Did you just google "Christmas gift ideas for wife?" You're one of many guys who are looking for online inspiration this holiday season.

We wrote this article for you, because we know that coming up with gift ideas year after year can be challenging when there's just so much to choose from. The market is more diverse than ever.

Gifts for women seem to be simultaneously infinite and practice in precision. We get it. You want the right gift for your special woman.

Our top Christmas gift ideas for the number one lady in your life are sure to put your mind at ease.


16 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife

Are you slightly stumped when it comes to what she really wants?

1. The Purple Harmony Pillow

For the woman who has everything, there's still one secret that you can rely on: She's never had a pillow quite like the Purple Harmony Pillow. Its proprietary hexagonal grid makes it the coolest, most comfortable pillow that she'll ever lay her head on, guaranteed.

2. 24K Gold Rose

There's 14K gold, and then there's pure 24K gold to really show you think she's beautiful inside and out.

3. Love Necklace Inscribed with I Love You

She can keep your message to her close to her heart always.

4. Kimono

There are regular old bathrobes and then there's this sophisticated number on a whole new level, making it the best gift for wife.

5. You Are the Peanut to My Butter Love of My Life Wood Wall Plaque Sign

Cute metaphors to show you belong together for the win.

6. Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook

You're the kind of guy who remembers anniversaries and other special days.

7. Gold Series Wine Club

Wine of the month club members receive an exclusive assortment of all the best wines in the world delivered right to her door. It's a sure winner!

8. Diffuser for Essential Oils + Jolly Essential Oil Blend Gift Set

We're always looking for ways to clear and revitalize our spaces. This diffuser is a must-have.

9. I Love You LED 3D Illusion USB Lamp

Bright lights shout your love from the rooftops.

10. Summit Outdoor Wine Glasses, Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler With Lid

No more fine wine in *gasp* plastic beer cups, please.

11. Angel Wing Hoop Earring

Wings have been symbols of light and freedom for all time.

12. QIANSE Rose Lover Cuff Bangle Bracelets Made with Swarovski Crystals

She'll love these gorgeous, shiny accents.

13. Savvy Infusion Water Bottles

Adding fresh fruit to flavor water on the go never got easier. It's health and vitality in a bottle.

14. Kate Spade New York Women's Large Lane Satchel

If she's into designer handbags and pink, this is for you.

15. Cole Haan Women's Clarette Sandal

Every girl needs a pair of classy suede heeled sandals for weekend evenings out.

16. Off-Shoulder Pullover Tops

Lululemon is athleisure's apex in quality and function. It is luxury for the yoga mat.

16 Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife You Can Also Give To Mom

There's a saying that goes that men marry their mothers. Indeed, some of us have. We were raised by a strong, intelligent, capable woman who set the standard for the mates we sought.

It comes as no surprise that our Christmas shopping endeavors cross over when considering the two top women in our lives. Christmas gift ideas for mom are a token of our gratitude to her for showing us how to be woke, compassionate men.

17. Murray’s Cheese Of The Month Club

Cheese tasting via our coveted cheese of the month club cultivates a precise palette that is keyed into subtleties. Now where's the wine?

18. She Believed She Could So She Did Bracelet

Acknowledge her courage across the spectrum of life's ups and downs:

19. I Don't Need Google, My Husband Knows Everything V-Neck T-Shirt

It's an appreciative nod toward your dad or step-dad too.

20. Women's Luxury Terry Cloth Bathrobe

Because who uses a towel after a shower when they can have this robe?

21. Heart Necklace Swarovski Crystals

The everlasting symbol of love in one of infinite designs.

22. Make-up Gift Set

Her cosmetics bag can always use more.

23. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

For keeping the goods cold.

24. Special Love Heart Poem Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo is an environmentally-friendly and luxurious choice in the kitchen.

25. Stud Moon Earrings

The moon is a timeless symbol of the feminine cycles.

26. Best Mom Ever! Women's Hoodie

She'll love this cozy, casual testament to your adoration.

27. Kate Spade New York Lemon Recipe Box

Kate's name speaks spades, whether it be on purses or furnishings.

28. Eva Handbag

Every woman needs a handbag, or two, or twenty.

29. The Missoni Family Cookbook

You can't go wrong with these timeless recipes for culinary success.

30. Pajamas Women

With the bitter winter upon us, flannel PJ's are everywhere.

19 Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife You Can Also Give Dad

We're all human, and there are things that we all can use and appreciate universally. Some gifts are meant to be shared. Especially when everyone's under one roof. Christmas gifts for dad never got easier.

31. The Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club

Beer aficionados everywhere are hankering to get their hands on membership in our famous beer of the month club.

32. NutriBullet Pro

We all aim to be healthier and time efficient in our meal prep. Smoothies for everyone!

33. Hardside Spinner Luggage

When we're called to travel, we all need top quality suitcases that can weather our journeys for decades.

34. Stainless Steel French Press

Keeping everyone chipper and caffeinated has never been easier.

35. Amazon.com eGift Cards

Sometimes the gift of the chance to shop for exactly what we want without having to describe it to anyone is the most generous and thoughtful gift of all.

36. Gadget Organizer Bag

Everything has its place.

37. Portable Charger

In the wired age, we all need extra was to stay charged.

38. Body Brush Set

Men and women both benefit from skin care and its time we bent the market toward both genders.

39. Travel Bottles Set for Liquids

There is nothing worse than scrambling for travel sized toiletries. Now he and she can simply pour and squeeze from the original containers into these empty travel-sized ones.

40. Exercise Ball

In a day and age where sitting is the new smoking, we've all got to be building our core strength with balance balls.

41. Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

Grilling to perfection has never been easier.

42. Massager

Whether he's sore from sports or from long hours on the job, he'll love this chance to pamper himself.

43. Dimmer Switch Starter Kit

No longer do we need to get up to adjust the lighting. It's all from our phones!

44. Mini Keyboard

For his or her agile, fast-paced lifestyle, this loads to his tablet and lets him bang out emails with the ease of a desktop computer.

45. Ray-Ban 3558 Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban is one of the most respected names in eye protection.

46. Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

He'll love the ideal portable way to play his tunes on the go.

47. Portable Propane Grill

Whether for tailgating or picnicking, this straight shot to a hearty meal is a keeper.

6 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife

Great gifts do not have to cost a fortune. Cheap gifts can actually be a means of showing respect for intention to put your money toward greater, longer lasting investments like real estate, travel, and wholesome experiences.

You can show your love and devotion for just a fraction of your paycheck with our awesome outline of cheap Christmas gifts.

48. Mitten Glove

Alpaca wool is some of the softest, finest, naturally water-resistant materials for warm things.

49. Keep Calm My Wife Has An Awesome Husband T-Shirt

She thinks so, so why not take credit where it's given?

50. Matching Christmas Pajamas for Family

In Asia, matching couples outfits are far more than just a holiday thing. It's a daily thing. Feel free to wear these matching pajamas everywhere and anywhere, so long as you do it together.

51. Travel Press

Why spend an arm and a leg on Starbucks when you can press your own gourmet beans anywhere with this handy travel coffee kit?

4 Stocking Stuffers For Wife

Stocking stuffers are usually a collection of small presents. They can be everyday practical items that make the best gift ideas for wife.

Stocking stuffers for her are sure to please the women on your list this year!

52. Wristlet

A pretty bit of bling for the women in your life.

53. Sparkling Water Maker

That fizzy sensation of bubbly water is the lap of luxury. She won't have to go buy pallets of Seltzer when she can make it at home herself!

54. Nap Pillow

Because with gift ideas for wife, comfort belongs everywhere.

How To Pick The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife

1. Figure out her style

This might be as easy as asking what she wants. It can also include looking at the things she already owns.

2. Factor in family goals and gift-giving traditions

We all do it differently. Some families are into small but thoughtful gifts that don't break the bank because there are bigger things on the horizon like saving for trips, experiences, a new car or house. Other families go all-out to the max with matching reindeer sweaters for all because gifts are akin to Christmas spirit.

3. Decide what you want your gifts to say about you

Are you looking for something to engrave a sweet, heartfelt personal message of love? Are you committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly purchases? Do you want to support artists before mass production?

More Great Gift Ideas

So you're determined to be the best brother, son, grandson, friend, dad, husband, boyfriend and associate you can be this year. That might mean you've got a carefully-constructed Christmas list of loved ones to shop for, and you're wondering what they're all really wanting.

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In Conclusion

With our extensive lists of the best Christmas gift ideas for wife and other stocking stuffers for her, shopping will be a cinch these year. Think about your budget, what you want to say through your gifts, and all the ways you know and love your wife.

Keeping up with market trends and new ways to make life full of inspiration and invention has never been easier.