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Creepy things guys do that women hate - Featured

11 Creepy Things Guys Do That Women Hate


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by | October 5th, 2020

Gentlemen, today we’re showing you 11 creepy things guys do when flirting, that girls creep girls out.

And because we want to be extra sure that you don’t wrongfully come off as a creep, we’re also letting you know 1 powerfully simple way to always come across as the normal, confident guy you really are.

The 11 Ultra-Creepy Things Guys Do By Accident When Flirting

Here are 11 creepy things guys do that creep girls out + the 1 thing you need to know to avoid flirting creepiness altogether:

11. Too Much Prolonged Eye Contact

As William Shakespeare once put: “the eyes are the window to your soul.” And while this might sound romantic, a girl you’re flirting with does not usually want to feel like you’re gazing into her soul.

So unless you want her to feel immediately uncomfortable, avoid the overly intense eye contact.

10. Seeming Rehearsed

While being generally prepared is unquestionably good advice, seeming too rehearsed or too polished can actually make some girls nervous. Because you know what they see? A guy who is pretending to be someone else… and, to everyone, that’s kind of creepy.

So if you want flirting to be spontaneous and fun, instead of creepy and awkward, the best thing you can prepare for is being ready to improvise a little bit.

9. Learning Too Much About Her On Social Media

So you met her and decided to looked her up on social media, everybody does that, right? Sure... maybe. But that doesn’t mean a girl wants you to look at every single picture she has.

Because while following some of your natural curiosity about a girl you like is normal, too much can definitely be concerning to a girl you’re getting to know.

8. Too Much Touching, in the Wrong Places

When done right, touching a girl respectfully conveys a supreme level of confidence. But when a guy is overly touchy and disregards personal boundaries, there’s probably no faster way to freak a woman out. And one of the most creepy things guys do.

So if you’re going to touch her, here’s 2 quick pieces of advice: Wait for her to touch you first and only after she does keep it brief, light, and near the arms or shoulders.

7. Making Overly Dirty Jokes or Comments

It may surprise you to find out that, for the most part, most girls actually have as dirty of a sense of humor as guys do. But if you’re just getting to know a girl, it’s probably best to keep the jokes PG, just in case she’s not quite on the same page yet. Because if you don’t, you might say something she thinks is creepy... and that could immediately kill any attraction she had for you.

6. Paying Too Much Attention to Just Her Body

Not sure what you could be doing that’s creeping her out? It might be the way you look at her body.

Now, if a girl catches you overly checking her out, she might give you a pass the first time. But if you keep getting caught? She may quickly start thinking you’re just like the other creepy guys she tries to avoid.

5. You Want to Hang Out Too Much, Too Soon

So you really like a girl and that means you probably want to hang out with her all the time. Unfortunately, that’s something that may seem harmless... but could backfire and turn into her thinking you’re a creep if you’re not careful.

Because not only can it suggest you don’t have enough going on in your own life, but if you’re always asking to hang out, it could also make you seem overly obsessive. Just be sure to take things slowly, and play a little hard to get.

4. Being Inconsistent… or Just Flat-Out Lying

Another thing that can easily happen when you’re nervously trying to impress a girl, is getting caught saying something that could be perceived as a lie.

Maybe you wanted to make a story better, or maybe you want to seem cooler... but if you end up having to backtrack or clarify something you said, there may be no better way to make her wonder if you’re just another dishonest creep.

3. Giving Her Too Many Fake, Superficial Compliments

One compliment is good, so even more of them must be better, right? Wrong. Not only is showering her with quick, shallow compliments a losing strategy, but (even if you do mean them) too many can make you seem insincere and desperate... both of which are key ingredients to coming across as creepy.

2. Giving Her Heavy Compliments Too Soon

One good intention, that can easily land a guy in the creep zone, is to come off the wrong way when giving her a truly heartfelt compliment. And that’s because there are 3 critical things that, if poorly executed, can turn a heavy compliment from amazingly kind to downright creepy: Timing, context and delivery.

So, if you want to give her a big compliment, make sure timing, conversation, and tone are right.

1. Making Her Think You’re a Pick-Up Artist

You might not be one, you might not even know what is, but if a girl senses you might only think of getting with her as a game, you can pretty much guarantee she’ll think you’re a creep. Because there’s one thing all creeps have in common, and that a lot of PUAs do: And that’s making a girl feel like nothing more than an object, and not another person.

The 1 Simple Thing to Remember that Will Solve 99% of Your Accidental Creepiness

If you’re just a normal guy who may tend to come across as a little awkward sometimes, it’s probably because you’re forgetting to do this one incredibly simple thing: And that’s to just be yourself.

We know, you’ve heard it before, but because it’s so important, it bears repeating. Because you might be strange, you might be unusual, but if you just be yourself... you’ll never creep out another girl just because you were a little awkward.

In Conclusion

Those are the 11 creepy things guys do when flirting and the 1 thing that could keep it from happening to you forever.

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