Looking for manly gifts for the guys who mean the most to you?

Whether you're need groomsmen gifts ideas or just something special for the guy who has always had your back, the key to finding the perfect gift is choosing something thoughtful and personal.

In this article we've got dozens of ideas for great gifts for men, even if you're looking for gifts for men who have everything. Even though we've made finding a present easier, choosing the right one is still up to you...


11 Best Manly Gifts

To kick off our list of the best manly gifts, we put together a collection of ideas from all over the map. You'll find items for work and for recreation, things your boy can share, and things for him to enjoy all by himself.

Here are the 11 best manly gifts:

1. HomeWetBar American Heroes Personalized 50 Caliber Ammo Box Can

This genuine US military ammo box is customizable and makes a handsome, secure place to store just about anything.

2. Dragon's Blood - Handmade Soap - Lanolin Soap - Manly Soap

This gently scented soap is great for your skin and the environment. Who says personal hygiene isn't manly?

3. Mansfield's Book of Manly Men: An Utterly Invigorating Guide to Being Your Most Masculine Self

In this timely text, Stephen Mansfield defines the character, attitudes, and actions of men at their best - and invites us to rise to the challenge.

4. Beard Grooming & Care Kit for Men

With 8 gifts in one, this beard care kit will have his whiskers looking healthy and strong - no matter if he's a mountain man or a well-groomed guy.

5. Wild Game Meat Sticks

This box contains 15 meat sticks made from 10 different kinds of meat, including alligator, kangaroo, and wild boar.

6. Briar and Oak Bourbon Barrel Stave Cigar Ashtray

Made from an old bourbon barrel, this rustic-looking ash tray is the perfect centerpiece for a nice cigar, a neat drink, and great conversation.

7. Excel Blades Woodworking Set

With 6 blades, 5 gouges, and 4 routers, your buddy will go from whittler to woodcarver in no time.

8. Credit Card Tool Gift Set

Comes with a paracord bracelet, a credit card multi-tool, and a bottle opener key chain. What more could a man need?

9. Patron Candy Dish

For the guy who appreciates the finer things, this cold-cut Patron dish provides sophisticated storage for candy, nuts, coins, paperclips, or just about anything else.

10. Silver Coin Ring

History buffs and world-travelers will love these coin rings made custom from currencies all over the world.

11. Biker Boots Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

12. Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones

Let your buddy chill his beverage without watering it down, using these unique stainless steel whiskey stones.

10 Cool Manly Gifts

manly gifts - Cool Manly Gifts
You don't want to grab just any old gift for your friend. You want it to be special, you want it to be meaningful, and you want it to be something he'd never expect. In other words, you want it to be cool.

Select one of these cool gifts to give your friend something he'll use with pride and want to show off.

Here are 10 cool many gifts:

13. Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

This beautiful globe decanter set comes with two etched whiskey glasses and two silicone ice balls. Everything you need to sit down with a cool beverage and solve the world's greatest problems.

14. Aluminium Laptop Stand + Phone holder

Outfit any home office with this sleek laptop stand and phone holder, designed to improve posture and productivity.

15. Bullet pocket knife

This compact knife is housed within a .44 shell and is cool enough to become your buddy's next EDC item.

16. "Fuck It Let's Drink" Wall Mount Bottle Opener

For the guy who knows how to have a good time and enjoys kicking back a few beers.

17. Crossbody Bags for Men

With enough space for the essentials and compartments to keep everything organized, this cross-body bag is perfect for hikers, bikers, or travelers.

18. EZ Drinker Grill Master Grill Apron

This apron has enough storage for an entire 6-pack, plus space for all the tools, condiments, and spices that any self-respecting grill master needs.

19. Personalized Leather Pouch

If your buddy is always walking around with pockets full of stuff, this personalized leather pouch is a handsome storage solution.

20. Bourbon Lip Balm

Pucker up! This lip balm's base is made from all natural ingredients and flavored with single malt bourbon whiskey.

21. Knife Sharpening Stone

Whether your buddy is a home chef, a carpenter, or a knife aficionado, this two sided whetstone with bamboo base will keep his blades razor sharp.

22. Survival Knife With Leather Sheath

This handmade survival knife is durable and functional. Admire the beautiful layers formed from folding the steel before sliding it into its handsome, secure leather sheath.

7 Unique Manly Gifts

With these unique gifts you don't have to worry about giving your bud something he already owns. Perfect for gag gifts or stocking stuffers, these gifts are full of personality and are sure to be memorable.

As with any gift, look for something your friend will get use and enjoyment out of. Because even though unique is good, unique and useful is even better.

Here are 7 unique manly gifts:

23. PRIMAL FOREST Artisan Natural Cologne

A great gift for friends, significant others, and dads, this cologne captures the natural, rustic scent of a fir forest using 98% organic ingredients.

24. Taking Care of Business Bath Bomb Set

Self-care has never been so bad ass. These bath bombs will have even the grimiest outlaw feeling as fresh James Bond.


The perfect addition to any garage or work shop, this unique manly gift lets everyone know who rules the roost.

26. Antique Cars Newsprint Dresser Drawer Pull

These drawer pulls featuring antique cars make the perfect furnishing for man caves, offices, and libraries.

27. Durable Padded Work Gloves with Anti Vibrant Firm Grip

With ergonomic design, third finger touch-screen tip, and padding where you need it most, these gloves make hard labor a little easier.

28. Man Crates Ultimate Grilling Crate with Wood Chips

Inside this 11" x 11" crate comes everything your buddy needs to get smoking: a smoker crate, wood chips, 4 meet thermometers, a tenderizer, and premium spices and sauces.

29. Stuff Every Man Should Know

With information on everything from how to grill the perfect steak to how to repair that old clunker, this tome is filled with information every guy should know... but probably doesn't.

8 Cheap Manly Gifts

If there's one thing that's understood between close friends, it's that gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful.
These cheap gifts show the guy in your life that you know him and you get him, without breaking your bottom line.

Here are 8 cheap manly gifts:

30. Thermal Insulated Lunch Box

This budget conscious gift is perfect for your budget conscious friend, allowing him to bring his lunch to the job and keep it cool for up to 6 hours.

31. Peppermint Coffee Soap

This little gift is great for guys who love coffee, and can be used as body wash, face wash, or shaving soap.

32. Men's Bath Bomb Set of 6

This set of 6 bath bombs comes with amazing, relaxing scents and leaves behind no residue.

33. Funny Hard Hat & Helmet Stickers

These irreverent stickers will feel right at home on hard hats, tool boxes, and beat up work trucks.

34. Tactical Portable LED Flashlight with 5 Modes

With ultra-bright LEDs, 5 settings, and waterproof protection, this is sure to be his go-to flashlight.

35. Credit Card Sized Casino Bottle Opener

Your buddy can slide one of these into his wallet and keep a few stashed around the house, so he's always ready to crack open a cold one.

36. 19PCS BBQ Grill Tools Set

This set of 19 stainless steel grilling tools includes everything a grill master needs to prep, cook, and clean. It even has an aluminum storage case, making it perfect for camping or tailgating.

37. Sasquatch Soap

This handmade soap comes in a convenient travel tin, making it the perfect gift for travelers, campers, or any guy who likes quality products and family businesses.

8 Funny Manly Gifts

Shopping for the guy who knows how to keep everyone laughing? Return the gift of laughter with one of these funny gifts for men.

You only have to give the gift once, but he'll laugh about it over and over again.

Here are 8 funny manly gifts:

38. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Manly Mints

Perfect for a stocking stuffer, these extra strong mints are not for the faint of heart.

39. Dad Life: A Manly Adult Coloring Book

Give your bud a break from parenting with this awesome adult coloring book.

40. Moustachios Mustache Sticky Notes Booklet

Keeping organized doesn't have to be boring. These sticky notes are modeled after some of history's greatest mustaches.

41. Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings

For the guy who can quote every scene of Anchorman, this memoir by Ron Burgundy "himself" is a deep dive into the life and legacy of America's favorite newscaster.

42. I Love Turpentine T-Shirt

This novelty shirt is perfect for artists, painters, and craftsmen.

43. Theodore Roosevelt Scented Candle

Even though we aren't exactly sure what Teddy Roosevelt smelled like, we're pretty sure he'd love this candle.

44. Funny BBQ Apron Grilling Gift

This apron is so manly it has it's very own beard.

45. This Is No "Tea Cup" This Is A Man Mug

Tea, coffee, or something a little stronger? Makes no difference to this man mug.

6 DIY Manly Gifts

Just like a good friendship, these DIY gifts take a little time and attention. If your buddy likes doing things for himself, give him a gift that will take some skill and effort.

Here are 6 DIY manly gifts:

46. Dude Crafts: The Man's Guide to Practical Projects, Backyard Ballistics, and Glorious Gags

This book has diagrams and instructions for 54 manly projects.

47. A Mini Picnic Table 3D Kit

This DIY model picnic table becomes the perfect place to set a cold drink.

48. Wood Crossbow DIY Kit With targets

This fully functional crossbow is as fun to build as it is to shoot.

49. Large DIY Cocktail Smoking Kit

If the guy on your list likes craft cocktails and the speakeasy scene, he'll love this cocktail smoking kit.

50. Cooking Gift Set

With this set he can follow the included recipes or create dishes of his own savory combinations.

51. Low Poly Animal 3D DIY

A great gift festival goers and party animals, this template creates an awesome wolf's head mask.

9 Cute manly gifts

Could there possibly be such a thing as a cute manly gift? You might not think so, but we're here to prove you wrong. When you're searching for a gift that will show the manly man in your life how much you care about him, cute gifts are the answer. Take a look through the list of awesome gifts below and you'll see that cute and manly really can work together.

Here are 9 cute manly gifts:

52. CANDLETHEORY Scented Man Candle Gift Set with Crackling Wood Wicks

With scents like warm tobacco and smoked suede, you can't get much more manly than these candles. Even a guy who has never owned a candle before would be pleased to receive these for Christmas or his birthday.

53. Stanley Classic 10qt Lunch Box

Prove how much you care with this lunch box for grown-up lads. This lunch box is big enough for even the largest of meals and it's insulated, which makes it perfect for both hot and cold food.

54. West Coast Chef Air Fryer

An air fryer is an amazingly useful gift and one that guys who enjoy spending time in the kitchen will receive very gratefully.

55. Shower Nozzle Shaped like a Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull

Dinosaur-lovers will go crazy for this fun shower head. It not only looks amazing but it also helps to conserve water.

56. Walt Whitman's Guide to Manly Health and Training

This amusing and helpful book is the perfect gift for a guy who likes to stay healthy. Containing the words of writer and poet Walt Whitman, it's full of useful advice.

57. Traditional Survival Ferro Rod

If the gift recipient enjoys camping, this cool fire starter is an incredibly useful present that they'll use again and again.

58. Recipes Every Man Should Know (Stuff You Should Know)

Guys that love to cook will really appreciate this thoughtful cookbook.

59. Gentleman's Bath Salts

Guys love baths too and it makes sense that they should have a bath product that's just as manly as them. These bath salts certainly tick all the boxes and make for an incredibly cute manly gift.

60. Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

When guys need to carry stuff around, they want to have an awesome bag to help. This distressed leather messenger bag is a thoughtful and useful gift but one which still looks rugged and masculine.

3 Practical manly gifts

Practical gifts are excellent if you're shopping for someone who's especially manly. Masculine men typically enjoy things that they can use on a daily basis.

Here are 3 practical manly gifts:

61. The Official John Wayne Handy Book for Men: Essential Skills for the Rugged Individualist

This handbook goes through all of the essential skills, including throwing a punch, tying a tie, and talking to women. It's great for men who are striving for more masculinity.

62. Kentucky Bourbon WHISKEY SOAP

For guys who love Bourbon, this whiskey-scented soap will make their next shower even more special. It's all-natural and made from top-quality ingredients.

63. Camping Multitool

Is there anything more masculine than a camping multi-tool? This stainless steel tool comes with 16 components, including a hammer, knife, and axe.

How to Pick The Best Manly Gift

Having a ton of gifts to pick from doesn't always make picking the right one easier. So, if you're still not sure which manly gifts are right for your bro...

Here is how to pick the best manly gift:

1. Reflect

The key to gift giving is finding a gift that will mean something personal to your recipient. The same is true with gifts for men. Think about your friend's passions, interests, and personality, then scroll back through and see what jumps out at you.

2. Set a Budget

Sometimes the budget is one you set, and sometimes it's one set by your friends. Decide how much you're willing to spend and rule out any options that are over-budget.

3. Imagine

Once you have a few options, imagine how your friend would react to receiving each one. Will he immediately see the gift's significance? Will he laugh and then forget about it? Will he use it, or will it just take up space?

Choose the gift you imagine will bring him the most, and the most long-lasting, joy.

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In Conclusion

With all these great manly gifts to choose from, the perfect birthday presents or groomsmen gifts are all right here. We've even got unique and DIY ideas, in case you're looking for gifts for men who have everything.

Just keep in mind that your gift should be personal and meaningful, and you really can't go wrong.