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50 Best Gifts For Girlfriend – The only list you’ll need!

50 Best Gifts For Girlfriend – The only list you’ll need!

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We get it. You’re nuts about her, but time is tight. That’s why we put in the leg work for you and searched high and low to compile this ingenious list of gifts for girlfriend ideas that are sure to turn her precious little heart into warm, romantic goo.

Because unless you have your PhD in creating amazing gifts ideas (like us), this overwhelming task will always challenge the most loving and creative relationship guru.

Finding the right gift ideas, especially gifts for women, is up there with other palm-sweating events like meeting her parents or reacting to the first I Love You. And just to make it extra difficult, as soon as you survive one occasion, like Valentine’s Day, the next one creeps up on you without warning, like her birthday or your anniversary.


5 Best Gifts For Girlfriend

There are gift ideas for your girlfriend that might keep you out of the doghouse, and then there are the best gifts ideas that will light up her day. If you’re looking for the latter, you’re officially in the right place.

Here are the 5 best gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - Guardian Angel Necklace

1. guardian angel necklace

This beautifully elegant necklace is not only one of the best gift ideas, it can also be customized with her birth stone.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Baggallini Anti Theft Slim Crossbody

2. Baggallini Anti Theft Slim Crossbody

This super sleek cross-over bag comes with anti-theft locking pockets and wear- and tear-resistant fabric. Now that’s a fashionable, functional bag you can get behind.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

3. Dog Camera Treat Dispenser

With this spot-on gift for dog-lovers, she’ll never have to miss her fur baby.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Journal

4. Journal

Help her stay organized and focused with this handsome quality made planner.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Yoga Mat

5. Yoga Mat

For the yogi in your life, help her up her yoga game with this non-slip eco-friendly yoga mat.

5 Best Birthday Gifts For Girlfriend

If there’s one gift giving opportunity not to drop the ball on, it’s finding the great birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. In case you missed the boyfriend memo, the birthday is her crème de la crème of celebrations. Good thing this well-vetted list of birthday gifts is designed to delight her on her special day.

Here are the 5 best birthday gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

6. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

A fun poster to help the movie buff in your life celebrate her hobby.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Essential Oil Diffuser

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

This well crafted diffuser will add a little much needed zen to her life and smarten up any room’s décor.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Massage & Wellness SPA Gift Card

8. Massage & Wellness SPA Gift Card

Because you can never go wrong with a spa gift card.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Wireless Waterproof Speaker

9. Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Liven up your outdoor activities with some weather resistant portable tunes.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Make Your Own Beeswax Candle Kit

10. Make Your Own Beeswax Candle Kit

For the do-it-yourself craft lover in your life, this candle making kit contains simple non-toxic ingredients to make up to twenty candles.

5 Best Small Gifts For Girlfriend

Small gifts can often pack a bigger impact than larger sentiments. On the other hand, sometimes you just need a small gesture to celebrate a small moment or milestone.

Either way, these small gift ideas will nuzzle their way into every nook or cranny you need to fill.

Here are the 5 best small gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - Reusable Tote Bags Gift Box

11. Reusable Tote Bags Gift Box

This ingenious yet simple organizational tool for shopping bag storage comes in a crafty easy to store box.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Cat Ceramic Mug

12. Cat Ceramic Mug

This cute 12oz mug will not only lighten up any cat lover’s morning but is also made of environmentally friendly materials.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive

13. Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive

Throw it back with this modern music storage device cleverly disguised in a nostalgic package.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Ring Holder Organizer

14. Ring Holder Organizer

This artisan dish is the perfect organizational solution for her jewelry and fits well in any bathroom or bedside table.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Fleece Slippers

15. Fleece Slippers

She will absolutely adore these adorably cozy fluffy slippers that are outdoor and indoor capable.

5 Best Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend

Gifts For Girlfriend - Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend (1)

There aren’t many romantic gestures that can beat one of these perfect romantic gifts for girlfriend ideas. If she had any doubts about how you feel, these gift ideas will single-handedly settle the debate.

Here are the 5 best romantic gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - One Dozen Rainbow Roses With Godiva & Bear

16. One Dozen Rainbow Roses with Godiva & Bear

This romantic gift set contains all the classic lovey-dovey items wrapped in one.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Lucky To Be In Love Picture Frame

17. Lucky to be in Love Picture Frame

An artful frame with a loving message that truly says it all.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Our Q&A A Day 3-Year Journal For 2 People

18. Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

If journaling is a pathway to your soul, this savvy two-way journal will entangle his and hers forever.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Love Necklace

19. Love Necklace

Tell her how you really feel in 120 different languages with this smart, elegant, 24K gold necklace

Gifts For Girlfriend - His & Hers Lovin’ Massage Oil Gift Set

20. His & Hers Lovin’ Massage Oil Gift Set

These delightfully fragrant all natural non-GMO massage oils are the exact gift you need to warm up the romance.

5 Best Anniversary Gifts For Girlfriend

As the earth jiggles its way around the sun on its annual voyage, it gives us all sorts of reminders to start thinking about special anniversary gifts for girlfriend. Whether it’s to commemorate your first date, the day you tied the knot, or the first time you rolled around in the hay, these gift ideas are enough to spice up any girlfriend’s day.

Here are the 5 best anniversary gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - Anniversary Engraved Natural Wood Plaque

21. Anniversary Engraved Natural Wood Plaque

Remind her of just how much special time you’ve shared with this slightly brainy, very artsy handmade wood plaque.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Engraved Rock

22. Engraved Rock

A detailed and well crafted sentimental keepsake she will carry with her to keep you in mind.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Lace Pencil Dress

23. Lace Pencil Dress

This elegant slim-fitted dress will make her stand out on date night.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Coffee Gifts Basket

24. Coffee Gifts Basket

Make the coffee-lover in your life smile with this aromatic high-quality complete coffee set.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Rose Wine Sampler

25. Rose Wine Sampler

Because sometimes you need to party but can’t afford the hangover. You’ll instantly become her favorite with this classy selection of non-alcoholic Rose’s.

5 Cute Gifts For Girlfriend

These cute gifts for girlfriend are proven methods for coaxing the most hard to please girl into your good graces. Being cute doesn’t just work well for chipmunks and bunnies; it can and will totally work for you, too.

That’s why we racked our brains to compile this list of cute gifts that’ll make her go “aaaaawww.”

Here are the 5 best cute gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - Me Without You

26. Me without You

This ridiculously adorable, rather entertaining illustrated book will show her exactly how much you care.

Gifts For Girlfriend - I Do What I Want Coffee Mug

27. I Do What I Want Coffee Mug

Because this is how everyone should start their day, with a strong cup of coffee in a bold mug.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Coupons For Couples

28. Coupons for Couples

Rekindle the romance with this charmingly witty coupon book.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Cat Cross Body Bag Shoulder Bag

29. Cat Cross Body Bag Shoulder Bag

For the feline adorer in your life, this super chic cat bag will match every style.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Gifts For Girlfriend - You Are The Peanut To My Butter Wood Wall Plaque Sign

30. You are The Peanut to My Butter Wood Wall Plaque Sign

She might just find this humorous artisan wood plaque to be the cutest thing she’s ever seen.

5 Thoughtful Gifts For Girlfriend

Let her know you’re thinking of her with one of these heartfelt thoughtful gift for girlfriend. Being thoughtful proves you have a genuinely ginormous heart.

And you know what they say about guys with ginormous hearts?

They give really thoughtful gifts.

Here are the 5 best thoughtful gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow

31. If you miss me hug this Pillow

An excellent romantic gift for the lover who is just out of reach.

Gifts For Girlfriend - RFID Blocking Wallet


This super chic accessory isn’t just slim and elegant, it also protects your critical card data from trollers.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Key Finder

33. Key Finder

Because everyone has that special absent-minded someone in their life that can never seem to find what they need.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Echo Spot

34. Echo Spot

For the techy in your life, the echo will not only jazz up just about every aspect of your life, it’s super sleek, too.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Minimergency Kit For Her

35. Minimergency Kit for Her

This miniature glam bag is the perfect gift for the girl on the go with all the emergency essentials.

4 D.I.Y Gifts For Girlfriend

Nothing says, “I’m your man,” quite like these D.I.Y. gifts for girlfriend. You can invest your sweat equity into a property or a startup. Why not your relationship?

We think you can and you should; that’s why we put together this killer list of crafty gift ideas.

Here are the 4 best D.I.Y. gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - Homemade Card

36. Homemade card

Because the card rack never really says exactly what you want, this handmade card gives that extra personal touch you need.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

37. Homemade chocolate chip cookies

What better way to brighten up someone’s day then with some warm, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies?

Gifts For Girlfriend - D.I.Y State String Art

38. D.I.Y State string art

For the do-it-yourselfer, geography nerd, artist in your life.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Surprise Breakfast

39. Surprise breakfast

C’mon, it’s the most important meal of the day. Whatever you’re celebrating, an unexpected home cooked meal is the right way to start the day.

4 Best Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend

Sure, Santa Claus probably has you covered for this one, but we put together this festive list of Christmas gifts for girlfriend ideas just in case he doesn’t show up. Check out this list of Christmas gift ideas to springboard you into the giving spirit.

Here are the 4 best Christmas gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - Purse Organizer

40. Purse Organizer

If her purse has become a chaotic black hole, this versatile purse organizer will change her life.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Robotic Vacuum

41. Robotic Vacuum

Clean up your act with this space-age robo cleaner that is also guaranteed to entertain your pets.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Rechargeable Hand Warmers

42. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

For that woman in your life that just loves to put her freezing cold hands on your face and say, “look how cold I am.”

Gifts For Girlfriend - SoapRock

43. SoapRock

An ornamental, hand-crafted soap that looks like a geologic gem.

3 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Make sure you have one of these super romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend ready to go on this day. Any one of these gifts will earn you the valuable points you need to make sure Valentine’s Day goes off without a hitch.

Here are 3 Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - Godiva Chocolatier

44. Godiva Chocolatier

Keep it classic with this scrumptious assortment of delicious chocolates.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Wine Bottle Accessories Gift Set

45. Wine Bottle Accessories Gift Set

A flawless and complete wine set for the wine lover in your life.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Willow Tree You And Me

46. Willow Tree You and Me

This impressive artful sculpture will set the ideal tone for a romantic day.

4 Best Unique Gifts For Girlfriend

Show her you think she’s one of a kind with one of these super unique gifts for girlfriend. Thinking outside of the box is a sign of intelligence, and we think these gift ideas will smarten you right up.

Here are the 4 best unique gifts for girlfriend:

Gifts For Girlfriend - Phone Charging Bracelet

47. phone charging bracelet

This clever 3-in-1 gadget is both fashionable and functional.

Gifts For Girlfriend - WORKPRO Pink Tool Kit

48. WORKPRO Pink Tool Kit

A handy, durable tool bag with every tool she’ll every need, and everything’s pink so you’ll never mix up your tools with hers.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Floral Wood Watch

49. floral wood watch

For the eco-conscious girl in your life, this beautifully crafted wrist watch earns a newly planted tree with each purchase.

Gifts For Girlfriend - Mask Kit

50. Mask Kit

Help her self-indulge a little with this all natural beauty care kit that every girl wants.

More Gift Ideas Here

Looking for more perfect gift ideas for just the right occasion? Check out these additional gift ideas for wine lovers and more:

  1. Wine connoisseurs can be a tough crowd to please. Old world? New world? Upside down world? Who knows? Well, we do, and these gifts for wine lovers will delight the pickiest palates.
  2. Old Saint Nick ‘aint got nothing on these clever Christmas gifts ideas. A little holiday shopping throughout the year will save you a tremendous headache when it comes to crunch time. 
  3. Wondering what to fill those big, ornamental socks with besides coal? These stocking stuffers will fill the biggest stockings and bring heaps of holiday cheer to every mantle. 

How To Pick The Right Gifts For Your Girlfriend

These lists of gift ideas have something for everyone and then some. They’re the best, the cutest, and the most thoughtful, but they don’t help you narrow down which gift is best for her.

Here’s how to pick the right gifts for your girlfriend:

1. Follow the social media breadcrumbs

Your girlfriend will leave a healthy breadcrumb trail throughout her social media accounts. Whether its her favorite local artist or jewelry maker, she’ll be following the people, hobbies, or brands that she’s most interested in. Study all her social media accounts closely like an Alaskan fur trapper searching for a paw print in the snow and pick up the trail.

2. Befriend the Bestie

In any relationship, your best ally is always her bestie. Thought you were her bestie, who she tells everything? Chances are she shares a whole universe of different information with her best friend. A quick query to her other plutonic half is the quickest way to find directions to that perfect gift for her.

3. Tune in to the Girl Talk

Observe her closest social circle to see what’s trending right beneath your nose. Instead of zoning out to your happy place when all the girl talk starts, tune in and pay careful attention. You’ll be guaranteed to notice that new thing that all her friends are into.

4. Just Ask Her

Well, don’t straight out ask her. You could be accused of being a lazy gift giver. But there are clever ways to disguise your intent, and get her to spill the beans. Try the ‘if you won’ tactic, but make sure to keep the theoretical winnings reasonable. It looks like this: ‘If you won a hundred bucks, what would you buy?’

5. Just Sell It

A large factor that determines a gift’s impact is how pumped you are to give it. It’s actually a classic marketing tactic. Don’t second guess yourself, be confident in your gift idea, and have a little rehearsed sales pitch handy when she unwraps your flawless choice.

In Conclusion

Now that you’re a gift-giving wizard having perused this encyclopedia of gift ideas, finding those smart, crowning gifts for girlfriend will be a breeze.

Whether you’re getting a jumpstart on the holidays or searching for that magical anniversary gift, these gifts for women will land you dead center in best-partner-ever territory.

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