adventurous date ideas - postLooking for something more than the traditional dinner and a movie?

It is always good to keep your girl on her toes and take her on a more adventurous date. These are the dates that break the away from the overplayed, and often boring, standards. They are the nights (and days) that both of you will always remember.

The hard part is coming up with these crazy date ideas!

Well at Mantelligence, we’re here to help. I put together a list of adventurous date ideas to keep your girlie guessing.

 37 Adventurous Date Ideas

Even though you’re date is going to be an adventure, I would still recommend you stick to the perfect date formula I previously wrote about. This will give you a solid platform to work with.

As a preface, some of these are pretty “adventurous” (heli-skiing). I would suggest that you would start with a couple that don’t seem so out there and work your way up.

  1. Go bouldering
  2. Indoor skydive
  3. Parasail
  4. Sand surf
  5. Ice block
  6. River raft
  7. Take a hot air balloon ride
  8. Shark dive
  9. Go on a dinner adventure (Google ‘adventure dinner + your city’)
  10. Slackline
  11. Jetski
  12. Go ziplinning
  13. Scuba dive
  14. Go kayaking
  15. Go kart race
  16. Surf
  17. Play paintball
  18. Base jump
  19. Horseback ride
  20. Surf
  21. Archery
  22. Play lazertag
  23. Indoor rock climb
  24. Take a day trip
  25. Go to a rodeo
  26. Heli-ski
  27. Fish
  28. Rock climb
  29. Go to the shooting range
  30. See a concert (for music that you don’t have on your iPod)
  31. Hike
  32. Snorkel
  33. Mountain bike
  34. Cave dive
  35. Wake board
  36. Go to a circus
  37. Swim with dolphins

In Conclusion

So there you have it. 37 adventurous date ideas to to keep her wondering what’s next.

Start off slow:

Surfing… Go karting.

Then work you way up to the really “adventurous” dates:

Shark diving… Base jumping.

Do one of each of the above for the next 37 weeks. If you still like each other after that… marry her.