The reason why you should buy someone beer gifts is simple:

If you are struggling to find that very unique gift for someone, there's an almost universal and easy answer: buy them beer. Or buy them something related to beer.

There are plenty of great beer gifts out there this holiday season.

Whether you're looking at some beer gift baskets or a beer of the month club, there are tons of great, creative beer gifts that really make the holiday merry and bright.

So, stop stressing about the holiday shopping and use the lists below to find the perfect beer-related gift for anyone and everyone in your life.


23 Top Beer Gifts for Any Beer Lover

Not all gifts for beer lovers are created equal. There are a select few that are so good that just about any beer lover will love them.

Here are the top 23 beer gifts:

1. Beer Chilling Coaster Set

Nothing says let's chill better than a set of cool, cooled beer coasters.

2. Freez Pak Hold 6 Can Soda Beer Coolant Reusable Ice Pack

Forget about lugging the cooler around when your gift-receiver has this ice pack around.

3. BUILT NY Six-Pack Insulated Neopreane Beer Bottle Tote, Tweed Camo

Have a friend who's been looking for a way to carry a six-pack to the next tailgate? Not anymore.

4. Pop Chart Lab "Beer Types - The Very Many Varieties of Beer"

This season, give a great poster that informs your novice drinkers all about the world of beer.

5. USA Beer Cap Map

A fun way to combine travel with great brew.

6. Craft Beer Kit with Bottles

Lots of beer related items to get someone in the mood for a brew.

7. Personalized Wood Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener and Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher

The newest, classiest way to store your six-pack.

8. Set of 4 Personalized Neighborhood Pub Pint Glasses

Make the next pint special by sharing it in some personalized glasses.

9. Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack

Be the hero who saves someone from ever drinking warm beer again.

10. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Tired of local options? Give someone the chance to brew their own beer.

11. BottleLoft by Strong Like Bull Magnets, the original Magnetic Bottle Hanger

Know someone running out of space for beer in the fridge? Change their lives forever.

12. Custom Tap Handle

Let someone pour the next pint in real style.

13. BEER Quote Coasters

Offer someone a little literature under their glass.

14. Beer Aroma Booster

A beer that always tastes fresh as a new pour is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

15. Beer Jelly

Now beer can be on your toast as well!

16. Guinness Green Collection Pint Glasses

Nothing says quality beer quite like Guinness.

17. The Search for God and Guinness: A Biography of the Beer that Changed the World

A great gift for your intellectual beer drinking friends.

18. 45 Degree Latitude Beer Growler

A growler that keeps beer fresh and suggests the adventure at the bottom of every glass.


For those who love to smell good and dream of beer among the shower suds.

20. Norse Tradesman Genuine Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Drink from a real ox horn the way the true ancient drinkers did.

21. The Beer Bible

Great for those who want to know more about beer, whether newbies or experts.

22. HomeBrewing Starter Set

It's everything you'd need to open a pub in your own basement.

23. The Ultimate Gift for Men

12 beers and all the stuff you need to get outside and enjoy them (weather permitting).

The #1 Best Beer Gift: a Beer of the Month Club

All of the gifts on this list can be great for someone in your life who loves beer, but there really is just one that literally keeps giving the whole year round: a beer of the month club.

Going with the quality beer of the month club lets you give a gift that keeps those close to you happy and drinking quality beer from January all the way until next Christmas. Then buy it for them again.

11 Craft Beer Gifts

Some people can be satisfied with a six-pack of one of the main beer brands out there. Just walk into any store and grab something with a familiar name off the shelf.

For those with more discerning tastes, you need craft beer gifts that include a little more surprise and artistry. Grab a few of these to make any beer fan happy, no matter how snobbish.

Here are 11 great craft beer gifts:

24. The Craft Beer Club

A craft beer club designed to give someone variety and new tastes every month.

25. The Rare Beer Club

Give a membership to the rare beer club to those who love the obscure as well as the delicious.

26. IPA of the Month Club

For those who can't get enough India Pale Ale, there's nothing better than the IPA of the month club.

27. Craft Beer Typography Beer Cap Shadow Box Beer Cap Collector (Black and white)

A great way to remember all the new beers someone tried this year.

28. 100 Craft Beer Bucket List Scratch Poster

99 bottles gives you a lot of beer-based inspiration for the year.

29. 6-Piece Assorted Craft Brew Beer Glass

Make sure someone special is always drinking beer from the appropriate glass.

30. The United States Of Craft Beer: A Guide to the Best Craft Breweries Across America

Why not plan your next road trip with someone around the best breweries?

31. Bring Me a Craft Beer

Keep someone's feet warm is these socks while also ensuring craft beer is available in every emergency.

32. Craft a Brew Single Hop IPA (Cascade) Beer Brewing Kit

Stop looking for new IPA beers and craft your own.

33. Custom Engraved Craft Beer Flight Sampler

Nothing says "I love you, and you love beer" like this personalized flight sampler.

34. Craft Beer Tasting Kit

Beer, snacks, and a game plan for a nice afternoon together trying new beer. Does it get any better?

10 Beer Gift Baskets

Perhaps the most obvious gift to give a beer lover is just that: beer. Getting a great basket of beer for someone gives them the gift they prove they want all year long.

Pick one (or more) baskets from those below to ensure whoever receives it has a truly happy holiday.

Here are the top 10 beer gift baskets:

35. Hop Head IPA Gift Basket

A basket for those who love a good IPA and a good snack, so everyone.

36. Raiders Tailgate Bucket of Beer

Beer and football: now why didn't anyone thing to combine those two before?

37. Double Beer Double Snacks

The more beer, the more snacks, the happier the gift receiver.

38. The Mini-BBQ Bash

Everything you need to start a BBQ right, right after you give the gift.

39. Beer & Beef Jerky Gift Basket

A perfect snack/drink combination for the carnivore in your life.

40. The Ultimate Import Sampler

A little international flavor for those wishing they weren't at home right now.

41. Irish Car Bomb

The best sampler of all the great things Ireland has given the world.

42. Bucket of Beer

Simple and straightforward for the person in your life who likes their beer that way.

43. My Guinness

A way to make that Guinness gift to a Guinness lover a little more special.

44. Cali Craft Sampler Gift Basket

A taste of California's best, with a few treats on the side.

12 Funny Beer Gifts

Let's be honest, beer, while delicious, can also be hilarious, and can lead to some hilarious situations.

Remind someone you love not just of how great beer is to drink but how fun it is to drink with a few of these funny beer gifts.

Here are the top 12 funny beer gifts:

45. In dog beers I've only had one beer mug

Give someone the excuse right on the mug to try one more.

46. Mini Beer Pong Travel Set

For the competitive beer ponger in your life who needs to try while they travel.

47. Brewer's Passport - Craft Beer & Travel Pocket Journal

Encourage travel and seeking out great beer all in one gift.

48. Brew-Opoly Monopoly Game by Late For The Sky

No one is ever going to call the beer version of Monopoly boring.

49. Funny Beer Coasters Wood Square Drink

A laugh under every beer to add to the ones already in the bottle.

50. Beer Is Made From Hops Hops Are Plants Beer Is A Type Of Salad Green Print Fun Drinking Humor Bar Wall Decoration Sign

The logic checks out: beer is a salad.

51. Avery Barn 12 Pack Funny Quotes Neoprene Insulated Zipper Beer Bottle Sleeve Covers

Chuckle at the quotes, keep the beer cold, and make sure it doesn't slip out of your hand while you're laughing.

52. Beer Friends Forever Funny Tee Cool Alcohol Drinking Gift

Get someone to wear the truth every time you meet: you're Beer Friends Forever.

53. Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People

A goodnight story to read when to someone when the room gets a little spinny.

54. Funny Tea Towel

Give this to your favorite klutz to remind them how "hoppy" you are to know them.

55. Vote For Beer: A 6x9 Inch Matte Softcover Journal Notebook

With politics fatigue, just about everyone can sympathize with this embroidery.

56. Christmas Beer Glass

Encapsulates the sentiments of the season: I'll have another one.

Gifts for Beer Brewers

Beer can be relaxing, it can be fun, and it can be delicious, but for some people, it's also a creative enterprise.

For those you know who don't just buy their beer, they make it, pick out some of these gifts for beer brewers and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Here are 14 great gifts for beer brewers:

57. Neato Blank Beer Bottle Labels

A new and better way for someone to put a label on their beer.

58. Custom Bar Sign

Once they have a sign, they can officially call the basement a pub.

59. Homebrew 5 Gallon Beer Brewing Starter Kit

A great way to get someone to stop talking about beer and start brewing it.

60. Brewery Time Clock

The most accurate clock for a brewer.

61. Home Brew Journal

Don't let someone you care about forget their best recipes.

62. Portable Beer Dispenser

Now, you can carry your personally crafted beer on tap everywhere.

63. HBS Nano Mead Making Kit

Take brewing in a new direction with a mead making kit.

64. Reusable Personalized Beer Bottle Labels for Home Brewing - Hand Printable Labels Waterproof Vinyl

Give the gift that keeps someone's home brew fresh and well-labeled, maybe they'll thank you with a bottle.

65. Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales and World-Altering Meditations in a Glass

Stories and recipes for those who are a little out there with their beer.

66. American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations

Give a sour beer lover a few new ideas for their next batch.

67. Pressurized Beer Mini Keg System

What will give someone more joy than making their first mini-keg?

68. uKeg 128 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer - Copper

A fancy and effective growler someone will be proud to pour their own beer from.

69. Brew Like a Monk: Trappist, Abbey, and Strong Belgian Ales and How to Brew Them

All the background info on how humanity achieved to the greatest drink ever invented.

70. Red Baron Bottle Capper

An effective and cheap way to help someone keep their bottles fresh and well capped.

Looking for More Great Gift Options and Ideas?

If the person you're shopping for isn't the biggest beer fan, we still have plenty of great gift ideas for you to choose from. Take a look at some of these:

  1. Check out our Beer of the Month Club Reviews to find the best of the best craft beer gifts.
  2. The person you're buying gifts for is sure to love one of these: Cigar of the Month Club/Cheese of the Month Club/Bacon of the Month Club
  3. If you're just looking for something to give to a guy in your life, try the Best Gifts for Guys.
  4. Or if you really need something for your special girl, look at our list of Best Gifts for your Girlfriend.

In Conclusion

No matter what beer gifts you're looking for—from beer gift baskets to beer of the month club members to home brewer kits—giving a gift someone can drink (or use to drink) is sure to make someone's day.

When no other gift seems like it could work, go with what someone really loves. Beer can make for a funny or very genuine gift. It's very flexible that way.

Just choose the right item above, and enjoy the happy look when they open it.