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Top 50 Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas for Your Best Man

Top 50 Best Groomsmen Gifts Ideas for Your Best Man

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Groomsmen's Gifts - PostI’d bet that you carefully selected your groomsmen, that’s why you need to pick the best groomsmen gifts:

They’ve probably supported you for years, and even given you some (much needed) relief from wedding planning.

…And I’d also bet you know they deserve a thoughtful, creative, practical and unique groomsmen gifts… but for a lot of grooms, it’s extremely difficult to come up with that type of gift:

Most gifts don’t show exactly how cool and special your groomsmen are (think cliché gifts, like ties, or overly expensive gifts, like Rolex watches)… so most grooms give up on finding good gifts quickly (they settle for something just ‘okay’).

…But if you’re that groom about to give up, you need to check out what I’ve put together:

It’s the ultimate list of thoughtful, practical, and affordable groomsmen gift ideas. There are 50 total gifts, ranging from highly stylish, to fully tactical, to simply fun. I even included a helpful guide of 4 steps to find the exact right gift for your groomsmen.

In short… I’ve already done your groomsmen gifts shopping for you. All you have to do is choose the right one.

You could just pick any random gift off this list… but the entire purpose of groomsmen gifts is to carefully choose something thoughtful, useful and meaningful (choosing that type of gift shows your guys your deep appreciation).

…So I highly suggest you read my complete guide to choosing the right gift below… but if you want to jump directly to the gifts, just click the link below.


Top 50 Unique Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

These gifts aren’t in any particular order… so just scroll the list and see what idea (that follows my four steps above) jumps out at you as the perfect gift for your groomsmen.

Good luck!

Here are 50 Unique Groomsmen gifts:

Leather Passport Wallet

50. Leather Passport Wallet

Every man should have his passport... because you never know when you’ll get the opportunity to travel out of the country.

…And every passport needs a protective cover. You can completely customize this one with any image, text, or phrase that will be fire branded onto the leather you choose. Pretty cool, right?

Industrial Custom Bottle Opener

49. Industrial Custom Bottle Opener

These insanely cool, rustic bottle openers are made with old-school blacksmithing techniques and are 100% heavy, durable steel (that’s also engravable).

They’re ideal for any drink connoisseur, barbecue lover, camper, or traveler… or pretty much any guy who like beer and/or soda (in other words, any guy).

TAIR Wireless Headphones

48. TAIR Wireless Headphones

Here’s something we can both agree on:

Listening to music (on an airplane, at the gym, or at your busy desk) with a long, tangling cord is incredibly frustrating… which is why any groomsman will appreciate these wireless Bluetooth headphones from TAIR.

They even come with a comfortable neck band, waterproof interior, and magnetic earbuds that click together nicely so they don’t get tangled in your backpack, gym bag or desk drawer.

Custom YETI Rambler

47. Custom YETI Rambler

This Rambler from Yeti can be sandblasted with any sports team, logo, or monogram, so use his favorite team, the business he owns, or his family name.

…And just in case you don’t know, he’ll be able to carry his custom Rambler in any temperature and location, since Yeti is known for their double-wall vacuum and bear-proof exterior that keep drinks cool and protected.

Personalized Pocket Comb

46. Personalized Pocket Comb

If your groomsmen are the type who want their hair to look exactly right, all day, then they need a sleek pocket comb (bonus: this one can be engraved).

Just hand these out to your groomsmen on your wedding day, and they’ll be able to easily fix their hair and beards up in between photo sessions (making this a beautiful and highly functional gift).

Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

45. Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

This Leatherman Wingman Tool has fourteen tools that fit in your pocket, all of which you would want with you in an emergency:

  • Spring-action pliers
  • Wire stripper
  • 420HC combo knife
  • Spring-action scissors
  • Can/bottle opener
  • 3 screwdrivers

What’s more useful (and cool) than that?

NFL Tailgating Chair

44. NFL Tailgating Chair

Men have used tailgating chairs for so many things for years: kid’s soccer games, camping, watching fireworks, barbecues, and (obviously) tailgating.

Now check this out:

Since there are so many uses, every man can use one of these chairs… and there are 30 NFL teams to choose from so you should be able to find the team each of your groomsmen support.

Premium Old-Fashioned Shaving Set

43. Premium Old-Fashioned Shaving Set

A premium shaving set can actually make shaving more enjoyable for your groomsmen by bringing back the classic, manly art of shaving.

This beautiful set comes with a long-handled razor, badger hair brush, elegant stand, blade guard, and polishing towel. They’ll look nice and feel classically manly using them to get ready on your wedding day!

Stainless Steel Grill Tools

42. Stainless Steel Grill Tools

Here’s something we can both agree on:

Barbecuing is an art. It takes patience, effort, and a special insight. You can’t just throw any kind of meat on any kind of grill with any kind of tools, right?

That’s why this set of 16 stainless steel grill tools will complete your groomsmen’s perfect BBQ. It will instantly prepare him to be the grill master most guys want to be.

Personalized Ammo Can

41. Personalized Ammo Can

Every man needs a safe place to put his favorite things: memorabilia, vintage baseballs, photos, collectibles… maybe even some actual ammo.

Whatever it is, he deserves to have an undeniably cool space to store it… which is why these ammo cans are a perfect gift. They’ve really been used in battle (and have the dents and scratches to prove it), and have a roomy space inside.

Vintage Personalized Lighter

40. Vintage Personalized Lighter

One of the more simple and classic groomsmen gift ideas: a vintage brushed chrome lighter will look great no matter when/where you use them (and it’s a lighter, so it has 1000 uses)…

and it’s a memorable gift that you don’t have to spend a fortune on.

Brass Telescope

39. Brass Telescope

This Victorian-style brass telescope comes in a personalized wooden box with brass diamond inlay. How incredibly cool/manly is that?

…And it’s a good purchase for you, because it’s already wrapped beautifully, so all you do is order and deliver on your wedding day.

Personalized Cigar Humidor

38. Personalized Cigar Humidor

If your groomsmen smoke cigars (or if they want to), a humidor is an incredibly classic gift.

It keeps cigars (which you can supply on the wedding day) moist and in good condition for whenever he’s ready to celebrate… or just enjoy a good cigar.

Money Clip

37. Money Clip

Wallets can be a tricky gift:

Some are too bulky. Some are too small and feminine. Some just aren’t the right style.

That’s exactly why a small, simple money clip is one of those great groomsmen gift ideas. It’s efficient, slim, and goes seamlessly with every man’s style (and it’s still classic and manly!)

Journal Business Portfolio

36. Journal / Business Portfolio

A quality leather journal can help keep your friend more organized… or it can inspire him to be creative.

He can use it as a planner, sketchbook, notepad, travel journal… or anything he wants.

Executive Putter Set

35. Executive Putter Set

These putter sets have been around for ages, but that doesn’t make them unoriginal groomsmen gifts (how many groomsmen do you know who’ve gotten one of these?)

They’re fun, hilarious, and a good way to practice your short game (while being a great conversation piece for him and his colleagues).

Drink Caddy

34. Drink Caddy

This highly personal gift is also highly functional:

Your groomsmen will be able to create their own six-packs from what’s in the fridge, and bring them anywhere… without having to worry about forgetting which beer is theirs (their initials are right on it!).

Concert Game Tickets

33. Concert / Game Tickets

You know your groomsmen best… so you know what they’ve been waiting years to see.


Maybe it’s a band, and maybe it’s a sports team, but either way, giving them the chance to finally see one of their favorite things is a meaningful gift that’ll last for years in their memory.

A Quality Watch

32. A Quality Watch

We recommend that every man wear a classic wristwatchso give your groomsmen that gift of timeless, classic style.

…And the watch doesn’t have to be Rolex-level expensive (these watches are completely affordable), because the timeless style will last him for years.

Personal Valet Box

31. Personal Valet Box

In case you don’t know, a valet box is the incredibly masculine version of a jewelry box… so instead of holding necklaces and earrings, it holds watches, keys, wedding bands, and special items (like rare coins).

It’s maybe the most extremely elegant and highly functional of our groomsmen gift ideas.

Insulated Growler

30. Insulated Growler

Every guy can use a vacuum-insulated growler:

It can hold beer at a game, water on a camping trip, or cocktails at the pool… and the vacuum-seal guarantees it’ll keep your friend’s drinks refreshingly cold no matter where he takes it.

Leather Drink Coozie

29. Leather Drink Coozie

Just like the above gift, every guy can use a coozie, no matter what cold drink he likes (beer or soda).

…And this incredibly masculine-looking coozie will nicely replace any old, worn-out foam ones (plus, the leather with last for years).

Leather Laptop Case

28. Leather Laptop Case

If your groomsmen all have devices (like tablets or laptops) that they like to take with them, give them this stylish leather laptop sleeve.

It’ll keep all their devices safely protected, yet look like an incredibly manly accessory.

Custom Map Art

27. Custom Map Art

There’s something incredibly cool about a vintage-looking map hanging on your wall, right? It can instantly make you feel like an inspired world explorer.

That’s why I love this custom-made map shop on Etsy… it allows you to choose any location and color scheme, and make it into a canvas or matte print to hang on your groomsmen’s walls (and the prints can be as low as $30 each!).

Liquor Infused Toothpicks

26. Liquor Infused Toothpicks

These incredibly cool infused toothpicks were invented by a bartender, and are infused with top shelf liquors to create flavors like:

  • Aged Barrel Bourbon and Bold Tobacco
  • Cedarwood and Vanilla Burnt Brandy
  • Gin and Juice
  • Fireball
  • And so many more

…So no matter what your groomsmen like to drink, there’s an infused toothpick they’ll love.

Gift Certificate for Cyberoptix Tie

25. Gift Certificate for Cyberoptix Tie

Ties seem like an overdone, tired gift for men…

…but a gift certificate for your groomsmen to create their own gorgeous, completely custom tie is actually useful and incredibly thoughtful.

They can choose from tons of tie patterns and colors, and you can choose any dollar amount you like.

Engraved Black Brass Ballpoint Pen

24. Engraved Black Brass Ballpoint Pen

A classic pen is another timeless, elegant men’s gift…

…but it gets even better when it’s personally engraved, like this one. The black pen comes with gold lettering and a beautiful gift box, making it a stylish and easy-to-wrap groomsmen gift idea.

Alternative Docking Station

23. Alternative Docking Station

If you don’t already have a docking station, I highly suggest you get one for yourself and your groomsmen.

What makes it so great?

Well, it makes it way harder for your phone to fall on the floor in the night, it neatly holds everything together, and it’s a truly manly home accessory that any guy can use (plus, this one is only $30… which is a steal).

Monogrammed Golf Towel

22. Monogrammed Golf Towel

If your groomsmen like playing golf… and let’s be honest, most guys doa great gift is a hand-stitched monogramed golf towel for them to hang over their bags.

It can make even the most casual player look/feel like a ‘big shot’ golfer.

State-Shaped Cutting Board

21. State-Shaped Cutting Board

As a guy who cooks, I personally love these state-shaped cutting boards.

They’re another way to add a little personality to your groomsmen’s kitchen, yet still let it look completely manly (there’s nothing feminine about the state your buddies are proud to be from).

Leather Toiletry Bag

20. Leather Toiletry Bag

These sturdy leather bags are the ideal size to hold your groomsmen’s travel toiletries. They’re even monogrammed, and you can put a personal message on the interior of each bag, too.

Bonus gift idea: Fill the bag with some manly toiletries: face wash, shave cream, hair pomade, etc.

Unique Tweed Covered Flask

19. Unique Tweed Covered Flask

Perhaps the most classic of the groomsmen gift ideas: If you and your guys have a truly old-school sense of style, here’s the perfect gift:

A whiskey flask covered in hand-stitched tweed and fine leather.

…And it really doesn’t matter what your guys like to drink (it doesn’t have to be whiskey), because they’ll love sipping it from this classic conversation piece.

Mason Jar Cap Catcher

18. Mason Jar Cap Catcher

How many guys can say their bottle opener is a decorative conversation starter?

Well, if you go with these handmade mason jar ‘cap catchers’, your groomsmen will happily be one of those guys. Here’s how it works:

After cracking the bottle open at the top of the plank, the bottle cap drops down into the mason jar. After a while, the caps collect in the jar, making what’s usually garbage look insanely cool.

Personalized Pocket Watch

17. Personalized Pocket Watch

Look… if your groomsmen consider themselves ‘classic gentlemen’, you really can’t get a better gift for them than a hand-engraved pocket watch.

A pocket watch is a reminder of a more classic time, and giving your groomsmen these as gifts subtly tell them that you think very highly of them (in other words, it’s an incredibly thoughtful (yet still very manly) gift).

Engraved Baseball

16. Engraved Baseball

If your groomsmen love sports, or if you spent the morning of your wedding playing a game while the girls spent hours getting ready, then there’s no better memento of your wedding than an engraved baseball (or football, or soccer ball).

They’ll be able to display a reminder of the day you guys spent together having a blast.

Personalized Golf Ball Markers

15. Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Like I mentioned above, golf is an incredibly classic game for all men to play, so another great gift is personalized golf markers.

They can even use them together, when you guys get together to play golf again!

Personalized Tie Bar

14. Personalized Tie Bar

For groomsmen, paying for their suits and accessories can be a financial burden at times (which you may know if you’ve ever been in a wedding).

…So get them a gift that really helps: pay for some of their accessories (and at the same time, make them personal), like this tie bar. They’ll look sharp and be grateful to have one less thing to shell out for.

50 Caliber Bottle Breacher

13. 50 Caliber Bottle Breacher

There’s so much about this bottle opener that’s insanely cool:

  • It’s made from a real 50 caliber bullet
  • You can get them in different colors, with different engravings
  • They’re handmade by military veterans, earning them a retirement income
  • They’re only $27 each

…In other words, there’s no good reason to not get these for your groomsmen.

To Go Cold Brew Coffee Carrier

12. To Go Cold Brew Coffee Carrier

Every man needs a caffeine boost some mornings…

…and if your groomsmen drink coffee to get theirs, get them this to-go cold brew maker.

Its glass and stainless steel design brews coffee in the fridge while you sleep, and your low-acidity, deliciously flavored coffee is immediately ready to go when you wake up. Pretty cool, right?

Personalized Enamel Mugs

11. Personalized Enamel Mugs

This is one of the more timeless, and simple groomsmen gift ideas, but you can be certain it will be used for years.

Get these hand-engraved mugs with your groomsmen’s names and the date of your wedding, so they’ll always remember your big day.

Business Card Holders

10. Business Card Holders

Looking to get your groomsmen something highly functional that you know they’ll use?

Then try a marble business card holder for their desks. No matter what business they’re in, this classic desk accessory will be a gorgeous, useful accent.

Custom Fishing Hook

9. Custom Fishing Hook

Fishing is definitely one of the manliest hobbies, right?

So, get your best friends a custom fishing hook. It (like many gifts on our list) combines sentiment with manliness, and it’s still highly useful.

Personalized Shaving Mug

8. Personalized Shaving Mug

Why not get your groomsmen something they can use on the day of your wedding?

As you’re all starting to get ready, whip out these engraved shaving mugs for each of your guys. You’ll all be able to use them immediately to clean up for the walk down the aisle.

Personalized Leather Keychain

7. Personalized Leather Keychain

Every guy has keys… so every guy can use a keychain.

This one’s manly charm comes from its simple leather, metal studs, and basic font of the personalized engraving. They’ll be able to use it for years, and it’ll look better and better with wear (like most leather goods).

Engraved Whiskey Decanter

6. Engraved Whiskey Decanter

If you’re wanting to get your groomsmen something a little more high-end, this whiskey decanter is a great gift idea.

It holds and ages whiskey to perfection, plus makes a gorgeous home accent piece on his bar.

Leather Business Card Case

5. Leather Business Card Case

It’s a popular (and wise) business practice to carry your business cards everywhere, so that you never miss an opportunity to network with someone you meet (plus it’s a classy way to give a girl your phone number).

…So get your groomsmen a perfect way to carry their cards around without damaging them: a beautiful, simple leather business card case.

Personalized Duffle Bag

4. Personalized Duffle Bag

Every man travels at some point: home for the holidays, away on his honeymoon, or on frequent business trips.

…And your groomsmen will love a bulky, manly travel bag to take with them, just like this one.

Bluetooth Speaker

3. Bluetooth Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for any guy who likes listening to music outdoors (at the pool, while camping, etc.)

Get your best friends this one from Bose as a great thank-you for being with you on your wedding day.

City College Town Glasses

2. City / College Town Glasses

This Etsy shop owner etches the blueprints of over 100 cities onto whiskey glasses, meaning each of your groomsmen can get the glass of their hometown.

Pretty cool, right?

Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

1. Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

If your groomsmen like to get their caffeine boost from tea instead of coffees or sodas, get them this Teavana tea maker.

It makes tea incredibly easily in just a few minutes, and they have enough for several glasses in just one brew.

4 Helpful Steps To Finding The Best Groomsmen Gifts

Before you decide on a gift, you have to have a plan for what you’re looking for. If you don’t, you’ll just end up overwhelmed and frustrated.

…But don’t get stressed, finding the best groomsmen gifts is easy:

Just follow these 4 steps and you’ll find the perfect gifts for your groomsmen.

1. Groomsmen Gifts : Know your budget

Groomsmen's Gifts - Know Your Budget

Guys… it’s incredibly important to set a budget before you begin looking for gifts.

Here’s why:

Not only can the hunt for thoughtful, creative gifts can get overwhelming and frustrating really fast… but you can also easily get carried away when looking for cool gifts (and blow more money that you mean to).

…So make the hunt considerably easier and set a budget before you even start looking. You’ll be able to immediately eliminate many gifts this way, narrow down your options and find the right gift.

And PS. I’ve made setting a budget dramatically easier with my list, and only featured gifts under $110.

2. Groomsmen Gifts : Remember you can choose different gifts for different groomsmen

Groomsmen's Gifts - Remember You Can Choose Different Gifts For Different Groomsmen

Guys… look:

No matter who your groomsmen are, they’re not clones of each other… they’re probably even extremely different (so the perfect gift for your brother might not be the perfect gift for your college roommate, and vice versa). 

But here’s the good news:

You don’t have to get these different men the same gift.

If you stick to that same budget I suggested, you can actually get different gifts that each groomsman will like and actually use, but none will feel like they received a less valuable gift.

3. Groomsmen Gifts : Find something they’ll use

Groomsmen's Gifts - Find Something They’ll Use

Sure, there are plenty of gifts for groomsmen your guys would like and think are cool

…but finding one he’ll use and keep for years is so much better (otherwise, the gift you spent time/money on will end up stuffed in the back of a closet).


Don’t get stressed about finding that highly useful gift… because every gift on this list has a definite, manly function. So as you scroll, think about your groomsmen, and what each one specifically would use.

4. Groomsmen Gifts : Find something that you have in common

Groomsmen's Gifts - Find Something That You Have In Common

You chose these men as friends because you shared something in common, right?

…And the most thoughtful gifts remind them of what bonded you in the first place (a sport, outdoor activity, tv show, travel experience, etc.). So, find a gift that you can both appreciate.

In Conclusion


With this list of best groomsmen gift ideas, I’ve done the shopping for you… all you have to do is pick the right, unique groomsmen gifts for your guys.

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