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Birthday gift ideas for girlfriend - featured

83 Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend - Find the perfect gift for her


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by | July 24th, 2021

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Having a tough time deciding on birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend<span style="font-weight: 400;">? Well, then you've come to the right place, my conflicted friend.

No doubt, you should be able to find the perfect gift while browsing through this list of what to get your girlfriend for her birthday.

We've named every type of gift there is – from inexpensive to super thoughtful – there's no way you can go wrong with this list of gifts for girlfriend.


11 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

You can be one of those people that gifts their girlfriend something predictable, or you can choose from one of these best birthday gift ideas to really let your girlfriend know that you put some thought into her gift.

Here are the 11 best birthday gift ideas for girlfriend:

1. Happy Birthday Spa Gift Box

Bring the spa to your girlfriend with these assorted spa items – bonus points if you give her a massage!

2. Bond Touch

A fun and unique way to 'stay in touch' with your girlfriend.

3. Chocolate Fondue Maker

Instead of buying her chocolate strawberries, gift her this chocolate maker so she can make chocolate covered anything!

4. Michael Kors Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

Any girl would adore anything from Michael Kors.

5. Moon Night Light

Surprise her with this delicate display of moon light.

6. Wave Smart Notebook

For the girl who loves to stay organized. This reusable notebook easily keeps track of all your notes.

7. Headphones

Excellent noise cancelling headphones are especially great for a girl who needs no distractions.

8. Sephora Gift Cards

Makeup shopping spree! She'll love this if she loves makeup.

9. Well Behaved Women Flask

This flask has so much class and really makes a trendy gift.

10. Small Ceramic Succulent Pots

These tiny plant pots add a marvelous display to any room.

11. Sterling Silver Personalized Name Necklace

Personalized jewelry never goes out of style.

8 Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

There are way more opportunities to show her your romantic side other than Valentine's Day. Look through this list of romantic gifts for girlfriend to give her the most romantic birthday possible.

Here are 8 romantic birthday gift ideas for girlfriend:

12. Wrist Watches Gifts Set for Lovers

Show her how passionate you are with these matching 'half-heart display' watches.

13. Personalized Tree Carving Initials Glass Pendant Necklace

Take it back to childhood romance with your carved initials on a tree pendant.

14. Date Night Scrolls

Take her on several date nights she won't ever forget.

15. Letters to My Love

What's more romantic than a love letter? ...A book of love letters that will be treasured forever.

16. I'd Be Lost Without You

Let this compass necklace tell her that you always want her around.

17. Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate

Show her you're romantic with the classic gift of a box of chocolates.

18. Love Coupons

Doing things for her will be all the more special with these special request coupons.

19. Hug This Pillow Until You can Hug me

For the times you can't be beside her.

8 Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend That Can Be For Valentine's

There's really no difference between birthday gifts and Valentine's Day gifts for girlfriend. A lot of the same gifts can be gifted on both occasions… Just take a look for yourself…

Here are 8 birthday gift ideas for girlfriend that can be for Valentine's:

20. Custom couple portrait illustration

An illustrated picture of both of you will possibly be the best gift you've ever gotten her.

21. Kisses 4 Us

A creative excuse to keep kissing her.

22. Succulent planters

Cat lover, plant lover, or lover of anything – she will adore these kitty plant pot huggers.

23. Interlocking Circles Necklace

The symbolic meaning behind this necklace will say it all.

24. Every Love Story Picture

A simple, yet meaningful portrait that portrays your love story.

25. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Nothing screams Valentine's Day like red velvet cupcakes. They also make a great birthday gift too!

26. Gold Dipped Rose

A real rose dipped in 24k gold that will keep it's shape forever.

27. Swarovski Crystal Accented Watch and Bracelet Set

Just one look at this rose gold bracelet set will have her speechless.

9 Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend That Can Be For Anniversaries

Anniversaries, just like birthdays, are special days that require a lot of effort in gift picking. Especially birthday and anniversary gifts for girlfriend. Get it done right with these birthday gift ideas that can also be for anniversaries.

Here are 9 birthday gift ideas for girlfriend that can be for anniversaries:

28. Dance Sheet Music Wall art

Frame the song that you first danced to with custom designs and pictures.

29. Custom Photo Mosaic Collage

Create a mosaic collage with a bunch of tiny pictures of the both of you to reveal one huge photo.

30. Hand Stamped Date Necklace

Add your anniversary date on this personalized pendant that she'll cherish everyday.

31. Wood Photo

A photo of both of you on a wooden plaque will leave her stunned.

32. Fish hook bracelet

These dual matching bracelets will make her smile every time she sees yours on you.

33. I Love You Necklace

Say I love you in 100 languages with this heart-shaped necklace.

34. Pop Up 3D Flower Card

Adding a card to your gift? This 3D pop-up cherry blossom tree card is a gift in itself.

35. Couple Pendant Necklace

No need to propose with these matching promise ring necklaces that already show her you're for each other.

36. grow old along with me engraved compass

Compasses may be outdated, but I'm sure your girlfriend won't care with this sweet message engraved on it.

7 Cute Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

If your girlfriend is into all things cute, then you've come to the right place. Choose from these cute gifts for girlfriend to make her squeal with excitement. 

Here are 7 cute birthday gift ideas for girlfriend:

37. Mini bear

Just one look at this tiny bear will make her gasp from the cuteness.

38. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaids aren't really considered cute, but this mermaid tail blanket is super cute ...and cozy!

39. Giraffe compact mirror

I mean, what's cuter than animals? …Animal themed gifts, that's what!

40. Personalized Lighting Present

This personalized night light display is both cute and sentimental.

41. Cherry Measuring Spoons and Egg separator

Add a cute touch to her kitchen with these adorable cherry measuring spoons.

42. Sheep Sleeping Eye Cover

These eye covers will make her the cutest traveler ...and a distraction from her snoring.

43. Umbrella Herbal Leaf Tea Infuser

Let her drink tea in style with this tiny umbrella infuser.

7 Cheap Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

It's not your fault your girlfriend's birthday came at a time where your pockets are a little light. At times like this, you need a great list of cheap birthday ideas for girlfriend to swipe her off her feet without taking a huge swipe on that credit card. 

Also, check out this list of cheap date ideas to help you set up a special day for your girlfriend on a budget.

Here are 7 cheap birthday ideas for girlfriend:

44. Dandelion necklace

Make all her wishes come true with this dandelion, feather pendant.

45. Best Girlfriend Ever Tumbler

Every girlfriend should be told she's the best. Tell her that with this plain and simple water bottle.

46. My Heart to Yours Couples Pillowcases

A gift for her and you for the price of one – nothing's cheaper than that!

47. Handwarmer Mug

This clever mug has a pocket to warm your fingers!

48. Women's Evercat Candidate Duffel

Keep her motivated with this slick PUMA duffel bag.

49. Decorative Cactus Tea Light Candles

Cactus plants or candles? This gift will light up any room.

50. Women Cute Cat Ear Winter Hat

This gift makes perfect sense if shes a cat lover and a winter baby.

6 Unique Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

Unique gifts for girlfriend are probably the best way to get a surprised, yet confused look on your girlfriend's face on her birthday. She won't have any idea how you came up with such a unique gift (and, don't worry, we won't tell).

Here are 6 unique birthday ideas for girlfriend:

51. Soundwave Art

Soundwaves are very interesting, especially when they are personalized and framed.

52. Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler

Keep her drink hot or cold with this seriously awesome wine glass.

53. Positive quotes Jar

Add on the positivity with this small jar of hugely, meaningful quotes.

54. wood vintage trinket box

She won't know what to think of this box, but she'll definitely love it!

55. Stress Tamer Care Package

Relaxation pillows to relax her in any situation.

56. Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Gift her something she didn't know she needed.

8 Thoughtful Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

Let your girlfriend know that you've put a lot of thought towards her birthday gift with these thoughtful gifts for girlfriend

Here are 8 thoughtful birthday ideas for girlfriend:

57. Birthday in a Box Care Package

Let her think that you thoughtfully put this birthday box together.

58. Pamper Gift Box Set

Pamper her with this gift box set filled with relaxation products.

59. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Motivating your girlfriend to be healthy is ever so thoughtful.

60. Message Throw Blanket

Keep her comfortable while also letting her know that you care for her.

61. Motivational Birthday Cuff Bangle - replace

Inspire her with bold words that she'll be able to wear right on her wrist.

62. Inverted Umbrella

Make sure her pretty little head stays dry with this trendy inverted umbrella.

63. Memory Box Storage

Move over drawer! Instead give her a unique place to save all her special memories.

64. Fitness Smartwatch

Make staying fit easier on her with this fitness smartwatch.

7 DIY Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend

Not all of us are craftsmen. However, you can be crafty with all of these DIY gifts for girlfriend. Go ahead and show your girlfriend what you're made of ...or, what you can make for her, we mean to say.

Here are 7 DIY birthday ideas for girlfriend:

65. Mini DIY cookie kit

Your girlfriend will love decorating these tasty cookies with you as a birthday date.

66. Hand Embroidery Kit

Test your sewing skills with this embroidery kit. I believe your girlfriend will be highly impressed with this gift.

67. Diy Satchel

Give her this DIY satchel gift to sew together herself. She'll be proud to rock this bag everyday.

68. DIY Dream Catcher Kit

Make this dream catcher for her so she can dream of you, and only you.

69. Indigo Kit for Shibori Tie-Dyeing

If you want to give her a really fun birthday, tie-dye with her.

70. Assorted Bubble Tea DIY Kit

Bubble tea is super fun to drink. Now think about how much fun you'll have making it.

71. Mini DIY Farmers' Cheese Kit

Show her how to make her own cheese with this DIY cheese kit.

5 Practical birthday gift ideas for girlfriend

Birthday gifts for your girlfriend don't need to be complicated and over-thought. Get it right and simple with these practical gift ideas that make pretty great gifts.

Here are 5 practical birthday gift ideas for girlfriend:

72. Adjustable Rolling Pin

Your girlfriend will find this very useful if she doesn't have much space for a huge rolling pin.

73. THE OBSESSIVE CHEF Bamboo Cutting Board

This precision cutting board is fun and functional.

74. Satin Kimono Robe

A satin robe is all it takes to make a girl feel sexy.

75. Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket

Get a girl anything with hidden pockets and she'll be overly satisfied.

76. Vegetable Chopper

A vegetable chopper is the most convenient and helpful tool for any cook.

6 Small birthday gift ideas for girlfriend

For the girlfriend who has an obsession with trinkets, keychains and small jewelry, small gift ideas are your best option. 

Here are 6 small birthday gift ideas for girlfriend:

77. Dog Holding Red Rose Stuffed Animal

No girl can resist a soft, cuddly stuffed dog.

78. Key & Lock

Let her know she holds the key to your everything with this Key & Lock keychain set.

79. Microwave Cleaner

If you're not willing to clean your girlfriend's microwave, give her this humorous microwave cleaner to make an annoying task fun!

80. Techkey Crystal Jewelry Pen Drive

A flash drive filled with pink crystals for the techie girlfriend.

81. Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet is customizable with options to add photo charms and personal messages. A brilliant way to show her how much she means to you.

82. Wireless Earbuds

Give her a small, but useful gift with these waterproof, wireless earbuds with secure-fit ear loops.

How to Pick the Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

After browsing through this long list of birthday gifts for girlfriend, you might have made you choice, or you might have made many choices. Now how do you decide on which gifts are best?

Here is how to pick the best birthday gift ideas for girlfriend:

1. Ask a friend

Talking to one of your girlfriend's friends or relatives can help you get a good idea of what exactly she may want for her birthday. Girls share a lot with their friends, so you may be able to get some useful information by asking one of them.

2. Be sure of what she likes

You should probably have a good idea of what she likes, she is your girlfriend after all. If you really can't decide on a great gift, go with what you know she'll like, even if it isn't what you want to get her.

3. Stick with traditional gifts

If you aren't sure what she's into and none of her friends have helped you, get her a gift that most girls would appreciate; jewelry, flowers, or even chocolate. Unless, of course, she has expressed to you how much she hates these things...

More Awesome Gift Ideas

If you found this list of gift ideas helpful, don't stop here, let us help you out with more awesome gift ideas that might be useful to you.

  1. There's nothing more complicated than choosing the right Christmas gifts for all the people in your life, so get some Christmas gift ideas into your head from right now to save some time and frustration.
  2. Getting married soon? Then you'll probably need some great groomsmen gift ideas to go along with your wedding.
  3. Check out these sweet beer gift ideas for the beer lovers in your circle (or for yourself, we don't judge).

In Conclusion

The best advice we can give you when searching for gifts for girlfriend is not to stress too much. Your girlfriend's birthday should be a fun relaxing day for you and her to spend together. Remember that she'll most likely love anything you give her because it's from you and that will be special enough to her. 

Take these birthday gift ideas for girlfriend into consideration because any of the gifts listed here will make a great gift for your girlfriend.

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