Gentlemen today, we’re showing you 6 surefire techniques on how to get any woman you want.

Think some nuts just can’t be cracked? Think again.

While it’s true that all women are different, there are a handful of personality traits the work to some degree... on universally any woman. There is always a way... and today we’re gonna show you how!

...And to make sure we don’t steer you off the rails, we’re also showing you the one thing that’s a universal turn off for any self-respecting woman.

How To Get ANY Woman You Want - 6 SIMPLE Scientific Tricks to Get Any Girl (2018)

6 Ways How to Get Any Woman You Want

So here are the 6 paths how to get any woman you want + the 1 mistake we beg you not to make:

6. Fill the Void

Okay, we have to tell you something, and it might sting a little.

Are you sitting down? Okay, here it is... There’s a medium to high chance... that you’re not her first.

I know, I know. Shocking right?

When you’re in the days of a budding relationship, it can be hard to believe others came before you. But think of it like this, there are reasons why your dream girl’s previous suitors have landed in her blocked contacts list…. Instead of in your shoes.

Here’s what you do to leverage the favorable position you’ve found yourself in: Figure out what her ex didn’t have, or what her last relationship was lacking, and show her that you’re the one to fill that void.

Is she complaining that the last man in her life was lazy and lacked direction? Use it. Show her you know how to use your ambition to meet your goals.

Was it because the last guy wasn’t able to have fun? Show her you want to prioritize the good times with her.

Whatever it is, she’ll leave clues as to why her last relationship didn’t work out... and if you know how to put the pieces together, you can use it to your advantage.

5. Align futures

Alright guys, put the paint brush down. Put it down. You don’t actually have to paint her a picture.

What I mean is... show her how she fits into your future. She’s not going to invest in you now, if she can’t picture herself with you happy and successful later.

Makes sense? Right?

Well, now, here’s the tricky part. The really tricky part is to make sure that the picture you’re painting in her mind, is a match with her future plans. If all she can talk about is her dream to travel to Peru and experience Machu Picchu, now’s not the time to tell her how career-focused you are, or that heights makes you sick. Instead, nurture the common goals you do have and keep spending time together.

4. Share Her Focus

Scoring any woman you want a.k.a., your dream girl, is all about being her dream guy. Even if it’s for just a few hours in a single night, you’ve got the chance to make her imagine what it’d be like to be with you.

And a big part of that? Liking the same things.

Now don’t go saying you like something just cause she does. But if you can show a genuine interest in something she does, that could logically, eventually lead her to imagine doing that thing with you.

See what I mean?

So if she says she likes yoga, you don’t have to like yoga. But you can ask questions about it, tell her your experiences with it, and show an open mind to something she really likes to do.

3. Cultivate Your Compass

While you’re hustling to dissect the inner workings of your dream girl, don’t forget one very important thing... You, big guy. You.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Observe all men; thyself most.”

Don’t get lost in the chase and forget who you are just to get the girl. Now that doesn’t mean don’t try to change for the better, but the woman you’re after, expects a man with a strong internal compass.

No matter how much they may push, no woman worth chasing is going to fall head over heels for a guy playing puppy dog. This is precisely the kind of guy any woman sees herself with, so show her that you are the leader of your life, and she’ll be sure to follow.

2. Adopt tradition

Some see manliness as a dying art form. Some think it’s a danger to society. But we really just see it as a basic facet of dating.

Here’s what we think: It’s okay to be manly. In fact, we’d argue that every single woman on earth, wants a manly guy. It’s just that definitions of manliness are pretty flexible these days. But we digress.

For now, we’re talking about traditional manliness. While it comes with challenges, it also tends to come in handy... and women like that. Here’s why. Being useful is becoming a fundamentally rare trait.

There are plenty of guys out there with good jobs. There are plenty of athletic or handsome dudes, but not that many guys who know how to get out of a jam all on their own.

Your woman wants to know that, when life throws you those unexpected curve balls: Like a flat tire on the way to dinner, or a tough conversation with somebody,

or something that needs fixing... that you’re going to be able to step up to the plate and take care of business.

1. Be Balanced

We all know that guy who is so singular in character that he is hard to relate to. He’s such a bohemian artist, or he’s big into exercise and dieting, or he’s so obsessed with cryptocurrencies that he’s actually hard to talk to about anything else.

In other words, he’s a gimmick. If you’re too into one thing, your dream girl might just find you to be… well… too much for her.

And yes, while you might be able to find that very special someone, who gets just as excited about parkour as you do, you won’t be able to get any woman you want.

The #1 Thing that Will Kill Your Chances with the Woman You’re After

Alright guys, we've given you the 6 ways how to get any woman you want, here is the number one thing that will tank your chances with any girl: Most guys figure out that getting a girl can sometimes take a lot of work. And it seems like they do everything right.

They make her a priority, they treat her right,  and they pour everything they have into proving they’re a good choice for a girl.

See where this is going?

The sometimes harsh reality of getting a girl that it’s possible to try too hard, and if a woman senses, 9/10 times she’s going to split. Women like focus, but they don’t want to be the only focus of a guy’s life. Smothering is real, guys.

So keep your priorities straight, and just remember that at best, women sign up to be a life partner, but not your entire life.

In Conclusion

Those are the 6 most effective ways how to get any woman you want and the one thing that will surely spoil your efforts to win her over.

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