For the infinitely special woman in your life, unique gifts for girlfriend are necessities. She's got all the normal gadgets. Perhaps her tastes are more polished. A guy with his act together always has gift ideas for every occasion.

Sometimes we all need a little help with gift ideas for women.

The market is saturated with stuff these days and we know you appreciate our recommendations so you can feel confident in your choices. The perfect gifts for girlfriend are all right here at the click of a button.

Because you're a discerning consumer, you're more into one-of-a-kind, handmade, artisan crafted, passionately-produced, absolutely unique gifts for girlfriend with maybe even a little bit of DIY for the perfect date night, too.


11 Best Unique Gifts For Girlfriend

We checked all up and down Etsy, the platform most known for fine artisan-crafted masterpieces. Amazon's s conventional approaches are looking fine too.

1. The Purple Harmony Pillow

If your girlfriend is still sleeping on any old department store pillow, it's time to get her something better. Purple's Harmony Pillow has a hypoallergenic latex core and unique hexagonal material, making it cool and comfortable all night long.

2. Love Keepsake Shadow Box

Display your jewelry, and small items and souvenirs like concert ticket stubs in here.

3. Wrap Rings with 2 Simulated Birthstones

Honor both your places in the zodiac with the stones of your birth month together.

4. Pawaca Storm Glass

Predict the weather with far more than your average thermometer.

5. Steel Jewelry Necklace for Fitbit Flex 2 Tracker

Make her Fitbit into to some really special jewelry.

6. Genuine Jade Roller

This massager has all kinds of healing benefits and you may look younger and feel revitalized.

7. Hand Blown Glass Orb With Real Dandelion Necklace

Dandelions puffs are symbols of wishes. Here is a real one preserved for its beauty in jewelry.

8. Personalized Soap, Perfume And Deodorant Set

Its her name on all of her daily essentials.

9. Stephen King Bookmark

If she's a fan of the king of suspense fiction, she'll love to have a a mini bust of the man himself.

10. Portrait From Photo

Submit a photo of her and have it painted onto canvas in a truly transformed masterpiece.

11. Real Star Map Illustration

Beautifully commemorate your special dates and anniversaries and what the stars were doing at the time.

10 Unique yet Cute Gifts for girlfriend

She's a cutie. She loves cute stuff, all googly eyes, bunny ears, and bright smiles. She'll love our unique and cute gifts for girlfriend.

12. Zebra Ribbon Pin

She'll love this adorable, eccentric striped enamel figurine to pin on her hat, her bag, or her blouse.

13. Cute Pig Pendant Necklace

If she's a porcine aficionado, she'll love a little piggy around her neck.

14. Bamboo Brush Style Shape Pen

They're not paintbrushes, but they sure look like them.

15. Cute Cat Coffee Mug with Cell Phone Holder Lid

A place for the cat lover's cappuccino on her desk to cheer her through her workweek.

16. Morse Code Bracelet

What better way to say "I Love You" than through the Morse code?

17. Wooden Door Stopper

The simple things she needs around the house with exquisitely carved details are sure wins.

18. Chinese Takeout Box Clutch Bag

There's no Chinese food in here, but she'll love the eccentric shape of this purse.

19. Antique-Like Compact Mirror

Every girl needs a mirror to make sure her lipstick is on point before her big presentation.

20. World's Okayest Girlfriend T-shirt

When being the world's okayest girlfriend is akin to winning a Grammy.

21. 2-in-1 Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

No longer will salt and pepper have to remain separate. This is a union.

10 Unique DIY gifts for girlfriend

You and your girl love to make experiences and memories together. Maybe you've got a beautiful home that you're nesting in together. Nothing gives you greater joy than authentic personal touches that resonate with your creativity. You're sure to love our DIY gifts for girlfriend.

22. Paper Heart Sculpture

You're folding and assembling paper templates to arrive at the symbol for the greatest gift of all.

23. Make Your Own Ukulele

Strum simple tunes all night long on your own hand-made musical instrument.

24. Bookbinding Kit

You can make your own books together at home. It's a great date!

25. Fruit Wine Making Kit

Create experiences together that last forever. You'll have awesome fruity wine to drink for days.

26. Time Capsule Kit

Compile a series of precious memories to be buried and dug up at a later date. Reflect on your growth as a couple.

27. DIY Lip Balm Kit

Make your own necessities so you're sure all natural ingredients go into them.

28. Modern Calligraphy Kit

Beautiful handwriting is a newfound lost art form to create together.

29. Goat Milk Soap Making Kit

When you're nesting together, there's nothing more rewarding than homemade cleaning supplies.

30. Diy Photos Custom-Made Boyfriend Pillow

This funny pillow rendition of you will keep her company in your absence.

31. Adult Coloring Books Set

Coloring for stress relief is all the rage. Hours just flow on by and you will have spent great quality time together.

10 Unique yet Romantic gifts for girlfriend

Are you both hopeless romantics and proud of it? You push the PDA. You love sharing kisses beneath the mistletoe. You spoon. You lap sit. You revel in the touch of each other's hands. Romantic gifts for girlfriend are sure winners.

32. Matching Bangle Bracelet Tag Pendant Necklace

Swap couples jewelry so pieces of each other are always flush to your skin.

33. Personalized Message In A Bottle

Reminiscent of messages in bottles washing ashore from far away lands, you can write and send the grandest of love letters.

34. Kisses 4 Us: Idea Book

This book is chock full of new ways to create new moments to live, love, and laugh through.

35. Home Decor Typewriter Quote

These old-fashioned typewriter fonts have the perfect words to contain your love and affection.

36. Personalized Comic

It's you and her in a funny comic strip. Your characters, brought to life! Show her how you see your life on paper.

37. Personalized Jewelry Music Box

Jewelry boxes were also music boxes with sweet, simple wind-up tunes back in the day. Bring that nostalgia back.

38. Personalized Wood Candle Holder

We burn candles to meditate and find serenity. Your candles need unique places just for them to safely burn.

39. Cherry Pie Gift

Celebrate her sweet tooth with some delectable baked goods delivered right to your door.

40. Personalized Gift Book

This gorgeous, modern scrap book is customizable to contain moments of all the moments that created the foundation of your love.

41. Matching Heart Couple Promise Rings Set

You have made a special promise to each other. These rings are affirmations and confirmations of your deep intentions.

10 Unique yet Thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

When you're looking for endless ways to express your love, the thoughtful gifts you give lay the foundation for precious memories. Sometimes gifts of convenience and consideration for what streamlines her life are just your jam. Thoughtful gifts for girlfriend won't disappoint.

42. Wireless Earbuds

Gone are the days where music and books on tape required wires. Life just got freer.

43. Activity Tracker Smart Bracelet Watch

Is it a pedometer for her fitness walks or is it a gorgeous bracelet? It's both!

44. Matching Heart Couple Promise Rings Set

Before the engagement, there's the promise. It's a step that deserves the most exquisite set of his/hers rings around.

45. Wooden Serving Tray Plate

Make your dinner parties awesome with this gorgeous center plate.

46. Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang

Designer perfume for a gal who loves the feeling of your nose following her scent as she passes by.

47. Spa Kit Relaxation Gift Set

Here are some everyday luxuries for her to relax and unwind in a hot bath.

48. TULA Probiotic Skin Care Discovery Kit

Probiotics are good for the gut and the skin. What a discovery!

49. Personalized Journal To My Future Wife

She can record all of her secrets and her evolve her self-awareness by starting with a brand new journal full of crisp white pages.

50. Jewelry Organizer Tray

For the girl with a lot of jewelry, every piece has its place in this organizer.

51. Birth Month Flower Pendant

Every month has its own assigned flower. It's a way to say I'm glad you are who you are!

9 Unique Anniversary gifts for girlfriend

Your anniversary is the self-proclaimed the holiday that celebrates and honors your love. You've got your engagement anniversary, your wedding anniversary, the anniversary of the day you both locked eyes. Give her some anniversary gifts for girlfriend to let her know how incredible she is.

52. Seascape Ring

Like no ring you have ever seen before on anyone's finger, this one brings to life elements of the ocean.

53. Family Tree Frame

Our family and ancestors are the source of our inspiration and power.

54. Folded Book Art

Paper isn't just for origami anymore. This is something else!

55. Heart Watch

Your watch tells the time just as it tells you when it's been ten minutes since you've given your loved one a kiss.

56. Automaton Wall Clock

For the innovator and the lover of the industrial look, here's the perfect time piece.

57. Slice Tree Ring Log Wooden Framed

This frame, made from a slice of a log, shows the passage of time through rings and the growth of a precious connection.

58. Cooking Gift Set

An old-fashioned wood chip grill set really says that home is where the fire of all creation is.

59. Personalized Sound Wave Message Wall Art Quote Decor

We love this one! It's your written love message and its equivalent sound wave illustration.

60. Solid Copper Pineapple Tumbler

Tropical fruit meets her favorite bubbly wine.

10 Unique Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriend

Valentines day wouldn't be the same without feeling really excited about the gifts you have chosen or made for each other. Or the gifts you plan to make together in a DIY situation. Love is, afterall, the catalyst for all creation, inspiration, and motivation.

Your Valentine's days gifts for girlfriend are sure to get a smile, a hug, a kiss, and hopefully much more.

61. Stained Glass Patchwork Heart Suncatcher

Her home will be full of colorful rays of light now and forever.

62. Dried Fruit and Nuts Gift Set

Delicious morsels to much languidly are always winners.

63. Personalised "10 Reasons Why I Love You" Wooden Keepsake Box

10 articulate reasons why you love her will touch her heart infinitely to hear. She may cry. You might too.

64. Handmade Matchbox Card

They're like the tiny little notes you would pass in elementary school after carefully folding them when the teacher wasn't looking.

65. Personalized Message in a Bottle

Throw it in the ocean off your boat, and like your true love, it will find her on a remote beach ten years from now.

66. Handwriting Bracelet

It's precious because it's your actual handwriting engraved in precious metal, totally unique to you.

67. Handmade Paperweight

None of her papers will blow away, no matter the wind, with your love as an anchor.

68. TONYMOLY Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm

This priming potion as an exponential moisturizer. Magic in a golden egg.

69. Natural Himalayan Salt Rocks Lamp

These are miracles. They're beautiful, they purify the air, the have been proven to help with allergies and insomnia.

70. Holika Holika Lazy and Joy Egg Bun Puff

Her cosmetic application brushes have never been more adorable or full of life.

9 Unique Christmas gifts for girlfriend

There's never a wrong time to be saving up a stash of gifts for every occasion for the special lady in your life. No mater what calendar month you're in, Christmas is a day worth preparing for with our awesome Christmas gifts for girlfriend.

71. The Jacket with Hood

It's like she's become an easter rabbit. It's the softest, cutest faux fur jacket hoodie you've ever seen.

72. PyroPet Candles

These seemingly demure candles have a shocking a surprise waiting inside them for the girl who likes a little darkness to her light.

73. Thigh High Socks

Knee high socks say cute. Thigh high socks say "Come ravish me." They're warm, to boot.

74. Handmade Birdie Ring Cone

An exquisite place to stack all her rings is also a craft item itself.

75. The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

No longer are the electronic devices in your home powered by human technological innovation. They're powered by magic. Shookt.

76. Camera G Sensor Wide Angle Lens and Low Light Recording

It's a technical gift for the photographer in your life.

77. Astronomy Check List Word Search Wall Art Poster

What an enticing wall hanging for the astrology guru. You'll find yourself inevitably combing for key words.

78. Lazy Portable Makeup Bag

Here's yet another ingenious innovation for organizing all of her stuff.

79. White Noise Sound Machine

You'll both sleep like babies at night.

80. Yoga Balance Ball

She'll have a core as strong as a brick wall once she's done 50 ball crunches.

How to Pick the Best Unique Gifts For Girlfriend

Obviously, every unique gift for girlfriend is not going to suit every woman, every occasion, or every relationship situation.

1. Show your versatility

If you know she's going through stress in her life, get her something convenient to make her life easier.

In contrast, if your anniversary shoot for something romantic. The most powerful romantic gifts are handmade. An artist put passion into each piece they make.

2. Be practical about your gift-giving approach

Think about whether she already uses the kind of gift you're giving.

3. Embrace the current DIY trend

The DIY trend is for time together. If you're building a home together make home furnishings yourself. To give DIY says you want to share as many moments growing together as possible.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

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In Conclusion

We know you're looking for the perfect unique gifts for girlfriend to express your love, appreciation, and gratitude for your girl. Gift giving is one of the five love languages. You can be cute or romantic. You can be supportive and practical. You can say, "Let's be bad!" Or, "Let's be creative."Or, "Let's build a DIY life together."