Gentlemen, today we’re showing you 7 undeniable signs she's into you, so you can pin down that elusive answer to the troublesome question: does she like me?

Research has shown that most of us aren’t particularly good at detecting when the opposite sex is showing interest in us, so we obviously need a guide.

Now, we’re not just talking about signs she’s flirting, or body language signs she’s attracted to you in today’s video. But check out some of our other videos on those topics (after you watch this one of course).

Because today, we’re here to answer the burning question: what are the signs she's into you? Let’s do it.

Is She Into You? - 7 OBVIOUS Signs A Girl Likes You (DON'T MISS THESE!)

Signs She's Into You: 7 Signs a Girl Likes You

7. She’s Willing to Make Future Plans

Alright, so you just met a girl and you think you’re hitting it off, one brilliant way to get to the bottom of things is to play the long game and invite her to an event, but make sure it’s something at least a week or two away… If a girl’s not into you, she’ll want to keep her options open and won’t commit.

But if she says, “yes”, you can bet without a shadow of a doubt that she’s not worried about missing anything else.

In other words … she’s totally into you. Just be sure to do something with her before then.

6. She Gathers the Intel

In the early days of getting to know a girl, it’s easy to miss that ever-so-subtle signal that can telegraph a girl’s interest level in you.

So here’s how to tell if a girl likes you: Once a girl decides she’s into you, she’ll start collecting intel.

Why? Like a spy reporting to her superiors at the KGB, she needs to tell her friends about you. And in order to do that, she needs to know all the details about you.

Like … everything!

So if you suddenly get the sense that you unknowingly entered a game of 21 Questions, you can pretty much guarantee that she’s into you.

5. The Tag-Along

When a girl is interested in a guy, she has to see if he meshes with her friends. It’s all part of a time-honored ritual. But simply hanging out with her and her friends doesn’t necessarily mean she’s into you.

So how do you know where you stand? No matter what’s going on now, girls are always discussing what’s happening next. Where’s the next hangout. Where’s the afterparty. You get the idea.

So when it’s time to move onto one of those and she asks you to tag along... Congrats! Her friends like you and she’s absolutely into you.

4. The Coy Gaze

In most cases, continually locking eyes with a girl from across the room, is one of the most well-known signs a woman wants to be approached by you. But once you’re chatting her up, as long as she likes who you are... That look has a tendency to turn more soft and alluring, like she wants you.

It’s called The Coy Gaze and it’s one of the surefire signs a woman likes you. And It can be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention... But if you’re talking to a pretty girl, why wouldn’t you be?

3. Things Get Dark

If you’re killing it with a girl, at some point, she’s going to let her guard down. And she’ll do it on purpose because she wants to give you a taste of her vulnerable side. But it’ll happen in spurts because: She needs to be sure her true self won’t send you running for the hills and she trusts you.

So what exactly does this look like? Well besides the usual subconscious signs of attraction, like exposing her wrists or neck, or laughing at everything you say, when a girl is really into you, she’ll start sharing more personal information with you, like the stuff that really scares her, or that tragic thing that happened when she was younger.

So keep an ear open for it.

2. Breakthrough

While we’re talking about fears and repressed childhood memories, we should probably mention that when a girl breaks out of her comfort zone for you, and decides to do something she told you she’d never do, like hopping on a the new Vomit Comet when she told you she hates roller coasters, it means she trusts you.

But is she into you? Absolutely. And it’s a clear breakthrough for your relationship with her. Keep it up.

1. Observe the Data

No matter where you are on the dating spectrum, social media is going to factor in.

Now, just because she likes your posts, doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you like that. It could simply mean she knows a dank meme when she sees it. Or she likes the way you think.

So how do you know if she’s really into you or not? Easy: look at it objectively. Ya know… like a scientist. If her likes are more common than everyone else’s, or she comments on almost all of your posts... The evidence points to the fact she might be into you. Slide into her DMs and see what happens.

In Conclusion

Those are 7 irrefutable clues to answer the searing question: What Are the Signs She's Into You?

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