Most of us guys know:

There are a (seemingly) infinite number of things girls wish guys knew about them... and about what they want.


The specifics differ from girl to girl but some universal things you simply cannot slack on... or mess up.

...And while we can't help you with exact that your girl wants... we can help you with those universal things that all women wish guys knew.

So... here are  7 things (almost) all girls wish guys knew that if you take care of, will dramatically help you get the girl... and keep her.

Note from the Editor, Kyle: Huge thanks to Anson Belt & Buckle for partnering with us to make this post possible. Anson is the only holeless belt that I recommend and wear every day.

What is this?

7. More Than Anything, Girls Hate Dishonesty (and If You Do It, You'll Lose Her)

The interesting thing about lies is that they tend to build on each other and snowball out of control if you tell a lot of them.

Something I've found in my 28 years of life is that in almost 100% of cases, you're better off telling the truth. Telling the truth ensures you're not carrying around the burden of a lie and you don't have to keep tabs on which lies you told who.

This is especially true when dealing with women.

Sure, you can lie to the girl you like, but what would the cost be if she found out?

Look... when you lie to one, you're basically (and obviously) telling her that you can't be trusted. And trust is the main ingredient to a healthy and understanding relationship.

...So get in the habit of being honest. Being honest (especially when it's hard) shows recognition for your words and actions. And no matter the situation, she'll be grateful you told the truth and respect you more for it.

Plus as an added bonus: you'll have a clean conscience... and won't have to look over your shoulder.

6. The Belt and Shoes Make the Man

You'll likely notice that any time we talk about 'how to get the girl'... we talk about style (and improving your style).

...And there's a simple reason for that: 

Girls are considerably more attractive to men who look good.

So... how can you quickly improve your overall style? Wear the right shoes, and the right belt.

Not only are these the first two things girls look at when analyzing a guy's style (they're two small details that have a huge overall impact)... but they also help you and your outfit look look immediately more put together (by wearing non-worn-down/ratty leathers... that are also matching).

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For her: that means that your belt doesn't look doesn't look like a ratty, torn, worn-down mess (not only do the notches distribute pressure more evenly... but more options also mean that you're never stretching your belt to fit into the next hole).

In short: this is the best belt for men on the market (more below).

The Shoes: Allen Edmond’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxfords

Allen Edmonds's Strand shoes have a detailed, perforated cap-toe detail that looks both incredibly stylish and undeniably manly.

...And when you pair that intricate detail with the sturdy, architectural structure of Allen Edmond’s shoe, you get an incredibly unique and eye-catching design that she will love.

What is this?

5. Laughter is Better than Giant Muscles (and Most other Things)

Don't get me wrong...

...If you bust your butt at the gym every week and it shows, great work, keep it up. It takes dedication and discipline to do that. Big muscles naturally attract girls so you're one step ahead of most guys.

But, to be clear:

Having a personality and being able to make them laugh is far more important to get the girl. It keeps her wanting more of you.

Here's the thing:

Women are emotional creatures. They're wired to be more in tune with their emotions, thoughts, and feelings than us guys. So of course, how a guy makes them feel plays an enormous part in whether or not he's good enough.

Having a sense of humor and being charming and fun to be around is one of the most successful methods of attracting girls. It is, in fact, one of the building blocks of knowing how to flirt with a girl.

Want to know why that's true?

It's because hen you make a girl laugh, you're showing her you know how to have a good time. It becomes clear that you don't take everything too seriously and enjoy spreading laughter wherever you go, and that makes you interesting to her. She'll want to get to know you a little better (if she's not already dating you.)

Pro tip: tell jokes, both good and bad... and don't be afraid to ask funny questions or random questions to get a reaction.

4. Get Piney

According to one study, college-age women ranked body odor as more important to attraction than everything but pleasantness.

What does that mean, for you? 

That, put simply, being a decent person and smelling good are what get the girl.

But I get it: 

With so many fragrances out there, it can be hard to tell which one will smell best on you. So before you pick the sweetest smelling fragrance you can find, think of what scent screams "Manliness."

Spoiler alert: It's pine.

Yep, smelling like you just chopped down a forest is as manly as it gets. Science says so. Whatever the reason, a man who smells like pine is viewed by women as more successful, intelligent, approachable, sanitary, and downright attractive.

So do some research into piney fragrances (start with our list of the best colognes for men) and try before you buy (there's no point in wasting your money on something you won't wear.) And if you realize that piney just isn't your style, pick what works for you.

At the very least, wear deodorant (here are the best deodorants for men) and scrub all your canyons in the shower (because as long as you don't smell like body odor and dried dirt, you're in good shape).

3. You Should ALWAYS Make the First Move

Note: if you're in a relationship, feel free to skip this one.

If you're single however, don't panic. Making the first move isn't as hard as it sounds (as long as you pay attention to her body language.)

Let me explain:

If a date is going well, there comes a time (or times if she likes you) where the girl tries to subtly make it clear that she wants you to make a move. The signs she likes you are all there... you just have to learn to recognize them.

... And if you notice any of those signs, you better move in for a kiss because if you don't... You run the risk of making her think you're not interested. Or worse: she thinks you're not interested... she'll quickly lose interest herself.

2. She Doesn't Want to Be Your Top Priority

It's often frustrating, but it's true:

When you like a girl a lot, it can be really hard to control your emotions and remember that you did things before you met her (especially if it's been a while since you've had a romantic interest.)

But speaking from experience, you have to back off and recognize when she needs her space.

Here's what I mean: When you make yourself too available to a girl, you're showing her that you don't have any other hobbies or interests besides her.

And that makes you boring.

So... if she hasn't responded to your last text, don't immediately send her another one. People don't always have their faces glued to their phones.

And when she tries to make plans with you, be sure to have some unavailable days where you're busy with something interesting like a martial arts class or volunteering at a local food ... shelter.

Being busy (but not too busy to make time for her) shows her you're an interesting guy who isn't going to be constantly blowing up her phone. Because a guy who can't seem to catch a hint that he's coming on too strong is a HUGE red flag.

Take it slow, stay busy, see what develops, and remember: it's not the end of the world if it doesn't work out.

1. Being a Nice Guy Doesn't Make You A "Nice Guy"

Nice guys... the ultimate source of women's frustrations with men.

...But what, exactly is a "Nice Guy?"

My slightly harsh definition: A socially awkward guy who constantly compares himself to other guys and struggles to grasp why his only redeeming quality of being a gentleman doesn't attract women.

...And before you get angry about that, you should know this:

I used to be a "Nice Guy." No, I never called women "M'lady" (and you shouldn't either)... but I struggled with talking to girls and often advertised myself to them as being a kind, gentle, understanding person.

But I didn't have anything else to offer. I didn't have hobbies, I didn't have anything interesting to say, and I often thought that if a girl didn't like me, there must be something wrong with her. But after a number of dates and reading countless articles on dating advice, I toned it down. I got better at understanding what girls are looking for in a guy...

...And I became that type of person.

I realized that, while I'm caring and kind, I can still be fun to interact with.

And that's literally all you have to do. Be a pleasant person (remember, women ranked that higher than smelling nice.) That means if a girl rejects you, don't get angry (because that's not very nice.) Instead, try to understand why she isn't interested.

It could be something you said or did, and you have to face those facts if you want to improve yourself and be the man that girls want.

If you can't pinpoint the reason, just ask her. She may give you a canned, "It just isn't working out" or she'll give you a specific reasonUse that information to rid yourself of any bad habits you may have and focus on being the most humble, honest, and caring man you can be.

And of course, make sure you're interesting and fun to be around!

PS: if you really want to avoid being the being the "Nice Guy" we've put together a video that can help.

In Conclusion

There are 7 things girls wish guys knew. Doing (or not doing) each these will make you dramatically more attractive to women (and will help you not only get... but also keep the girl).


To be clear... we're not recommending that you completely change yourself for a woman (really, you shouldn't)... but each of these will help you not only get the girl, but also (each in their own way) to become a better man.