It's always a solid idea to give guys something they can actually play with, and that's why DIY gifts for men are a great choice.

DIY gifts make guys feel like a kid again. These gifts for men allow him to open his present, get creative, and actually build something.

If you're looking for gift ideas, we're about to go through some of the top gifts for men. These gifts for men can work for any guy, no matter what their personality or hobby might be.

Choose one of these DIY gifts for men, and you can feel confident that he'll actually use the gift. These are some of the best gifts for men because they won't just sit on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.


4 Best DIY Gifts for Men

If you really want to get him something special, you need to go with the very best DIY gifts available.

Here are the 4 best DIY gifts for men:

1. Tabletop Mini DIY 3D Printers

A 3D printer is the ultimate DIY gift of the 21st century. He can print almost anything he wants with this futuristic device.

2. STEM Robot Kit

He can build, customize, and program this Robobloq robot using an all-in-one DIY kit that comes with programming software and tools.

3. Perfect Pregame Alcohol Infusion Kit 

This kit allows him to make his own infused alcohol. It comes with directions and all the tools he'll need to experiment with flavored vodka, gin, and rum.

4. Housebuilding: A Do-It-Yourself Guide, Revised & Expanded

This is one DIY kit that could come in very handy. This books teaches him everything he needs to know about building a house from the ground up.

Cool DIY Gifts for Men

Choose cool gifts for guys, and you'll see their jaw drop when they open their present. These cool gifts are sure to make an impact.

Here are 4 cool DIY gifts for men:

5. LifeSmart Smart LED Light Kit

These awesome LED lights can be customized to use 16 million different colors. You can also use your smartphone and your voice to control them.

6. Acrylic Pour Kit

He'll love creating interesting art with this kit. It contains everything he needs to learn how to create "pour art" with acrylic paint.

7. ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Model Kits

It'll take him four to six hours to build this incredible wooden puzzle of a movie projector. Once it's done, he can actually use it to play movies - without a battery!

3 Cheap DIY Gifts For Men

You don't have to spend a fortune on DIY gifts. Instead, there are plenty of cheap gifts that can do the trick. These cheap gifts for men are just as good as other DIY ideas.

Here are 3 cheap DIY gifts for men:

8. Elderberry Syrup KIT

He can make his own elderberry syrup with this kit. It'll make morning pancakes that much more fun!

9. DIY light kit

This interesting kit comes with xuan paper, bamboo sticks, and lights to create a wonderful light with a real handmade vibe.

10. Finex DIY Rubber Stamp Printing Kit

He can make wonderful Christmas cards and other crafts with this stamp kit. It has everything he needs to custom make his own stamps.

3 Funny DIY Gifts for Men

DIY gifts can be even better if they make him laugh. These funny gifts for men will put a smile on his face.

Here are 3 funny gifts for men:

11. Funny DIY Finger Skateboard Kits

This is the ultimate fingerboarding kit, and it's hilarious. It even comes with shoes for his fingers

12. Do it yourself Bubble gum Kit

Does he like gum? If so, this kit gives him the chance to make his own gum. It comes with instructions, ingredients, and mixing ingredients.

13. Creative Roots Paint Your Own Gnome

You've been GNOMED! With this fun kit, he'll have the chance to paint his very own garden gnome. He can put it in his garden or on a shelf.

4 Unique DIY Gifts For Men

These unique gifts for men are an excellent way to “think outside the box.” These unique gifts are sure to make an impact.

Here are 4 unique DIY gifts for men:

14. Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

Encourage him to make the plunge and bleach his hair with this premium kit. This can create some seriously blonde hair.

15. PeSandy Sushi Roller Vegetable 

Does he love sushi? Well, with this kitchen gadget he can easily create his own sushi rolls, spring rolls, and many other treats.

16. Kintsugi Repair Kit

Kintsugi refers to the Japanese process of repairing broken ceramics, making them more beautiful in the process. This kit has everything he needs to learn this ancient process.

17. Uolor 108 Pcs Engraving Tool Kit

Why pay extra for custom engraving when you can do it yourself? This kit comes with all the tools and materials you'll need to engrave metal, ceramics, wood, and virtually any other surface.

4 Manly DIY Gifts For Men

DIY gifts are pretty masculine, but you can go the extra mile with these manly gifts. These gifts will appeal to his macho sensibility.

Here are 4 manly DIY gifts for men:

18. Sausage Hot Dog Mold

With this kit, he can actually make his own hot dogs. Using all kind of meat, he can use these molds to make different types of hot dogs.

19. Leather Craft Carving Tools DIY Kit

Is there anything more manly than working with leather? This kits has all the tools he needs carve and engrave with leather.

20. Hoppe's No. 9 Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

If he likes to shoot, he'll love this gun cleaning kit. It comes with lubricating fluids, brass rods, cleaning cloths, and much more.

21. ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle - Shotgun

This 3D wooden puzzle allows him to build a beautiful model shotgun. Even better - it actually shoots rubber bands!

3 Practical DIY Gifts For Men

Choose a practical gift, and you can be sure that his DIY gift will actually be useful. These gifts can help him learn real skills.

Here are 3 practical DIY gifts for men:

22. Throwback 3-In-1 Countertop Mini Cupcake, Donut & Waffle Maker

This kitchen gadget can make donuts, cupcakes, and waffles. What more could a guy want from a practical gift?

23. DIY FLOW Beehive Box Plans

Beekeeping ins a pretty awesome hobby, and these plans can help him create his own beehive. It's a great start if he's expressed interest in beekeeping.

24. The Beginner's Guide to Cheese Making: Easy Recipes and Lessons to Make Your Own Handcrafted Cheeses

If he loves cheese, this guide can help him create his own cheese varieties. This gift can help him start a whole new hobby

3 Thoughtful DIY Gifts For Men

DIY gifts are a great opportunity to show how much you care. Choose one of these thoughtful gifts, and he'll know how much effort you've put into your gift.

Here are 3 thoughtful DIY gifts for men:

25. Coaster Making Kit

This coaster making kit comes with highly absorbent cork bases that can be painted and customized.

26. Bonsai Starter Kit

Growing your own bonsai trees can be a reality with this kit. It has the seeds, supplies, and instructions you need to start 4 bonsai trees.

27. Bamboo Cork Service Tray Kit

This interesting kit allows him to turn his cork collection into a cork service tray. It comes with a glass topper and a bamboo tray.

3 Small DIY Gifts For Men

Even the tiniest items can make great DIY gifts for men. Check out these small gifts for even more ideas.

Here are 3 small DIY gifts for men:

28. DIY Walnut Birdhouse Kit

Building a birdhouse can be a very rewarding activity. This wood kit comes with precut wood pieces that he can build with nails.

29. DIY Organic Clear Soap Making Kit

Soap making becomes easy with this all-natural, organic kit. It comes with all the necessary ingredients, including flowers, clay, oats, and more.

30. Light-up Crystal Growing Kit

This awesome kit allows you to grow your own crystals that light up with LED lights. It comes with all the ingredients and instructions needed to grow the crystals.

3 DIY Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

If you're shopping for gifts for men who have everything, we've got you covered. These DIY gifts for men are sure to tick a few extra boxes.

Here are 3 DIY gifts for men who have everything:

31. Spoon Carving Kit for Beginners

Spoon carving is a rare skill that he can learn with this kit. It comes with a basswood block that he can use to carve a spoon with Celtic knots using the provided guide.

32. Cement Craft Kit

This unique kit helps you craft all kinds of items with cement. It includes instructions, molds, and everything you need to create things like coasters and plant pots with cement.

33. Grow Your own Saguaro Cactus Kit 

Growing your own cactus from seed can be a very rewarding activity. The seeds sprout quickly, and the cactus can become quite big in just a few short years.

3 DIY Groomsmen Gifts

When shopping for groomsmen gifts, choosing DIY items is always a solid option. Your groomsmen will get tons of fun out of these gifts.

Here are 3 DIY groomsmen gifts:

34. Otter Skinner Knife DIY

A knife is a great groomsmen gift, but this knife allows them to customize it. Once they sand down the wood, they can attach the scales to the blade.

35. Locomotive Stainless-Steel Model Kit

This beautiful locomotive set takes hour to assemble, and it's made from high-quality stainless steel. No soldering is necessary.

36. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

With this easy hot sauce kit, your groomsmen can use mason jars, peppers, spices, and all kinds of different flavors to create four distinct hot sauces.

3 DIY Retirement Gift Ideas For Men

If you're looking for retirement gift ideas for men, DIY gifts are a solid choice. After all, the retiree is going to have plenty of time on his hands for projects!

Here are 3 retirement gift ideas for men:

37. Do-It-Yourself Wealth Management: Take Control of Your Financial Life!

After retirement, it's an excellent time to start thinking about managing your wealth efficiently. This book can teach him how to do the most important DIY project of all - growing his money!

38. Oriental Furniture Do It Yourself Canvas Room Divider

This canvas room divider comes completely blank. That means he can paint interesting designs on it to create an artistic piece of furniture for his home.

39. Make Your Own Fruit Wine

This kit contains instructions to make all kinds fo fruit wine, plus supplies such as findings, enzymes, and nutrients. This could be a very fulfilling post-retirement project.

4 DIY Gifts For Dad

If you're looking for gifts for dad, these DIY ideas are some of the best options out there. Dads love projects that involve a little creativity and skill.

Here are DIY gifts for dad:

40. Hubs Geodesic Dome Kit

This kit comes with everything your dad needs to make an interesting addition to the garden. The kids can use it as a moonbase, and this dome can scale to meet the requirements of your space.

41. Bacon Curing Kit

If your dad loves bacon, they can use this kit to cure pork joints and create all kinds of different bacon with flavors such as garlic, pancetta, and juniper.

42. Wood Burning Kit

Wood burning is an interesting hobby that involves carving designs into wood using heated tools. This kit comes with everything your dad needs to get started.

43. Mr. Root Beer Home Brewing Root Beer Kit

Does your dad love root beer? Well, now he can use this kit to brew his very own batches. It comes with crystals, root beer yeast, and everything else your dad needs to get started.

3 DIY Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

There are all kinds of awesome birthday gift ideas that fit in with the DIY theme. Pick one of these options, and you can make his birthday all the more interesting.

Here are 3 DIY birthday gift ideas for men

44. DIY Wall Mount Cat Feeding Station & 5 Cat Steps

If he has a cat, this wall-mounted cat furniture can be a great addition to his house. This one comes with a feeding station to keep the dog away.

45. Bath Bomb Kit

With this kit, he can create his own bath bombs. This kit comes with everything he needs, including high-quality essential oils and epsom salts.

46. Do It Yourself Mini Doughnut Making Kit

Does he love donuts? Well, this kit allows him to make unlimited supply. It comes with donut mixes, sugars, tools, and instructions.

3 Christmas DIY Gifts For Men

DIY kits can also be an excellent plan for Christmas gifts. Choose one of these gifts, and you'll make someone very happy as they spend hours with their new project.

Here are 3 Christmas DIY gifts for men:


This neat kit allows them to make their own mosaics with various tiles. It comes with the grout they need plus tools for cutting and placing the tiles.

48. Calligraphy Starter Kit

With this kit, they'll have everything they need to get started with the rewarding hobby of calligraphy. It comes with a calligraphy pen, ink, instructions, and more.

49. Build Your Car Kit Toy Set

This isn't your average toy car. With over 11 different modular pieces, they can build a high-quality, lasting car model that look totally unique.

How To Pick The Best DIY Gifts For Men

In this article, we've listed so many different ideas for DIY gifts that you might be left scratching your head. How do you figure out which one to get? Which one will he like the best?

If you're still struggling to figure out which DIY gift to grab, here's a straightforward guide that'll help you settle on that perfect gift.

Here is how to pick the best DIY gifts for men:

1. Think About His Hobbies

It's always a good idea to think about his hobbies when you're picking out a DIY gift. If you choose a DIY gift that somewhat aligns with his interests, there's a better chance he'll actually enjoy it.

For example, if he loves bacon, why not get him a bacon curing kit? If he loves watching shows about dinosaurs, why not get him a fossil dig kit?

Those are just a few examples of how you can customize your gift based on his hobbies.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Challenge Him

Don't hesitate to get him a DIY gift that requires a lot of skill and patience. Part of the fun of building something is challenging yourself.

If you get him something that's too easy, hewon't get that same sense of satisfaction and fulfillment out of it. Even if he's not sure whether he can complete the task, he can build new confidence as he figures it all out.

3. Choose A DIY Gift That Helps Him Learn A Valuable Skill

Another smart choice would be to get him a DIY gift that helps him learn a valuable skill. DIY project can be fun, but they can also be very useful.

If you get him a DIY gift that helps him learn something useful, you'll be giving the gift of knowledge. That means your gift will keep on giving long after he's completed his DIY project.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

If you're not quite sure about what type of gift you want to get someone, you don't necessarily have to settle with DIY gifts for men.

There are plenty of other options you might want to try as well, and these ideas can work for a wide range of different people.

Check out some more awesome gift ideas if you'd like to explore all kinds of other options:

  1. If you're looking for gifts for girlfriend, you need to make sure you get her something amazing. Check out our ideas, and you can be sure she'll love her gift.
  2. Buying gifts for your wife can also be tricky, but you can make sure that you get her something wonderful by following our guide. With these gifts for wife, she'll be thrilled that you made the extra effort.
  3. Sometimes gaming accessories can also be awesome gifts for men. We all know that a lot of guys these days love to play video games, and buying them the right accessories can really make them happy.
  4. If he is interested in DIY gifts, there's a good chance he'll also appreciate EDC gear. These gifts are very "hands-on" and masculine. Just like DIY gifts, he can actually use ECD gear on an everyday basis... That's why it's called "everyday carry!"

In Conclusion

Whatever you decide to get him, you can feel confident that you're giving him something that's much more special than the typical gift. DIY gifts for men have that extra element of fun and creativity that sets them apart.

While there are plenty of other gift ideas out there, these gifts for men can be some of the most fulfilling. DIY gifts make us feel like little children again as we build things and solve puzzles.

That being said, they can also provide men with real, useful skills that can stand the test of time. All in all, DIY gifts for men are some of the best options, no matter who you're shopping for.