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101 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend [From Her]

101 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for Your Girlfriend [From Her]

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birthday gifts for girlfriend - postGuys… as women, we’ve all received the same generic birthday gifts:

  • A dozen roses
  • A box of chocolates
  • Small stud earrings

And while those gifts can be nice…

…they seem bland and overdone, right? They don’t exactly seem like highly creativethoughtful birthday gifts.

But… I get it:

That kind of thoughtful, unique, creative birthday gift can be incredibly hard to come up with… and even if you try to think of what she’d want... sometimes, you just can’t come up with an answer.

And if that’s you… then this list of 101 birthday gift ideas is the perfect way to find that gift for your girlfriend, finance, or wife.

Each gift below is creative, thoughtful, romantic, and completely approved by a female dating expert (and that’s me!). Plus, these ideas are for girls of all ages, with different hobbies, and in different price ranges.



Gifts Around $25 or Less (37 Gifts)

These girlfriend birthday gift ideas for around/under $25 are perfect for inexpensive, thoughtful presents… or they can be “add-ons” if you have a bigger/more expensive gift already, but want to get her one more small gift too.

Here are 37 gift ideas for girlfriends birthday for around $25 or less:

divine bath bombs

101. Lush Bath Bombs by Divine Botanics

Almost every girl wants a long relaxing bath at the end of the day… whether she’s a nurse, student, CEO or stay-at-home mom.

So help her relax with 6 4-oz ‘bath bombs’ (incredibly good-smelling fizzy bath soaps). I’ve personally used these bath bombs, and can vouch for how completely relaxing and luxurious they can make your girl’s bath.

100. Intelex Cozy Body Boots

Is your girlfriend constantly coldor are her feet constantly sore from working on them all day?

Either way, she’ll love these warm, relaxing fuzzy boots that actually heat up in the microwave. They stay warm for up to an hour, and even release a calming lavender scent once they’re hot.

savvy water bottle

99. 24 oz. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

This isn’t just another water bottle for the gym, office, or hiking trail… it’s a way for your girlfriend to create custom flavors for water, tea, lemonade, or juice. Here’s how it works:

Put fruit (like pineapple), herbs (like mint), or even vegetables (like cucumber) in the bottle’s inner compartment… and in a few minutes, the water quickly becomes infused with the flavor.

luxx beauty ultimate female shaving kit

98. Luxxx Beauty Ultimate Female Shaving Kit

If your girlfriend likes pampering (and let’s be honest… most girls do), then luxurious bath supplies are a perfect inexpensive birthday gift for her.

This shave kit will leave her legs feeling so smooth after her bath, and won’t leave a razor burn on her skin. She’ll feel beautiful and pampered every time she uses it.

book of keats poetry

97. Book of Keats Poetry

Look… you don’t have to buy this exact book of John Keats poems (I chose to feature Keats because he’s my personal favorite). You can get her any book of romantic poems.

…Because just by giving it to her, it seems like you’re dedicating all the book’s poems to her and that’s insanely romantic.

Now… as an added romantic touch:

Write her a short, romantic note inside the cover (she’ll think of it like a personal ‘poem’ from you).

the cocktail club

96. The Cocktail Club: A Year of Recipes and Tips for Spirited Tasting Parties

This recipe book is a great birthday gift for a girl who loves to entertain, experiment in the kitchen… or even just enjoy cocktails.

It has over 170 pages of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres that she can make (and which you can enjoy with her).

And to make it even better, the book is laid out like a calendar, and gives recipes for a different type of alcohol each month…. meaning by the end of the year, your girlfriend will be a cocktail expert.

easy posture lumbar back support

95. Easy Posture Lumbar Back Support for Office/Car Seats

If she sits for long hours (in the car or an office), she’ll deeply appreciate this lower back support for her seat.

It comes with insanely comfortable mesh material that won’t make her hot and sweaty, and the lumbar support even improves posture and relieves back pain.

simmer pink car visor storage

94. Simmer Pink Car Visor Storage

Does she have trouble finding things in her car? Or does she just love it when things are highly organized?

Either way, this car sun visor storage is a great birthday gift for her. It fits neatly over her visor and has pockets for her phone, insurance information, pens, lipstick, or anything she wants to keep organized.

techno hd camera lens

93. TECHO HD Camera Lens Kit for iPhone

This kit is perfect for girls who are always taking pictures on their phones… so it will make any girl who likes taking pictures very happy.

The Techo HD Camera Lens Kit comes with two lenses (a macro and a wide-angle) that easily clip over her phone’s built-in camera, making her pictures dramatically clearer.

And this one works for iPhone 6, 6s, 6s+, 5s, but other retailers might sell them for other phone types.

wine walker

92. Wine Walker Unbreakable Silicone Drinking Glasses & Travel Tote

These 12 oz silicone wine tumblers let her enjoy a glass of wine while she’s camping or exploring. Here’s how they work:

  • They’re heat-resistant (they can sit right next to a camp fire)
  • They’re unbreakable (dropping for tripping over them won’t be a problem)
  • They’re easily foldable (incredibly easy to pack up)
  • They even come with a carrying backpack (she won’t even have to pack them)

…And you even have the option of a set of 2 for $13, a set of 4 for $20, or a party set of 10 for $40. Pretty cool, right?

kama sutra massage oils

91. Set of 5 Kama Sutra Massage Oils

Guys: this is one of the most romantic birthday gifts you can get your girlfriendand it’s not even $25.

This zippered case contains 5 bottles of massage oil, each with a unique, relaxing scent, that will leave her skin insanely soft to touch.

And the best part of this gift? You get to be her personal masseuse… and probably get a massage in return.

metallic wine glass markers

90. Metallic Wine Glass Markers (5 Pack + eBook)

These metallic markers are a type of wine charm (a unique clip on the stem of each wineglass, used to tell glasses apart)…

but with these, guests can decorate their own glasses, or your girlfriend can design unique glasses for everyone. Either way, it’s a creative twist to add to parties she hosts!

french press

89. Stainless Steel French Press

If your girlfriend likes coffee (and let’s be honest… most girls do), she’ll love this classic, authentic French press.

that’s because French pressed coffee and tea take only minutes to make, and the French press develops a richer, stronger flavor. This beautiful silver pot makes up to 8 cups of coffee, and will fit in her refrigerator to save iced coffee for later.

If she’s never used a French press, check out how simply it works here.

himalayan salt shot glasses

88. Set of 4 Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

These gorgeous Himalayan salt shot glasses are a must-have for any girl who enjoys tequila.

They’re made of natural pink Himalayan salt, and will gently flavor shots of tequila without making a salty mess all over the kitchen (which is what usually happens when you try to sprinkle salt on the glass rim yourself).

masterclass premium sketchbook

87. Masterclass Premium 9×12 Spiral-Bound Hardcover Sketchbook

If your girlfriend wants to be an artist, designer, or architect, an incredibly thoughtful gift is the tools she needs to pursue her dream. It shows that you care about her passions.

Take this 100-sheet sketchbook for example:

It’s inexpensive, yet incredibly thoughtful for any girl who likes to create art. She can use it to sketch portraits, clothing designs, building schematics, or anything that will help her achieve her creative dreams.

savvy coffee handheld milk frother

86. Savvy Coffee Handheld Milk Frother Wand with Stand

Like I mentioned above, most girls like coffee/espresso… and the best place to get high-quality espresso drinks is usually at a coffee shop.

But you can help her create those drinks at home, with a stainless steel milk wand. It steams and whips milk into a thick foam… perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate or tea.

Pro tip: if she really loves espresso (not just regular coffee) with milk, pair this gift with the espresso machine below.

happy platypis loose leaf tea infuser

85. Happy Platypus Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

This insanely cute platypus is actually a functional accessory that a tea drinker will love.

To use, pop the platypus open, fill the inside compartment with loose tea leaves, and place it on the edge of the cup. It rests its paws on the edge of her tea glass, infusing the hot water with tea. Adorable, right?

personalized wood desktop pen

84. Personalized Wood Desktop Pen Set

This beautiful and highly professional desk set (which comes with a monogrammed pen and hand-engraved desk nameplate) is perfect for so many types of girl:

  • A new graduate
  • A new office worker
  • A new teacher

And it’s a highly thoughtful gift… every time she looks at it the beautiful handgraved letters on her desk, she’ll remember how thoughtful you are.

custom business card case

83. Monogrammed Business Card Case

A personalized business card holder keeps her business cards professionally organized, while still showing her personality (with her favorite colors and fonts).

Like the desk set above, this is a perfect gift for a businesswoman (for the first time out of college, after many years of working already, or re-entering in a new field).

elephant print scarf

82. A Scarf that Shows Her Personality

Show off your girlfriend’s fun personality with a pretty printed scarf (it’s one of the few fashion items you don’t need to get in the right size).

The one above is printed with elephants, but Etsy has scarves with many animals, flowers, film references, or even lines from famous books. Choose a scarf that your girlfriend will love… and think of you when she wears.

nap queen

81. Nap Queen Sweatshirt

This cozy, funny “Nap Queen” sweatshirt is a perfect gift for almost any girlfriend (because all girls love to be cozy, right?).

Whenever she wears it around the house, she’ll think about you.

wood iphone case

80. Wood Set of 2 iPhone Cases

A phone case is a fun, simple gift for a girlfriend that shows off her personality.

…And I love these handmade coordinating phone cases, because they give her two options for how her phone looks, or let her have matching phone cases with a friend.

monogrammed umbrella

79. Personalized Umbrella

I’m pretty sure that no matter where your girlfriend lives, it rains there… so she can always use an umbrella. Even better if it’s available in custom colors, and is personalized with her initials (like this one).

Plus, getting her something practical (yet in this case, something that’s pretty, too) shows her that you care about her, and want to protect her.

silk eyewear sleep mask

78. Silk Sleep Mask

Most girls have trouble sleeping every now and then… so help your girlfriend have deeper, more luxurious sleep by blocking out light with this comfortable silk sleep mask.

It’s only $9, and it’s a perfect add-on gift with something larger.

personalized pet dog tags

77. Mixed Metal Personalized Pet Tag

She loves her pet… so show her you do too.

These mixed-metal custom tags are the perfect way to show her… they have the pet’s name on the front, and a space for your girlfriend’s phone number on the back, in case her pet gets lost.

Plus, they look dramatically more well-made and expensive than cheap tags from a pet store… but they’re only $13!

clip and chain hanging photo display

76. Clip and Chain Hanging Photo Display Rail

This is a unique, minimal way for her to display up to 32 photos on her wall. Three 30-inch chains hang down from a 29.5-inch cord, and 32 clips hold her photos in place on the chains.

Now… to make this gift even better:

Print photos of you and her, her family, or her pets and to start her new photo wall.

tj's choclate passport

75. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport

Almost every girl loves chocolate…

…but boring chocolates in a box aren’t unique or original.

So instead of that boring chocolate, give her these 8 chocolate bars (which are the best-known recipes from 8 different countries), packaged to look like passports from their country of origin.

Pro tip: this gift gets even better when you pair it with a wine club membership.

gaiam print yoga mat

74. Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

If your girlfriend does yoga… or even has talked about starting yoga, surprise her with one of these beautiful printed yoga mats.

They’re the standard 68x 24”, 3 mm thick, and come in 26 patterns, so there’s definitely a pattern she’ll love.

gold filled heart necklace

73. Dainty Heart Necklace, 14K Gold

This simple necklace is a subtle way to remind your girlfriend you love her, every time she puts it on.

It has a simple, small design that will complement any outfit (casual or formal)… but won’t cost you as much as a diamond necklace would (this necklace is real gold, and is only $24).

babycakes pop maker

72. Babycakes Pop Maker

If your girlfriend loves sweets and being creative, this gift was specially designed for her.

The Babycakes Pop Maker bakes 12 cake pops at a time, and comes with:

  • Recipes for delicious cake pops
  • A cake pop stand to display her creations
  • 75 cake pop sticks
  • A filling injector

The best part? You can help her taste test what she makes.

cherry parfait rosebush

71. Cherry Parfait Rosebush


Any man can buy a girl a dozen roses… that will wilt and die in a week.

So why not get her a rosebush that will bloom year after year? This bush comes in a pot only 4 inches tall, making it perfect for a beginner gardener, or for your girlfriend’s small apartment.

styled secrets for arranging rooms

70. Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms Coffee Table Book

Any girl would appreciate a coffee table book, because it shows that you pay attention to her interests (you’ve listened enough to know what she’d like to read about/see pictures of).

If she’s into interior design, the beautiful book above is the perfect choice… but if she likes pets, photography, butterflies, hostessing, history, or anything, there is most likely a coffee table book out there for her.

4x6 wood photo frames

69. 4×6 Weathered Wood Photo Frame

This  sweet, simple gift has been around forever (yet never gets old): a framed photo of you and her. 

And here’s the best part:

Nowadays, a framed photo is even more special, since people have mostly digital photos… and it will mean so much to her to have a framed photo of you two in her home. Order her one of these beautiful, antique-looking frames (instead of a boring, generic one).

dr who wine glass

68. Paraphernalia of Something She Loves (for example: Dr. Who Wine Glass)

The best gift is something highly specific to her interests. It shows you listen to what she likes, and want to get her something unique.

Search for paraphernalia (earrings, a wallet, wine glass, clothing) of her favorite book, movie, or TV show (in this case, a wine glass from Dr. Who).

sabre red police stregth pepper spray

67. Sabre Red Police Strength Pepper Spray

Keychain pepper spray is a perfect way to show her that you care about her a lot. It’ll give her a little extra security, and she’ll appreciate that you want her to be safe.

Pro tip: this is an especially good gift if your girlfriend lives alone.

18 floral-scented soap roses

66. 18 Floral-Scented Soap Roses

Girls like romantic, soothing baths at the end of a long day, and almost any girl would like this luxurious rose-shaped soap set.

You’ll immediately make her feel like a princess at bath time… and she’ll think about you whenever she uses it.

non-slip spa bath pillow

65. Non-Slip Spa Bath Pillow

As I’ve mentioned several times, girls like to pamper themselves…

…and this soft, 2-inch thick foam pillow instantly makes her feel pampered. It easily sticks to her tub with suction cups, allowing her to rest her tired neck while she takes a long, relaxing bath.

Gifts Under $100 (50 Gifts)

These 50 gifts are mid-range in price… anywhere from $25 to just above $100.


A great birthday gift idea is to pair a larger item from this list with a smaller item from the Under $25 list (because two gifts are better than one, right?).

Here are 50 gift ideas for girlfriends birthday under $100:

essential oils

64. Fabulous Frannie Essential Oils

Essential oils are the purest form of a plant’s natural oil (which you get through plant distillation).

…And this large set of 14 essential oils (like lavender, grapefruit, pine, lemon, etc.) is an amazing gift for any girl, since essential oils have so many different uses:

She can use them for aromatherapy, massage, cleaning, first aid and even cooking (but read the instructions for which oils are edible).

qbedding soothing drive cooling bamboo seat cover

63. Qbedding Soothing Drive Cooling Bamboo Seat Cover

If your girlfriend drives a lot, complains about hot car seats, has neck pain, or even just likes to update features on her car, this ergonomic bamboo car seat cover is a great gift… and here’s why:

Bamboo is cool to the touch during summer,the ergonomically designed pillow is insanely comfortable on long drives, and these covers look cool, sleek and modern.

…And a matching set of two seat covers would only be $80! Pretty great, right?

leather and cashmere gloves

62. Leather and Cashmere Gloves

Most girls would agree:

There’s almost no accessory more upscale and luxurious than leather and cashmere gloves.

These gloves have a soft leather exterior and a silky cashmere lining. They even have a pad on the index finger that allows her to use her smartphone while wearing them.

london fog 21 spinner carry on

61. London Fog 21” Spinner Carry On

If your girlfriend likes to travel, update her luggage for her birthday (it’s a functional and classy way to show your love).

Start with a thoughtfully-designed carry-on for women… this one, a 21-inch long carry-on from London Fog:

  • Is lightweight (she can lift it to the overhead compartment)
  • Has 360o spinning wheels (it rolls in every direction)
  • Has interior pockets (that help her stay organized)

It’s a classic gift for a girl who travels.

tani silk cut

60. Tani SilkCut Slip

Tani underwear is the softest, most luxurious underwear I’ve had on. Ever.

Their material is thinner and softer than silk, plus has naturally wicking fiber that won’t make her sweat.

I’d highly recommend their insanely comfortable SilkCut slip to any girl, to use as a slip under a dress, or as a nightgown.

72 leaning ladder bookshelf

59. 72“ Leaning Ladder Bookshelf

Every girl has stuff to display… and her books, DVD’s, keepsakes, art, or even shoes would fit and look great on this modern, leaning ladder bookshelf.

It has 5 19-inch shelves and a clean and modern black finish (so it’ll probably go with the décor she has).

yoga toes

58. Yoga Toes

Ok, I get it: Yoga Toes look a little ridiculous…

…but check out the extremely high reviews from buyers.

They rave about Yoga Toes effectively fighting foot pain from dancing, yoga, athletics, or even just working in heels.

Even though they look silly… if your girlfriend suffers from foot pain, Yoga Toes is definitely worth looking at.

kensington solemassager rocking footrest

57. Kensington Sole Massager Rocking Footrest

We fully cover the benefits of an active footrest in our post on office hacksbut here’s (briefly) why it helps to move your feet:

Sitting still for a long time can cause serious health risks, and can get seriously uncomfortable (especially if your girlfriend wear heels to work).

But this active footrest both massages her feet and rocks back and forth, to subtly keep her legs moving throughout the day… meaning she can avoid that sitting discomfort.

apollo precision tools 54-piece roadside tool set

56. Apollo Precision Tools 54-Piece Roadside Tool Set, Pink

A roadside repair kit is an insanely thoughtful gift… it tells your girlfriend you care about her safety when she’s driving alone.

You can buy a completed kit (the pink one above comes with zip ties, a flashlight, jumper cables, and other items to help in an accident)… or build her a tool/car kit, with your favorite brands and roadside safety items.

ovente tabletop 10x magnification makip mirror with 3 tone led

55. Ovente Tabletop 10x Magnification Makeup Mirror with 3 Tone LED

Most girls enjoy putting on makeup, but they can get frustrated when their mirror makes them look “awful” (you’ve probably heard that complaint, right?)

But this mirror is pretty much guaranteed to solve that problem. It has 3 light options (so she can find the most flattering light for herself), and a 10x magnification on one side so she knows she looks perfect, even close-up.

sally hansen salon pro gel starter kit

54. Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit

Guys… this starter nail kit is a breakthrough product for girls:

For years, we could only get higher-quality gel polish at a salon… for around $30 each time.

But that’s not the case anymore, with this kit (that comes with all the salon tools: a base coat, top coat, nail accessories, drying LED light, and nail color).

In other words, you’ll spend $30 now for tons of manicures… for the price of one manicure at a salon.

Best of all: she definitely won’t expect a nail kit as a gift from a boyfriend. You’ll completely surprise her!

ceramic pottery dog bowls

53. Personalized Large Ceramic Pottery Dog Bowls

If she thinks of her pet as her ‘baby’… these custom-made food bowls are a cute but practical gift she’ll really appreciate.

She’ll also like knowing that you love her pet enough to buy nice gifts for it, too.

4-person picnic backpack

52. 4-Person Picnic Backpack

Picnics are an old-fashioned, classic date that many girls love (but probably don’t go on often… usually because they don’t have picnic supplies).

So surprise her with a romantic sunset picnicpacked in her own picnic backpack.

This blue plaid pre-packaged kit comes with everything but food:

  • Cooler compartment
  • Detachable bottle/wine holder
  • Fleece blanket
  • Flatware and plates

It’s the perfect set-up for the romantic date she’s always wanted.

yeti 30 oz stainless steel rambler cup

51. YETI 30 oz Stainless Steel Rambler Cup

Yeti coolers are built to be indestructible, and keep ice cold twice as long.

…And Yeti now makes tumblers in insanely cool colors, like the pink one above. It’s the perfect gift for a girl who loves outdoor activities like fishing, camping, hiking, or even snowboarding (because these tumblers keep drinks hot or cold).

coleman pop-up tent

50. Coleman Pop-Up Tent

If your girlfriend likes months of backpacking or just staying the night in the backyard, a Coleman tent is a great gift.

This model has a rainfly at the top (perfect for stargazing), a quick 10-second setup time, and 2 storage pockets inside.

coleman road trip beach shade

49. Coleman Road Trip Beach Shade

Does your girlfriend not love camping…

…but does love the beach?

Then this 7.5′ x 4.5′ beach shade is perfect for her ‘beach camping trips’ (a.k.a., doing nothing on the beach). It comes in almost any color, has 4 hanging pockets inside, and even has UV protection for SPF 50+.

Pro tip: have her open this beach tent… then tell her she’ll use it on a beach trip (the second part of her gift!)

old factory romance candles

48. Old Factory Romance Candles Set of 3

By now you know that girls love romance, pampering, and delicious smells… and that makes this candle set the perfect romantic gift (especially for Valentine’s Day… since the candle scents are rose petals, champagne, and chocolate).

Light them all together while she takes a bath, and she’ll be in heaven.

tiered garden bed

47. Greenes Tiered Cedar Raised Garden Bed

This cedar garden planter has three compact sections that let her grow whatever she wants… even on a small patio (the little planter is only 4 ft. x 4 ft.).

…And to make this birthday gift even better:

Pair it with some flower seeds from a local garden center (ask an employee there what grows best in your area).

eno double deluxe

46. Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Deluxe Hammock

ENO hammocks are very light and compact, perfect for long-term camping, or simply having a picnic in the yard.

This ENO model is made for a couple to share (it’s double-wide, and supports up to 400 lbs). It comes in many colors, so you can even get her favorite.

plonk wine club

45. Plonk Wine of the Month Club

As a preface, we fully discuss the benefits of a wine of the month club in our post here.

A membership to a Wine of the Month club is an amazing gift for a girl who loves wine, wants to learn more about wine, or loves trying new things.

Here’s how it works:

You pay a membership fee, input her address, and different wines show up at her doorstep each month.

It’s a way to continuously show her your love… every time exotic new wine arrives, she’ll think of you.

PS: if she’s more of a beer-girl, get her a beer of the month club instead.

reclaimed barnwood planter box

44. Reclaimed Barnwood Planter Box Mini Herb Garden Kit

This mini (15-inch long, 6-inch tall) windowsill herb planter is made for a girl who likes gardening, cooking, or simply good-smelling herbs.

It’s a full planter kit, and it comes with the beautiful wooden planter box, seeds (cilantro, basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, and dill), and instructions for growing.

dolce and gabana blue

43. Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz.

Choosing a scent for your girlfriend is extremely romantic… she’ll instantly remember you every time she smells ‘your’ scent.

…And the best way to choose a scent is investigate what she has at home: shampoo, body spray, bath salts, etc. See what type of scent she likes (floral, citrus, vanilla, etc.)


If you can’t tell what scents she likes, try Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue. It’s a widely-appealing smell because it’s clean, not too powerful, and feminine.

patio pool cooler table

42. Rattan Patio/Pool Cooler Table

This mini cooler/cocktail table can go on her patio, or by the pool.

…And it’s a pretty cool product:

It looks like a cocktail table at first, but the tabletop lifts up, revealing an ice cooler underneath. There’s even a second shelf underneath the cooler for extra storage.

lazy susan electric fondue maker

41. Cuisinart Lazy Susan Electric Fondue Maker

If you’ve never had fondue, it’s the perfect party food… a small pot heats up cheese or chocolate, and guests dip bread, meat or fruit into the pot with long forks.

Now… this complete fondue set has almost everything your girlfriend needs to host an amazing fondue night:

  • A nonstick fondue pot that holds up to 3 quarts of cheese or chocolate
  • 8 colored long fondue forks, so each guest can have their own fork
  • 4 serving cups to hold the food that gets dipped

The only things that aren’t included are the food and the people to enjoy it!

bar brat bar set

40. Bar Brat 7-Piece Stainless Steel Bar Set

A girl who makes drinks at home needs a complete, beautiful bar set, right?

This minimalist stainless steel set comes with:

  • Double jigger
  • Drink strainer
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Wine corkscrew
  • Ice tongs
  • An eBook with 101 cocktail recipes for her to try

In short, it’s the complete package for your girlfriend who’s an aspiring mixologist.

delonghi espresso and cappuccino maker

39. De’Longhi Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

If your girlfriend loves coffee, she probably already has a coffee maker… so give her an even better birthday gift: a real espresso machine.

She can create higher-quality espresso with it, and can use it to make lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more (using steamed milk… get this frother as a perfect add-on accessory).

In other words… she’ll be a true barista with a high-quality espresso machine in her home.

le chateau hand blown crystal wine decanter

38. Le Chateau Hand Blown Crystal Wine Decanter

If she likes drinking wine (alone, with you, or with friends), she needs a good wine decanter. Here’s why:

A decanter allows wine (or liquor) to lose the bitter ‘bite’ that new, unopened alcohol has… basically, it makes alcohol better-flavored, much faster than resting inside the bottle.

This gorgeous decanter’s slanted top makes pouring a wine glass easy... and it’s an extremely highly-rated model (check it out below).

turkish spa large bath sheet

37. 40″ x 80″ Turkish Spa Large Bath Sheet

Does your girlfriend like to be pampered, especially at a spa/in the bath?

If so, these bath sheets (they’re too big to even be called regular ‘towels’) are the perfect gift. They’re huge, soft, and insanely luxurious (just like the towels at an upscale spa).

I bought some, and I have to say… I’m never going to use small, rough towels again. Buy them with a towel warmer to turn her bathroom into her own personal spa.

hotel stay

36. A Hotel Stay

I can promise, she’ll love to get away from everyday life with you… so take her on a birthday trip, even if it’s just to a neighboring city.

And check this out:

You actually don’t have to spend a fortune at a nice hotel… check out our in-depth article on how to get hotels hugely discounted.

art deco comb

35. Art Deco Hair Combs

If she loves beautiful, classic accessories, an antique hair comb is a one-of-a kind birthday gift for your girlfriend.

These combs can be under $20, or hundreds of dollars depending on how old/valuable they are (though most stay around $40).

Click the link below to see a selection of real, antique hair combs sold on Etsy.

leather journal

34. Personalized Leather Journal

A leather-bound journal is a romantic gift for a writer, journalist, or poet (it shows that you want her to express her thoughts… and to her, that means you care).


I love this journal because there are two ways to personalize it: monogram the cover with her initials, and inscribe the first page with a personal message for her.

monogrammed clutch

33. Personalized Women’s Wallet with Strap

Every girl has things to carry in a wallet…

…but not every girl has a custom leather wallet that she got as a thoughtful gift.

With this one, you can choose the color and font for her monogram, and the large wallet itself comes with a wrist strap and plenty of card pockets inside for all her important things.

handmade leather camera carrying strap

32. Completely Handmade Leather Camera Carrying Strap

A camera strap is a perfect, thoughtful gift for a photographer (especially if she already has a nice camera).

…And this durable, handmade, leather strap guarantees no one else will have the same one-of-a-kind camera accessory as she does!

giant jenga

31. Giant Jenga Set

Whether or not your girlfriend played Jenga as a kid, she’ll probably love this giant, 2-foot tall yard Jenga set.

It’s a great game for her to play with you, or bring to parties (especially when you pair it with the corn hole set below.)

unique macbook case

30. 12” MacBook Case

If she has a laptop, she needs a place to store and protect it, but she probably doesn’t want a boring laptop case, right?

Well, the creative, pretty laptop case below fits a 12-inch MacBook… but you can get her any unique case from Etsy that will fit her computer.

personalized bar necklace

29. Personalized Bar Necklace

We featured a bar necklace similar to this one in a post about 3 good Christmas gifts for a girlfriend.

I love the idea of a simple, custom bar necklace because… well, it’s custom. You can inscribe her initials, her birthday, your anniversary, the coordinates of where you met, or any meaningful message.

You also get to choose a length and metal type that she likes, ensuring that she’ll love and wear this necklace with everything.

scottish thistle earing

28. Sterling Silver Ear Cuff


Any man could buy a girl diamond earrings… so be different, and buy her something truly unique.

These ear cuffs are a perfect example of ‘something unique’… they fit on the side of her ear, not her earlobe, and are beautifully shaped as wings, thorns, or flowers.

Plus, they’re actually clip-on, so she doesn’t even have to get a new piercing to wear them!

personalized bamboo cutting board

27. Personalized State Bamboo Cutting Board

Everything in a girl’s home can be beautiful and have meaningeven kitchen tools.

For example:

This 12″ x 14” handmade cutting board is hand-engraved to feature any of the 50 states and the meaningful word ‘home’ under it. You can even contact the maker to add an engraved quote (making it even more meaningful).

throw pillows

26. Custom Throw Pillow

Instead of a cliché stuffed animal (unless it’s a custom one made after her pet), why don’t you get her something more creative to snuggle with… like a customized pillow?

You can inscribe any three lines of text on this 18 x 18” pillow, or even get her two matching pillows.

Here’s some ideas of what to write:

  • I Love You
  • Her name And Your name
  • Kiss Before Bed
  • My Special Lady
lumee illuminated cell phone case

25. Lumee Illuminated Cell Phone Case

The Lumee is a phone case for iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s, 6+ and Samsung Galaxy s6.

Around the edge of the case, tiny LED lights light up her face when she takes a picture. It’s ideal for makeup adjustments, video chat selfies, and photos at night.

It comes in a very durable case, and has a 36-hour battery and charger.

I have one and I love it, and I use it to take amazing photos (and I get so many compliments on it from other girls!)

vera bradley work tote

24. Vera Bradley Work Tote

It’s very annoying to carry a purse and a laptop case every day (trust me on this one)…

…so every career woman/student needs a good work tote that holds all her items (so she only needs one bag).

This Vera Bradley tote has special compartments for her laptop, wallet, phone, makeup bag, and even a trolley sleeve to secure it over rolling luggage.

you are my sunshine sign

23. Handmade Indoor/Outdoor Pallet Sign

A pretty pallet sign can vary widely in price… it depends on the size, whether or not it’s handmade, and if it’s weatherproof.

But no matter what you pay for it, she’ll love a home decoration that means something to her.

Choose something thoughtful (like the sign above), a saying or motto she likes, song lyrics, or a poem to hang in her home, and she’ll remember your thoughtfulness every time she sees it.

glowzi chatlight

22. Glowzi Chatlight

You may be in a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend… or you may live close, but you video chat often.

If that’s the case, get her these portable, expandable LED lights for your phones, tablets or computers to light up your faces when you talk. The lights clip on any of those devices, and make chatting at night dramatically easier.

leather guitar strap

21. Leather Guitar Strap

This leather guitar strap is custom-made, can be embossed, and is fully adjustable, making it a thoughtful custom gift for your guitar-playing girlfriend.


If she doesn’t play the guitar, but plays another instrument, you should look around Etsy and Amazon to find an accessory for the instrument she plays.

cermic yarn bowl

20. Ceramic Yarn Bowl

If she does any yarn craft (knitting, crochet, etc.), this 6″ x 3″ bowl will keep her yarn from rolling away and getting tangled.

It’s a cute way for her to display her passion for crafts, while also providing a purpose.

customized planner

19. Customized Planner

A planner is a great gift for any girl… if she’s organized, she’ll want one… if she’s not, you can help her become better at organization.

This beautiful 6.75″ x 9” planner from Etsy extends for 12 months, starting at any month you choose, and is monogrammed in real gold foil text.

vintage movie posters

18. Vintage Movie Poster

Antique posters are very often one-of-a-kind (being the only ones left intact after so long), and as a gift, they show that you pay attention to your girlfriend’s interests.

The awesome movie poster below is from the original Tron film, but you can get her any vintage poster from a movie, band, or artist she loves.

rebecca minkoff leo clutch

17. Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch

A designer clutch is a luxury item that almost every girl wants, but can’t always afford to buy for herself.

If she has a simple style, buy her a simple black clutch… but if she’s more stylish, get her the bold, fashionable Rebecca Minkoff clutch above.

towel warmer

16. Towel Warmer by LCM

A towel warmer instantly turns any girl’s bathroom into a luxurious experience by heating her towels up to 120o in just 10 minutes.

Plus, this incredible towel warmer is free-standing, or can even be attached to a wall.

As a girl with a towel warmer in my home, I can tell you… almost nothing makes me feel more relaxed than wrapping in a warm towel after a shower or bath (though I use bath sheets, instead of towels).

initial earings, birth stone

15. Initials Earrings with Birthstone

Like I mentioned in this article, any guy can get his girlfriend diamond earrings. They’re pretty, but unoriginal.

So get her something unique and personal instead.

These sterling silver/zirconia earrings feature her birthstone and her two initials. When she wears them, she’ll know that no one else is wearing anything like it.

Gifts Around or Under $300 (14 Gifts)

These last 14 items are the most expensive on our list… but they’re still under $300 (not bad, right?).

Here are 14 gift ideas for girlfriends birthday, around or under $300:

schwinn discover womens hybrid bike

14. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

If your girlfriend doesn’t already own a bike, you should consider getting her one. Why is that?

Biking a great, healthy activity that you can do together (and if she lives in the city, it’s a cheap way for her to get around).

…And this bike, from the highly-respected Schwinn brand is one of the best options for her… it has a light frame, 21 speeds, and a rear gear carrier for her bag.

nest learning thermostat

13. Nest Learning Thermostat

Ok, I get it:

A thermostat seems like a weird birthday gift… but a Nest ‘smart thermostat’ can save hundreds of dollars on energy bills. It’s definitely a gift she won’t expect, but will be very grateful for.

You can sync the Nest with her phone, and she can remotely control her thermostat. It even ‘learns’ her preferences, and adjusts her home temperature automatically.

Plus, you can install Nest very easily, even if she’s renting an apartment.

canary all-in-one home security device

12. Canary All-in-One Home Security Device

A home security system is a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend who lives alone.

With the canary (which is operated via Wi-Fi or Ethernet), she can record live video, remotely contact police, monitor her air quality, and get notifications on her phone of an intruder or problem.

beats solo 2 wireless headphones, rose gold

11. Beats Solo 2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones in Rose Gold

These highly-rated headphones are powered by Beats (the extremely popular headphone company).

They’re a beautiful rose gold color, and have comfortable leather cups that block out sound, so she can really focus on the music.

vision craft station drafting table

10. Vision Craft Station Drafting Table

If your girlfriend is an artist, designer, or architect, she would probably love using a nice drafting table to create designs.

This Vision Craft table is 28” wide, 42” deep and 28” high. It has a blue safety glass top, and adjusts up to a 70o angle, so she can work comfortably.

fitbit alba

9. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

If she’s into fitness (or is getting into fitness), a Fitbit is a thoughtful, hugely-functional birthday gift for your girlfriend.

It tracks her daily steps, calories eaten, distance walked and active minutes. She can even track sleep patterns, set alarms, and view phone notifications with it. Cool, right?

I like that this Alta model is slimmer than the original Fitbit… making it stylish, as well as useful.

Add this diamond Fitbit band and make her Fitbit unique and beautifully stylish.

asics women's noosa running shoes

8. Asics Women’s Noosa Running Shoes

These insanely colorful shoes are perfect for the girl who likes to be fit, and have fun while doing it (she’ll think it’s fun to show off her bold personality with these bright shoes).


If you think these bright ones aren’t her style, get any pair of running shoes you think she’ll like.

Pro tip: sneakily look at her current running shoes for the size, and get a gift receipt so she can exchange the size if needed.

felt doggy

7. Custom Needle Felted Pet by FeltDoggy

Let me be clear… this birthday gift isn’t for every girl.

…But if your girl really loves her pet, then this is a sweet and completely unique gift idea.

Simply send this designer pictures of your girlfriend’s pet, and she’ll hand-make a custom stuffed animal for your girlfriend to remember her pet forever.

custom headboard

6. Planked Wooden Headboard with Wall-Hanging Kit

Every girl wants a beautiful bed, but few girls will buy beautiful headboards for themselves.

That means that you can completely surprise her with this handmade headboard (that she can even paint if she wants). If you have a key to her place, go ahead and install it for her!

The headboards can even be made in any size (twin, full, queen, king, and California king).

the 5th

5. A Timeless 5th Watch

A watch is an elegant, very grown-up gift to get your girlfriend.


These minimal watches from The 5th are highly versatile. Their simple design will go with any outfit…

…especially if you get her a watch with two interchangeable bands (like the SoHo watch below).

gopro hero session

4. GoPro Hero Session

The GoPro Hero Session takes professional-quality photos and videos… with just one button, and in any environment.

…So whether your girlfriend likes camping, snowboarding, swimming, or just great photography, a GoPro is an excellent gift.

And if you don’t know anything about GoPro, read this short write up Kyle did for our article 101 Cool Things to Buy.

ceramic dinner plates

3. Ceramic Coral Design Plates

Dinnerware is a good housewarming gift, or birthday gift for a girl who wants to update her dinnerware collection.


If you don’t think she’ll like the coral design of these plates, you can browse Etsy for any handmade ceramic dinnerware.

barnwood cornhole set

2. Barn Wood Cornhole Set

Girls love gifts that they can use again and again, and remember you while using.

…And since most people like to play corn hole, these handmade corn hole boards are a broadly-appealing, incredibly fun gift… that you can even paint for her.

modular jewelry box

1. Modular Cherry and Maple Jewelry Box

This handmade, customizable, beautifully minimalist jewelry box is a safe place to store all her fine jewelry (and is a classic, timeless gift for a girl).

But look:

Jewelry boxes don’t have to be this expensive! You can absolutely find less expensive ones. Browse online for something that your girlfriend will love.

How To Choose The Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Here’s how to choose the birthday gift ideas for girlfriend:

1. Analyze What Your Girlfriend Likes

You can’t just pick a gift at random from the list, and expect it to be the perfect gift. You want a creative, thoughtful gift that you picked out specifically for her, right?

So as you look at this list, ask yourself these questions about her:

  • What does she like to do? Would she like gardening materials, exercise equipment, or things to help her relax?
  • What are her hobbies and passions? Is she an artist, photographer, or musician? What things does she need to pursue those passions?
  • What has she mentioned that she needs recently? Does she need new running shoes, a new bed for her dog, or a new coffee maker?

Think about your girlfriend, imagine what would make her truly happy to receive on her birthday, and go with that.

2. Consider Your Price Range

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a birthday gift for your girlfriend.

Girls care hugely more about how thoughtful a gift is, not how expensive it is.

I broke this list down into 3 price categories: around $25, under $100, and under $300.

But with that:

You shouldn’t only look at birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend, in your price category. Here’s why:

Some items with higher price tags can be bought for less. I chose the top-quality version of some items, when there are less expensive versions out there.

If you see a gift out of your price range, but you know your girlfriend would want it, shop around for it online.

3. Personalize Your Gift

Any birthday gift with a personal touch is instantly more romantic and thoughtful. So if it’s possible, add a personal touch to any gift you buy for her.

What’s a personal touch?

Something that makes the gift even more unique:

  • A monogram with her initials
  • Custom colors and styles she’ll like
  • A romantic engraved message
  • Even a card with a birthday message for her

Here’s the bottom line with all 3 steps:

You don’t have to get any item right from this post… instead use the items listed to come up with ideas for her.

In Conclusion

Your girlfriend deserves a special, unique, thoughtful birthday gift for your girlfriend.

Use this list to get an idea of what the perfect birthday gift for her is.

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