What is crafted beer? A crafted beer is one made by a smaller brewer with a greater focus on the taste, appearance, quality, and uniqueness of the beer over bigger, mainstream brand options.

Craft beer is best understood by what it is not. It is not one of the mainstream macrobrew options like Bud, Miller, or Schlitz. It's also not the big brand international beers like Corona or Heineken.

Instead, craft beer usually comes from microbreweries, which are smaller brewing companies that focus less on mass production and more on the quality of the beer.

Why Craft Beer Stands Out

What is crafted beer and what makes them stand-out? The answer is FOCUS. This focus allows craft beer makers to use more of the ingredients that make beer delicious (the big brands tend to skimp on this point), while also adding more unique flavors and ingredients to make their beers distinct.

The results tend to offer beer drinkers more flavorful beer and far more diverse options. Instead of just Bud or Bud Lite, a craft beer company may offer multiple IPAs, dark ales, red ales, lagers, and other options.

These beers may be infused with fruit, aged in different kinds of barrels, and have carefully calibrated levels of hops for the perfect bite to each sip.

In other words, crafted beer opens the door to greater experimentation and greater variety overall. Since craft beers come from smaller breweries, each brewery can tailor their beer to a particular image or philosophy.

The term microbrewery can be misleading, though. Many craft beer companies are still household names. Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, and Yuengling all count as craft beer companies that still appear in bars, pubs, and refrigerators across the country.

With far more flavor, better options, and room for constant improvement, it's obvious why crafted beer is quickly becoming the preferred choice for the American pallet over the traditional macrobrew options.

How to Get Into Craft Beer

However, because it is so vast and diverse a world, crafted beer can be a little difficult to get into. To get started, you can use a few different methods. Consider getting beer subscription boxes through beer of the month clubs.

These clubs will deliver craft beer to your door every month. You'll get a sample of different styles as well as different brands and different individual beers. Over a year, you'll quickly figure out what you like and what you don't, as well as the brands you feel you can trust to always provide you a great drinking experience.

To find the right beer of the month option, take a look at our craft beer club review to find an option that seems to offer what you're looking for.

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