The perfect birthday gifts for wife is tough to come up with year after year.

Even when you're pretty good at coming up with awesome birthday gift ideas for wife, the product and service markets are endless. It takes a village of researchers to stay current on innovations and trends.

Below, you're sure to find reminiscent gift ideas from days past, gift ideas for wife that have never even crossed your mind, and gift ideas for women that will transform your approach to every holiday and anniversary.


14 Best Birthday gifts for wife

1. 100 Pictures Family Photo Heart Collage Personalized

Nowadays, we take tons and tons of photos on our smartphones, but very rarely print them out. A massive collection is even rarer.

2. CUSTOM Morse Code Bracelet

Codes carry messages between the lines. This clever jewelry idea plays morse code as a love language.

3. Best Wife Ever - Stainless Steel Tumbler

You love her. You both love your wine. So do her girlfriends. This gift takes care of everyone.

4. Authentic South Sea Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant Necklace

With elegant, transcendent black pearls, you are offering her a piece of earth and time.

5. 50" Smart LED TV

Binge-watching her favorite shows has never been easier.

6. Crossbody Bag

With a different, softer feel than your typical cow leather bag, this designer dud is a winner.

7. SPA and wellness gift card

You're gifting her with healing and experiences and spending autonomy rolled into one.

8. BIJOUX BOBBI Initial Wire Bracelets

The letters in her name are a nod to everything that makes her unique.

9. Lark & Ro Women's V-Neck Pullover Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere is the finest form of luxurious natural textiles for warmth and elegance.

10. Anne Klein Women's Bangle Watch and Swarovski Crystal-Accented Bracelet Set

This is the perfect bling for the corporate woman who needs elegant jewelry staples to enhance her wardrobe.

11. Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

High-quality, superior-fitting footwear is integral for all of her athletic endeavors.

12. Ninja Personal Blender

Eating well with raw ingredients has never been easier.

 13. Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Moisturizing and maintaining immaculate skin has been more available than with this gadget.

14. Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen with Gift Case

The writer and artist in your life is sure to covet this high-end writing utensil.

10 Cute Birthday Gifts For Wife

Sometimes, your birthday gift ideas for wife come naturally and easily. Other times, the best birthday gift idea for wife leads to a big question mark. Especially if she's into cute stuff and that's a new aesthetic in your life.

What's adorable and what's just cheesy? We'll let you know with our curated list of select cute gifts.

15. Pink Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

You might think headphones are just headphones. Think again! For her, even her choice of color is a means of self expression. Pink is the color of nurturing and even scientific testing has revealed that a high number of women are instinctively drawn to the color.

16 Lamp Moon Night Light

What is the best gift for wife? Look no further than this little light to illuminate and totally enhance your home.

17. Unicorn Diffuser

Unicorns have been powerful symbols of magic since the beginning of time. The more unicorn stuff to remind her of her own magic, the better.

18. 16-Piece Bamboo Dinnerware Set for 4

Gone are the days of cheap plastic dinnerware and heavy, breakable ceramics. This set is an environmentally-friendly choice from front to back and has the FDA approval rating to prove it.

19. Teabloom Buckingham Palace Teapot & Flowering Tea Gift Set

There's nothing like high noon tea to take the edge off. Sipping tea from a fine tea set a truly meditative experience.

20. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Don't leave home for a picnic without a place just for your wine.

21. Loretta Comforter Set Queen Size Bed in A Bag

This cozy comforter is heckin' adorable with its boho design. It's a stylistic win.

22. Pineapple Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is a key statement piece. The pineapple is a symbol of tropical indulgences. What a great combination!

23. Womens Retro Vintage Half Metal Frame Cateye Sunglasses

Nobody will look cooler than your girl in these statement shades.

24. Law of Attraction Daily Planner

Manifestation means putting effort in at every level and then surrendering to the universe. It's allowing the universe to create all her desires. This daily planner keeps her manifestations on track.

13 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts For Wife

Putting deep thought into your birthday gifts for her should never be stressful when you've got us to give you all the great ideas you'll ever need.

We'll be sure to keep you up to date with market trends and the masterpieces of truly committed craftspeople with tons of thoughtful gifts to choose from.

25. Love & Friendship in a Jar. Month of Thoughtful & Happy Quotations

Pull a quote from this jar everyday to keep you joyful and motivated about the day ahead. This is a modern form of divination.

26. Personalized Reasons Why I Love You

There is nothing more touching for her to receive than an articulated list of all the ways she is loved. You make the list and it gets integrated into the product.

27. Willow Tree hand-painted sculpted angel, Just for You

Does she remind you of an angel? If so, this is for her.

28. Clear Glass Vase Hanging Plant Terrarium with Black Metal Stand

She can create a miniature earthly world of lush green with this hanging natural environment.

29. You're My Person Always Picture Frame

This is a phenomenal way to display a truly precious photo of the wo of you. Your choice of photo will really speak to her too.

30. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Whether she's pregnant or not, this safe, supportive pillow is great for maintaining alignment while resting.

31. Personalized Mug with States or Countries

You can get her a mug that proudly displays a place that is precious to both of you, such as your home state, home country, or home city.

32. You Rock! Polished Stone and Thank You Card Gift Kit

Thank you cards are a meditation in gratitude. Polished gemstones give off healing vibrations that alter an environment.

33. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser Gift Set

Diffusing your oil of choice throughout the day can dramatically change her mood or alleviate symptoms like nausea, allergies, and PMS.

34. Spiritual Healing Kit

Each crystal has a healing vibration that can encourage her to be still so she can feel it.


These kits are lifesavers. Her favorite garment can be mended good as new.

36. Purse Light Handbag

Deep in the cavernous purse, sometimes we need light to see.

37. PMS Relief bath bomb

What is the best gift for wife? Well, it should be something that will let her know you're attuned to her feminine moon cycles.

5 Small Birthday Gifts For Wife

Sometimes you've got to get on an airplane with a carry-on only and small gift ideas are vital to have everything running smoothly.

38. Yoga Candle Sampler

Candles are an integral aspect of meditation. She can still her mind as she gets lost in the flickering flame.

39. Floral needle minder

For the seamstress in her life, she'll love a place to put her needles.

40. Ceramic Oil Burner

This is the perfect place to safely burn her prayer candles.

41. Wooden Bird Pendant

The nature enthusiast will be enthused with this feathered freedom symbol on a string.

42. Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Pore fining Face Mask

Her skin breathes and says thank you.

11 Unique Birthday Gifts For Wife

When you want to stand out above the rest, you know you've got to choose unique gifts carefully and with economic insights in mind. Put your money where your heart is. Support local artists. Support master craftspeople with these great birthday gift ideas for her.

43. Gift Box

You can't go wrong with this gift box combination of lifestyle enhancements.

44. Special Birthday Gift Basket Box for Her

This is a basket of handpicked goodies fit for the queen that she is.

45. Mule Copper Mugs

Why settle for ceramic when you can have these reflective pieces lighting up your table?

46. ShadoArt

This metal art is some of the craziest and most avante garde stuff we have seen! Your studio or home decor is in for the enhancement of a lifetime!

47. cat teapot

She loves cats. She loves tea. This is where she needs to be.

48. personalized wooden wall clock

Invest in a good quality wall clock because timepieces are aesthetic luxuries that far outweigh digital equivalents.

49. Hers Key Holders

It's a reminder that you may go your separate ways out in the world, but you'll always return back to each other and hang your keys.

50. Mushroom Lamp

Define your style with this trippy addition.

51. A Years Together Sundial

Appreciate the shifting shadows and the astrological shifting above.

52. Engraved Log Coasters

Your beers never hit the table faster than with these coasters as targets.

53. Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Making Serving Gift Set

Cultural traditions meet your morning joe.

5 Cheap Birthday Gifts For Wife

Being on a budget doesn't mean your gift has any less value or meaning. In fact, we've compiled a great list of cheap gifts to get you more bang for your buck.

Here 5 cheap birthday gifts for wife:

54. Vintage Butterfly Brooch

Bring brooches back with a twist! Rare is this iconic jewelry piece.

55. Mini Waffle Maker Machine

Comfort food at home never got easier.

56. Flaxseed Eye Pillow

Natural materials inside makes for deep healing and a good night's sleep.

57. Women Sexy Lingerie

It's a chance to get frisky for both of you.

58. I Love You to The Moon and Back Leather Key Chain

It's the message you want her to know on an item that she'll never leave home without.

7 Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife That Can Also Be Birthday Gifts

When the snow starts to fall and the nights are filled with lights, you'll want to have the perfect Christmas gift ideas for wife right where you need them.

59. Religious Cuff Bangle

If she's a follower of Christ, she'll love to wear her unconditional love for Him on her wrists.

60. Faith T Shirt

In a world where faith and trust are precious, it works to wear reminders.

61. Too blessed to be stressed: 3 minute devotions for women

When we count our blessings, it grounds us in the gift of life.

62. Tote Bag

This handy grocery sack will remind her of her faith.

63. Necklace for Women

She can wear her devotion close to her heart.

64. Hand Painted Wine Bottle

Art is truly everywhere, including on your wine bottles.

65. button for customization

You can decide on a nurturing, loving message.

6 Romantic gifts for wife

Day in an day out, you're on the same team. Maybe you're raising kids or busy with your careers. Let's not forget to pepper in some hot spicy romantic nights to keep everything fresh and revitalizing. Romantic gifts for wife will help fuel the fire.

66. Wedding Song Lyrics Wall Art

There's nothing better to get your hearts singing than posting the lyrics that you remember from your wedding night.

67. Paper Rose

It's an origami rendition of the symbol of life.

68. Heart mittens

What better place to put extra hearts than in the warmth of her hands?

69. Custom Map Heart print miniature frame

The shapes that say I love you are eternally perfect.

70. 52 Date Night Ideas

You'll never get bored. You'll tap into a space of infinite creation.

71. Engraved I Love You Spoon

She'll feel your devotion with every spoonful of goodness.

5 Valentines day gift ideas for wife That Can Also Be Birthday Gifts

The official day of love could never be the same without an exquisite collection of unique valentines day gifts for her.

72. Mini White Ceramic Kitty Ornament Succulent Plant Pot

Succulents have surged in popularity because they are so easy to care for and add earthy life to any room with a light source.

73. Cool USB Charging Station with Power Strip

It's a place for all her gadgets to get their power.

74. Barnyard Designs Be A Pineapple Retro Vintage Tin Bar Sign Country Home Decor

The pineapple is an awesome metaphor for your crown-wearing queen.

75. Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer

Real physical photos you can touch are now available instantaneously with this top quality printer.

76. Women's Yoga Leggings

You've never seen so many color choices! with a pocket for your phone, these will be her go-to gym gear.

5 Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife That Can Also Be Birthday Gifts

You'll never have to decide which day is a bigger deal ever again when you can combine all of their elements with these trans-formative anniversary gifts for her.

77. Vintage Merlot WINE SOAP

Artisan soaps and fabulous wine have officially combined.

78. Origami Boat in Glass Jar

Each bird represents a dream taking flight.

79. Eye Massager

This gadget keeps circulation flowing in her face. It has profound anti-aging effects.

80. Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

Let her know you care about her safety and keeping her stuff out of harms way.

81. Compact Purse Mirror

A girl always needs a mirror to check her lipstick. Mirrors are also powerful spiritual divination tools that invite one to reflect on herself.

How To Pick The Best Birthday Gift For Wife

Your gifts are your voice and your love language.

1. Know your wife's interests and tastes

This may seem obvious, but really knowing these things is a lifelong practice. Observe the brands and styles she already owns. Note what companies she follows on Instagram.

2. Know what products she really doesn't care for

If you've been together awhile, you probably have a good idea what she's just not into. Getting her something that she has told you she doesn't care for can seem like you're just not listening.

3. Support artists

We curate a lot of Etsy art and craft items to let everyone know that handmade, one-of-a-kind things are like passing on another person's life passion. Before choosing something mass produced, consider a piece that has been infused with heart and soul.

More Awesome Gift Ideas For Women

Here are some other carefully curated gift options so you're always in the know:

  1. No matter how recently you two got together, we've got the perfect gifts for girlfriend.
  2. Chocolate heals the soul. Your monthly healing is here with chocolates of the month club.
  3. Beautiful things belong everywhere in your life with our flowers of the month club.


With our expert gift selection specialists combing the web on your behalf, your birthday gifts for wife are surefire winners.

The perfect birthday gift for wife is no longer a source of stress with so many lists to choose from that cater to your girl's unique tastes and preferences.

No matter the occasion, budget, or impeccable high standards of the woman you love, we're here to make sure your gifts for wife convey your loving intentions more than adequately.