For lots of people, 2nd anniversaries just aren't as special as the first. People tend to carry on casually with 2nd anniversaries and don't put much thought into 2-year anniversary gifts.

A 2-year anniversary is often represented with cotton and can also be referred to as a cotton anniversary. Cotton anniversary gifts signify the flexibility and strength a couple has made it to in their relationship, so they should be given as much thought as any other anniversary.

If you have no idea which gifts make the perfect 2nd anniversary gift, use this list as a guide to help you -- whether it's for your significant other or another couple who are commemorating their 2-year anniversary -- these anniversary gifts will let them know that 2 years together is 2 years closer to forever.


8 Best 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

To give you, or someone you know, the best 2year anniversary, we've gone ahead and put together this list of the best 2nd anniversary gift to make anyone's time together cherishable.

1. 2nd Anniversary Quarantined Mug

Anyone who sees this mug will be instantly fascinated by the creativity that went into this gift.

2. A Box of Date Night Cards

A full year of date night ideas that take you from 2nd year anniversary to 3rd year anniversary.

3. Level 2 Complete Anniversary Shirt

A witty poke at any couple who've made it through their 2nd year together.

4. Best Catch Personalized Necklace

Get the man in your life this sweet baseball mit necklace with a personalized message.

5. Our Story Timeline Print

A timeline printed on cotton fabric to highlight all the events worth remembering will truly make a sincere 2-year anniversary gift.

6. Cotton Anniversary Cufflinks

These tiny, extraordinarily detailed cufflinks make a meaningful cotton anniversary gift.

7. Kitty Carpet

To add some amusement to your 2nd anniversary, get your significant other this heart-shaped toupee for 'down there'.

8. Moon Lamp

Give the gift of moonlight to light up any 2nd anniversary evening.

8 2-Year Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend

2-year anniversaries can be celebrated with gifts in all relationships -- friendships, neighborships, acquaintanceship, coworkership, and any other relationships worth commemorating. But, for right now, we'll focus on 2-year anniversary gifts for girlfriend/boyfriend relationships.

Let your girlfriend know that every year spent with her is worthy of celebration.

9. Metal Date Night Dice

Gift and plan your 2-year anniversary with these dice that give you plenty of date night options.

10. Potted Silk Desk Rose with Cotton

Get her a rose, filled with cotton to make sure she never forgets this comforting mark in your relationship.

11. Cotton Anniversary Photo Album

Treasure beautiful memories with this keepsake book of all the memorable moments you've been through so far.

12. Cotton Robe

A cotton robe to keep her cozy is as thoughtful as any other cotton anniversary gift.

13. 2nd Anniversary Card

Make sure she knows that every second with her counts with this sweet 2nd-anniversary card.

14. Reusable Make-Up Remover Pads

Why not choose a gift she could definitely use everyday?

15. Amazon e-Gift Card

Let her choose her own 2nd anniversary gift with an Amazon e-Gift Card -- you can't go wrong with this gift.

16. Custom Photo Sequin Pillow Case

This custom pillowcase allows you to add any photo and can be seen with a swipe to the sequins.

5 DIY 2 year anniversary gifts

What better way to make a 2-year anniversary worth remembering than with anniversary DIY gifts.. Show them how much 2 years of a long-lasting relationship means with DIY gifts that you put a lot of time into.

17. Candle Clean Cotton

Include the smell of fresh cotton for a true cotton anniversary.

18. Pizza Socks Box

Liven up the moment with these uniquely arranged pizza socks.

19. Hand Casting Kits

Make a hand casting of you and your significant other, or gift this to a lucky couple for an interesting addition to their occasion.

20. DIY Our Adventure Scrapbook

Compile all your adventures and more to come with this simple scrapbook.

21. DIY Romantic Golden Flower

Spend your 2-year anniversary putting together a golden metal flower with your loved one.

6 2-Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Know someone in your life who's celebrating their 2nd anniversary? Choose any one of these 2-year anniversary gifts for couples to show them you honor their unionship just as much as they do.

22. Custom Couple Portrait

Any couple will adore this custom portrait that displays their relationship of 2 years.

23. Personalized Four In A Row Game

Give them a fun way to spend time together with this personalized game made just for them.

24. His and Hers Bath Towel Set

These 100% cotton towels are a splendid gift for a couple celebrating their cotton anniversary.

25. Personalized Couple Blanket

Give them a way to stay close and cozy with each other with this personalized blanket that's meant to be shared.

26. Fun Conversation Cards Game

To really spice up a relationship, give them these thought provoking cards to start up exciting conversations.

27. Fill in the Blank Book

This fill in the blank book is a fun and creative gift to give to a couple to fill out for each other.

7 2-Year Anniversary Gifts for Wife

You've only just been married two years -- don't let the sparks die out. Let her know your feelings for her have only grown since the day you married her with these cotton anniversary gifts for wife.

28. Cotton Anniversary Pillow

Let her know that you've loved her every day of every year spent with her.

29. Hello, Will You?, I do Personalized Modern Map

Frame and cherish the places in time where all your special moments took place.

30. Necklace with Personalized Message Box

Tell her you love her more than anything with this beautiful necklace and message box.

31. Bridal Bouquet Keepsake

Frame her wedding bouquet or fresh flowers for a lovely 2nd anniversary gift.

32. Crystal Sculpture Keepsake

Let your wife know that you cherish the time spent with her and can't wait for more to come.

33. Wearable Blanket

You can't always be there to keep her warm so give her this blanket that always stays on her.

34. Best Wife Ever Vacuum Insulated Mug

Remind her she's the best wife everyday with this mug that will easily become her favorite.

4 Practical 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

Not sure what to get someone as a 2 year anniversary gift? That's what practical gifts are for! You can never go wrong with gifting someone something you know they'll end up using.

35. Custom Initial Money Clip

Let them be reminded of how worthy they are to you with every use of this money clip.

36. USB Turntable

This is a very classy gift for the classical music lover in your life.

37. Matte Jersey Wrap Dress

Sometimes a dress is all it takes to complete the perfect evening on a 2nd anniversary.

38. Cheese Board with 2 sets of Utensils

Nothing is more practical than this cheese board for 2 to amaze that special someone.

4 Cool 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

Any one of these cool gifts is sure to make a spectacular 2nd anniversary gift for anyone you have in mind.

39. Princess Style Jewelry Box

Give them an organized space to place all their jewelry in with this beautifully designed jewelry box.

40. "I Love U 2 The Moon and Back" Heart Pendant

Impress anyone with this heart pendant that opens up to reveal a crescent moon.

41. Couple Bracelets

Get these matching couple bracelets to bring two people that much closer on their 2-year anniversary.

42. Soul Mate Wine Glass

Soul mates belong together, and so do these 'soul and mate' wine glasses for couples.

5 Cheap 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

No need to feel bad if you need cheap gift ideas for a 2-year anniversary. We all fall short sometimes -- save some money this year, and hopefully next year will look better for you.

43. Hip Flask

A hip flask that clearly states how you feel for that person after 2 years together.

44. Scented Candles Gift Sets

These beautifully decorated scented candles make a great gift for any celebration.

45. Rose Teddy Bear

Made with artificial roses that feel so real -- this gift doesn't seem cheap at all.

46. House Slippers Socks

These comfortable slippers will make the most coziest cotton anniversary gift.

47. 730 Days Happy 2nd Engraved Keychains

The engraved message on this keychain will make the gift bigger than it actually is.

4 Unique 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

Tired of all the cliche anniversary gifts out there? Let your gift be the top of the occasion with these unique gifts that work especially well for cotton anniversaries.

48. Snowflake Porcelain Ornament

Celebrate 2 years of love and happiness with this simple, yet adorable ornament.

49. Capsule Letters Message in Bottle

Let her know how amazing these 2 years have been with these tiny capsule messages of affection.

50. Preserved Flower

This beautifully preserved rose will last for more than a couple anniversaries.

51. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Surprise them with this mini cryptex and add a small touch to it by putting a mystery gift inside.

5 Cute 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

Cute gifts always make great gifts for any occasion. This is especially true for cotton anniversaries because there are so many cute cotton themed gifts to mark this comfortable time in a relationship.

52. Grow Old With You Pillowcase

A pillowcase that goes beyond a 2 year relationship.

53. 2nd Anniversary Print Face Mask

This is a cute gift idea for anyone celebrating a 2-year anniversary in 2020.

54. Your First Kiss Animated Flip Book

Put your wedding kiss on pages.

55. Handmade Cottonball Necklace

Nothing commemorates a cotton anniversary like this amazingly detailed cottonball necklace.

56. Letters to My Love: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. (Love Letters, Love and Romance Gifts, Letter Books)

Treasure these letters from your 2nd anniversary, to beyond.

5 Romantic 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you're commemorating a 2-year romantic relationship, there's no better way than with these romantic gifts. Keep the romance going strong, particularly for romantic occasions.

57. Handmade Love Letter Paper Card

These love letters are printed on uniquely styled paper to give a creative touch to your anniversary.

58. Message In A Bottle

Give your beloved a romantic message in a bottle that can be saved for ages.

59. Truth or Dare: Sexy Date Night Card Game

2 years together means you're ready to put a spin on things. This sexy truth or dare game will do just that.

60. Brown Rose Brooch

A leather rose brooch to go well with any attire.

61. 15 Hearts with Beautiful Love Quotes

Gift these meaningful wooden hearts to the one who deserves these romantic love quotes.

6 Thoughtful 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

Thoughtful gifts are all it takes to make a 2-year anniversary meaningful. Anniversaries come one day out of the year, so take the rest of the year to think up the most thoughtful gift that will mean a lot to the person you're giving it to.

62. Quilled Card

Keep it simply thoughtful with this simple anniversary card gift.

63. Sentimental Gift: Personalized Card and Key to My Heart Card

A personalized card and key treasured perfectly in a small box to thoughtfully state your love.

64. Silk Pillowcase

100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase for the most relaxing beauty rest a person can get.

65. Cotton Ball Tie Tack With Stem

A cotton themed gift for him with beautiful detail that he'll love to display right on his chest.

66. Spa Bath Gift Set

Spa gift sets make a truly thoughtful anniversary gift for anyone who needs to wind down and relax.

67. Hamsa Necklace

Protect your significant other with this magnificently designed hamsa necklace.

How to Pick the Best 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

A 2-year anniversary is a very significant time in a relationship. It commemorates the strong bond of two people who are still very early in their unionship.

A 2-year anniversary gift should be just as important to you as it is to the person or people who are receiving it. So, choose wisely and follow these tips to pick the best 2-year anniversary gift.

1. Take your time

Anniversaries come one day out of the whole year. That leaves you with 364 days (363 days if it's a leap year) to think about what to get someone for a 2nd anniversary. With all that time, you should be able to come up with the perfect gift that will leave the recipient full of appreciation.

2. Stick with the theme

There are plenty of cotton themed anniversary gifts out there, as well as on this list. People love gifts that match the occasion, and cotton makes for some pretty creative gift ideas.

Fine China can also represent a 2-year anniversary, though there aren't too many versatile gifts to choose from with this theme.

3. Add a personal touch

Anniversaries are filled with personal experiences that are shared between two people. Finding gifts that put those experiences on display will allow those feelings to be cherished and held onto forever.

Items that can be creatively personalized are the most sentimental to a lot of people. This gives them the chance to hold onto that moment forever without fear of forgetting it.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

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In Conclusion

2nd Anniversaries are usually full of emotion and enjoyment and should be a beautiful celebration of two peoples bondment. 2-year anniversary gifts should reflect the time spent between these two people who've held onto each other through this time.

That's why it's important to choose anniversary gifts that will help commemorate and strengthen a relationship that has held on strong for 2 whole years. Every anniversary is precious, so make it feel that way with a precious gift.