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Indoor date Ideas - Featured

54 Best Indoor Date Ideas – This is the only list you’ll need.

Whether it’s too cold out or you just want to get a little more “cozy” with your crush, choosing from a range of indoor date ideas is always a good plan.

Picking an activity for a date can be a little stressful – especially if it’s the first date and you want to make a great impression.

If you’ve been racking your brain for inspiration and nothing seems like it’ll work, you need some excellent date ideas.

There’s no shame in taking a few tips from the internet, and this list has more than enough ideas to get you started.

Pick one of these indoor date ideas, and your outing is sure to go just fine.


2 Best Indoor Date Ideas

If you want to really make an impact, choose only the best date ideas.

Here are the 3 best indoor date ideas:

1. Do some stargazing

There’s nothing more romantic than staring up at the night sky with your crush.

2. Fireplace weenie/marshmallow roast

One of the best things about camping is roasting marshmallows – but you can do it from the comfort of your own home too!

3. Start the day together with a lovely breakfast

Breakfast can be an amazing idea, especially if you’re really trying to build a genuine connection.

3 Indoor First Date Ideas

If you’re going on a first date, a great idea is key – so play it safe with one of these first date ideas.

Here are 3 indoor first date ideas:

4. Make your own pasta

You’d be surprised at how cute and lovely it can be to simply make pasta together.

5. Take a music lesson together

Music can be incredibly romantic, especially when you and your partner are playing together.

3 Indoor Second Date Ideas

A second date can be just as important as the first date. Make it count with these second date ideas.

Here are 3 indoor second date ideas:

6. Become your own bartenders

Did someone say cocktail night? Seriously, cocktail recipes can be interesting and very satisfying.

7. Stage a mini photoshoot

Show off how photogenic you both are with an awesome photoshoot!

8. Get your palms read or see a psychic

See a psychic – if you dare… But don’t be mad when the psychic tells you it’s not meant to be…

3 Indoor 3rd Date Ideas

If you’ve made it to the third date, you need to keep up the momentum. Go with any of these 3rd date ideas.

Here are 3 indoor 3rd date ideas:

9. Spend the night watching each of your favorite childhood movies

Everybody has a favorite childhood movie, and you can learn a lot about each other by watching these flicks.

10. Snuggle up with some tea/coffee and books

Sometimes, the best 3rd dates are ones where you both accept you’re comfortable with just… silence…

11. Get out the adult coloring books and colored pencils

This is a really cute date idea, and it might make you feel more comfortable with each other.

3 Cheap Indoor Date Ideas

Trying to save money? These cheap date ideas are the perfect solution.

Here are 3 cheap indoor date ideas:

12. Make a time-capsule

This is a great idea for established couples. Make a time capsule and open it ten years later!

13. Experimental food

Cooking is always a fun date idea, especially if you’re willing to get a little experimental.

14. Take online relationship tests

There are plenty of online relationship tests to try online. Who knows what you might find out?

3 Free Indoor Dates

Did you know you can have fun with your partner without even spending a dime? Check out these free date ideas.

Here are 3 free indoor dates:

15. Play a board or card game

Board games are way more fun than you remember, especially if you’re playing with your partner.

16. Create a couple’s playlist

Music is an awesome way to connect – and it’s completely free to create a playlist together!

17. Cuddle up

Sometimes, the simplest date ideas are the best. Cuddling will never go out of style.

4 Simple Indoor Date Ideas

Why overcomplicate things when you can keep it straightforward with these simple date ideas?

Here are 4 simple indoor date ideas:

18. Have a vinyl listening party

If your crush is an audiophile, all you need to do is put on a few records and watch her swoon.

19. Share Embarrassing Photos

This takes a little bravery, but it’ll bring you two closer together.

20. Play Truth Or Dare

Nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned game of truth or dare. Who knows where it might lead?

21. Play ping-pong

If you actually have a ping-pong table, you should totally play your crush on a date.

3 Cute Indoor Date Ideas

Keep your date sweet and cozy, and you’ll be rewarded in the end. Just check out these cute date ideas

Here are 3 cute indoor date ideas:

22. Play a video game or computer game together

Playing video games together brings out your inner child, and that’s why it’s cute.

23. Set up a themed drink tasting

This takes a lot of effort and preparation, but your crush will be very impressed.

24. Dye each other’s hair

This is a seriously cute date idea that requires trust in one another.

3 Cool Indoor Date Ideas

Choose one of these cool date ideas, and you can avoid the dreaded fate of a “lame date.”

Here are 3 cool indoor date ideas:

25. Latte art competition

If you’ve never tried this, it’s a lot of fun – especially if you’re both into the coffee.

26. Make your own beer

It’s actually pretty easy to make your own beer – you just need a little patience.

27. Make Tiktok videos together

Why not hop on TikTok and try to go viral together? There’s nothing cooler than that.

3 Creative Indoor Date Ideas

If you really want to impress your crush, then it’s time to choose one of these creative date ideas.

Here are 3 creative indoor date ideas:

28. Print and frame your favorite photos

Make that photo even more special when you print and frame it together.

29. Make your own art together

Art is always a great way to get creative and have fun together.

30. Assemble a fancy charcuterie board

Go the extra mile with your charcuterie board, and you can really get those creative juices flowing.

3 Fun Indoor Date Ideas

Indoor dates can still be pretty exciting – if you choose these fun date ideas.

Here are 3 fun indoor date ideas:

31. Do a fun cardio workout

Working out together can be tons of fun, and this activity releases plenty of endorphins.

32. Draw pictures of each other

This can be even more funny if you’re not that great of an artist, so don’t be afraid to try it!

33. Play an online Coop game together

While co-op games are something of a rarity these days, they’re still plenty of fun when you find a good one.

3 Unique Indoor Date Ideas

Choose one of these unique date ideas, and let your crush know that you think they’re special.

Here are 3 unique indoor date ideas:

34. YouTube yoga date

Doing yoga together is a great way to relax, and sometimes that’s necessary when you’re on a date.

35. Have an electricity-free date

Make it traditional and eliminate technology, and you never know what might happen…

36. Make homemade candles together

Making homemade candles is tons of fun, and it also makes your room smell great.

3 Winter Indoor Date Ideas

You can still have fun inside with your crush during winter – just consider these winter date ideas.

Here are 3 winter indoor date ideas:

37. Up your plant game

Get a few cool plants and create a tropical wonderland inside your home.

38. Decorate a gingerbread house

This holiday tradition is so much better with someone you love.

39. Decorate a tree together

Probably the cutest date idea ever!

3 Indoor Romantic Date Ideas

Dates indoors have the potential to be seriously romantic with these romantic date ideas.

Here are 3 indoor romantic date ideas:

40. Get a virtual tarot card reading

You never know what fate might reveal about your relationship with tarot readings…

41. Read a romantic poem to each other

Poetry has been romantic for thousands of years, and it’s still a reliable date idea.

42. Spend an hour planning out future dates

You might be stuck indoors now, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun planning out future dates.

3 Indoor Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

If it’s your girl’s birthday, go the extra mile with these birthday ideas for girlfriend.

Here are 3 indoor birthday ideas for girlfriend:

43. Romantic moonlight dinner

Get out the patio furniture and have a beautiful dinner under the moonlight.

44. Movie montage of memories

It’s easier than ever to create a movie montage of memories with modern technology!

45. Rad radio message

Call in to your local radio station and send out a message for your girlfriend.

3 Indoor Anniversary Date Ideas

If it’s your anniversary, you can rely on these anniversary date ideas to get the job done.

Here are 3 indoor anniversary date ideas:

46. Watch your wedding videos

It’s the perfect opportunity to relive the big day.

47. Try speed puzzling

Speed puzzling is the latest craze, and it makes for an exhilarating anniversary.

48. Convert the tub into a jacuzzi bubble bath

This is way easier than you think – and it’s totally awesome.

3 Indoor Date Night Ideas

Date night doesn’t have to mean going out – not with these date night ideas.

Here are 3 indoor date night ideas:

49. Youtube clip night

YouTube offers a never ending supply of entertainment, so go nuts.

50. Make heart-shaped pizzas

This is a seriously cute idea – don’t forget the pineapple!

51. Go for a nighttime swim

If you have a pool, why not go out for a nighttime swim? Do a different kind of dinner party.

3 Indoor Double Date Ideas

Try out these double date ideas and get more people involved in the fun.

Here are 3 indoor double date ideas:

52. Sing karaoke

You really can’t go wrong with karaoke, especially when it’s a double date.

53. Play ultimate frisbee

Who said you can’t play frisbee in the house?

54. Gather around hot pot

Hot pot is probably one of the best ideas ever for a double date.

Downloadable and Printable List of Indoor Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of indoor date ideas (right-click the image and select Save Images As…):

More awesome activities you can do

Dating is fun and all, but it’s hardly the only worthwhile thing you can do with your time. If you’re searching for ideas, why not check out some of these awesome options for activities?

  1. If you’re stuck indoors, it can be pretty tempting to escape into the virtual world. Check out these things to do online to make your journey into cyberspace even more exciting.
  2. It’s never a bad idea to start a new hobby – but the hard part is picking the right one. Choose from one of these interesting hobbies, and you really can’t go wrong.
  3. If you want to start a new hobby while still involving your partner in some way, check out these hobbies for couples. Both of you will love these ideas.

How to pick the best indoor date ideas

Choosing the right date ideas is a bit of an art. Do this right, and you’ll blow your crush away on the first date. After all, first impressions are so important. But how exactly do you choose the best date ideas?

Easy! Just follow this simple guide.

Here is how to pick the best indoor date ideas:

1. Take Your Crush’s Personality Into Account

The best date ideas are the most thoughtful ones. Take your crush’s personality into account when picking date ideas, and you’ll show her that you really care.

Think about her hobbies and interests when choosing a specific activity, and you can’t go wrong.

2. Set the Mood

Always remember to set the mood when creating your perfect date. Think about what kind of vibe you want to create. Do you want it to be cozy and low-key? Exciting? Romantic?

Create a clear goal and stick to it. This overall theme will dictate which direction you go in with your date ideas.

3. Think Outside the Box

Do whatever it takes to make your date “unaverage.” Think outside the box. Get creative. Do something that she’s never experienced before. At the end of the day, your effort to make it special will pay off.

In Conclusion

Now that you have all kinds of incredible indoor date ideas floating around your brain, you should be well-equipped to create an amazing experience.

Whether you’ve been dating that special someone for years or you’re about to go on your first date, it always makes sense to pour a little extra effort and creativity into your date ideas.

Who knows? Maybe choosing the best date ideas will be your first step on a journey to an amazing new romance. You’ll never know unless you try – so pick an idea, ask that special someone out on a date, and make it happen!

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