So often we think that what women want in a man is top secret. In reality, women keep hoping we’ll figure it out!

Kind of like how you wish you didn’t have to tell your neighbor that it’s not cool if he reads your mail and uses your WiFi…

Women wish they didn’t have to tell us what’s important to them and what’s not.

Don’t let that thought worry you. You already have everything women want in a man; you just need to know how to bring out the best parts of yourself.

Whether you need to know how to get a girlfriend or want to be a better man to the woman you’re already with, in this article I’ll show you how to tap into the parts of yourself that are exactly what women want in a man.


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18 Biggest Things Women Want In A Man

If you're like you're like the vast majority of men, you are either currently... or have asked yourself, "what do women really want?"

...Because it likely seems like there is an endless list of things women want in a man... but really, for most of them, the list isn't that long.

1. Independence

Independence can mean a few different things, but each one checks a box off the list of what women want in a man.

Emerson’s vision of a self-reliant man is one we can all learn a thing or two from. Women want a man able to stand on his own two feet, to make up his own mind, and to stand by his values.

Paying your own bills is half the battle one aspect of independence, the other aspect is the ability to be yourself. Have your own interests and hobbies, and respect her need to have her own too.

2. Positivity

A woman wants a man who can put a smile on her face. Making her smile is much easier when you’re smiling too.

Remember to pay attention to the positive things throughout the day. Make it your goal to have at least one positive moment to share at the end of every day.

3. Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are a must in any relationship, so you’d better believe it’s what women want in a man.

To be a great communicator you’ve got to listen just as well as you express yourself. Make your thoughts known, but make sure you appreciate her thoughts, too.

4. Sociability

When women consider having a relationship with a man, they think about introducing him to her friends.

Give your couch a rest every once in a while and go hang out with friends. Show her your friendly side by laughing, smiling, and generally just having a good time...

You’re doing what women really want in a guy… You’re having fun with the closest people in her life!

Think about it: Have you ever looked at a group of people having a blast and wanted to join in? Sure you have! Everybody has a fear of missing out.

So instead of missing out on the fun, bring it with you everywhere you go and never stop smiling. You look good when you smile :)

Speaking of looking good, here’s how to instantly have a more attractive face: 10 Ways To Instantly Have a More Attractive Face - How To Easily Be Better Looking to Girls

10 WAYS To INSTANTLY Have a MORE ATTRACTIVE FACE - How To EASILY Be Better Looking to Girls

5. Intelligence

Any girl worth being with counts intelligence in the top 5 of what women want in a man.

Show her that you can challenge her and stay informed. Read a book every once in a while… not only will it make you a smarter man, it will also make you far more attractive to her.

6. Passion

Don’t be afraid to show your interest in her. A woman wants a man who she knows feels strongly about her and who proves it every day.

Don’t play it cool when you’ve found a keeper. Show her how you feel and let her know that she can do the same.

7. Sense of Humor

You could do a nationwide survey of what women want in a man and every single one woman would include a sense of humor.

Not only do ladies want a man who can make them laugh… and yes, that’s very important…

They want a man who is able to laugh at himself. Don’t take yourself - or life - too seriously. Look for the funny side of life and make sure you’re able to take a joke.

8. Ambition

Complacency has never been an attractive quality. A touch of ambition will make your own life more challenging and satisfying... and it's magnetic to women.

Constantly improve yourself, develop your skills, and always strive for you best. The best women will find it irresistible.

9. Confidence

Confidence doesn’t mean puffing out your chest or commanding everyone’s attention … in fact those behaviors are often a sign of a lack of confidence.

The kind of confidence that women want is seen in men who know who they are and are proud of themselves. Don’t try and be someone you’re not, just be the best version of yourself.

10. Charm

We most often think of charm as smooth talk and sparkling teeth. Although these things don’t hurt…

The secret to charm isn’t swagger, its uniqueness.

Be yourself. Be passionate about the things you care about. Speak openly. I assure you she will be charmed.

11. Physique

Don’t worry dude, most women aren’t holding for a man with a model’s sculpted abs. Women are much more gracious in that sense.

However, putting effort into your physical health attracts women because it’s a sign that you respect yourself. Start exercising more regularly and you’ll be turning your improved physique combined with your added confidence.

12. The Best Policy

So lets say Beth says something that hurts Kevin’s feelings... Beth will have no idea how Kevin feels unless he says something.

Communication is the holy grail in every relationship. And being honest with yourself and each other is how you get it.

So if you’re wondering how to get any girl you want, coming in hot with 100% honesty will go far. It’s what girls want in a guy.

No lies. No half-truths. Speak your mind and be upfront. It doesn’t always make things easier, but it is ultimately what girls want in a guy.

13. Respectability

Tina Turner taught us that respect is definitely what women want in a man, but she didn’t mention that women also want someone who is respectable.

Be someone your woman can be proud of. That means being honest,working hard for the things you need, or by simply staying true to your words.

If there’s one way to instantly show a girl that you’re of a high standard, it’s to always follow through on your word. This simple act alone will place you in a different category from 99% of guys.

Some of you listening? You might be a part of that 99%... But it’s not too late. Start small. Don’t be basic. If you say you’re gonna call, call. If you say you’re gonna be somewhere, be on time. Take yourself out of the patterns of everyone else, and there’s no way that doesn’t scream attraction to women.

14. Attractiveness

It may sound superficial, but nobody goes out looking for someone they find unattractive. There's still good news for those of us that don't turn many heads...

Attractiveness is subjective and people have many different types.

Stay on top of your hygiene, put some effort into the way you dress, and you will find someone who finds you attractive, even if you’re not going to be walking any runways.

Did you know that wearing certain clothing items will subconsciously make you more attractive?We did a whole video on these, but here are 3 of the biggest items to get you started:

  1. A plain-white t. This creates the illusion of a V-shaped body by making your shoulders look broader and your waist slimmer. Take this one to the next level by grabbing a V-neck.
  2. Something red. Studies show that simply wearing red can increase your attractiveness to women. So how do you pair this with #1? Try a red hat or maroon chinos.
  3. A wristwatch. Recommended by pretty much every style-YouTuber out there, a watch will instantly make you look more attractive, more put together, and more classy.

And guys you already know which watch we, AlphaM, Teaching Men’s Fashion, Based Zeus, Real Men Real Style, How to Beast, Brett Maverick, Alex Costa, and 12k 5-star reviewers recommend… it's our sponsor, Vincero watches.Their watches are exactly what women love: bold, yet classic... stylish, but not overdone. Plus since their bands are interchangeable... one watch can = multiple styles. If you want to boost your attractiveness, getting a Vincero watch is the easiest way to do it.

Vincero even hooked you guys up with a HUGE discount code in the description.

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15. Romance

You don’t have to send her flowers every day to be romantic… a romantic gesture is anything that makes her feel important to you.

Notice the little things and make sure to appreciate them. Do favors for her. Give her surprises that show you’ve been thinking about her. It’s never a bad idea to make a special woman feel special.

Pro tip: But, if you do want an easy way to send her flowers consistently... then get her a flower of the month club. These monthly flower clubs ship flowers (right to her doorstep) each month (or every-other-month, quarterly, annually, etc.).

Pretty cool, right? We highly recommend this club.

16. Compatibility

Think back to the last time you felt a connection to a girl. A spark of electricity. The unshakeable feeling that you share something

That compatibility is what women want, but it can't be forced. Focus your energy on women who you feel a connection with, and don't force things if she isn't feeling it too. 

17. Stay True

Great advice? Or the greatest advice?

This may seem like common knowledge by now, but you’d be surprised how many guys lose sight of who they are the moment a girl shows interest in them. They lack the principles to carry them through a challenge, including a girl who may or may not like him.

So don’t use a bunch of alpha male body language tricks unless you can make them apart of your personality. Because pretending to be someone you’re not will only doom you to a life of loneliness.

18. The Little Things

You already know the importance of having a keen ear when getting to know a woman, but listening closely to what a woman says (and deciphering what she wants), is just one of the many tricks to get girls to chase you.

That’s because... what women really want is a man who knows how to listen… It shows her he cares.

But it’s the little things you do with the information you learned while listening, that make her fall head over heels for you. Fast. Which is why surprising her with her favorite flowers she told you about on your first date... Is just one way listening pays off.

So if you can do some little things here and there for her to show her you’re paying attention, you’ll have no trouble keeping her around. Just don’t be a nice guy about it and you’ll be juuust fine.

12 Attractive Daily Habits for Guys

12. Eager to learn more (being a highly cultured person)

A lot of guys ask us to teach how to get a girl to like you? What are the attractive things guys do, that girls like?

Well gentlemen, being cultured is one of the absolute best ways to do it. And even if you can’t afford to travel across the ocean, you can still be a well-traveled guy without even leaving your living room, because that magical wonder-rectangle in your hand can take you anywhere you want to go.

So use it to learn about different cultures, listen to some funky French music, or find a new favorite author from Germany... and share it all (especially your plans to visit these places) with the women you meet.

11. Slowing your Roll

While you know women like a guy who can put in work, they also universally want somebody they can be relaxed around. And one habit that easily conveys a chill, relaxing demeanor that girls like... is to walk a little bit slower when you can.

Crazy, but it works. So next time you’re passing through, walk fast enough to look like you’ve got somewhere to go. But slow enough that girls know they can talk to you.

10. Complementing Your Scent

Did you know that women have a stronger sense of smell than men? And that they rank your body odor as THE most important trait in how attractive they find you?

You HAVE to smell nice, guys. And your natural scent plays a big part in doing so.

So what does that mean exactly? Cologne reacts to individual body chemistry in different ways. In other words: The cologne your friend uses might not smell as good on you as it does on him. But wearing a unique cologne that complements your scent, will make a woman forever associate that smell with you.

9. Conceal, don't feel.

Men wearing makeup are becoming more common these days. It helps them enhance their natural beauty, and that's what helps them become more confident around other people. Gone are the days that men are ridiculed for wearing concealer or powder.

Women also see it as an attractive feature when men are secure enough to wear makeup. We're not saying you should wear red lipstick or anything like that. Foundation or skin tints are quite enough to even out your skin tone, then wear a natural shade of tint to have a little color on your lips. You can also put some contour powder to accentuate your face shape.

Being comfortable in your skin and your appearance will help you talk to other people easily and confidently.

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8. Always Having Something to Build

Whether you’re working on a home project or learning a new language, you should constantly be building the foundations to make yourself a more desirable man.

Women like men with hobbies and interests (plus, staying busy makes them want you more.)

So start up a hobby or two. It will make you more knowledgeable, interesting, and, well… Manly.

7. Fix it, Don’t Replace it

When something around the house stops working or breaks down you have two options: You can spend more money than you need to on replacing it or you can fix it yourself for less.

And which option do you think a woman likes more? It’s an easy answer, right? And even better, regularly fixing things will not only save you money... it’s also a surefire method of showing women that you can solve problems and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.

6. Holding the Door

Among the many things that women look for in a guy, good manners is close to the top of the list. And by far the easiest way to show good manners, is to hold the door open for people when you get the chance.

Because who knows? Not only could you make a great first impression with a girl you don’t know, you can show a girl you like that you’re the kind of good-natured dude she really wants.

5. Being On Time

We all know someone who will be late to their own funeral. And if you’ve ever had to wait on someone like that, you know how frustrating it is.

So get in the habit of showing up on time. Women can’t get enough of a guy who can manage his time properly. Because to her, not making her wait makes her feel wanted. And that’s imperative if you want her to want you.

4. Train Progressively

Otherwise known as working out, progressive training is more than just hitting the gym or getting muscles. It’s about getting strong and showing girls one of the most desirable habits of all: Discipline.

So whatever you want to do, pick a challenging activity you want to be good at and systematically improve at it day after day.

3. Meal Prepping For the Week

If one thing’s for sure, you gotta eat. We all gotta eat. But there are only so many hours in the day, so what happens? Either you end up not eating enough or you end up gorging on whatever’s convenient. No bueno.

Meal prepping is one tactic that kills 2 birds with 1 stone. First: Knowing your way around the kitchen universally attracts women. And two, meal prep means you won’t starve so you can always be on your A-game.

We’ve said it before, guys: Women can’t get enough of a man who has a healthy routine. So if a girl sees you know how to cook and eat right... it’s only natural for her to wonder about the other things you might know how to do.

So throw away the hot pocket and hit the grocery store. Because it’s time to up your game and start meal prepping.

2. Creating a Working Budget Every Three Months

If you haven’t noticed by now, women want a guy who has his life in order. So naturally, a habit that women notice, is knowing how to budget money. Because in the end, stability is king.

So if you want to show women you’ve got your stuff together, start by keeping tabs on your finances.

1. Always Having A Great Story to Tell

Telling good stories is - uh… it’s a - um, good habit to um… have because this way of speaking is -uh... sounds bad.

See how unattractive that sounds? Stumbling over your words is a fail-safe way to get any girl to walk away from you.

So train yourself to tell better stories and speak more coherently. Maybe try to learn a new word each day. Because if your words and ideas flow smoothly, women can only be more interested in what you have to say.

7 Style Tricks That Make You More Attractive To Women

7. Recycle Your Old, Worn Out Clothes

No matter what style you're going for... vagabond should never be one of them.

And when your clothes are stained with unknown liquids, and/or filled with holes from wear and tear... you (plain and simple) look terrible.

Sure, you may have had some awesome memories with your oldest pair of jeans... But it's time to give it that pair a new life... By turning them into rags or making them your yardwork jeans!

The same goes for old T-Shirts covered in comic book superhero or truck logos (but keep solid, neutral colored t-shirts as long as they're clean and follow Style Trick #6 below.)

Basically, what it boils down to is this...

Any piece of clothing that makes you look like you're an adolescent teen should not go on your body anymore while you're in public.

Because women (the ones worth pursing at least), don't want a boy who looks like his mom took him to Kohl's last Saturday...

Women want a man who knows how to create a style and brand for himself... One who takes pride in how he looks.

Keep reading to learn how to make that happen.

6. Make Every Shirt Fit/Accentuate Your Body

You've been there... You get dressed for a night out on the town, but there's something bothering you... Your shirt keeps getting untucked... making it look baggy, and more like you're wearing a trash bag instead of a pressed button down.

And no matter what you do (or how many times you tuck and re-tuck), it just keeps getting shifted around and completely destroys your awesome-looking outfit.

Not only is it uncomfortable when this happens... It just looks bad. Because here's the thing: No matter your body type, a tight (not too tight), form-fitting shirt always looks better than a loose-fitting alternative.

But on the other hand, a properly fitted shirt accentuates your body, makes your muscles look more defined... And makes your posture look stronger and straighter. And these both affects how other people (especially women) view you, and in turn... how you view yourself.

So... guys... It's time to stop wearing loose, baggy shirts!

5. Create a Versatile Wardrobe

If you're like I used to be... You only have a handful of outfits for each occasion that don't complement each other when mixed together... And that's a HUGE mistake.

I realized I needed to up my wardrobe game when I noticed all the photos I'd been getting tagged in on Facebook started looking like they were from the same day... And some photos were years apart!

I didn't have a versatile wardrobe... And so I kept wearing the same outfits to every occasion (which girls probably started to notice if they creeped my profile.)
We've already told you how to build an essential, versatile wardrobe for under $1,000, but here are a few things to help get you started:

Tip #1: Start with Neutral Colors

Sure, bright colors are great for accents, but when creating a versatile wardrobe, it's best to start with neutral colors. Neutral colors never go out of style and mesh well together. Plus, people prefer neutral colors because they generally don't evoke some sort of emotion.

But the real kicker? They mix and match effortlessly. Just take a look here.

Tip #2: Quality Trumps Quantity

Yeah, your wallet will feel lighter when you shell out a few hundred dollars for only a handful of items... But as long as you're buying quality clothing, you can rest easy knowing they're worth the money. Read reviews, try things on, and spend a little extra with the companies that make a better product.

4. Learn The Belt + Shoe + Watch Trifecta

Every man needs to know the all-important style trifecta: Your belt strap + watch strap + shoes all need to be the same color (black or brown is really all you need here.) Why...?

Basically, because it just looks good. Think about it:

  • At a distance, your shoes would stand out and look odd if they weren't the same color as the rest of your outfit.
  • Your belt moves across your entire body... making it one of the most noticeable piece of clothing you own! 
  • Your wristwatch is always a noticeable accessory, especially since we use our hands for everything from eating to holding the door for our date, and expressing ourselves while talking.

In short: make sure that the color of each matches... and you'll be good to go.


Trifecta aside, I can't understate the importance of the watch. And if you're a regular follower of Mantelligence (on the site and on our YouTube channels), this is nothing new to you (as it's in almost every article/video about style we put together for you guys).

Wearing a wristwatch has a wide range of style-benefits, but here are a few of the biggest:

  1. They're the quickest and easiest way to look more put together and stylish (two things that women find highly attractive)
  2. Watches are an investment and an heirloom (a well-made watch will work for the foreseeable future)
  3. Wearing (and using) a Watch Gives You The James Bond Effect (more here)

3. Cut Down on Accessories

Look... No matter how much you want to throw money around like Johnny Depp, or be a Rockstar like Steven Tyler... You (unlike them) 100% cannot pull off that many accessories.

Walking around with countless scarves, bracelets, and necklaces on every appendage really only works if you make hundreds of millions of dollars a year... Because women can easily justify dating a guy who looks ridiculous... So long as he has tons of money.

Really, 3 is the MAXIMUM amount of accessories you should wear at any time. And for formal occasions, you have quite a bit of wiggle room. Here are some accessories to consider:

Accessory #1: A Wristwatch

Every guy should own a sharp looking wristwatch (and wear it often.) It instantly makes any outfit look much more classy. Obviously, a Fitbit isn't the most stylish accessory to wear to a formal event (if you're that worried about your steps, get a hip pedometer)… And neither is a ridiculously bulky or bedazzled watch.

See this section for our editor Kyle's current watch recommendation.

Accessory #2: A Ring (or MAX Two)

One of the cool things about accessories is that they tend to hold a special place in our heart. And most guys don't wear rings unless they have some sort of special meaning to them (i.e. they belonged to a late relative). A ring or two is acceptable so long as there's a deeper meaning to why you're wearing them.

Any more than two is overkill.

2. Ignore Trends

Remember Birkenstock sandals? How about parachute pants? Plaid shorts?

Depending on your age, you may have lived through some of those trends... But if you take a look around today, you won't see them anywhere.

Fashion trends come and go just as much as internet trends and kid's toys (by the way, I know this bottle flipping and fidget spinning beginner's course if any of you guys are interested.)

My point is...

If you want to participate in a fashion trend, by all means... Go for it. But keep in mind that by next season... you'll probably regret your decision.

And your wallet will hate you for it.

1. Own Your Look

Just because you wear a fancy suit DOES NOT mean you have style... That's because style is so much more than the clothes on your back. To have style, you must have attitude and confidence. Because the truth is...

You could wear literally anything and get away with it... But ONLY if you have the personality and self-esteem to strut around in public and make it look natural. So really...

It doesn't matter what you're wearing... If you don't feel comfortable in your clothes, you won't look comfortable... And it'll show.

So practice! Try your new look any time you don't have to worry about looking nice... For instance, when meeting up with friends (they'll give you brutally honest feedback.)

Because those practice (and roasting) sessions will make you more comfortable in your new look, and when the time comes where you have to actually look like a well-put-together man... You'll have been there before and won't feel like a fraud.

Remember: Women like guys who are interesting and confident... And by finding your own unique style (and making that style a part of who you are), you'll feel like you're not faking it anymore... And you'll have a better chance of catching their attention.

How to Be What Women Want: 3 Steps

This post is packed with advice to help you be what women want in a man. Allow me to leave you with a few tips for how best to transform into Romeo.

1. Don't try too hard

Yes, several of the traits women are looking for require some effort, but the hardest part is making them look easy. Women can tell when men try too hard... and its a major turn off.

2. Let it be a process

You could go crazy trying to keep up with all of what women want in a man, so I recommend you work on one or two things at a time. Start by building on your strengths, and work on your weaknesses over time.

3. Don't break hearts

Romancing every woman you meet will quickly earn your a reputation that will be hard to shake when you're ready for a real relationship. Use your wooing powers for good, not to take advantage of anyone.

The Number 1 Bad Habit That Women HATE

Look guys… everyone has bad habits. We’re only human after all. But some daily habits are worse than others. And when it comes to getting the girl... being overly possessive is a HUGE red flag.

A little jealousy here and there is normal for a relationship (especially if you talk about it). But when you think that every guy she talks to wants to steal her away... you’re only making things harder on yourself. Being jealous and possessive with a girl shows her that you don’t trust her... and trust is the main ingredient to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

So constantly bugging her when she’s out with her friends gets old very quickly. Which is exactly why controlling those urges to constantly check up on her is a skill you need to master. And as long as you trust her and let her do her own thing when you’re not together... it will go a long way in making sure she’s happy when you are together.

Other bad habits to avoid

Unattractive Habit #1: Poor oral and physical hygiene.

Skipping brushing your teeth or showering after a long day is a big no-no. A person with no good personal hygiene is a major turnoff to women and people in general. This also shows that you are irresponsible and are not serious about taking care of your health and body.

Unattractive Habit #2: Being rude.

Rudeness is something people can easily recognize over an attractive face. Bad temper and poor behavior in public will turn people's heads for all the wrong reasons. It is a toxic characteristic that will repel people rather than attract them.

Unattractive Habit #3: Too much confidence.

There's a thin line between being confident and being arrogant, and you wouldn't want to cross the latter. Always do a self-check. Am I crossing the line? Is this too much? Ask yourself these things, especially if you tend to go overboard on the whole confidence thing. It is easy to notice overly confident fellows. They think highly of themselves, better than everyone else in the room, and they don't like owning up or admitting mistakes.

Unattractive Habit #4: Bad table manners.

You've been taught good table manners almost your whole life, whether in school or at home. So at this age, there's no excuse for chewing with your mouth open or talking when your mouth is full. And if you are still unsure of the do's and don'ts, you can always check it out on the internet.

Unattractive Habit #5: Too insecure.

When a man needs a lot of affirmation from a woman, it tends to become tiring and exhausting. If you're too insecure, it will be discouraging for people to spend time around you. Your negative thoughts and self-loathing will get old very fast.

People won't want to be around you because you're constantly asking for praise from them. Women won't think you're a good partner because you're too needy. Your insecurities won't help make you look like a strong man.

Unattractive Habit #6: Narcissism.

Another thing women hate about men is when they can't stop bragging about themselves. When a man has no other topic other than his achievements, a woman won't want to talk to him. Try this and watch out for her facial expressions. You'll see that she gets annoyed every time you show off something about yourself. If you have sound mental health, you won't need to brag about your accomplishments all the time.

You should be secure enough to be able to let your achievements speak for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being attractive is more than just looking good. There are plenty of ways to be appealing even without looking like a Hollywood movie star.

Will good clothes make me more attractive?

Of course. A well-dressed person appears more put together, smarter, and more charming. Good clothes, not necessarily expensive ones, fit you well and make you feel comfortable and confident in them. And when you are confident, you become more attractive to people.

How do I know if I look attractive to girls?

Knowing what women really want makes it easier to be attractive to them. You'll notice that women are attracted to you. You get compliments, or people want to be around you most of the time. When people find you appealing, they make eye contact or check you out. These are just some of the signs you have to look for.

Do personality adds up to someone's attractiveness?

Yes, it does! People with pleasant personalities are more desirable and are deemed attractive. And although good looks can add to a person's charm, a lot more women get attracted to a person with a great personality over facial attractiveness. So, with your tips and tricks to become more appealing, don't forget that what's inside matters.

Can I look attractive even if I know I am not good-looking?

Attraction is not necessarily achieved just by looking good. Often it is your lack of self-esteem that makes you feel that way. When you don't take care of yourself, you will look and feel unattractive. There are a couple of good habits to practice to improve your appearance and boost your confidence.

Why is it important to look good and presentable?

While your personality and character are more important than your physical appearance, the latter is the one most easily recognized. It is a known human behavior to think about how other people perceive you. And if you are a person who wants to look attractive, then maybe you should start caring more.

Looking good and presentable can help you in many ways. Aside from making you more likable, it can also make you more poised, seem smarter, and look more positive. And when you hear compliments like these, you get to feel good about yourself. You get more confident.

Being presentable doesn't just make you attractive to the opposite sex. It also attracts opportunities such as in your career or your job. While physical attractiveness shouldn't be the basis for this, it always holds weight on how you are judged.

More Steps On To Get Women or A Girlfriend

  1. Find out how to get a girls number so you can keep the flirting going.
  2. You’ll never freeze up again once you know how to approach a girl.
  3. Don’t fear taking the leap, learn how to ask a girl out.

In Conclusion

If you master the items on this list, you'll no longer have to wonder how to get a girlfriend. You'll develop into the type of man that any woman would love to date.

Follow the tips included in each one and you'll find that you had what women want in a man inside of you all along.