Why should you be looking for funny gifts for men? Experts agree that having a sense of humor is essential to leading a good life, for one. What's more, being able to get a laugh out of people will make you seem sexier.

So whether the guy you're looking for funny gifts for has a great sense of humor already, or whether you need some real knee-slapper gifts for men to encourage them... We've got you covered!

In this curated list of the funniest gifts for guys that we've ever found, you'll get to see a sampling of everything that makes life a little brighter. So read on to find out more!


7 Best Funny Gifts for Men

Our best funny gifts for men all have that peculiar brand of humor that's a favorite among dudes everywhere. Try them out for everyone from your nephews to your granddad.

Here are the 7 best funny gifts for men:

1. Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

This hilarious collection from Reader's Digest is sure to delight and give that guy plenty of jokes to share.

2. funny cat shirt

It's unanimously agreed: Cats are funny. Take their funny powers for your own use with this t-shirt.

3. Face Boxer Shorts

Novelty custom underwear never go out of style as a funny gift... Or they've never been in style. We can't remember. You'll just have to check them out for yourself.

4. Burritos Blanket

Choose from burrito, waffle, and pizza for your gigantic meal of choice. Hilarious to walk in on when you're not expecting it.

5. Awesome Coffee Mug

A handy and hilarious four-step guide to everything any man needs to do in the morning.

6. Toilet Timer

Hey, old man... How long you been pooping for? Equally appropriate for younger men who can't stay off of their phones!

7. Custom Pet Portrait

A massive portrait of the guy's pet as an astronaut? Perfect for any living room or bedroom.

6 Funny Gifts for Dad

Just because dad jokes are "in" right now doesn't mean that dad hasn't always been funny. Try out some of these comedic gifts for dad to give him as many laughs as he's given you.

Here are 6 funny gifts for dad:

8. Dad Joke Button

Now you can save dad the effort of reciting the same 50 jokes, and let this button do it instead!

 9. Farting Bank

Drop some loot to hear it toot? Yep, toilet humor is still good for a laugh when you're joking with dad.

10. Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

This book practically comes with guaranteed groans and eye rolls!

11. Toilet Mug

Actually, toilet humor is always funny, as proven by this ceramic commode for coffee.

12. Star Wars Chewbacca Mask

Frighteningly furry and perfect for playing 3-d chess, this mask brings Chewie's lovable Wookieness to any father.

13. Engraved Wood Handle Hammer

Does your dad already own a hammer? Sure. Does he own one with this hilarious phrase on it? Not yet!

5 Funny Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays can be tough to shop for, even if you know someone really well. So if a guy in your life is coming up on the anniversary of his trip around the sun, check out this list of great birthday gift ideas to delight him:

Here are 5 funny birthday gift ideas:

14. I Flexed and The Sleeves Fell Off Tank Top

The title says it all! This one's especially hilarious for guys with smaller arms.

 15. Car Air Freshener

Based on the classic Justin Timberlake SNL skit, this will make your whole care smell like... Well, something in a box.

16. Thirty Things To Do When You Are 30

Got a guy you know coming up on the big three zero? This set of cards is perfect for keeping him entertained.

17. You are old cake topper

Don't mince words on this one: When someone's having a birthday, that's tacit approval to make fun of how old they're getting!

18. Engraved "Hello, Is It Me You're Cooking For?"

Lionel Richie's hit song made a huge impression on a generation. This cutting board uses his most famous line for comedic inspiration.

5 Funny Small Gift Ideas

Small gift ideas give you the perfect excuse to get a gift for your guy friends even when it's not a holiday.

Here are 5 funny small gift ideas:

19. Desktop Boxing: Knock Out Your Stress

A perfect little smile-maker for any office worker that you know.

20. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

This miniature marketing tool is guaranteed to get some smiles!

21. Pin-up Girl Golf Tee

Golfers always have plenty of tees... But what about beauties? (See what I did there?)

22. Novelty Golf Ball 3 Pack

Continuing with the golf theme, these golf balls are personalized with hilarious messages to identify them on the fairway.

23. Sassy Sprawling Skeleton Sticker

If you remember those tacky mud flap girls, you'll definitely get a kick out of this skeleton sticker.

5 Funny Yet Cool Gifts

Cool gifts always have a certain "wow" factor. So when you're looking for cool gifts for guys, try to get them something that will make them say "Whoa, I never would have thought of that!"

Here are 5 funny yet cool gifts:

24. 50 Ways to Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes with Balls!

Do we really have to say any more than that amazing title already has?

25. Humor Puzzle Greeting Cards

How often have you seen a birthday card in braille? Not often, I can tell you that much. That's why it's a unique and cool gift.

26. Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light

Don't just help them aim at night – help them pee in style!

27. Teal Shrimp Bow Tie

Let them show their love for crustaceans and fine dress with this absolutely strange bowtie.

28. Mens Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise

A t-shirt with a built in joke? Awesome. Perfect for just about any cool guy.

5 Funny but Unique Gifts

If you're looking for something one of a kind to gift to a guy in your life, this list of unique gifts is an amazing place to start. We've chosen each of them based on how out there and special they are.

Here are 5 funny but unique gifts:

29. Aussie Fever Space Boomerang

It's a real boomerang, that will really come back to you when thrown (if you do it right). Not unique enough? It's also covered in outer space. Beat that!

30. Dumbbell Beer Glass

Yes, I work out emblazoned across a dumbbell shaped beer glass is so darned quirky. Holds 24 ounces of beer.

31. Poker Dogs 3D Poster

Man, these posters are eye-catching. Poker dogs is a classic, too. Truly unique and thoughtful gifts.

32. Official Death Star Herb Grinder

That's no star... It's a weed grinder! And it won't destroy your home planet; just give you great, even bud.

33. Shocktato Party Game

Bring hot potato into the 21st century with this wacky party game.

4 Funny Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

You know that guy... The cool one, the one that no one can surprise and no one knows what to get for his birthday so they just bring a bottle of whiskey instead. When you're shopping for gifts for men who have everything, you've gotta pull out all the stops...

Here are 4 funny gifts for men who have everything:

34. Farting Poop Emoji Pen

Sure, he has everything... But does he have this? No, of course not – who would buy that for themselves? That's what makes it a perfect gag gift!

35. Anime inspired Car freshener

Let One Punch Man destroy any bad odors in your vehicles! Smells like melons, by the way.

36. Funny Kitchen Sign

How well does he know his pastas? With this sign, he'll get to know them even better while decorating his kitchen in humorous style.

37. Personalized Rummykub Board Game Set

Specially engraved versions of more common items are always a great option for the man who has everything.

7 Funny DIY Gifts for Men

If the guy that you're shopping for is a real handyman or craftsperson, diy gifts for men will make a much better impression on them than just any old trinket.

Here are 7 funny DIY gifts for men:

38. I Wrote a Book About You — A fun, fill-in-the-blank book

39. Build-on Brick Mug

If they love DIY, it's almost guaranteed that they love LEGOs. Why not give them a coffee mug to build on?

40. Magnetic Wristband

These magnetic wristbands come in so handy whenever he'll be working on a project in his workshop.

41. DIY at-Home Vasectomy Kit!

This prank box is a perfect gift for any man who's been considering the big snip!

42. U Customize Funny "Pot Head"

43. Favor Box Vintage Retro Gramaphone

44. Pac-man cross stitch pattern

3 Funny Groomsmen Gift Ideas

The guys who you choose to stand next to you in your wedding deserve only your most thoughtful groomsmen gift ideas... But why not put some funny thoughts into these gifts as well?

Here are 3 funny groomsmen gift ideas:

45. Gun Decanters for Alcohol

You can put a whole new spin on the meaning of the word "shots" with these pistol shaped liquor decanters.

46. Suit Up Cards with Gold Envelopes

Not so much a gift as a perfect way to invite your groomsmen to be in your wedding.

47. Crisky Hangover Kit Bags

Groomsmen means bachelor parties, and bachelor parties means hangovers. Help them get prepared for the lead up to your big day.

3 Funny but Manly Gifts

Even the manliest of men enjoys manly gifts – and what better way to lighten up their manly day than with a joke and a smile?

Here are 3 funny but manly gifts:

48. Tactical Molle Apron

This is one you'll have to see to believe! Designed like a tactical vest, it gives new meaning to the word "chef".

49. Periodic Table of Beer Pint Glasses

Super cool pint glasses show all the types and styles of beer in a mock periodic table. Excellent gift for geeky guys.

50. Nick Offerman Classical Painting

Ron Swanson's character in Parks and Rec is an absolute manly legend, and this painting does him justice.

3 Funny Cheap Gift Ideas

You don't have to break the bank to get some great gifts for your guy friends. These funny and cheap gift ideas make perfect cheap gifts for men.

Here are 5 funny cheap gift ideas:

51. The Screaming Goat (Book & Figure)

Give them their daily dose of screaming goat with these hilarious mini figurines!

52. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

They can take "le tour du pizza" with this amusing pizza cutting wheel.

53. 70s Retro I Love Boxed Wine Cufflinks

Honestly, these cuff links are really darned stylish even with a modern outfit.

3 Funny Christmas Gift Ideas

Just because you'll be around your family for the holidays doesn't mean your christmas gift ideas need to get all serious!

Here are 3 funny Christmas gift ideas:

54. Sushi Socks Box

If you're going to give socks as a gift for Christmas, you can at least make it funny!

55. Rick and Morty Mousepad

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland strike comedic gold over and over with the lines from Rick and Morty. You can find some of them on this mousepad.

56. Christmas Wine Labels

Christmas means family time, and family time means drinking wine! Customize your bottles with these clever labels.

3 Funny but Thoughtful Gifts

Thoughtful gifts can require a little bit more time and effort to make sure they're a great fit for their recipient. So take some time to think over these options before buying for the guy in your life.

Here are 3 funny but thoughtful gifts:


Combining the best of delivery pizza and colorful socks in one box, these are both thoughtful and funny.

58. Funny otter bookmark

Bookmarks should never go out of style, but especially not adorable and funny ones like this!

59. 932 Degrees Heat Resistant Glove

While the packaging and advertisements are quite funny, this glove is actually really useful too.

7 Funny Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Getting out of the workforce is a perfect time to really stoke a guy's sense of humor. Use these retirement gift ideas for men to help them get a jump start on the rest of their lives!

Here are 7 funny retirement gift ideas for men:

60. Officially Retired Sash and Hat Baseball Cap

Send him off in style with this hat and sash proclaiming that "the legend has retired"!

61. Out of Business Cards with Stainless Steel Case

If he's been carrying around business cards his whole life, their absence could be stressful... Give him these instead to welcome him into retirement.

62. Etched Pilsner Glass

What better way to commemorate doing whatever you want than with a beer glass personalized to say so?

63. Scrabble Tile Retirement Frame

This framed art piece is truly unique and quite humorous. Perfect for any old-timer in your life.

64. I drink and I know Things

Quoting from Game of Thrones, this shirt is equally applicable to any retiree.

65. Retirement Party

Personalize the wine labels for a retirement party to add that special touch of class and humor for him!

66. Retired Person on Premise

Perfect for the home, yard, workshop, or man cave, this sign lets everyone know what's up.

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In Conclusion

Thanks for checking out this guide to funny gifts for men! It covered all the best funny gifts and gifts for men that are worthy of the coolest guys in your life. Check out more of our articles for great manly advice!