The pressure is now in coming up with fun 3rd date ideas that you know she'll enjoy. Third time's a charm. Getting to the third date just means that something good is happening. You have to make sure that you keep her excited to see you even more. Make sure that there will be more dates to come by thinking of date ideas that are not only fun but also out of the box.

These third date ideas will make thinking of an activity a breeze. Not only are these great ideas, but they will also help you keep her on her toes. There will definitely be more dates with these. And maybe you can even use some of these 3rd date ideas for all other upcoming dates.


10 Best 3rd date ideas

Your third date should show that you know how to have fun with unique ideas that stand out from the usual. The best ones are those that will bring you closer without the pressure to get into a more serious level. Have fun with these date ideas that will make your 3rd date a memorable one.

1. An Escape Room

Maybe the years of watching those crime and mystery shows will help.

2. Salsa Dancing

You don't have to be good at it to enjoy it, you know.

3. Animal shelter

Who doesn't like animals?

4. Go food-crawling

Everyone loves food. You may even be able to discover tastes that you never have tried before.

5. Visit the beach

This may be a common date idea, but this never fails.

6. Go to a trivia night together

Show off your abundant knowledge of random things you don't know when you'll ever need.

7. Go window shopping

What's more fun than shopping? Window shopping. Get the fun of looking at things you want without spending a dime.

8. Go to a food festival

Again, who doesn't love food? Everyone's bound to enjoy it when it's food we're talking about.

9. Plant a tree

Dating while saving the environment? What could be better than that?

10. Create a Collaborative Spotify Playlist

There's no need to go out to have a fun date. You can make a Spotify playlist from the comfort of your home. This is for those music lovers. Maybe you can make a playlist of the theme songs from your dates?

8 3rd date ideas you can do in the First Date

Sometimes, your third date ideas make for some great first date ideas as well. Choose one of these when you want versatile ideas that will work no matter if you're on the first or the third date.

11. Questions game

Just because you're on the 3rd date doesn't mean there's nothing more to learn about the other.

12. Play a round of mini-golf

There's less pressure when stuff is "mini".

13. Ride the rollercoasters at a theme park

Theme parks are classic date ideas. You could never go wrong with it.

14. Dine-in an expensive restaurant

Who says dining in an expensive restaurant is only for the first date?

15. Be a tourist in your own city

Look at your city from a different perspective and you'll never know what new things you'll discover.

16. Go get sundaes

Stay cool.

17. Find a gorgeous view

There's nothing better than just staring at something equally as beautiful as your date.

18. Play arcade games

Bring back the child in you. Arcade games for dates are a classic.

5 3rd date ideas you can do as a second date

The second date ideas you should have are the ones that set the tone on how the relationship at hand might go. These kinds of dates are more casual than the first ones, which makes them a good fit for a third date as well.

19. Attend a live music

What makes music better? Hearing it live. What makes it the best? Hearing it live with someone you like.

20. Go to a planetarium

And see for real what Adam Levine said: Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy?

21. Go swimming

A date that makes you feel refreshed right after.

22. Navigate a corn maze

Find out who's better at mazes?

23. Visit an archery range

Let's see if you can shoot an arrow as accurate as Cupid.

7 romantic 3rd date ideas

The 3rd date is the best time to introduce romantic date ideas to your partner. You're both getting the hang of each other. You've reached the third date which means that things are going great, so it's time to heat them up with some romance.

24. Introduce Them to Something You Love

Aside from her, of course.

25. Watch sunset

Make it even more romantic by talking about the relationship you have so far and where you both think it will lead to.

26. Campfire stories

Don't worry, they're not limited to scary campfire stories.

27. Stargaze While Laying on a Blanket Outside

You can even do this after the campfire stories.

28. Wish on a fountain

Let's wish there's a fourth date.

29. Desserts-only picnic

Give a twist to picnics and only eat desserts. The first one to get full has to treat the other with more desserts.

30. Bar Hopping & Museum Kissing

Nothing more romantic than feeling like you're in a movie montage, right?

4 3rd date ideas for double dates

If you and your date enjoy having company, then these double date ideas are just right for you. Make sure that you do these activities with another couple that both of you feel comfortable hanging out with. This way, you know you'll have the most memorable and fun day together.

31. Karaoke bar

You don't have to be a One Direction member to have fun with this.

32. Rent canoes

Maybe you can even have a race.

33. Attend a sports event

Bet on your favorite team!

34. Play a Game of Laser Tag

It's Barney Stinson's level of legen... wait for it... dary!

5 cheap 3rd date ideas

Sometimes we don't always have the resources for dates. But, that shouldn't stop you from treating your date like she's a princess. You can always come up with cheap date ideas that are still as much fun for your third date.

35. Browse a Bookstore Together

You don't have to spend a dime to look at books that you want to buy but will never read. You just saved yourself from hoarding.

36. Garage sales

You never know the kind of treasures you can find at these places.

37. Buy two lottery tickets

Feeling a little lucky?

38. Test drive an expensive car

You don't need money to feel like a millionaire.

39. Try a new hobby together

There's a lot of things to choose from! And you don't even have to spend a fortune. You can maybe add it to your list of skills.

5 free 3rd date ideas

No money? No problem! These free date ideas allow you to still have a great date despite not shelling out any amount. The best news? Both you and your partner will definitely have fun.

40. Hang-out with friends

Value = Priceless

41. Look through old yearbooks or photo albums

See how much both of you have changed (or not)!

42. Reminisce about your 1st date

You can even talk about what both of you could have done better.

43. Swap to-do lists

Will it work out? Or will it be a total mess?

44. Learn a magic trick together

You don't have to actually succeed, the process of learning is fun in itself.

4 fun 3rd date ideas

Dates aren't supposed to be romantic only, more so the third one. Being on your third date means that you have to be more casual around each other and just let go. These fun date ideas are sure to get the pressure off of both of you.

45. A photo booth

A picture says a thousand words. Maybe you'll have so many photos, they'll say a million words.

46. A comedy club

Nothing is more fun than a place that was made to make you laugh.

47. Be a yes man for a day

And see the disaster that saying yes to everything does. No room for shyness around here.

48. Balloon Fight!

A date where you get wet? Yes, please!

49. Have a Water Gun Fight

Another date idea where you get wet? Yes, please!

5 at home 3rd date ideas

Sometimes, the outdoors can be overwhelming for dates. There can be too much pressure to preserve an "image". Lucky you, these at home date ideas give you the best things you can do with your partner without leaving the comfort of your home.

50. Have a TV show marathon

Challenge: Finish one season without leaving your seat.

51. Play Board Games

Who will be able to buy all the properties and end up the richest?

52. Put a Puzzle Together

Make the pieces fit like the two of you do.

53. Set up a Projector in the Backyard

Enjoy a movie night without leaving the comforts of your home. What's not to love about that?

54. Dress each other in something crazy

You can even have a fashion show or pageant. Debate on who wore it better.

4 unique 3rd date ideas

Dates can feel very repetitive like there's nothing new or different to do. Don't make your date feel that way with these unique date ideas. She'll definitely be amazed at how out of the box you think when it comes to date ideas.

55. Horseback riding

It's very uncommon to ride horses on a date. Don't miss out on the fun.

56. Visit a psychic and have your fortunes told

Maybe the psychic knows where the relationship is headed? Remember not to take it too seriously.

57. Go coffee tasting – to find the best coffee in the city!

Rate each coffee. And be as detailed as you can about it.

58. Teach each other some fun words from the extinct languages you learned

Challenge: Talk to each other using those words only.

6 adventurous 3rd date ideas

This is not for the faint-hearted. If you and your partner enjoy doing something out of the ordinary, then these adventurous date ideas are for you. Have a fun-filled day that's a pure adventure for the adrenaline junkie in you.

59. Take a helicopter ride

The views you see will be breathtaking!

60. Hot Air Balloon

Let's just wish none of you are afraid of heights.

61. Take public transit somewhere new

The new places you'll find might just be your new favorite place to hang out.

62. See the city lights at the top of the tallest building in the area

Take her breath away just with the view. It's up to you to do the more romantic stuff.

63. Eat exotic food

Challenge your taste buds.

64. Drink the strongest alcohol in your favorite bar in town

Hopefully, you'll still remember everything the day after.

6 3rd date ideas you can do for anniversary dates

An anniversary means that you'll have to come up with a date that's not the usual ones you do. You would want your anniversary date ideas to be more special than the rest. Did you know that there are actually 3rd date ideas that you can also do for anniversaries? There's nothing wrong with recycling them if you know they're good.

65. Have a lunch cruise

It's okay to spend some money when you know it's going to be as scenic and worth it as this.

66. Have a cook-off at home

You can even bring in a friend to judge.

67. Head back to the spot where you two met

Reminiscing on the good times is always a good idea.

68. Do a photoshoot

You can even try wearing matching clothes, or even have props to up your game for the photoshoot.

69. Go to a vineyard

Get drunk the classy way.

70. Have someone to pick an activity for you

It's even better if it's someone random on the street.

7 winter 3rd date ideas

It's hard to warm up with some romance when it's as cold as winter. You may think that it's hard to come up with winter date ideas because really, how are you going to date when there are inches and inches of snow covering everything? However, you can make the best out of the situation with the following winter date ideas.

71. Build an igloo

Are you brave enough to live in it for a day?

72. Go ice skating

Maybe you can develop a routine with your date. Do some Blades of Glory tricks.

73. Indoor picnic

Who says picnics can only be done outside?

74. Build a snowman

*knock knock* Do you wanna build a snowman?

75. Whip up some holiday baked goods together

Food is definitely the way to someone's heart.

76. Go caroling

Sing your favorite Christmas carols with your favorite person.

77. Sit in front of a fire and roast s’mores together

Something to keep you warm other than your date.

Downloadable and Printable List of Third Date Ideas

Here is a downloadable and printable list of third date ideas (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Pick The Best 3rd date ideas

There's now plenty of ideas for you to choose from. Now you don't know which one to pick.

Lucky for you! Just take these into consideration when you're thinking of the one perfect date idea for you and your partner.

1. Know what she's like.

You have to take into consideration what kind of person your date is. Is she someone adventurous? Is she someone who likes to stay at home? Work your way from here.

2. Figure out what she enjoys.

It's pretty obvious, but sometimes we can forget it. You have to pick a third date that you know your date will enjoy. You've already gone on two dates with her so you now have an idea of what she likes.

3. Consider your own comfort.

You have to take yourself into consideration as well. What's your common ground with her? What is the kind of date that would make both of you feel comfortable? If neither of you enjoys a big crowd, then you know not to go to that kind of place.

More Awesome Date Ideas and Date Tips to Remember

I know, I know. Dates can be scary even if they're already the third one. That's why we have some tips for you as well as more date ideas in case you need more in the future.

  1. If you've become successful in dating this wonderful person, then maybe it's time to start thinking more long-term? We have these awesome hobbies for couples in case you're ready to do those together.
  2. Sometimes, we just don't have anything to do anymore. Don't make your girlfriend feel that. Keep handy some things to do with your girlfriend so neither of you gets bored again.
  3. You've now got the date ideas ready. Get ready to keep her entertained with the things to talk about on a date
  4. Feeling extra nervous for that first date? Don't worry. Learn these first date tips for maximum preparedness.
  5. You can't date someone without asking them out, you know. Make sure you know how to ask a girl out.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that the best 3rd date ideas you can come up with are the ones that both you and your date will enjoy the most. Remember that your goal when thinking of date ideas is to have a casual, fun day with your date. There should be no pressure anywhere because you're already trying to see where things might go.

The third date ideas above are chosen to help you have the ideal atmosphere for the third date. You have already made it through making a good impression, so you have to keep it up.

If you use these ideas with your charms, then you're all set. You now have to think of what to do on the fourth date.