The men you've chosen to stand beside you at your wedding have probably supported you for years, and you're likely thinking about what sort of groomsmen gift ideas are best for them.

…And I'd also bet you know they deserve thoughtful, creative, practical and unique groomsmen gifts… but for a lot of grooms, it’s extremely difficult to come up with that type of gift:

Most of the usual gift ideas don’t show exactly how cool and special your groomsmen are (think cliché gifts, like ties, or overly expensive gifts, like Rolex watches)… so most grooms give up on finding good gifts quickly (they settle for something just 'okay').


17 Best groomsmen gift ideas

Our best groomsmen gift ideas are the ones that have incredible versatility while also supporting your friends' hobbies and aspirations. With each one of these gifts, you make it clear to your groomsmen how much you value them – both for what they bring to your life, and how you can be a special part of theirs.

Here are the 17 best groomsmen gift ideas:

1. Personalized Duffle Bag

Every man travels at some point: home for the holidays, away on his honeymoon, or on frequent business trips. This bag will let him jet set in personalized style, making baggage pickup at the airport a breeze.

2. Leather Toiletry Bag

These sturdy leather bags are the ideal size to hold your groomsmen’s travel toiletries. They’re even monogrammed, and you can put a personal message on the interior of each bag, too.

3. Personalized Ammo Can

These ammo cans are a perfect gift. They’ve really been used in battle (and have the dents and scratches to prove it), and have a roomy space inside.

4. Leather Passport Wallet

Every passport needs a protective cover. You can completely customize this one with any image, text, or phrase that will be fire branded onto the leather you choose. Pretty cool, right?

5. Bachelor Party Hangover Kit

It's probably best to get these for your groomsmen before the wedding... And stock them with everything you might need after a big night out with the boys.

6. Men's Shot Shell Leather Suspender

Suspenders are an instant way to class up any look, and these classically styled leather ones will have you all looking like you walked out of a detective movie.

7. Tie Clips Set

Help your groomsmen personalize their wedding day look with this set of 12 tie clips.

8. Bow Ties For Men

Matching bow ties for the squad will make you all stand out in handsome fashion wherever you go for your bachelor party.

9. Mancave Ultimate Men's Cheese & Sausage Gift Basket

American men need American Cheese and sausage! Do away with those fancy European cured meats and keep your wedding party snacking right for days with these gift baskets.

10. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 3 Month Membership

Whether your bros are near or far, an Xbox online membership can keep you close together wherever you are.

11. Electric Shaver Razor

Waterproof and with 5 attachments, these electric shavers can tame even the most powerful of beards before your wedding day.

12. Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

If your groomsmen have never had a proper hot shave, this cleanly scented shave cream will make them want to come back for more. Even better, give it as a gift after scheduling a group barbershop appointment!

13. Sleep Headphones

Plan on traveling a lot with your groomsmen? These combination sleep mask and bluetooth headphones make plane rides easy to sleep on.

14. Derma Roller Beard Growth Kit

Oils, balms, and rollers can all go a long way towards helping your groomsmen's beards look their best come wedding day.

15. Mens Leather Belt

Personalized, long-lasting, and stylish: A perfect combination to remind your groomsmen how important they are as friends for years to come.

16. Mens Wooden Watch Analog Quartz

Wooden watches like these are lightweight yet durable, making them an excellent gift.

17. Customized Flask

Bachelor parties can be a great time to share a fine whiskey with your best friends. What better way to do so than from monogrammed flasks for each groomsman?

15 Manly groomsmen gift ideas

Getting married is a perfectly fine excuse to shop for only the most manly gifts you can find. What better way to celebrate your shared bond as brothers with your groomsmen?

Here are 15 manly groomsmen gift ideas:

18. Personalized Shaving Mug

As you’re all starting to get ready, whip out these engraved shaving mugs for each of your guys. You’ll all be able to use them immediately to clean up for the walk down the aisle.

19. Custom Fishing Hook

Fishing is definitely one of the hobbies for men, right? It (like many gifts on our list) combines sentiment with manliness, and it’s still highly useful.

20. The Manly Journal For Manly Men

52 weeks of prompted journal pages can encourage even the most manly of men to take the time to examine their feelings and keep in good psychological health.

21. Shotgun Shell Coaster Set W/Base

Guns, whiskey, and beer are a natural manly match. Perhaps just don't combine them all together at once...

22. Waxed Canvas Apron

This workman's apron has a definite Ron Swanson chic to it, making it an excellent gift for any groomsman with a crafty streak.

23. 18 inch Leather Full Flap Messenger Handmade Bag

Nobody would argue that this chunk of handcrafted cow hide is a man purse, that's for sure!

24. This Is a Manly Apron

I mean, it says right on the apron just how manly of a gift it is. We'll take their word for it.

25. Straight Edge Razor

Every man deserves to learn how to give themselves a razor-close shave, and you can make that a reality for your groomsmen with this gift.

26. Tesla Coil Lighters

These electric arc lighters will put simple Bics to shame with how powerful and manly their electricity is.

27. Manly Man Body Lotion

Hey nothing says that manly men can't have soft, clean skin, too – and beautiful women around the world agree.

28. The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man

Making a clear distinction between macho and manly, authors Brett and Kate McKay packed this book full of manly excerpts on what makes is truly masculine.

29. Thick Leather Beer Bottle Holster

Strap it on your belt, and you'll never be without a beer by your side at any party. With a 101-year warranty, it's guaranteed good to go for longer than any one man could need.

30. 50 Caliber Bullet Shaped Shot Glasses

Taking shots out of shells: It doesn't get much more manly than this. Great for the gun nuts and whiskey drinkers alike.

31. Personalized Axes

Wilderness ready axes with customized name plates make a perfect gift to prepare you all for a trip into the great outdoors together.

32. Personalized Pocket Knife

Every man needs a good pocket knife, and what better way to give one as a gift than to have it customized with your groomsman's name?

8 groomsmen beer gift ideas

This just in: Men love beer. In case you didn't know, beer gifts make a fantastic addition to just about any groomsman's home – and an awesome way to encourage you all to connect with each other over a round of pints.

Here are 8 groomsmen beer gift ideas:

33. Mason Jar Cap Catcher

After cracking the bottle open at the top of the plank, the bottle cap drops down into the mason jar. After a while, the caps collect in the jar, making what’s usually garbage look insanely cool.

34. Leather Drink Coozie

Just like the above gift, every guy can use a coozie, no matter what cold drink he likes (beer or soda).

35. Drink Caddy

Your groomsmen will be able to create their own six-packs from what’s in the fridge, and bring them anywhere… without having to worry about forgetting which beer is theirs (their initials are right on it!).

36. Belgian Homebrew Craft Beer Mix

Belgium is the home of many of the world's most famous beers, and this kit gives enough raw materials to make a 3 gallon batch of strong ale.

37. Beer For Dummies

Educate your dummies with this beer book, and you'll all be able to pontificate more eloquently over more pints together – at least until you've had a few.

38. The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks

Curious about the incredibly diverse world of craft beers? This book will demystify the craft, and point you and your groomsmen in the direction of better understanding your own tastes.

39. Stainless Steel uKeg Carbonated Growler

These amazingly handsome growlers will keep a draft beer fresh for weeks, making sure that your groomsmen can drink their favorite beers no matter where they are.

40. National Geographic Atlas of Beer: A Globe-Trotting Journey Through the World of Beer

Nobody knows the world better than Nat Geo, and that's just as true of beer as it is of wild animals and war-torn countries.

11 groomsmen gift ideas that can be gifts for dad

Trying to double down on your gift-buying power by getting gifts for dad alongside your groomsmen gifts? It can be a challenge, but never fear! We've got you covered.

Here are 11 groomsmen gift ideas that can be gifts for dad, too:

41. State-Shaped Cutting Board

They’re another way to add a little personality to your groomsmen’s kitchen, yet still let it look completely manly (there’s nothing feminine about the state your buddies are proud to be from).

42. Personalized Cigar Humidor

It keeps cigars (which you can supply on the wedding day) moist and in good condition for whenever he’s ready to celebrate… or just enjoy a good cigar.

43. Stainless Steel Grill Tools

That’s why this set of 16 stainless steel grill tools will complete your groomsmen's perfect BBQ. It will instantly prepare him to be the grill master most guys want to be.

44. Industrial Custom Bottle Opener

They’re ideal for any drink connoisseur, barbecue lover, camper, or traveler… or pretty much any guy who like beer and/or soda (in other words, any guy).

45. Teavana Perfect Tea Maker

If your groomsmen like to get their caffeine boost from tea instead of coffees or sodas, get them this Teavana tea maker. Trust us, their health will thank you!

46. Beard Shaping Tool

Groomsmen and dads alike can benefit from being able to trim and shape their rockin beards.

47. Telescoping Magnet Pick Up Gadget Tool

For any man who's ever worked on a car and had their heart jump because of the sound of a dropping bolt, this magnetic grabber will make a perfectly thoughtful gift.

48. White Noise Sound Machine

Groomsmen and dads both need their manly sleep, and this white noise machine can help them rest deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed.

49. Make your own bacon with The Original Baconkit

Guys around the world love bacon. But how many have made it themselves? This kit is perfect for DIY types.

50. American Barbecue Sauces: Marinades, Rubs, and More from the South and Beyond

Grilling and barbecuing are favorite topics for many men, and this book gives a proper breakdown of all the major styles of flavoring that the men in your life could want to explore.

51. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Etched glass just looks so darned classy, whether in your dad's cabinet or on your best bud's counter. Either way, it'll give them fond reason to think of you every time they have a dram.

9 Cheap groomsmen gifts

You don't have to break the bank to make your groomsmen feel special, and these cheap gifts prove it. Put some thought into what your groomsmen like most, and you won't have to spend lavishly to let them know you appreciate them.

Here are 9 cheap groomsmen gifts:

52. Monogrammed Golf Towel

If your groomsmen like playing golf… and let’s be honest, most guys doa great gift is a hand-stitched monogramed golf towel for them to hang over their bags.

53. Engraved Black Brass Ballpoint Pen

A classic pen is another timeless, elegant men’s gift…

…but it gets even better when it's personally engraved, like this one. The black pen comes with gold lettering and a beautiful gift box, making it a stylish and easy-to-wrap groomsmen gift idea.

54. Liquor Infused Toothpicks

These incredibly cool infused toothpicks were invented by a bartender, and are infused with top shelf liquors to create flavors

...So no matter what your groomsmen like to drink, there’s an infused toothpick they’ll love.

55. NFL Tailgating Chair

Men have used tailgating chairs for so many things for years: kid’s soccer games, camping, watching fireworks, barbecues, and (obviously) tailgating.

Now check this out:

Since there are so many uses, every man can use one of these chairs... and there are 30 NFL teams to choose from so you should be able to find the team each of your groomsmen support.

56. PIZZA BOSS 3000

Humorous gifts like this circular saw pizza cutter are great as a cheap option that's still memorable.

57. Post-Shave Healing Balm

Help keep your groomsmen's faces clean, clear, and healthy with this post-shave balm.

58. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

These electric hand warmers are an awesome cheap gift for any groomsman that's outside a lot during the winter.

59. Death Wish Instant Coffee

Death Wish, "the world's strongest coffee", makes an instant coffee that's perfect for any friend who can't get enough caffeine.

60. Beer Bottle Label Stickers and 1 Carrier

Personalize a sixer of beers with these labels, and your groomsmen will never forget their invite to your wedding.

13 small groomsmen gift ideas

Sometimes, small gift ideas can make a bigger impression. It's not just about being flashy – it's about being personal and thoughtful.

Here are 13 small groomsmen gift ideas:

61. Leather Business Card Case

It’s a popular (and wise) business practice to carry your business cards everywhere, so that you never miss an opportunity to network with someone you meet. Get your groomsmen a perfect way to carry their cards around without damaging them

62. Business Card Holders

Try a marble business card holder for their desks. No matter what business they’re in, this classic desk accessory will be a gorgeous, useful accent.

 63. Personalized Tie Bar

Get them a gift that really helps: pay for some of their accessories (and at the same time, make them personal), like this tie bar. They’ll look sharp and be grateful to have one less thing to shell out for.

64. Alternative Docking Station

If you don’t already have a docking station, I highly suggest you get one for yourself and your groomsmen.

It makes it way harder for your phone to fall on the floor in the night, it neatly holds everything together, and it’s a truly manly home accessory that any guy can use.

65. Money Clip

A small, simple money clip is one of those great groomsmen gift ideas. It’s efficient, slim, and goes seamlessly with every man’s style (and it’s still classic and manly!)

66. City / College Town Glasses

This Etsy shop owner etches the blueprints of over 100 cities onto whiskey glasses, meaning each of your groomsmen can get the glass of their hometown.

Pretty cool, right?

67. Black Tie Tack with Chain

Tie tacks add a final touch to an outfit that's hard to replace. Get these if you want your groomsmen looking as sharp as possible on your wedding day.

68. Collapsible Water Bottle

Help save the planet and keep your groomsmen hydrated for years to come? Yes, please!

69. Ultralight Mini Camping Stove

For the outdoors man in all of us, having a portable source of fire is absolutely essential. This small gift is extremely functional.

70. Tread Bracelet, The Original Travel Friendly Wearable Multitool

Leatherman is the leading name in multitools, and this bracelet definitely doesn't disappoint! Ideal for the handyman in your wedding party.

71. The Original Cold Smoker Kit

Turn any oven into a fully-fledged smoke flavoring machine with these gift packs.

72. 11 in 1 Stainless Steel Credit Card Pocket Sized Survival Multi Tool

Small enough to fit in a wallet, and available in a pack of five, never leave your groomsmen without necessary tools again after getting them this gift.

73. 12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set of 4

Take a real "shot" together with these decorative shot glasses, sure to get a few good laughs.

6 cool groomsmen gift ideas

Let your groomsmen know that you think they're the bee's knees with these cool gifts. It's a great way to make sure that they all know how much you appreciate their individual style.

Here are 6 cool groomsmen gift ideas:

74. Unique Tweed Covered Flask

Perhaps the most classic of the groomsmen gift ideas: If you and your guys have a truly old-school sense of style, here’s the perfect gift:

A whiskey flask covered in hand-stitched tweed and fine leather.

…And it really doesn’t matter what your guys like to drink (it doesn’t have to be whiskey), because they’ll love sipping it from this classic conversation piece.

75. Executive Putter Set

These putter sets have been around for ages, but that doesn’t make them unoriginal groomsmen gifts (how many groomsmen do you know who’ve gotten one of these?)

They’re fun, hilarious, and a good way to practice your short game (while being a great conversation piece for him and his colleagues).

76. Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo is only the most classic name in video games – a perfect gift for nerds and old-school gamers!

77. LightSaber Chopsticks

Your groomsmen will have to provide the sound effects as you all eat your way through a galaxy far, far away.

78. Capsules for Better Morning After

Keep your whole bridal party cool as a cucumber even after a hard night of partying with these hangover pills.

79. Manly Sunscreen SPF 50

Keep your groomsmen's manly skin cool and healthy during your trips to the beach with this sport performance sunscreen.

5 unique groomsmen gift ideas

Look for unique gifts that are just as one of a kind as each of the men you've chosen to stand beside you in your wedding!

Here are 5 unique groomsmen gift ideas:

80. Personalized Golf Ball Markers

Another great gift is personalized golf markers. They can even use them together, when you guys get together to play golf again!

81. Time Pyramid Clock

We can safely bet that you and your groomsmen have never seen a clock quite like this, making it perfect as a unique gift.

82. All Stainless Steel Whipped Cream Dispenser

An excellent choice for the master chef among your wedding party, these whipping containers can make foams and emulsions in a flash.

83. EAGLE Tobacco Pipe

Fancy letting your groomsmen start up a new manly hobby with you? Then buy a handful of these decorative pipes and a good pinch of shag tobacco.

84. Basic Beginner Cheese Making Kit

Why encourage your groomsmen to make their own cheese? Why not! If it turns out well, you can even serve it at your wedding.

3 cute groomsmen gift ideas

Groomsmen gifts don't all have to be about hyper-manly machismo, as this list of cute gifts will surely show.

Here are 3 cute groomsmen gift ideas:

85. 12 in 1 Mini Portable Hammer

With an adorably tiny hammer, 1/2 inch nails around the world will come to fear your groomsmen.

86. Groot Action Figures Guardians of The Galaxy Flowerpot

I am Groot, and you can Groot too! In fact, let all your groomsmen Groot to their heart's content with these adorable flower pots.

87. Tuxedo Party Wedding Sweatshirt Text

If you remember the tuxedo t-shirts that every high school had at least one kid wearing, then this tuxedo hoodie will be a fantastic throwback for you and your groomsmen.

7 groomsmen gift ideas that can be birthday gift ideas

Put all your gift shopping into one online trip with these birthday gift ideas that can easily double as groomsmen gifts.

Here are 7 groomsmen gift ideas that can be birthday gift ideas:

88. Engraved Whiskey Decanter

This whiskey decanter is a great gift idea. It holds and ages whiskey to perfection, plus makes a gorgeous home accent piece on his bar.

89. To Go Cold Brew Coffee Carrier

Every man needs a caffeine boost some mornings…

…and if your groomsmen drink coffee to get theirs, get them this to-go cold brew maker.

Its glass and stainless steel design brews coffee in the fridge while you sleep, and your low-acidity, deliciously flavored coffee is immediately ready to go when you wake up. Pretty cool, right?

90. Leather Laptop Case

If your groomsmen all have devices (like tablets or laptops) that they like to take with them, give them this stylish leather laptop sleeve.

It’ll keep all their devices safely protected, yet look like an incredibly manly accessory.

91. Insulated Growler

Every guy can use a vacuum-insulated growler:

It can hold beer at a game, water on a camping trip, or cocktails at the pool… and the vacuum-seal guarantees it’ll keep your friend’s drinks refreshingly cold no matter where he takes it.

92. Brass Telescope

This Victorian-style brass telescope comes in a personalized wooden box with brass diamond inlay.

…And it’s a good purchase for you, because it’s already wrapped beautifully, so all you do is order and deliver on your wedding day.

93. Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

This Leatherman Wingman Tool has fourteen tools that fit in your pocket, all of which you would want with you in an emergency.

What’s more useful (and cool) than that?

94. Bluetooth Speaker

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for any guy who likes listening to music outdoors (at the pool, while camping, etc.)

Get your best friends this one from Bose as a great thank-you for being with you on your wedding day.

5 groomsmen gift ideas that can be christmas gift ideas

For the efficiency-minded man, choosing gifts for your groomsmen that can also be doubled up as Christmas gifts is just a wise investment of your time. Who wants to spend all year shopping for gifts, anyway?

Here are 5 groomsmen gift ideas that can be Christmas gift ideas:

95. Personalized Leather Keychain

Every guy has keys… so every guy can use a keychain.

This one’s manly charm comes from its simple leather, metal studs, and basic font of the personalized engraving. They’ll be able to use it for years, and it’ll look better and better with wear (like most leather goods).

96. Custom Map Art

There’s something incredibly cool about a vintage-looking map hanging on your wall, right? It can instantly make you feel like an inspired world explorer.

97. Journal / Business Portfolio

A quality leather journal can help keep your friend more organized… or it can inspire him to be creative.

98. Vintage Personalized Lighter

One of the more simple and classic groomsmen gift ideas: a vintage brushed chrome lighter will look great no matter when/where you use them (and it’s a lighter, so it has 1000 uses)…

99. Gold n’ Ebony steak set

Half of eating a great steak is the knives and forks you eat it with. This set makes a fantastic gift any time of year.

3 Practical groomsmen gift ideas

If you're looking for groomsmen gifts, choosing practical gifts is always a solid plan. Your groomsemen will appreciate these logical items.

Here are 3 practical groomsmen gift ideas:

100. Personalized Wood Wine Bottle Opener

You can customize a whole set of these stainless steel, wood-grip bottle openers for your groomsmen. It's a great way to make memories last.

101. Perfect Pregame Cigar Flask Gift Set

Cigar flasks are seriously classy, and your groomsmen will appreciate these stainless steel cases that can also hold 2 ounces of liquor.

102. Beard Comb

You can't go wrong with a beard comb, and this versatil comb is great for hair or beards. It also comes with a convenient belt holster.

More Great Gift Ideas

Want to roll all your gift shopping into one online extravaganza? Check out these other great gift ideas perfect for everyone you love:

  1. A beer of the month club makes a fantastic gift for hop heads in your life.
  2. The wine of the month club is a venerable tradition of getting sloshed on vino once a month.
  3. But why not have a cheese of the mconth club to pair with all that beer and wine, too?
  4. Don't leave your special lady out: These gifts for girlfriend make excellent choices any time of the year.
  5. Your better half deserves plenty of love in the form of gift ideas for wife.

How To Pick The Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Before you decide on a gift, you have to have a plan for what you’re looking for. If you don’t, you’ll just end up overwhelmed and frustrated.

…But don’t get stressed, finding the best groomsmen gifts is easy.

Here is how to pick the best groomsmen gift ideas:

1. Know your budget

Guys... it’s incredibly important to set a budget before you begin looking for gifts.

Not only can the hunt for thoughtful, creative gifts can get overwhelming and frustrating really fast… but you can also easily get carried away when looking for cool gifts (and blow more money that you mean to).

…So make the hunt considerably easier and set a budget before you even start looking. You’ll be able to immediately eliminate many gifts this way, narrow down your options and find the right gift.

2. You can choose different gifts for different groomsmen

No matter who your groomsmen are, they're not clones of each other... they're probably even extremely different (so the perfect gift for your brother might not be the perfect gift for your college roommate, and vice versa). 

You don’t have to get these different men the same gift.

If you stick to that same budget I suggested, you can actually get different gifts that each groomsman will like and actually use, but none will feel like they received a less valuable gift.

3. Find something they’ll use

Sure, there are plenty of gifts for groomsmen your guys would like and think are cool

…but finding one he'll use and keep for years is so much better (otherwise, the gift you spent time/money on will end up stuffed in the back of a closet).

Don’t get stressed about finding that highly useful gift… because every gift on this list has a definite, manly function. So as you scroll, think about your groomsmen, and what each one specifically would use.

4. Find something that you have in common

You chose these men as friends because you shared something in common, right?

...And the most thoughtful gifts remind them of what bonded you in the first place (a sport, outdoor activity, tv show, travel experience, etc.). So, find a gift that you can both appreciate.

In Conclusion

Each of these groomsmen gift ideas has been specially curated to put a smile on the face of the men you've chosen to stand by you in your wedding. As you continue on towards your big day, always remember that these guys will have your back!