Guys, let's talk about how to make a girl crazy for you.

Rest assured, we're not talking love potions or any sort of manipulative mind games.

We are talking about cultivating a natural magnetism that will exponentially increase your chances for how to get a girlfriend.

If you're wondering "how to get a girl to like you,"we'll point you in the right direction.

Most guys find out that even when they’re pretty good at talking to girls, getting girls to really like them is another story.

Most of the time a major part of what’s missing... Is a lack of a few key elements from your life. A few missing ingredients that either leave a girl bored, or uninterested.

But don’t worry! Because today we’re showing how you can up the ante and get girls to fall head over heels crazy for you.

Make Her Crazy for You - 5 Ways to Be Epic and Awesome (Animated Story)

How To Make A Girl Crazy for You

Becoming the ideal partner is a complex practice that's a bit of a dichotomy. If it were as easy as 1,2, 3, we'd all be Romeos as fast as we could google it.

Luckily, how to make a girl crazy for you can be dialed down into a step by step process that you can adopt as a lifestyle practice. You'll get something different out of every time you run through the checklist, and that's the point.

Sometimes you'll be left with positive feelings about your performance, and sometimes the opposite. The key is to accept both with equanimity and without harsh judgment of yourself.

It takes commitment and daily dedication: not to getting who you want, when you want, where you want, whenever and however you want her, but rather a sincere commitment to being a decent human being and then some.

Understand Women

Women have spent thousands of years learning how to understand men to survive. It's a huge relief that we men are finally allowed to proudly and actively pursue a deeper understanding of women.

We all tend to unconsciously emulate the traditional behaviors around us, so even if diving into a deeper understanding of women feels strange at first, remember that traditions and behavioral norms are constantly changing.

In fact, by diving in without reservations, you are placing yourself at the forefront of cultural innovation.

When you make a point to explore beyond yourself and traditional comfort-zones, it is a huge beacon of attraction for women.

So what is this "active pursuit of understanding women" we're talking about? This can be chalked up to one lifelong commitment: Listen to the voices of women. Read books, articles, and media written by female authors. Listen to podcasts hosted by women. Immerse yourself in art and music created and directed by women.

Listen and integrate it into your daily awareness as if your life depends on it because honestly, the plight of humanity does depend on all of us understanding ALL human behaviors at the deepest level and leaving no one behind.

Have the courage and audacity to sink into receptive mode in a culture that over-values mindless speech and action without any wisdom or compassion behind them. When you are in receptive mode long enough, you will naturally gain a greater understanding of the bigger picture.

Finally, accept and embrace the yin, the softness within yourself. Masculinity and femininity, yin and yang, do not exist in black and white, polarized dichotomy where it's one or the other. We're all infinite layers and versions of BOTH at the same time-- even if they're not part of your outward expression.

We are all more than what we appear on the surface. The more you know and understand all of the layers of hard and soft, active and passive, in yourself, the more easily you'll be able to do that for others.

Pro Tip. Know What Women Really Want

All of the above adds up to far more than just what do girls like. It's the apex of what women really want.

There are girls out who are so confused about who they are that they really won't date you if you're not at least 6-foot-3. If you're a confused guy who also doesn't know yourself, you might end up unconsciously attracting the equivalent vibe.

If we are to simplify, a woman worth your time wants a man who desires to understand himself, and the world around him, in the most complete way possible. She wants a man who's critical thinking skills are on point-- someone who can take one bit of information and make endless inferences. 

She wants a man who has the courage to sit with his own fears instead of distracting himself from them or repressing them. She wants a man who understands how his fears can shape his own thoughts and actions. She wants a man who's aware of his patterns, both positive and negative.

She wants a man who can have true compassion for himself through all of life's challenges because a person who can manage compassion for themselves can manage the greatest level of compassion for others and all living things.

Pro Tip. Know The Biggest Turn Ons For Women

Gentlemen, the biggest turn-ons for women are built on balance and honor for both sides of all possible dichotomies. She longs for a man who is as strong as he is soft, who knows how to be an equally attentive, effective follower just as much as he knows how to be a striving, enduring leader. 

In all practices, to fully embody one side, one must completely understand its opposite.

She is drawn to a man who is accommodating and flexible just as he is can simultaneously set boundaries in no uncertain terms for himself and others.

She appreciates a man who can both give and receive both appreciation and constructive criticism while maintaining an attitude of gratitude for even the most challenging of his personal and professional relationships.

Finally, how a man treats children and animals says everything about who he is at the core of his being.

10. Enjoy Her Unusual Traits

It’s no secret… Girls love compliments. But you don’t have to go over the top about it. By constantly telling her how good she looks or how gorgeous her hair is... Your words actually lose value.

Think about it, in the marketplace of compliments, yours can become a dime a dozen if you’re not careful. You want your compliment to hit her like a flirtation brick to the face... And a compliment has a much stronger effect when it is sincere, and more importantly, unexpected.

Don’t let her see it coming!

Instead of showering her with an incessant drizzle of compliments that she’s heard before, hold off for a bit. And unless you’ve got something good to say, hold off on complimenting her looks. There’s a time and place for that.

In other words, you must go deeper. Stay away from surface level stuff. Flatter her subtly through your discussion, and line of questioning. Basically, be smart and let her infer your compliments without you saying them directly.

9. Calm Under Fire

Stress and irrational behavior are both enormous turn offs for women. But being a cool customer, calm and collected in the face of turmoil... Is one of the easiest ways to make a girl crazy for you.

Why? Check it out.

When a girl is stressed, it’s typical for people around her to match her stress level. But the reality is this: Even if it makes her feel a little more comfortable, it doesn’t actually help.

So when you come along, and offer a calming contrast to her situation, she notices. Oh, she notices. She’s actually going to hate it at first. Almost guaranteed. But she’ll come around. And as long as you weren’t patronizing, faking it too hard, and most importantly: You were able to genuinely empathize with her situation... The next time she feels a little crazy, it’ll be because she feels crazy for you.

8. Take Notes

Women like to know that they are the focal point of your thoughts. So things she’s told you in passing, like her favorite band, or how she loves Capuchin Monkeys, are the types of things you need to lock in your brain and never, ever forget.

Because you can surprise her later on down the line with a unique date ideas like a trip to the zoo, or tickets to see her favorite band. And the fact that you remembered what she told you, will prove to her how thoughtful you are and how much you care about the things she says, and that is how you make a girl crazy for you.

7. Be Game Tight

Murder... is bad. I think we can all agree on that. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to kill.

Girls don’t expect a guy to be dressed to the nines every time he leaves the house. But interest ... is incremental. Meaning, it’s most likely not going to be any one thing that really pushes the needle and gets a girl running after you.

So dressing in something a little nicer than a t-shirt and gym shoes... paying a little attention to your aesthetic, is a tried and true method of checking off the boxes in your favor... And getting a girl to become slowly & hopelessly crazy for you.

6. K.I.T.

Take a quick second to answer the following question: How complete is your daily to-do list?

Wait… You mean you don’t have one?

While we can’t say for sure that skipping a to-do list is your entire problem, a to-do list is a fantastic way to stay organized.

K.I.T: Keep It Together. Girls like organized guys for one reason: They get stuff done.

Think about it.

Most guys are great at imagining results, without visualizing the process. A to-do list keeps you in touch with the process, which means you know how to get what you want. And if that’s not the secret sauce... Then I don’t know what is.

5. Find Your Edge

It’s simple. Girls just aren’t attracted to what’s boring. They find boring men unattractive, so if nothing else, do what you can to prevent falling into a predictable and mundane routine.

Here’s what we’re getting at. Every guy, no matter what, has something that gives them an edge. The trouble is, it can be hard, if not impossible, to find sometimes. But the good news, is that it’s not the edge that drives girls crazy, it’s the act of searching for it that does.

Girls want a guy who pursues his interests and does his own hobbies for men. All things being equal, a girl doesn’t want a guy who has laid down and stopped trying.

So if you’re wondering how to make a girl crazy for you, make it clear that you’re uncompromising about your goals and you go hard at becoming better every day.

4. Reveal Your “Soft” Spots

Thousands of years of human evolution has made the biggest and strongest men more desirable than the alternative. However... it’s the 21st Century and girls don’t need a guy to go out and kill a deer for dinner tonight.

No, relationships these days are more about connection than survival. And to connect with a girl, you’ll have to open up and show her your soft spots. Feed her little snippets of your personal life that you don’t normally share with people.

Remember, vulnerability is a strength. And it’s a major part of real attraction.

Looking for some other proven methods of getting a girl to look at you differently? We’ve got you covered right here: How To Get ANY Woman You Want - 6 SIMPLE Scientific Tricks to Get Any Girl (2018)

3. Learn You

This might be a bit of an underrated trait but if you want to be taken seriously by women... It’s essential. That’s because in general, girls like a guy who can think and express his opinions.

By having a wealth of knowledge, you’ll easily know how to start a conversation with a girl on a wide range of topics, without fear, and by encompassing this wealth of knowledge, and more importantly, perspective, you’re in a better position to solve problems.

So if you’re looking to throw some fuel on the crazy fire, keep yourself learning as much as you can.

2. Improv

You might not know this, but a girl’s level of infatuation for you... is directly correlated to if you know how to make a girl laugh. That’s because according to one study, the more time a guy and girl spend laughing together, the more likely they are to develop attraction toward each other. It’s science!

Feeling like you’re not that funny? Don’t panic. Because not only is the bar of hilarity lower than you might think, you could even step up your game by jumping in an improv class. It might sound crazy now, but focused improv will equip you with a particular set of skills, that makes you irresistible to women.

1. Get a Side Hustle

If there’s one thing successful guys know better than most, it’s that at the end of an 8 hour work day, there’s still work to be done.

Sure, your 9-5 job may have plenty of room to advance in the company, but is it really what you want to do for the rest of your life? Maybe not. That’s why having a side hustle is what will get you out of the daily grind and give you goals to work towards.

So drive an Uber, or write dating advice for guys if that’s your thing. Whatever gets you closer to the freedom you want is worth doing, and girls will see that too.

#1 Thing That Will Cause Girls To Run Away From You

Thanks for sticking around. Because now it’s time for the #1 thing you can do, that will make any girl turn around and walk out the door.

If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like trying new things or pushing himself, you might get some lukewarm interest, but there are virtually zero girls who will go crazy for you. If anything, laziness will make her go crazy trying to fix you.

So to avoid being a bottom feeder, figure out what’s wrong in your life and fix what you can and accept what you can’t.

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In Conclusion

When you're in the zone, focused on becoming the greatest version of yourself, a pleasant side-effect is you'll figure out how to make a girl crazy for you, naturally!

She'll sense that you've got a high frequency going for you and she'll be instantly intrigued.

So, dive into your light side and your shadow side, in equal parts. The latter is what takes courage. Pursue active grief for your traumatic experiences (nobody but you can tell you which events in your life count as such!) so when you resurface, you can approach yourself with focus and clarity.