This article is a list of indoor date ideas you can enjoy even without leaving your house.

I've shared a lot of dating hacks in many of my articles and have been featured on sites like Up Journey and Outwit Trade, which is why I'm sure that these date ideas can be just as fun, or even better, as having dinner in a fancy restaurant.  

These indoor date ideas are anything but boring. Curious? Read on. 



3 Best Indoor Date Ideas To Spend Time Together

The best dates are those that warm your heart. Whether it's for a first date or an anniversary date, get your girl feeling all warm and fuzzy with these indoor date ideas to really set the mood.

1. Do some stargazing

There's nothing more romantic than staring up at the night sky with the girl of your dreams. Just imagine it- cold air, a blanket of stars, and all night to spend time with each other.

2. Fireplace weenie/marshmallow roast

Roasting marshmallows over fire is probably the best thing that's ever happened to mankind. You can even do it in the comfort of your own home. Indoor s'mores? Yes, please. Make this date night idea even more perfect with a great movie that you and your date will enjoy.

3. Start the day together with a lovely breakfast

What's better than the smell of pancakes and freshly brewed coffee? Enjoying a date over pancakes and freshly brewed coffee! You can even prepare breakfast together- it's definitely a fun way to get to know each other.

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3 Great Plans For A Memorable First Date Indoors

First dates are make-or-break situations, and the pressure is on if you want to make a great first impression. If you don't have a plan yet, these first date ideas are nothing but fun and exciting.

4. Make your own pasta

Booking a reservation in a romantic restaurant can be a drag. So why not take your romantic dinner indoors and make pasta from scratch? It's simple! Plus, nothing says "impressive" better than a guy who can cook up a good meal.

5. Take a music lesson together

Music can be incredibly romantic, especially when you both share a love for it. And if all goes well, you can even make your own love song together.

6. Play the 21 questions game!

The 21 questions game is a great and simple way of getting to know your partner more.

This is a great game when thinking of questions to ask a girl to get her to open up.

Way 1 - You can ask 21 consecutive questions to your partner. Your partner responds and then gets to ask 21 questions to you in return.

Way 2 - You can ask half of your allotment of questions (ten or eleven) to your partner and then give her a chance to ask you half of her questions. And repeat that until you both have asked 21 questions.

Way 3 - Each person asks a single question alternately. This is generally accepted as the favorite option because it feels a bit more natural and conversational in nature.

4 Second Date Ideas Perfect For An Indoor Setting

Your second date is as important as the first one. Make it count with these second date ideas.

7. Become your own bartenders

Did someone say cocktail night? Seriously, mixing your own drink can be very exciting and satisfying. Ditch the usual hot chocolate and spice up your date night with cocktails on the house!

8. Stage a mini photoshoot

Show off how photogenic you both are with a mini photoshoot!

9. Get your palms read or see a psychic

If you want to get a glimpse of what the future holds for you and your date, having your palms read is as exciting as it sounds. Whatever's in store for the both of you, have fun and just live for the moment.

10. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned treasure hunt?

Whatever the theme is for the hunt, conceal items that relate to it and create relevant hints to give your partner.

A mystery based at home date such as this will definitely be a winner and will create memories that will last a lifetime.

 5 Indoor Ideas During Your 3rd Date

You don't want to lose your streak on your third date, do you? Third time's the charm so you got to keep the fun rolling. These 3rd date ideas will help you keep the momentum going.

11. Spend the whole day watching each of your favorite childhood movies

Everyone grew up with a favorite movie. Wouldn't it be interesting to know what your date grew up watching? Set up a movie marathon night at home and take turns watching each other's favorite films.

12. Snuggle up with some tea/coffee and books

Sometimes, the best 3rd dates are ones where you can just be comfortable and enjoy each other's company. Cozy it up on a rainy day with a cup of hot cocoa.

13. Get out the adult coloring books and colored pencils

Coloring is a great way to channel your inner artists and be in the moment together. It's a relaxing home date night activity. Who says a fun date night can't be meditative?

14. Decorate Mugs for Each Other

All you need is a couple of blank mugs, paint, superglue, decorations, and some creativity.

15. Take Personality Tests and Compare Your Results

Who knows, you might be super compatible!

4 Cheap Indoor Date Suggestions

You don't have to spend a lot to have a good time. If you're trying to save money, these cheap date ideas won't break the bank and are anything but boring.

16. Make a time-capsule

If you're in a long-term relationship and you're running out of fun date night ideas, make a time capsule. Imagine opening it after five years. It's an endearing way to look back on old memories and see how far you've come together.

17. Experimental food

Cooking is always a fun date idea, especially if you're willing to get a little experimental. Skip the cooking class, raid your pantry, and get creative! You can even make it into a game night by having a cook-off.

18. Take online relationship tests

There are plenty of online relationship tests to try online. Who knows what you might find out?

19. Have a living room camp out.

Camping can be adventurous and exciting. Camping out in the living room might not give you the same excitement and expectation but once you utilise the right materials around the house and set the atmosphere it can be an exhilarating experience.

Use the lights and play outdoor sounds to create the ultimate camping experience.

Use household materials to build the tent and surrounding areas.

This can be an interesting experience that is relatively cheap that you can exploit with your partner.

3 Free But Fun Date Ideas Indoor

You don't always have to go out for a date. Doing it at home can be just as romantic. These free date ideas don't disappoint.

20. Play a board or card game

If you're both on the competitive side, a classic Monopoly game could be a fun way to spend time with each other. Invite your other couple-friends and make it a game night!

21. Create a couple’s playlist

Picking out songs to put on your couple's playlist is super romantic. Match it with wine and chocolates to make it even more special.

22. Cuddle up

What could be better than staying in bed and cuddling all day? It's always the small things that matter most. Cuddling is one of the best rainy day date ideas you can ever do.

4 Simple Indoor Date Plans Worth Doing

Why overcomplicate things when you can keep them simple? You don't always have to show off to prove how much you care.

23. Have a vinyl listening party

Here's a great Valentine's day surprise. If your crush is an audiophile, all you need to do is put on a few records and watch her swoon. Now, that will put a smile on her face.

24. Share Embarrassing Photos

If you're both up for it, dig up some old and embarrassing photos from your childhood and do a little show-and-tell with each other. The funnier, the better!

25. Play Truth Or Dare

A good old-fashioned game of truth-or-dare makes any date exciting. Ask questions that help you get to know your date better and remember to keep your dares light and fun.

26. Play ping pong

Invite your date in a little ping pong tournament to let out the competitive side in each one of you. It's also a perfect excuse to take her out for drinks after.

3 Indoor Dates That Are Cute

Are you into quirky and spontaneous dates or do you prefer fancy dinners? Maybe you're both home buddies and prefer spending time at home. These cute date ideas are great for any kind of couple.

27. Play a video game or computer game together

A gamer's dream date night would probably be one where he plays video games with a girl he likes all day. Plus, it's cute when she's a gamer too.

28. Set up a themed drink tasting

Become wine connoisseurs for a night and set up an evening of wine tasting for you and your date. Or take her bar-hopping to sample different craft beers. If you think this is a cool idea, it's because it is.

29. Dye each other’s hair

This is an unusual way to spend date night together but it sure is fun (if you're both up for it). Pick out each other's colors to make it even more exciting!

3 Cool Indoor Date Activities You Will Both Enjoy

Indoor dates can be as cool and interesting as outdoor dates. These date ideas are proof that great dates can happen anywhere.

30. Latte art competition

The best couples are those who challenge each other. If you're both into the coffee, play a game of who-does-it-better in a latte art competition.

31. Make your own beer

There's nothing more extraordinary than making your own beer. Do you know what the best part is? You can drink it after! Bottom's up!

32. Make Tiktok videos together

If you don't mind sharing a spotlight with your date, hop on the Tiktok bandwagon and show off your talents. Who knows? You might just go viral and be famous!

4 Creative Dates Designed for An Indoor Setup

Test each other's imagination with these creative date ideas. Are you looking for an interesting home date night idea? We got you covered.

33. Print and frame your favorite photos

This is a great activity with a long-time girlfriend. I'm pretty sure you have a pile of sappy photos by now. Print them all out, put them on a board, and frame them on your wall. Now, you can have something to look at whenever you miss her.

34. Make your own art together

Art is always a great way to bond and get creative together. You don't even have to be an expert to enjoy this! Art is how you express yourself anyway.

35. Create a scrapbook

Relive some of your most enjoyable times.

36. Assemble a fancy charcuterie board

If you and your date are food enthusiasts, I'm sure you'd enjoy making a charcuterie board together. Consider it a pre-date activity. It's a great way to break the ice and makes starting small talks a lot easier.

3 Fun Things To Do Indoors With Your Date

Indoor dates can still be pretty exciting - if you choose these fun date ideas.

37. Do a fun cardio workout

A solid cardio workout releases plenty of endorphins in your body, making you and your partner feel good. Working out together can be a lot of fun. Plus, it's a healthy way to enjoy your time together!

38. Draw pictures of each other

Do you know what makes this activity funnier? You don't have to be a great artist to enjoy this. You can draw your partner in whatever way you want- no big deal.

39. Play an online Coop game together

If you want to know whether or not you and your partner make a good team, invite her to play a co-op game. They can be a lot of fun especially if you're playing with someone special.

3 Unique Ways To Spend With Your Date Without Going Out

If you're tired of the usual "meet-cute" dates, these unique date ideas can be just as sweet and romantic.

40. YouTube yoga date

Doing yoga together is a great way to relax and bond with your date. It's also a way to be healthy physically and mentally, so don't skip on it!

41. Have an electricity-free day

An electric-free day is a perfect excuse to make a romantic candle-lit dinner. You can even plan a "haunted" house date if you're both up for it. That sounds like a lot of fun if you ask me.

42. Make homemade candles together

Homemade candles are a thing these days, so why not try making them out for yourself? Just imagine how great your house will smell like. Sexy and romantic? Yes, please.

3 Date Ideas You Can Do Indoors During Winter

These winter date ideas prove that you can still have a good time with your girl even when it's cold outside. Who says ice-skating is the only thing you can do in winter?

43. Up your plant game

Get a few excellent plants and create a tropical wonderland inside your home. Taking care of plants is not only rewarding, but it can also be therapeutic.

44. Decorate a gingerbread house

This holiday tradition is so much better when you're doing it with someone you love. And you get to get to eat it afterward, too!

45. Decorate a tree together

Probably the cutest one ever! Bring out the Christmas lights and the decorations. It's time to get creative.

3 Romantic Things To Do Inside The Comfort Of Your Home

Dates indoors have the potential to be seriously romantic with these romantic date ideas.

46. Get a virtual tarot card reading

You never know what fate might reveal about your relationship with tarot readings...

47. Read a romantic poem to each other

Poetry has been romantic for thousands of years, and it's still a reliable thing to do to impress your crush. You don't have to be the world's greatest poet to make her swoon.

48. Spend an hour planning out future dates

You might be stuck indoors now, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy planning out future dates. You can list down Laser Tag, Escape Room, and maybe an indoor picnic the next time you're stuck indoors.

3 Indoor Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

If it's your girl's birthday, go the extra mile with these birthday ideas for girlfriend.

49. Romantic moonlight dinner

Get out the patio furniture and have a beautiful dinner under the moonlight. Nothing more romantic than this.

50. Movie montage of memories

It's easier than ever to create a movie montage of memories with modern technology! Immortalize your memories through a video.

51. Rad radio message

Call your local radio station and send out a message to your girlfriend. She'll love it.

3 Ideas To Celebrate Your Anniversary At Home

If it's your anniversary, you can rely on these anniversary date ideas to get the job done.

52. Watch your wedding videos

It's the perfect opportunity to relive the big day. It's always sweeter the second time around, and there's certainly nothing better than remembering where it all started.

53. Try speed puzzling

Speed puzzling is the latest craze, and it makes for an exhilarating anniversary. You can be sure that you'll enjoy your time together.

54. Convert the tub into a jacuzzi bubble bath

This is way easier than you think - and it's incredible. A bubble bath with the one you love is a relaxing thing to do. If you could just stay there forever...

3 Indoor Date Night Ideas

Dates don't have to mean going out - not with these date night ideas.

55. Youtube clip night

YouTube offers a never-ending supply of entertainment, so go nuts.

56. Make heart-shaped pizzas

This is a seriously cute one - don't forget the pineapple! If you're into that, of course.

57. Go for a nighttime swim

If you have a pool, why not go out for a nighttime swim? Do a different kind of dinner party.

3 Double Date Ideas You Can Do Indoors

Try out these double-date ideas and get more people involved in the exciting things you do.

58. Sing karaoke

You really can't go wrong with karaoke, especially when more than two people are involved. And no, you don't need to be hitting the right note to enjoy this.

59. Play ultimate frisbee

Who said you couldn't play frisbee in the house? Make sure to hide anything that can get broken, though.

60. Gather around a hot pot

Hot pot is probably one of the best ideas ever if you're spending a day with another couple.

Downloadable and Printable List of Indoor Dates

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of indoor dates (right-click the image and select Save Images As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor dates can be just as fun as any other dates as long as you planned for it. If you need more convincing, we have more reasons why you should try it out for your next date.

How do you perfectly plan an indoor date?

It's all in the details! When planning for an indoor date, remember to include things that'll make her smile. If you're planning to cook for her, impress her by finding out what kind of food she likes beforehand. If you're planning to do stargazing, create a playlist of songs to set the mood. It's the thought that counts, after all.

How much money should you spend on an indoor date?

How much you spend will depend on what you plan to do for your indoor date. Simpler ones, like a breakfast-in-bed, require zero to little money. But if you're planning for a romantic dinner under the stars, you might have to shell out a few dollars to really set the mood.

What are the materials needed for a romantic movie date set up?

First, pick out a movie. I suggest picking one you both haven't watched yet. Next, pair your movie with the perfect food (anything you like!). The last thing you need is a vibe- dim the lights to make it more romantic. Once you have your bases covered, the only thing you need to do is sit back, relax, and cuddle.

What makes dating indoors more fun than doing it outdoor?

The truth is, depending on how well you planned it, both can be fun! If you want to explore different places together, outdoor dates are a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want to keep it more private, indoor dates allow you to know the little details about each other.

How To Pick The Best Indoor Date Ideas

Choosing the right ideas is a bit of an art. Do this right, and you'll blow your crush away on the first one. After all, first impressions are so important. But how exactly do you choose the best ideas?
Easy! Just follow this simple guide.

1. Audit the relationship

Pay attention to how things are going in the relationship first to determine if having a date at home will be beneficial. Maybe you both work at home and need to see the outside world. Or maybe you have children and cannot afford a babysitter so a date at home would be ideal.

2. Take Your Crush’s Personality Into Account

The best ideas are the most thoughtful ones. Take your crush's personality into account when picking ideas, and you'll show your crush that you care.

Think about her hobbies and interests when choosing a specific activity, and you can't go wrong.

3. Consider your budget

At home dates can be great for couples that are trying to save money which they would spend on a night out.

4. Set the Mood

Always remember to set the mood when creating your perfect day. Think about what kind of vibe you want to make. Do you want it to be cozy and low-key? Exciting? Romantic?

Create a clear goal and stick to it. This overall theme will dictate which direction you go in with your ideas.

5. Think Outside the Box

Do whatever it takes to make your day "unaverage." Think outside the box. Get creative. Do something that she's never experienced before. Your effort to make it memorable will pay off.

More Awesome Activities You Can Do

Dating is exciting and all, but it's hardly the only worthwhile thing you can do with your time. If you're searching for ideas, why not check out some of these incredible options for activities?

  1. If you're stuck indoors, it can be pretty tempting to escape into the virtual world. Check out these things to do online to make your journey into cyberspace even more exciting.
  2. It's never a bad idea to start a new hobby - but the hard part is picking the right one. Choose from one of these interesting hobbies, and you really can't go wrong.
  3. If you want to start a new hobby while still involving your partner in some way, check out these hobbies for couples. Both of you will love these ideas.

In Conclusion

Now that you have all kinds of incredible indoor date ideas, you should be well-equipped to create a fantastic experience.

Whether you've been dating that special someone for years or you're about to go on your first one, it always makes sense to pour a bit extra effort and creativity into your date ideas.

Who knows? Maybe choosing the best date ideas will be your first step on a journey to a fantastic new romance. You'll never know unless you try - so pick an idea, ask that special someone out with you, and make it happen!