Every year, February sneakily creeps up on you with that smack-you-in-the-face reminder: 'must find the perfect Valentine's day gifts for girlfriend.

Maybe it's hastily scribbled in your day planner, or maybe your significant other etched it onto the back of your hand like a tattoo. Shortly after the headaches and bloating following the Big Game recede to a hazy memory, it's time to start sparking that grey matter for some super sensual gift ideas.

Finding just the right gifts for women can either set your relationship up for success, or leave you struggling with an uphill battle.

To make sure you absolutely nail it this year and secure yourself a seat in relationship bliss, and not the doghouse, we've compiled the sexiest, most comprehensive gifts for girlfriend ideas sure to satisfy every woman.


4 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Valentine's day is a day to connect with someone special in your life, but too often the search for great Valentine's day gifts for girlfriend ideas robs the day's romance.

1. Magical Yoga Unicorn Women's Tank Top

Help your partner connect with her inner self with this beautiful, super comfortable yoga tank top.

2. Vegan Bath Bombs with Organic Coconut Oil

Made with nothing but love, they show her you know that she's well-deserving of a much-needed pampering. And if you're lucky, that soothing bath will have room for two.

3. Kate Spade New York Women's Idiom Bangles

This super chic, rose-gold bracelet is inscribed with the most poignant message for this holiday to "stop and smell the roses". We hope you do.

4. Coach Edie Shpulder Bag in Pebble Leather

This high quality, ruby red import boasts plenty of room and inside zippered pockets to stash everything she'll need on date night, and the pebbled leather just adds that ever-so-subtle sensuous texture.

3 Small Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Sometimes, big gestures come in small packages like precious stones. What these small gifts may lack in weight, they make up for with the heavy, heartfelt impression they leave.

And as with most things in life, the smaller they are; the more fun they are, like puppies and cupcakes.

5. Preserved Real Rose

The ubiquitous symbol of love, this rose's sentiment is built to last.

6. Laser Cut Wood Keepsake Box

A small keepsake made with quality alder wood and thoughtful craftsmanship. You might just inspire her inner Marie Kondo.

7. 4 Set Soy Wax Scented Candles

With this handmade set of soy-based candles, she can freshen up any room with the piece of mind that she's adding good vibes without the unwanted chemicals.

4 Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Valentine's day is a day of romance rooted in weird pagan traditions, but there's no need to pray to Cupid for love this year.

Skip the ancient rituals and stick to these tried and proven romantic gifts for girlfriend ideas. It's the safest way to show her just how much you care.

8. Elegant Signs Lucky to be in Love Romantic Gift Picture Frame

Slap your favorite photo inside for that added touch, and she'll be melting for days to come.

9. Knock Knock What I Love About You Fill In The Love Journal

Don't ever get caught off guard again with that most-dreadful question. This fill-in-the-blank journal lets you prep way in advance.

10. Date Night Box

A stylish box of keen date night ideas, each wooden token is designed to kindle a little extra fire to your enchanting night.

11. Romantic Lighting Personalized Magic Box

Fact: all women long to be wooed. Surprise her with your sensual wisdom, and use this crafty lighting box to set the mood.

3 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Nothing will melt a girl's heart faster than these cute gifts for girlfriend ideas. Guys often spend so much energy being … well ... guys, that they forget how impactful the cute effect can be.

Being cute is one of the most underrated attributes that is guaranteed to help any guy make a good impression. This list of super cute valentine's day gifts are sure to make her smile.

12. You are my sunshine

Think outside of the box this year. This clever personalized message in a bottle is both heartfelt gesture and crafty décor.

13. Cat Toilet Brush Black

For the serious cat lover, because some days the bathroom chores need to be a little less yucky.

14. Compact Purse Mirror

Because everyone can use a little extra bling on the go.

4 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Longing for more thoughtful gifts for girlfriend ideas this year but not sure where to start? Search no more.

This exhaustive list of valentine's day gifts is stuffed full of enough thoughtfulness for every type of person.

15. Custom small bowl

This bowl is custom made with your messages and is an eye-catching piece that will always make you feel at home.

16. Stress Less Cards - 50 Inspirational Mindfulness & Meditation Exercises

Because everyone needs less stress, and meditation leads to mindfulness, which is a well-trodden pathway to love.

17. Top Shelf Bucket List Wish Jar

Stop aimlessly tossing your wishes into the universe or wasting your pennies at the wishing well. Keep close tabs on them with this super fun organizational tool in disguise.

18. Fresh Cut Flower Of The Month Club

Discover this innovative perishable workaround with the flowers of the month club. It's the no-brainer, star-crossed lover's gift that keeps on giving.

3 D.I.Y Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

Whether you're on a budget, boycotting the retail industry, waited until the last minute and ran out of options, or just love that handmade touch, these D.I.Y. gifts for girlfriend ideas are the perfect choice for the crafty romantic.

D.I.Y. gifts are the perfect way to maximize the thoughtfulness and infuse that personal touch.

19. Origami Love Notes Kit

Draw out your inner poet with this fancy, crafty love note kit.

20. DIY mini time capsule kit

Embrace minimalism, and clear your fridge of the mini polaroids. They'll bring infinitely more joy when you intentionally dig them out of a time capsule years later.

21. Our Adventure Book DIY Scrapbook

Because not all memorable moments are meant to be shared with the social universe, this cozy, snazzy scrapbook will serve as a healthy reminder to give up the small stuff, get out there and make some memories.

3 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend

With every brick and mortar and online retailer saturating the market with romantic gift ideas, it can be extremely challenging to find unique gifts for that special someone.

The last thing you want is to show her you care with a boring, generic gift that her dad could have found.

22. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Tickle your partner's inner puzzle nerd with this extravagant lock box. Tuck a secret message or a smaller, more precious gift inside to ramp up the anticipation.

23. Kisses 4 Us

Break free from the usual tv binge-watching coma with this fun, sexy kissing game.

24. TABLETOPICS Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Not always convinced that silence truly is golden? Neither are we. That's why we love this best-selling, thought-provoking box full of fun conversation starters.

3 Valentine's Day Gifts For Girlfriend That Can Be Anniversary Gifts

If you're one of the hopeless romantics who proposed on Valentine's Day, then February brings you double duty gift-giving responsibilities. Don't sweat it, we've got you covered with our list of great anniversary gifts for her made for folks just like you.

A dual purpose gift that can qualify as both a Valentine's Day and anniversary gift has to be of a certain caliber. Good thing our list has been thoroughly vetted by the most lovestruck troubadours.

25. Spa Gift Basket

A thoughtful, loving gift in a hand-crafted wood package, this gift basket is sure to turn around her worst day.

26. Romantic Game

Because sometimes your spider man jammies just don't get her going the way they used to. This sexy fun couples game is a steadfast method for loosening up the tension and spicing up the dullest evenings.

27. Our 1st VALENTINES DAY 2020

When your love outlasts all your expectations, looking back together on your first official day of love will reignite old flames.

3 Valentine's Day Gifts For Girlfriend That Can Be Birthday Gifts

If your partner happens to be the product of summer love and ironically spewed forth into the world nine months later on the most romantic day of the year, then you need our list of birthday gifts for girlfriend ideas to accomplish the monumental task of impressing a born romantic.

28. I Enjoy Long Romantic Walks Down the Wine Aisle

Drinking wine is meant to be fun. If she loves wearing her "namaste in bed" t-shirt on Sundays, she's guaranteed to enjoy these clever wine glasses by night.

29. Best Girlfriend Sports Water Bottle

A girl who works out IS the best girlfriend ever. So don't be shy; go ahead and tell her so.

30. Personalized Photo Wine Bottle Stopper

Nothing sets the mood quite like a fine bottle of wine. Of all the gifts for wine lovers, this extremely elegant wine stopper provides a more personal and thoughtful touch.

3 Valentine's Day Gifts For Girlfriend That Can Be Christmas Gifts

Valentine's day isn't the only holiday to be romantic and express your love for another. A lot of good Valentine's day gifts are also perfectly appropriate Christmas gifts for girlfriend ideas, too.

With this list of fun, romantic gift ideas, you can get all your girlfriend's holiday shopping done for the year.

31. Hello Kitty Pink Retro Kitchen Aprons

If she's a chef-inspired hello kitty fan, she'll absolutely love wiggling around the kitchen in this sexy apron.

32. Pashmina Shawl

This soft, wrinkle-free pashmina is the perfect winter time gift, tailor-made to keep her warm and in style.

33. Burt's Bees Classic Bee Tin Gift Set

Nothing says 'I love you. Go pamper yourself' like high-quality beauty care. Burt's Bees body care products are made with super clean, all-natural ingredients that are sure to nurture the skin without any scary chemicals.

How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day gift for Your Girlfriend

Wondering how to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend? After studying this list, of course, the next best course of action is to do some investigative work.

1. Poke around

See what's she's missing. You don't want to surprise her with a redundant piece of jewelry she already has.

2. Pay extra special careful attention

And if that doesn't work, pay attention to what she's saying in the weeks leading up to this holiday. Women almost always drop clues if you're astute enough to catch them.

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In Conclusion

No matter what your taste or who you're shopping for this Valentine's Day, these lists of Valentine's day gifts for girlfriend ideas should help take away the stress of finding that perfect gift. Now you can focus on what's most important: reconnecting with that special someone.

If you're absolutely allergic to holiday shopping, utilize our versatility lists of gift ideas. You can double down this Valentine's Day and tackle multiple holidays in one fell swoop.

Valentine's Day should be a distraction-free day of pure love and romance. While you're contemplating these lists of super sensual, funky fun gift ideas, think about what will make her slow down a bit and smile. And if you can unearth a gift that you both can enjoy together, you might just score your best holiday this year.