Unpopular opinions - everyone has them. And we compiled the best ones here.

They're fun and different, which makes them great conversation topics. Trust me, I would know. I've written a handful of articles about conversation starters. Most of them include at least one unpopular opinion.

Do you think you've got any underrated opinions that would appear on this list?

Let's find out!


Best Unpopular Opinions That Are Highly Accurate

Ever have some free time that makes you think about all sorts of random questions? Then, get ready - the opinions on this list may make you question even the simplest things. We can even say they're controversial opinions.

1. Making the bed is a pointless chore.

At some point in our lives, we've all questioned the need to make the bed. Realizing we have to work after waking up makes some of us want to sleep some more.

2. Job searching can be fun.

Searching for a job is a tiresome process. Some people enjoy it because it gives them a sense of where they are at that point in their lives. Plus, it gives them a chance to show off a little.

3. Anything fewer than four "ha's" in hahahaha text is rude.

The texting generation has some weird rules about communicating. Sometimes, missing a letter, adding an emoji, or putting an extra "ha" can make all the difference.

4. Chocolate ice cream is disgusting.

Ice cream is one of the best desserts we've got. With flavors, everyone's got their preference. Chocolate is a classic, through and through.

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Funny Opinions That Are Not Liked By Many

Would you rather be a fish who can't swim or a bird who can't fly? If you're a fan of funny trivia questions like this, then you'll love any of these fun ideas.

5. It is better to be hot than cold.

Everyone has their take on this. It depends on what kind of climate they experience daily. Sweaty or chilly - that's the question.

6. Beer out of a can tastes weird.

Beer drinkers are usually the people who have strong opinions about beer and its container. But for some of us, it probably would taste the same even if it was in a cup, bottle, or can.

7. Sweating isn't gross.

Exercising, working, even sometimes just walking somewhere can make people sweat. Calling it gross may be a stretch because it's a normal bodily process, but as long as it doesn't smell, you're good.

8. The best way to sleep is to wear no clothes.

Some people may find this strange, but people do this because they're most comfortable with it. It may not be the most popular opinion, but it sounds liberating.

Controversial Views About Food That Is Not Accepted By All

Did you know that your skin can turn orange if you eat too many carrots? Wild! Almost everyone loves to eat. Food trivia like this always gets a conversation going.

Underrated opinions about food are always good topics to talk about.

9. Vegetables are better than dessert.

Vegetables complete any meal, period. If you're a person who loves your sugar, then this unpopular opinion is making you laugh right now. Maybe if we count mashed potato as a vegetable, more people would agree with this idea.

10. Pineapple belongs to a pizza.

This one is the most popular unpopular opinion on this list. It even spikes up debate among friends. Your best bet is to pick them off the pie if you don't like them. I mean, it's not like hating tomato sauce - now that's a little harder to remove.

11. Oatmeal raisin is the best-tasting cookie.

Many people would disagree that oatmeal raisin should even be a legit cookie flavor. Even so, a lot of bakeshops still make this cookie just because it's such a classic.

12. Chocolate is gross.

People love chocolate, and it shows. Many desserts, like cake and cookies, use all the different variants of chocolate. Calling it gross may be a stretch, though - I mean, it's not like drinking pickle juice, that's for sure.

13. Cheese doesn't need to be part of every dish.

Cheese is another ingredient that gets people going. You'll see it with pasta, chicken, beef, maybe even mushrooms - name it, and it still works. Other people may be a little health-conscious. Some prefer other food that makes them think it doesn't belong to every dish.

14. Eat every food with ketchup. It can make your food taste better.

Fried chicken, french fries, potato wedges, fried fish fillets, the list goes on. The sour-sweet taste of ketchup brings a fine balance to the saltiness of fried food, which is its usual partner. It goes with eggs too!

Opinions About Celebrities That Are Often Scorned By Society

What name was celebrity talk show host Oprah Winfrey born with? Orpah. She changed it so it would be easier to say. Celebrity trivia like this is always a great ice breaker.

Because who doesn't like talking about their favorite actor, singer, or even writer? These notions about celebrities, like pop culture trivia, make for great banter too.

15. Beyonce is overrated.

Who runs the world? Beyonce does. But, an influencer like her gets haters, too. This woman's track record is enough to impress anyone. Still, people might think she's overrated because of the significant praise she gets.

16. Brave is better than Frozen.

Who could ever forget that time where everyone was singing, Let It Go, even when it was inappropriate? That's the Frozen frenzy. But Brave posed a different take on love and family, which also greatly affected its viewers.

17. Friends was not a good tv show.

Compared to most TV shows, Friends is still a widely popular show now. But, most of its jokes and storylines would be considered improper today. That makes this a highly contested opinion.

18.Listening to podcasts is beneficial.

Some people use podcasts for several reasons. A podcast may give someone motivation, tips, or unique and exciting insights. It can also serve as one of your traffic sources for your websites and other platforms.

Christmas Beliefs That You May Disagree

Why didn't Elvis have a white Christmas? Because he had a blue Christmas. These Christmas trivia questions are getting funnier by the minute. Check out these opinions about Christmas and see if any of them make you laugh too.

19. Ugly Christmas sweaters need to die.

Ever had a reindeer on your chest? Whether you're a kid, teenager, or adult, it's not just you getting Rudolph on your clothes, but it's the whole family. It's tradition, and it creates the perfect family photo.

20. Christmas is overrated.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, as they say. Families get together to eat Christmas dinner, sing songs, and share stories about past Christmases. Maybe all the togetherness can prove to be a bit too much for people who feel that Christmas is overrated.

21.Christmas without snow isn't Christmas.

Lucky are those who have snow on Christmas. Snowball fights can break the tension when families get together. When it gets too cold at night, the fire will snuggle up everybody.

Relationship Viewpoints That Are So Underrated

Relationships are always tricky. Couples fight each other before they get to a better relationship. Experience is the best teacher. So, couples would probably steer clear of those issues next time. While you're here, let me share with you some unconventional notions about relationships.

22. If you can laugh alone, then you can live happily.

It's no secret that you can never be happy unless you live in content without anyone's involvement. Laughing alone is a great thing to be able to do.

23. Gifts are the best way to make relationships happy.

Some people love to receive gifts, and some people love to give gifts. It may be a match made in heaven if grateful receivers find generous givers.

24. Being in a relationship is the best way to improve your relationship.

Labels? Lame. Label-less relationships are becoming a trend nowadays. But while some are fine with being casual, people who look for the real thing may want to label it and more.

25. Earning nothing can ruin your relationship.

Money should not be a deal-breaker, but it also signals commitment and responsibility. If you're related to a multi-millionaire who has more to feed a few countries, then maybe not earning anything doesn't make much impact on your character.

26. Being able to check each others' phones is the basis of loyalty and trust among partners.

Privacy is a privilege nowadays because of social media. Some people would argue that if there's nothing to hide, people should not put out access. Reddit might disagree with this, but with partners, they would always go for whatever works best.

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Top 26 Unpopular Opinions That Make The Most Exciting Conversations

Downloadable and Printable List of Unpopular Opinions

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of unpopular opinions (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

You may find yourself stumbling upon this article without any idea behind these opinions. Read through these frequently asked questions and see if they clear some things up.

What are unpopular opinions?

They are thoughts and ideas that go against the ordinary. They may be underrated, unique, or completely different opinions about things. They spark great discussions and foster (usually) friendly debates.

Are all unpopular opinions controversial?

Not really. Suppose the opinion is about mundane things like hating an ice cream flavor, liking mayonnaise, or putting coffee on your cereal. The controversial ones usually are about celebrities, money, politics - you know, the "serious" things in life.

How to handle having an unpopular opinion?

It's hard having a different opinion. This is more real when you're in a group that seems to have a general agreement on things. The best way to avoid a nasty disagreement is by standing your ground but in a relaxed and calm manner.

How To Express Properly Any Unpopular Opinion You May Have

Are you having trouble expressing your unpopular opinion? Here's how to do it:

1. Say it, but don't push it.

We all have ideas that we want to share. But don't try to convince other people that your opinion is the best idea or the only idea they should have. Stand your ground, but don't be condescending.

2. Be respectful of other people's opinions, too.

It's not only you who needs to express an opinion. Everyone should have the chance, and you should give them that chance. When people share their thoughts, be open to them and not bring them down for unpopular opinions.

3. Agree to disagree.

Sometimes, we have to accept the fact that we won't agree on everything. When your opinions clash, make sure that it ends there. Don't have any arguments or negative feelings. Agree to disagree when there's no other way to go.

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In Conclusion

Unpopular opinions can rock the boat when it comes to conversations. They can be the best conversation topicsMost especially the controversial opinions that make you question your own beliefs.

It's a good thing you stumbled upon this list. You, too, now have great conversation starters for the next time you meet someone new. Many people have the same opinion about something, but it would be good to know these underrated opinions. You can share a different kind of idea on the topic. Be sure not to act so surprised or offended when someone doesn't agree with you. They are unpopular opinions, after all.