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6 Chocolate Of The Month Clubs To Join Or Gift in 2021 [Buying Guide]


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by | | August 17th, 2021

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Updated August 17th, 2021.

A subscription to a chocolate of the month club makes a great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

With so many chocolate subscriptions to choose from, finding the club that fits your needs can be a challenge. This review did the hard work of comparing some of the best reviewed clubs to come up with the 6 best chocolate clubs.

So whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else, or simply treating yourself to a chocolate club, this guide will help you find the club to satisfy your cravings.


What is a Chocolate Of The Month Club?

A chocolate of the month club is just like any other subscription service. For a monthly fee, you can expect expertly curated, delicious chocolates delivered right to your door every month.

Each of the clubs on this list offers something unique, and this guide points out all the important factors - like shipping information, subscription options, and club highlights - for each one.

6 Best Chocolate Of The Month Clubs

Among the 4 clubs on this list, you’re sure to find a chocolate of the month club that offers exactly the kinds of chocolates you’re looking for.

Along with different chocolate specialties and offerings, each club has its own perks to consider. You'll find out everything you need to know, and at the end it will be easier to choose the club that’s right for you.

Here are the 6 best chocolate of the month clubs:

1. Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

by Monthly Clubs


$40.95/mo + $14 S&H

Delivery Frequency: 

Monthly, every other month, every three months

# of Plans:

Cancel Anytime

About The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

The Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club specializes in handmade artisanal chocolates from all over the world. Each piece is like a tiny, delicious piece of art made by hand for you.

This club is great for chocolate eaters who appreciate artistry just as much as taste. Each shipment comes with a monthly newsletter with tasting notes, serving suggestions, and profiles on each chocolatier.

Recently Featured Chocolates

Torn Ranch - Chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries with hints of cappuccino and champagne.

Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier - Dried fruits and nuts in a variety of chocolates.

Mayana Chocolates - A beautiful assortment of chocolates with a variety of flavors ranging from cayenne pepper to matcha green tea

Droga Chocolates - Guittard chocolate, wildflower honey, and almond squares.

Why It's One of the Best Chocolate of the Month Clubs

There’s a lot to love about Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club:

Handmade ChocolatesThe attention to detail is evident in every piece of the small batch chocolates in this club.
Monthly NewsletterLearn about your months selections and pair them with the perfect wines and desserts.
Custom MembershipsChoose from a monthly, every other month, or every 3 month membership, and pay when up front or with each shipment.
High QualityOnly the best boutique chocolatiers and award winning confections make their way into this club.
Innovative IngredientsThe unique flavors and ingredients available in this club are hard to find anywhere else.

Shipping and Becoming a Member


Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club ships to all US states but Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping costs $14 per shipment.

Becoming a Member

To join Gourmet Chocolate Club click here.

2. Taste of Godiva Subscription



$110 - $430

Delivery Frequency: 


# of Plans:

3 (3-month, 6-month, 12-month)

About The Taste of Godiva Subscription

Godiva is one of the best known names in gourmet chocolate, and a Taste of Godiva subscription is a great way to taste all their best offerings.

Choose from a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription, and get a sampling of Godiva classics, new creations, and specialties like Signature Truffles. Rather than paying month to month, you'll pay in advance for the number of months you choose.

Recently Featured Chocolates

For a look at what you can expect on each month from each plan, click here. For an overview of some Taste of Godiva Boxes, check the table below.

Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box - 19 pieces of assorted Godiva favorites

Assorted Chocolate Biscuit Gift Box - 32 crispy butter biscuits with a variety of Godiva chocolates

Milk Chocolate Assortment Gift Box - 22 varieties of creamy milk chocolate

Chocolate Truffle Ground Coffee - A 10 ounce bag of medium blend flavored coffee

Why It's One of the Best Chocolate of the Month Clubs

These three reasons make Taste of Godiva a great option

ReputationGodiva has been making gourmet chocolate since 1926, and puts all that expertise into your subscription.
VarietySample a wide assortment of chocolates and select Godiva products
PriceAlthough the upfront cost is high with Godiva, the per-month cost still competes with other gourmet subscriptions.

Shipping and Becoming a Member


Godiva ships everywhere within the United States.

Becoming a Member

To join Taste of Godiva click here.

3. Chocolate of the Month Club

By Great Clubs



Delivery Frequency: 

Monthly, every other month, every three months

# of Plans:

5 (2-month, 3-month, 4-month, 6-month, 12-month)

About Great Club's Chocolate of the Month Club

In the 24 years since Great Club’s Chocolate of the Month Club became the original chocolate club, they’ve satisfied millions of chocolate cravings.

Their premium chocolates are made with high quality ingredients and hand-dipped in small batches, making sure every piece they ship meets their taste and quality standards. Every month you’ll receive one pound of premium chocolate, along with their Chocolate Expeditions newsletter.

Recently Featured Chocolates

Check out some recent chocolates featured in Great Clubs:

Terrific Turtles - Crispy pecans, creamy caramel, and decadent chocolate

Chocolate Munchies - A delicious assortment of bite sized chocolates.

Mixed Nuts and Toffee - A perfect blend of salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy.

Happy Truffles - A variety of chocolate truffles topped and drizzled to perfection.

Why It's One of the Best Chocolate of the Month Club

There are at least 4 reasons this Chocolate Club has been going strong since 1994.

Free ShippingWith free shipping and a price of just $35.95, this is one of the most affordable clubs we could find.
Monthly NewsletterThe Chocolate Expeditions newsletter has tasting information and fun chocolate facts every month.
FlexibilityChoose the length of your subscription, the frequency of your deliveries, and the payment option that works best for you.
Small Batch Chocolates No mass produced confections here. Every chocolate is hand dipped as part of a small batch to make sure it tastes and looks just right.

Shipping and Becoming a Member

GreatClubs’ Chocolate of the Month Club ships free everywhere within the continental United States.

Becoming a Member

To join, click here.



$24.99/mo + S&H

Delivery Frequency: 


# of Plans:

3 (3-month, 6-month, 12-month)

About works with independent award winning chocolatiers across America to find the best local sweets for their subscribers.

Each box is filled with innovative chocolate creations made by passionate chefs in small bakeries. Choose from one of their many plans to receive the kinds of chocolate you love the most month after month.

Recently Featured Chocolates

Check out some of the recent chocolates chosen from chocolatiers across the US.

PMG Chocolatier Dark - A delicious assortment of rich dark chocolates with caramels, cordials, creams, and nuts made in Niles, Ohio.

Creek House Patisserie - A wide variety of truffles handcrafted out of Ashland Oregon

Philadelphia Candies - Bite sized milk chocolates with a rich assortment of fillings and toppings.

Why It's One of the Best Chocolate of the Month Clubs

Variety of CollectionsChoose from their Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Gourmet Truffle, Vegan, and Chocolate Lovers collections.
PriceAt $24.99 per month, this is one the lowest subscription price on our list.
Independent ChocolatiersFind locally owned chocolatiers you’d never be exposed to otherwise.
Handcrafted ChocolatesEvery chocolate is made by hand with the expertise and passion of a trained chef.

Shipping and Becoming a Member

Shipping of the month club ships everywhere in the United States.

Becoming a Member

To join's, click here.

5. Harry and David's Chocolate Of The Month Club


Starting at $99.99 + $6.99 S&H

Delivery Frequency: 


# of Plans:

3 (3-month, 6-month, 12-month)

About Harry and David's Chocolate Of The Month Club

Chocolate of the Month Club is just one of the dozens of clubs you can find through Harry & David. They know how to put together subscriptions boxes that customers love.

With this club, you get access to a monthly collection of gourmet chocolates, including everything from chocolate covered cherries to cocktail flavored truffles. Choose the length of your subscription and your starting month, and you can even see exactly what you’ll have coming your way.

Recently Featured Chocolates

You can see what’s scheduled for each month by visiting Harry & David, but for a quick look at the last few months, check this table below.

Signature Chocolate Truffles - Gourmet chocolate with a creamy center. Flavors include milk chocolate, white coffee, and dark chocolate cherry.

Holiday Truffles - More great truffles, but with classic holiday flavors at their silky center.

Sea Salt Caramels Gift Box - Half milk and half dark chocolate, these chewy bites are the perfect blend of salty and sweet.

Heritage Chocolate Assortment - A decadent variety of chocolates made in small batches in southern Oregon.

Why It's One of the Best Chocolate of the Month Clubs

Harry and David offer dozens of different subscriptions, and they've mastered the business of convenience.

Customer ServiceA dedicated customer service branch will make sure your subscription runs smoothly.
Order TrackingKeep up with your chocolates every step of the way.
Monthly PreviewsCheck out what you're in store for before you sign up to make sure this is the club for you.
High QualityHarry And David's candy kitchens have been making delicious chocolates for years.

Shipping and Becoming a Member


Harry and David's Chocolate of the month club ships for $6.99 everywhere in the United States.

Becoming a Member

To join Harry and David's, click here.

6. Jackie's Chocolate


$27.50 / monthly

Delivery Frequency: 


# of Plans:

Commitments of Monthly, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

About Jackie's Chocolate

Jackie's Chocolate is a specialty artisan chocolate maker using old school methods to crank out just about any delectable treat under the sun. They offer a wide variety of hand made chocolates, candies, brittles, truffles, and fudges that aren't available in any store.

Direct to consumer sweets. And with the number of four and five star reviews Jackie's has received, it seems those consumers are pretty happy.

Their subscriptions require no commitment (though there are discounts for locking in) and each half-pound box offers enough variety to get a good feel for the magic Jackie is creating.

Recently Featured Chocolates

White chocolate truffles - Various handmade white chocolate truffles mixed with rum, raspberry, pecan, lemon, coconut, and vanilla.

Orange and Cream Fudge - A blend of tangy orange and sweet cream fudge.

Milk Chocolate English Toffee - A classic take on crunchy English butter toffee, covered in milk chocolate and almonds.

Sugar-Free Almond Butter Crunch - Buttery toffee covered in delectable milk chocolate so sweet you won't care it's sugar free.

Candy Slices - Sweet and tangy at the same time, Jackie's offer these soft candies in several different fruit flavors - lemon, watermelon, raspberry, lime, and of course orange.

Why It's One of the Best Chocolate of the Month Clubs

There's a great deal to like about Jackie's Chocolate.

Hand Made All of Jackie's Chocolates are hand made at the company. Nothing is done off site.
VarietyThere's something for everyone at Jackie's. Every type of chocolate imaginable along with toffee, brittle, crunches, truffles, and a myriad of sugar-free options. They boast more than 300 hand made treats.
DiscountsThe more you order the steeper the discounts that are offered. This goes for the subscription boxes as well as any individual ad hoc purchase.
Free ShippingAt Jackie's, you'll never have to pay for shipping. Which is really nice since they're shipping something extremely perishable.

Shipping and Becoming a Member


Shipping is free on orders over $49. They currently only ship to the United States and packages are guaranteed to arrive "cool and fresh." If there's an issue with quality after delivery, returns and replacements are readily available.

Becoming a Member

To join Jackie's Chocolate click here. Choose your subscription duration and check out. Dead simple.

How to Pick a Chocolate Of The Month Club

Now that you’ve got 6 great chocolate of the month clubs to choose from, it’s time to narrow down your options and choose the one that you like best. Still not sure? It’s ok, it’s a lot to consider. Allow this review to help you make up your mind.

Here is how to pick a chocolate of the month club:

1. Set a Budget

Before you click subscribe, figure out how much you want to spend on chocolate each month, and how important of a factor price is for you. Also decide whether you want the option of paying month to month, as some of these clubs require full payment up front.

2. Determine out your Taste

Is there a particular kind of chocolate you crave above all others? Make sure the club you’re considering uses that kind of chocolate or those particular flavors.

While most of these clubs offer a wide assortment of chocolates and chocolate varieties, allows you to choose from one of their collections and get all dark, milk, vegan, or gourmet chocolates.

3. Commit… or not

How long until your sweet tooth is finally satisfied? Will nothing less than a year’s worth of chocolate satisfy your cravings, or would you appreciate the option to cancel your membership whenever you’ve had your fill?

The last thing you should check before you make up your mind is the length of the subscription. If you’re always in the mood for chocolate and don’t mind dropping several hundred dollars on it, the subscription lengths don’t matter. But if you only have occasional cravings or you have other things to save up for, select a plan that allows you to cancel anytime.

More Great Monthly Club Subscriptions

Looking for more ways to get the best of the stuff you love delivered right to your door? Check out the recommendations for all these great clubs.

  1. Keep your home in bloom all year with these flowers of the month club options.
  2. We have the perfect wine of the month club for every entertainer.
  3. Select one of these great cheese of the month clubs.
  4. Keep your fridge stocked with the perfect beer of the month club.
  5. The finest of all meats await in the bacon of the month club. 

In Conclusion

With a selection of great chocolate of the month clubs and all the information you need to make your decision, all that's left to do now is subscribe. Whether you're shopping for yourself or giving a subscription as a gift, you can be confident you've found the perfect chocolate club.

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