Romantic gifts can fix just about anything. Whether you're in the doghouse or you just want to show your partner how much you care, giving them something thoughtful can show just how passionate you are about the relationship.

That being said, picking the right gift ideas isn't always easy. Luckily for you, we've come up with an exhaustive list of gifts that'll really make an impact.


10 Best Romantic Gifts

When you really need to show your partner that you care, you can't mess around. Choosing the very best romantic gifts is always a sure bet, and you'll make a strong impression when you choose one of these ideas.

Here are the 11 best romantic gifts:

1. Custom Names Cuddle Blanket

You can cuddle up with your loved one using this personalized blanket. Add any message you like! This is ideal for anniversaries.

2. Teddy Bear Plush in a Gift Box & Cut Crimped Paper Shreds

A teddy bear is a classic, time-tested gift that will always melt your partner's heart. This one comes in a cute box with shredded paper.

3. Bag with Tissue Paper

Presentation is everything. Although this is "just" a bag, you should consider grabbing it if you want to wrap your gift in style.

4. Love Notes Memory Jar

This quirky romantic gift will stand the test of time. You can record treasured moments and store them in this fun glass jar.

5. Mini Valentine hearts and love letter sugar cookies

These delicious cookies are handmade with love, and your partner will appreciate their fun shapes in hearts and love letters.

6. King Beer Queen Wine Glass

With these glasses, you and your love interest can enjoy beer and wine together in style. The engravings show how much your "queen" means to you.

7. Personalised Photo Printed Basswood

The rustic basswood gives this personalized photo frame a handmade, down-to-earth vibe. It's ideal for your partner's bedroom (or yours!).

8. Hair clip & Pendant jewelry set

These beautiful handmade accessories will make your girl faint from joy. This is also something a bride would wear... Do you hear wedding bells?

9. BEE Mine Couples Mitten

This fun, unique set comes with two gloves and a shareable mitten - allowing you and your love to hold hands in even the coldest weather.

10. Cat Lipstick Case

This stainless steel lipstick case is perfect for your girl's next night out. Decorated with beautiful cat motifs and with a mirrored velvet interior, the case can hold lip balms and lipsticks.

4 Romantic Gifts For Girlfriend

Giving your girlfriend romantic gifts can really inject tons of passion into the relationship. She'll know just how much you care with any of these gifts for girlfriend.

Here are 4 romantic gifts for your girlfriend:

11. Personalised portrait

When a regular picture just doesn't cut it, you can add an artistic twist on your couples photo with this personalized portrait. This gift really stands the test of time.

12. XOXO Explosion Box

If your girlfriend likes arts and crafts, she'll love the XOXO Explosion Box. You can put all of your favorite photos and keepsakes in this fold-up box.

13. Rose Teddy Bear

What's cuter than a teddy bear made out of roses? This touching gift can stay on your windowsill for years to come.

14. Metal Earrings Set

Adorn your girl's ears with this set of beautiful earrings. Your girlfriend can choose from a range of 12 different styles and metal colors.

4 Romantic Gifts for Wife

Keep the spark alive in your marriage with any of these gift ideas for wife. These gifts can remind your wife of why you two got together in the first place, and it can be a very passionate moment.

Here are 4 romantic gifts for wife:

15. Custom Comic Strip Story

If you and your wife are proud nerds, you'll love this custom comic strip story. You and your wife can star as the main characters - with a romantic twist!

16. Tea Collection Vials

Your wife can expand her horizons with this tea sampler pack. 8 Different types come in quality glass vials, ranging from chamomile to ginger and licorice.

17. Skin Care Gift Set

Your wife will appreciate the opportunity to keep her skin looking young with this gift set. It comes complete with foam cleanser made from snail secretions!

18. Bath Caddy

Baths can be romantic, but they can also be functional with this bath caddy. Solid, engraved wood allows you to set up iPads, smartphones, mugs, and candles.

4 Romantic but Cute Gifts

Taking a more "cute" approach to your romantic gifts can be a smart move. Keeping it lighthearted and fun is great if the relationship is relatively new. Go with one of these cute gifts, and you'll melt her heart.

Here are 4 romantic but cute gifts:

19. Custom Wine Box

You can store your wine in style with this beautiful custom wine box. The top-quality wood is customizable, so you can write any message you want on the top.

20. Message in a Bottle

Write out cute love notes (the kind you'd pass around in class), and store them in these fun capsules. Put them in the jar, and unwrap a new one each day!

21. Instant Camera

Escape the digital age with this instant camera. It prints out a physical copy of your photo right after you take it - which is great for building collages or scrapbooks.

22. Womens Bathrobes

Wrap your crush up in this cute, microfiber fleece bathrobe. The bear ears on the hood will make her feel like a little girl again.

5 Unique Romantic Gifts

Unique gifts show that you're really thinking outside of the box. Choose one of these gifts ideas for your partner, and you're settting yourself apart from the crowd. These gifts are a great way to show how special you are.

Here are 5 unique romantic gifts:

23. Personalised Memory Box

This personalized memory box is a great starting point if you're collecting memories. This solid, handmade box can be laser engraved for more personalization.

24. Custom Star Map

Show your partner that your relationship is out of this world with this gorgeous custom star map. You can customize it to include constellations and quotes.

27. Decorative Wall Pot

Spice up any room with these decorative wall pots. Even if you don't have an outdoor space attached to your apartment, you can create a stunning vertical garden with these pots.

28. Ring Holder

An engagement ring doesn't have to gather dust in a drawer. These ring holders take the shape of origami animals with zinc, chrome-finished metal.

29. Personalised apron

A personalized apron can make cooking fun. You can make your apron unique by personalizing it with a unique, loving message.

5 Cheap Romantic Gifts

You don't need to spend a fortune on romantic gifts. As long as you choose wisely, cheap gifts can be just as thoughtful and as appreciated. With these cheap gift ideas, you can't go wrong.

Here are 5 cheap romantic gifts:

28. Love Picture Display

These extra large, wooden clothespins feature heartwarming words. Pair them with a few romantic photos, and you're good to go.

29. Scarf

Your loved one will have happy thoughts about you each time they wrap up with this gorgeous, oversized tartan scarf. This scarf features super-warm acrylic.

30. Heart-Shaped Measuring Spoons

Your special chef or baker will fall in love with these stainless steel, heart-shaped spoons. Along with traditional measurements, the spoons have their own unique descriptions.

31. Bed shoes

These hand-knitted slippers will warm your parner's feet and their heart. Slippers might be simple, but everyone loves them.

32. Lipstick set

For women who love lipsticks, you can ensure that your gift is a hit with this cheap lipstick set. They're all waterproof for long-lasting wear.

4 Romantic Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a great opportunity to show just how much you care about that special someone. You need to take a unique approach to romantic gifts during Christmas time though, so check out these Christmas gift ideas for some inspiration.

Here are 4 romantic Christmas gifts:

33. Foodie Dice

We all know that arguments about what to order for takeout can get pretty intense. Solve this problem with a roll of the "foodie dice!"

34. Sweater

Keep your crush toasty warm with this cute, cashmere sweater. Your girl will totally love the tendy, oversized look.

35. Dead Sea Mineral Mud

This dead sea mineral mud removes toxins and impurities from the skin. It's totally natural, and your crush can use it as a mask for a luxurious experience.

36. Wines By Mozel

This wine subscription box helps your partner experience excellent bottles delivered right to their doorstep. It's a great option for a casual or new wine drinker.

4 Cool Romantic Gifts

Cool gifts have the power to amaze. Choose one of these gift ideas, and watch your partner's eyes light up in wonder. Something truly cool can be romantic and awe-inspiring.

Here are 4 cool romantic gifts:

37. galaxy resin pendants

Resin and opal come together for a jaw-dropping pendant that holds all the wonder of a galaxy within. You have to see it to believe it.

38. Cute Airpods

Airpods are easy to lose, but not with this cute carry case. A sturdy keychain attachment keeps this audio equipment secure at all times.

39. Moon Lamp Personalized

Give the phrase "I love you to the moon and back" a whole new meaning. The coolthing about this personalized lamp is the fact that you can put a picture or yor and your loved one right on the face of the moon!

40. Astronaut LED Flexible USB Light

This flexible LED light take the shape of an adorable astronaut. This neat light will help anyone who likes to stay up late reading...

4 Small Romantic Gifts

You know what they say - good things come in small packages. If you want romantic gifts small enough to fit in your pocket (but still touching enough to make an impact) check out these small gift ideas.

Here are 4 small romantic gift ideas:

41. Knot Earrings

These beautiful knot earrings have a very rustic, handmade vibe and come in a variety of colors and options. The eye-catching shape is adorned with real Swarovski crystals.

42. Real Rose Necklace

This glass necklace contains a real rose that is treated to preserve. It's a much more unique and touching alternative compared to simply giving your partner flowers.

43. Cuff Bracelets

You and your partner can wear these matching, personalized leather bracelets so you can never truly be apart. Stainless steel accents add even more durability.

44. Perfect Match Chocolate Box

At first glance, it looks like a box of matches - but these are actually made with white, Belgian chocolate. It's a totally one-of-a-kind gift.

4 Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

You can also keep your gifts romantic when that special person's birthday rolls around. Showing how much you care with these birthday gift ideas is an excellent way to celebrate the fact that they're in your life.

Here are 4 romantic birthday gift ideas:

45. 3D Illusion Lamp Gift

This lamp creates a neat 3D illusion that you can personalize to your liking. It's an ideal addition to your loved one's bedside table.

46. Pusheen

If your loved one is the type who loves stuffed animals, she'll appreciate this Pusheen cat toy - complete with a birthday hat and cupcake. It's just like the emojis you might use to communicate!

47. Photo Phone Case

You can help your loved one take your memories everywhere with this custom iPhone case. The phone case features a photo of you and your partner together.

48. Wristband Bracelets

These beauitful wrap bracelets feature weaved leather cords matched with tasteful metal hearts. Your loved one will love this accessory that goes with any outfit.

How To Pick The Best Romantic Gifts

We know - picking the perfect gift for that special someone can feel like a real challenge. Some people are born with this innate talent for choosing the best gifts...

The rest of us, well... we might need a little extra help. If you fall into the latter category, just follow these steps when picking out your gifts.

Here is how to pick the best romantic gift ideas:

1. Take Their Personality Into Account

While it might be tempting to simply pick the gifts that you think are cool, try to put yourself in the recipient's shoes. What would they like? Something you might think is lame could be totally awesome in the eyes of your partner.

2. Presentation Is Everything

Don't just hand them the gift. Make sure it's wrapped nicely. Write a card! When they open their gift, it should feel like a big deal. Show a little extra thought and care, and they'll know that you really tried.

You might also want to give them your gift in a special place or during an especially romantic moment.

3. Make It Last

If you're still not quite sure about what to get your partner, we recommend going with something that'll stand the test of time.

When considering a gift, think about whether it'll still be special ten or even twenty years from now. Those are the gifts that are truly special!

More Awesome Gift Ideas

If you're still not quite sure about what to get that special someone, why not check out some non-romantic gifts? You might get some real inspiration when you check out these other gift ideas:

  1. If you're shopping for that "macho man" that holds a special place in your heart, why not check out some of these manly gifts?
  2. We all know how much guys love their beer, so you really can't go wrong if you choose one of these beer gifts. If you're seriously stumped, just pick one of these gifts and you'll be good to go.
  3. Buying a subscription service is also another awesome gift idea. While we're on the subject of beer, why not check out the beer of the month club?
  4. Maybe you're not even shopping for your romantic partner - perhaps your dad is the lucky gift recipient. Well, if that's the case, be sure to check out our awesome list of gifts for dad.
  5. If the wedding is just around the corner, don't forget about your groomsmen. They need awesome gifts too, and you can get some great inspiration by checking out our list of groomsmen gifts ideas.

In Conclusion

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what to get that special person in your life. We've given you plenty of options for romantic gifts, so now you just need to decide on the best choice.

Whatever you choose to give your partner, it's the thought that counts. Trust us, they'll be happy whatever you choose to get them. Why? Because romantic gifts show that you care! And that's what really matters!