Looking for gift ideas for the beer lover in your life? I've got a list as long as the line at the bar filled with craft beer gifts and beer of the month club suggestions that are sure to make your favorite beer drinker very happy.

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24 Best Craft Beer Gifts

Everyone appreciates a beer lover. They make great company, are the life of the party, and usually come stocked with beer to share.

Show the beer lover in your love how much they mean to you with a craft beer gift that allows them to indulge in their passions.

Here are the 24 absolute best craft beer gifts:

1. IPA of the Month Club

Christmas comes but once a year, but the IPA of the Month Club delivers high quality, hopped beers every month. With unique IPAs from brewers large and small, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Craft Beer Club

We know Santa's elves do fine work, but the brewers featured in the Craft Beer Club rival their quality and attention to detail and the club delivers every month.

3. Beer of the Month Club

The Beer of the Month Club bypasses the chimney and delivers great beers in all varieties straight to the front door each month.

4. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition 2 Gallon Homebrewing Craft Beer Making Kit with Two Beer Refills

Mr. Beer makes homebrewing simple with one-step fermentation. This kit comes with enough supplies to make four gallons of beer and is perfect for anyone new to homebrewing.

5. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Definitely one of the best craft beer gifts for newbies. This homebrewing kit comes with everything needed to make 1 gallon of Brooklyn Brew Shop's best selling IPA.

6. L&L Brew Works 6 Pack Craft Beer Carrier

The neoprene beer carrier keeps 6 beers chilled and secure and comes with a bottle opener so that no matter where the Christmas party happens, the beers are taken care of.

7. NEW Craft Beer Lovers’ Gift Set

Perfect for campers and festival goers, this gift set comes with a 64 oz growler that keeps beer cold 24 hours and 4 stainless steel pint glasses.

8. The American Craft Beer Cookbook: 155 Recipes from Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries

Nothing beats bar food, and this cookbook is packed with recipes of reimagined classics and new cuisine from the menus of the best breweries and brewpubs.

9. Craft a Brew Single Hop IPA (Cascade) Beer Brewing Kit

For slightly more advanced homebrewers, this stylish brewing kit comes with the recipe, ingredients, and equipment for one gallon of single hop IPA.

10. Craft a Brew Oak Aged IPA Beer Recipe Kit

With high quality hops and yeast and specialty grains, this kit allows brewers to recreate the original barrel aged, hoppy taste of the IPA.

11. Cathy's Concepts Personalized Bamboo & Slate Craft Beer Tasting Flight

This classy flight board comes with four glasses and chalkboard panel for labeling craft beers.

12. Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit

This craft beer glass kit comes with four glasses that bring out the best flavors in different beer varieties.

13. The United States Of Craft Beer: A Guide to the Best Craft Breweries Across America

14. uKeg 64 Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer - Stainless Steel

One of the most import craft beer gifts for brewers. Keep craft brews cold and fresh for up to two weeks with this pressurized growler.

15. Home Brew Journal

Homebrew enthusiasts will love this antique looking journal with helpful charts and tasting notes.

16. Craft Beer Tasting Journal

Beer connoisseurs can document the color, body, aroma and taste of their favorite beverages in this journal.

17. Beer Aerator

Give every sip the same great taste as the first with ultrasonic vibrations that keep a beer foamy and heady.

18. The SUB Home Beer Dispenser

This beer dispenser puts the tap right in the kitchen and keeps craft beers fresh and cold for two weeks.

19. Personalized Wood Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener and Magnetic Bottle Cap Catcher

Style, convenience, and durability make this caddy a great choice for beer lovers.

20. Best Beer Chiller Stick Pack of 2

Keep every sip of bottled beer ice cold with with these chillers.

21. Mr. Beer American Ale 2 Gallon Homebrewing Refill

A homebrew kit refill created by certified master brewers.

22. Best Shirt for IPA Lover

One of those simple, but effective craft beer gifts. A handmade t-shirt for the IPA lover in your life.

23. Bicycle Craft Beer Six Pack Carrier

This leather beer carrier keeps a six pack safe and sound for the ride to the party.

24. Oakhill Personalized Growler and Pint Glass Beer Gift Set

Custom engraved glasses and a growler.

The #1 Best Craft Beer Gift: The Rare Beer of the Month Club

Beer of the month clubs are the best way to enjoy craft beers at home. Expertly curated, these samplers send high quality beers right to your home and introduce varieties and flavors that it would be impossible to find independently.

The Rare Beer Club selects high quality, limited release beers from master brewers and ships them to subscribers every month. This, flexibility, expertise, and value make the rare beer club the best craft beer gifts on our list!

5 Craft Beer Gift Baskets

Made by Bro Basket, the following three craft beer gift baskets include a pint glass, a koozie, a bottle opener, and snacks to munch on. They make great for gifts holiday parties gift exchanges... and, generally, some of the best craft beer gifts.

Here are the 5 best craft beer gift baskets:

26. Craft Beer Sampler Bucket

With 6 craft beers, a pint glass, a koozie, a bottle opener, and gourmet popcorn, this metal sampler bucket is better stocked than any stocking.

27. Craft Beer Tasting Kit

For the craft beer lover who shares their passion, this kit comes with four 6 oz. tasting glasses, four craft beers, a flight pladdle, koozies, snacks and more.

28. Hop Head IPA Gift Basket

All the goodness of Bro Basket with 4 California IPAs.

29. Craft Beer Bucket Gift Basket

The Bros packed this basket with all the normal goodies and six Lagunitas IPAs.

30. Cali Craft Sampler Gift Basket

This basket comes with 4 craft beers from California breweries.

13 Super-Unique Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

If the beer lover on your list is a little harder to please, browse through this list of unique gifts made just for craft beer enthusiasts.

Here are 14 super-unique gifts for craft beer lovers:

31. Brewer's Passport - Craft Beer & Travel Pocket Journal

This sleek passport-looking journal helps with explorers keep track of the world's great beers.

32. Craft Beer Soap Dispensers

This soap dispenser puts empty bottles to good use.

33. Brew-Opoly Monopoly Game by Late For The Sky

This beer themed Monopoly-style game is perfect for the next gathering of friends and brews.

34. Beer Jelly

Four jars of delicious beer and fruit jelly.

35. BROO Craft Beer Color Crazed Shampoo and Conditioner plus Detangler Set

This IPA based shampoo and conditioner keeps hair looking and smelling great.

36. HOPTIMIST T-Shirt for Craft Beer Lovers

Showoff a passion for craft beer and wordplay with this funny shirt.

37. Drinking Problem? Craft Beer Hobby! T-Shirt - Beer Lovers

For those who view drinking as a hobby and passion, this shirt is a must-have.

38. Warning Beer Fridge Magnet

Decorate the fridge and warn any scavengers with this craft beer only magnet.

39. Reminisce Craft Beer Scrapbook Collection Kit

Scrapbookers will love this collection of craft beer papers and stickers.

40. Gun Craft Beer By 2nd Amendment Brewery Custom Beer Tap Handle For Kegerator

This rifle themed tap handle is the perfect addition to the man cave.

41. IPA Beer Cured Jerky

This jerky is made from 100% US beef and is cured with hops, giving it that familiar IPA flavor.

42. Craft Beer Dog Bandana with Space for Tags, Handmade Dog Scarf w ID Tag Slot

Perfect for that friend who frequents dog bars and dogfriendly breweries, this dog bandana will keep Fido fashionable.

43. Craft Beer Personalized Ornament

Customize this craft beer ornament and let it become part of someone's Christmas tradition.

20 Not-Fancy Beer Gifts

Just because someone has a taste for the finest craft beers doesn't mean they only appreciate fancy gifts. For the down-to-earth beer lover on your list check out these decidedly not-fancy and affordable beer gifts.

Here are 20 not-overly-fancy beer gifts:

44. Custom Beer Labels - Personalized Craft Beer Bottle Labels

These handcrafted beer bottle labels go great with one of the homebrew kits on our list.

45. Hop Enamel Lapel Pin

These detailed, handcrafted pins look great on jackets and backpacks.


47. Craft Beer T-Shirt

For the beer drinkers who aren't choosy, this shirt reps the most popular varieties.

48. Bicycle Craft Beer Playing Cards 2 Decks

These craft beer playing cards are great for any party, even those without drinking games.

49. ARC N2561 Luminarc Assorted Craft Brew Tabletop Beer Glass

These glasses bring the best out of beer and make great gifts for those furnishing a man cave.

50. Craft Beer Advertising Feather Banner Swooper Flag - FLAG ONLY

This 15-foot craft beer flag is a great gift for festival goers and tailgaters.

51. Pop Chart Lab "Beer Types-The Very Many Varieties of Beer"

This stylish chart shows the relationships between dozens of beer varieties and would look great in a home office or bar.

52. Beer Makes me Hoppy T Shirt

This witty shirt is screenprinted on ultra-soft cotton.

53. Craft Beer Typography Beer Cap Shadow Box Beer Cap Collector (Black and white)

This chic shadow box is perfect for collectors, displaying bottle caps behind the names of craft brewering companies.

54. Beer Smarts Tap Your Knowledge

Put the knowledge of beer enthusiasts to the test with this fast paced and fun card game.

55. Funny Tea Towel

This funny towel is perfect for the stay-at-home bartender who needs to wipe down glasses in style.

56. Homebrewing Shirt

Give your homebrewing friends the title of "Brewmaster" with this shirt.

57. Christmas Beer Glass

A Christmas glass is good all year - as long as it's filled with cold beer.

58. Beer Makes Me Hoppy Pint Glass

This glass would go great with the "Beer Makes Me Hoppy"  shirt.

59. Stamped Bottle Opener Keychain

With this keychain bottle opener your friends will be able to crack open a cold one no matter where go.

60. Beer Friends Forever Funny Sweatshirt Cool Alcohol Drinking Gift

This funny sweatshirt is the perfect gift for your best drinking buddy.

61. Craft Beer Enamel Pin: Hop Seeker

Craft beer lovers will love this hop shaped pin with personality.

63. Bring Me a Craft Beer Socks

These comfy socks help wearers put their feet and let the beers come to them.

64. Craft Beer Drinking Glasses

These glasses are made from bottles of craft beer and make a great addition to any bar collection.

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In Conclusion

The biggest challenge when looking at craft beer gifts is not buying them all for yourself. From beer of the month club subscriptions to screen printed t shirts, there are so many great gifts for beer lovers...

And I promise I won't tell if you keep one or two for yourself.

Editor's Note: this post was last updated, improved, and checked for accuracy, on July 16, 2020.