A good craft beer club is something that any beer guy would love... because:

While it may be a cliche, it’s true: variety is the spice of life. Variety is the reason you have more than one outfit. It’s why you don’t eat the same food at every meal. It's why the beer of the month club was invented.

Ever since the first caveman boss instituted the Long Day at Work, mankind has been developing ways to craft beverages that help us unwind. With a craft beer of the month club you can get the very best of these beverages sent right to your home.

There are many craft beer subscription services, a testament to man’s age old desire for variety, and finding the right craft beer subscriptions can be daunting.

We break them down in our Review:


What's a Craft Beer Club?

A craft beer club is a beer of the month club, that only sends high-quality craft beers (right to your doorstep) every month.

There are countless different types of craft beer subscriptions, from IPA of the Month Clubs, to a club that only sends you rare beers. Each of them will send you 12-24 beers a month, and many let you customize the type and styles of beer you receive.

The Original Craft Beer Club: Reviewed

The Original Craft Beer Club has been sending member delicious craft beer since 1992. As their name suggests, they focus on only sending you the highest quality craft brews.

Here's what you get:

1. World-Class Craft Beers

The Original Craft Beer Club has done their research so that you don't have to. They take their time to select beers from independent craft brewers who use high quality, traditional ingredients and both classical and creative brewing methods.

Only award winning breweries with a limited distribution network make the cut, ensuring that you will be sipping a quality beer that you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

Not all craft beers are created equally, that's why they make sure to send only the best beers from artisan breweries across the States.

2. Complete Flexibility

Not every beer drinker has the same needs, and that is why they offer a level of flexibility that is rare among beer subscription services.

With this monthly beer club, you can choose to receive either 12 or 24 hand crafted beers in each delivery, and you can choose the number of shipments you'd like to receive.

Whether you're basing your decision on the amount you'd like to drink or the amount you'd like to spend, the ability to customize your subscription is a major perk.

3. Monthly Beer Club Newsletter

They know that you take your oat sodas seriously, and that is why they include a newsletter with every shipment. Crack open a beer and read the story of what you're drinking and the brewery where it was made.

As craft brewers continue to evolve and explore more complex flavors and methods, they help you keep up to date with brewing trends and make you a more refined, informed drinker.

The newsletter even has food pairing suggestions for each beer in that month's shipment. Get the most out of your beer by combining it with a meal that will complement its unique flavors.

4. And Some Awesome Free Gifts

To show their gratitude for your business, they would like to give you a gift. Actually, they would like to give you several gifts.

The more shipments of Craft Beer Club you subscribe to, the more gifts they throw in. A one year subscription to the club includes $60 worth of beer themed goodies that would be a welcome addition to any basement bar or man cave.

Want to get this club for yourself or as a gift for someone?

Click here to get the Original Craft Beer Club.

What's the Difference between a Craft Beer of the Month Club and a Normal Beer Club?

Beer clubs are not hard to find, and many of them are fairly affordable, so what's the difference between a craft beer of the month club and a normal beer of the month club?

A craft beer of the month club will deliver artisanal beers that you won't be able to find in the refrigerated section at your grocery store.

Even though craft beers range in taste and style, deliveries will contain high quality beers made by independently owned breweries.

No corporately owned, mass produced beers here.

What, Exactly, is Craft Beer?

Craft beer has become a cultural movement in the United States.

People in cities big and small flock to their local breweries to sip on craft beers in cool environments. But what is a craft beer? Turns out defining the phenomena is harder than you might think.

Craft beers come in all varieties of styles and types, so they can't be defined by flavor, and craft breweries can be large or small, so they can't be defined by the amount of the beer produced.

The best way to characterize craft beer is to examine the level of craftsmanship. Craft beers are made in small batches overseen by expert brewmasters using traditional methods and high quality ingredients.

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In Conclusion

If you have been searching for a craft beer of the month club to deliver high quality beers at a great price, look no further. As their name implies, the Original Craft Beer Club specializes in finding the best beers from small breweries across the U.S. and shipping them to customers at a great price.

A beer of the month club makes a fantastic gift, and since most have  flexible options you can treat yourself or someone else to the perfect amount of handcrafted beer for as long as you like. If you were on the fence about a craft beer subscription, there's only one conclusion you can take from this craft beer club review:

It's definitely worth it.