These diy kits make great gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries or just because!

Get them to a friend to complete together, or send them off to friends far and wide and let them know you see their crafting potential!


6 Best DIY Gifts

Maybe you're looking to learn a new hobby, maybe you need to get a present. Either way, these gift sets are perfect for learning something new and having fun doing it!

There are DIY gifts here you'd probably never even imagined! Pick out a few - these low-risk crafts are a great way to try a new skill!

Here are the 6 best DIY gifts:

1. Make Your Own Copper Rose Kit

Get into metalworking with this great kit that is perfect for a traditional 7th anniversary gift.

2. Golf Traction Kit

Forget same-old golf shoes - take your favorite kicks and transform them into comfortable and fashionable golf cleats!

3. Engraving Tool Kit

This engraving kit lets you personalize anything you want in seconds - plus it has a ton of accessories to make it super easy!

4. DIY Live Succulent Plants Set

This set of five gorgeous succulents makes an amazing gift for anyone who loves a lot of greenery around the house.

5. DIY Drone

Dive into some STEM learning with this drone that you can build yourself!

6. DIY Ukulele

The only thing cooler than playing the ukulele is playing a ukulele you made yourself!

5 DIY Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Looking for some DIY gifts for your girlfriend? I have you covered!

These gift ideas are perfect because they're so custom! They really come across as a thoughtful gift, and that is worth more than the kit itself!

Here are 5 DIY gifts for your girlfriend:

7. Cream Colored Antique Brass Earrings Kit - Do It Yourself

These gorgeous earrings are a mini craft - perfect for testing the DIY waters.

8. DIY Soap Making Kit

If she loves LUSH, she'll adore this chance to make her own custom all-natural soaps.

9. Hair Chalk Pens

Does your girlfriend want colored hair, without the commitment or hassle? She'll love trying some new looks with these pens.

10. Weaving Loom Kit

Hip wall weavings are on the rise! Help her create her very own masterpiece with this set.

11. Chocolate DIY Kit

This complete kit will have her making stunning, gem-shaped truffles in no time.

6 DIY Gifts For Men

If you need a gift for your brother, your dad or your best friend, this is the list for you.

These DIY gifts for men will have any of the guys in your life started on a project before they're even finished opening it. The women in their life will either love you or hate you so, choose carefully.

Here are 6 DIY gifts for men:

12. The Cheap Handyman

This is the perfect book for the graduate, groom or dad to be in your life.

13. Hot Air Stirling Engine Assembly Kit

If you have a new driver in your family, this is a great gift to welcome them to a life of car maintenance.

14. Architecture Building Model Kits

These fun 3-d puzzles are a major step up from the original version.

15. Biltong Making Kit

Know someone who loves jerky? Introduce them to it's hunkier, South African cousin with this DIY set.

16. Real Homemade Gin Kit

Give the connoisseur in your life the chance to make their own batch of artisanal gin.

17. Glass Bottle Cutter

Upcycle used bottles into custom barware with this creative kit.

6 DIY Gifts For Mom

Moms are easy to buy for - they wear so many hats, so there are so many things they need! These DIY gifts for mom will help them commemorate some sweet moments or make life a little easier, and they'll love both.

Here are 6 DIY gifts for mom:

18. Do It Yourself Baby Costume

This kit lets you customize and create an adorable sushi outfit for your tot.

19. DIY Hanging Planter Kit

These small and simple planters are a perfect craft for a mom who just wants a minute to herself.

20. Marbling Kit

Let them try the water painting trend that has taken the craft scene by storm.

21. Blank Nesting doll

Let them make their own family set with these blank matryoshka dolls!

22. Baby Crib Mobile DIY kit

This custom baby chandelier is a must for any expectant mom.

23. Seed bead necklace DIY Kit

When finished with this set, they'll have a gorgeous, one of a kind, seed-bead necklace in an animal print!

5 DIY Unique Gifts

Want to make a statement? This list of unique gifts is for you! These gifts will have you standing out from the crowd - in a good way.

Here are 5 DIY unique gifts:

24. DIY Italian Cheese Making Kit

Why pay extra for fancy cheese when you can learn to make your own Italian cheeses at home?

25. Make Your Own Board Game Kits

For the creative gamer, this set may be the beginning of the next Cones of Dunshire!

26. Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

This electric griddle creates a perfectly crispy outer layer for pizza, quesadillas, frittatas, cookies and anything else they want to whip up!

27. Ring Making Tools Kits

This ket thought of everything! This set has every tool and accessory they'll need to make their own set of wooden rings.

28. Bonsai Starter Kit

This start from seed kit will have them cultivating four different bonsai varieties.

6 Cheap DIY Gift Ideas

I know most of us are on a budget, so here are some cheap gift ideas that will still have a big impact. These DIY gifts are clever and thoughtful, and won't break the bank!

Here are 6 cheap DIY gift ideas:

29. Flower & Leaf Press Kit

Get inspired by nature with this kit that lets you save all sorts of seasonal plants to enjoy all year.

30. Sushi Making Kit

Give a man a fish, feed em for a day. Give a man a sushi set, save them big money every time the craving strikes.

31. The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography

Your introspective friend will love this book that gently guides you in writing your own history.

32. 3D Puzzle Vase

Three gifts in one! A fun 3D puzzle, a paintable art project, and a functioning vase for displaying plants! This gift keeps giving!

33. Essential Oils Christmas Gifts: Cheap DIY Gifts with Essential Oils for Everyone in Your Life

Got an oily friend? Give them this book to inspire some creative uses for their collection!

34. DIY Clay Jewelry Dish Arts

This kit makes swoon-worthy jewelry dishes for keeping or sharing!

5 Cute DIY Gifts

These cute gifts are perfect for the young, or young at heart! These gifts aren't overly complicated - just simple, good, clean fun!

Here are 5 cute DIY gifts:

35. Creative Romantic Stamp Maker Classic Old-Fashioned Style

Up their letter-writing game with this classic wax stamp that gives some real flair to mailed correspondence.

36. ArtMinds Ceramic Mug Painting Kit

Any kid would love this blank-canvas mug that they can paint and bake to lock in the colors.

37. Model Safe Kit

This fun 3D kit is actually two gifts - a clever puzzle and a working safe (if they can follow the instructions!)

38. Climate & Weather Science Kit

Is it science? or is it fun? It's both with this engaging kit that teaches kids and adults alike about how our atmosphere works.

39. Make Your Own SOLAR-POWERED Light-Up Wind Chime Kit

This clever wind chime kit makes a great porch light - and they can customize it exactly how they like!

5 Small DIY Gift Ideas

Just need something small and simple? The small gift ideas are perfect for celebrating a friend, niece or nephew or as a set of gifts!

Here are 5 small DIY gift ideas:

40. Cardboard Galilean Style Telescope Building Kit

This small kit has you building a working telescope in just minutes!

41. JerkyXpress dehydrator

7 square feet of jerky is just a few hours away with this simple countertop machine.

42. Coffee and Espresso Maker

This cool Aeropress makes the smoothest coffee you've ever had in seconds and with almost no cleanup!

43. Do-It-Yourself - Create-Your-Own Flower Essences

Distill alcohol free, healing flower essences with this unique gift.

44. Candle Making Supplies Kit

This large kit includes everything needed to make 3 scented candles.

5 Cool DIY Gifts

These cool gifts will impress even the most stylish of your loved ones. These gifts leave an impression, and they'll definitely be thinking of you each time they use these kits!

Here are 5 cool DIY gifts:

45. Aqua Fizz Sparkling Water Maker

Give them the gift of fresh, sparkling waters and sodas at the push of a button!

46. Wood Burning Kit

This multi-use tool can be used for woodburning or soldering, giving you a range of crafting uses that will keep you busy for hours!

47. Hydroponics Growing System

Even the blackest thumb can grow edibles at home with this easy and complete indoor garden.

48. Emblem Do it Yourself Stickers Set

Add a custom look to your car's emblems with these textured vinyl stickers.

49. Package of 24 Clear Glass Orbs Terrarium Hanging Glass Candle Holders

Create a jaw-dropping installation display with these customizable glass planters.

7 Birthday DIY Gift Ideas

These birthday gift ideas are sure to keep them celebrating long after the party. What better way to launch into a new year than to take on a new project?

Here are 7 Birthday DIY gift ideas:

50. Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit

Any family would love this creative set! They can learn cooking science and enjoy the fruits of their labor with this tasty kid-friendly brew!

51. Delta Prime Jerky Gun

Who doesn't love beef jerky? Make drying it easier than ever with this effortless shaping gun.

52. Personalized Whiskey Making Kit (101)

This kit comes with a wood burned barrel ready to house their own brand of artisan whiskey. Each set makes a gallon and a half of premium liquor!

53. Do It Yourself Beeswax Wraps Kit

Help them go green with these simple and fast, homemade beeswax covers!

54. DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

Once you've made your own delicious sauce, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with store-bought!

55. Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools

From aprons to carving tools to sponges - this set has everything but the clay!

56. LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Outer Space Model Rocket

Dreaming of trips to Mars? This almost 2000 piece model is great for older kids and adults who are obsessed with space.

6 DIY Groomsmen Gift Ideas

When you've got your big day coming up, there are so many small details to fine-tune. This list of groomsmen gift ideas will make it easy to make buying creative, thoughtful gifts for your guys a done deal. All that's left is to wrap 'em!

Here are 6 DIY groomsmen gift ideas:

57. DIY Leather Craft Tools

If you have friends who are even slightly crafty, they'll go wild with this complete leather awl set that has endless potential.

58. Natural Wood Color Wooden Craft Tool Box Caddy with a Handle

These hardy wooden boxes will remind your groomsmen of your big day every time they start a project.

59. Wooden Puzzle Rubber Band Gun Model

Take the shenanigans at your bachelor party up a notch with these feisty rubber band guns.

60. DIY Guitar Kit

Give your guys a gift that will last as long as your marriage! This stunning guitar kit will be enjoyed for years to come.

61. Complete Car Care Kit

12 top of the line car products will help keep their vehicles in great condition.

6 Christmas DIY Gift Ideas

When you have to buy a bunch of gifts at once, it can prove difficult to get something unique for each person. These Christmas gift ideas are perfect for crossing out a bunch of names on your list, or taking to all of the secret Santa parties, or both!

Here are 6 Christmas DIY gift ideas:

62. Do It Yourself Stamp N Attach Complete Sterling Silver Name Plate Necklace Kit

These necklace blanks are perfect for customizing a bunch of small, quick gifts!

63. Do-It-Yourself Upholstery Kit

This is a great gift for anyone who has some little ones doing some damage to their furniture.

64. Beetle & Bee Build & Paint A Birdie B&B

Invite some birdies to their yard with these ready-to-decorate birdhouses!

65. DIY Slime Making Kit

Over 50 different supplies will let them create any color, texture, or variety of slime they can dream up!

66. Do It Yourself Canvas Room Divider

Give the gift of a little space! This customizable divider will brighten and define any shared space.

67. Rock Tumbler Kit

This surprisingly fun gift gives impressive results along with optional life lessons about growing through adversity.

68. Grow and Make Deluxe DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves a little heat! This makes 6 bottles of fire sauce!

2 Practical DIY gifts

Practical gifts are great for people who love to make things, and this means DIY gifts are a great plan. These handy gifts bring out their creative side.

Here are 2 practical DIY gifts:

69. DIY Lip Balm Kit 100% All Natural

This simple DIY set includes everything you need to make lip balms of all different flavors. It comes with four different flavor oils.

70. Practical Weekend Projects for Woodworkers

This top-rated DIY book contains 35 plans for various woodworking projects. These are all practical items that you can actually use.

How to Pick the Best DIY Gifts

Has your mind been totally blown away by all of the DIY possibilities? There are so many choices, it can be a little overwhelming choosing the perfect one. Let's help you narrow it down.

Here is how to pick the best DIY gifts: 

1. Analyze your recipient

Think about who are you buying a gift for. You'll want a pretty different gift for your girlfriend or your mom or your boss. Consider the kinds of things you know that they like, or may be open to, and narrow down your options.

2. Analyze your resources

How much do you have to spend on this gift? How much time do you have for it to get here? Narrow your list some more using that data. If the party is this weekend but it doesn't ship for 3 weeks, cross it off the list. 

3. Just get something

Did you do Tip 1 and Tip 2? Well, guess what! It doesn't matter if they hate what you give them, it'll be obvious that you spent a fair amount of time thinking about them and that's the real gift!

Can I give a bonus pro tip? If you're really not sure what to buy, get something you would like! Then, if they're not into it - you still win!

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In Conclusion

These DIY gifts are sure to impress your friends and family. Plus, since they're something to do and something to get, they're really two gifts in one! Score!

And don't be afraid to get a few of these gift ideas for yourself! You may discover hidden talents you didn't even know you had, and make some cool stuff, too.