careful, though: pub quiz games can get quite heated!

Downloadable and Printable List of Late Date Night Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of Late Night Date Ideas (right-click and select Save Image As...):

How To Pick The Best Late Night Date Ideas

Do you sometimes feel stuck when trying to come up with original date ideas?

1. Research Your Local Area

Before you venture farther afield, be sure to look up cool activities and events in your area. You’d be surprised by what comes up!

2. Consider Her Interests

If she’s into art, take her to an art gallery and not to a sports event. Make the date about her, not you.

3. Just Ask Her!

If you are out of ideas, just ask her what she wants to do. Chances are she has a thing (or two) in mind.

More Awesome Date Ideas

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In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this selection of late night date ideas? In any case, having a few more date night ideas up your sleeve couldn’t hurt!