signs a shy girl likes you - main in postGentlemen, today, we’re showing 10 of those fun keep-you-guessing signs a shy girl likes you.

And because we don’t want you to mistake disinterest for shyness like a lot of guys do, we’re also showing 1 commonly misinterpreted sign that may mean a girl doesn’t like you, instead of just being shy.


How to Tell if a SHY GIRL Likes You – 10 HIDDEN, but Obvious Signs She WANTS You

10 Signs A Shy Girl Likes You

Here are the 10 powerful signs a shy girl likes you + 1 unreliable sign that should never be depended on:

10. She Lurks

signs a shy girl likes you - She Lurks

One of the first signs a shy girl likes you might do to make you wonder if she’s into you… is maintain a steady, play-it-safe presence near the perimeter.

Where a more outgoing girl might make it easy by coming right up to you and saying hi, shy girls tend to stay at an ambiguous, incredibly neutral distance that’s not too close, not too far…

…And doesn’t do much to help you know that she’s actually interested.

9. She Eavesdrops

signs a shy girl likes you - She Eavesdrops

Another interesting tactic used by shy girls to get a guy’s attention, is to go all in on eavesdropping on your conversation. Where a more well-adjusted girl might acknowledge overhearing something funny or interesting, a shy girl might just smile or quietly laugh to herself.

8. She’s Got a Dominant Digital Persona

signs a shy girl likes you - Shes Got a Dominant Digital Persona

Otherwise known as keyboard flirting:

When a girl tends to talk a lot online or by text, but not as much face-to-face, she probably likes you… but can only relax enough to flirt when she’s behind a screen.

Truth be told, a strong digital persona that’s inconsistent with her quiet demeanor is textbook social anxiety

And a classic sign that you’ve got the attention of a shy girl.

7. You Cool Down Her Social Circle

signs a shy girl likes you - You Cool Down Her Social Circle

Have you ever had a group of girls go a little quiet as soon as you came around?

If that sounds like you:

You might be in high school, but you might also be dealing with a shy girl who was just talking about you with her friends.

6. Inconsistent Verbal and Body Language

signs a shy girl likes you - Inconsistent Verbal and Body Language

One of the defining, signature traits of shy girls, is body language that doesn’t always match up to what they’re saying. In fact, her body language might be so at odds with the words coming out of her mouth, that you’re not sure you can get a read on her at all.

So if it seems like she sounds interested, but her body is saying she’s uncomfortable, that might be because she doesn’t want to commit to flirtatious body language that guys look for.

5. Low PDA

signs a shy girl likes you - Low PDA

Another characteristic of shy girls that makes guys wonder if they really like them, is that shy girls don’t really do public displays of affection (or PDA) all that well. Because most guys tend to need some degree of physical touch to know when a girl likes her, shy girls who don’t engage physically, can be especially confusing to flirt with.

4. Muted Flirting

signs a shy girl likes you - Muted Flirting

When you put it all together, shy girls just don’t flirt like the rest. Which means that a lot of the time, you’re probably going to be dealing with some muted flirting.

So what’s that mean exactly?

Well, muted flirting, is actually a lot like normal flirting, except where normal flirting tends to actually make it pretty obvious a girl likes you, muted flirting has a 50/50 chance of going the way a shy girl sees is it her head and a 50/50 chance of leaving guys wondering what’s wrong with her.

Truth be told, it’s hard to nail down exactly what it is. But if it seems like a girl wants to flirt, but also kinda doesn’t…
it’s probably because she’s shy and flirting doesn’t come that naturally.

Just a quick break to remind you that at the end of this video, we’re going to show one misleading sign that guys often think is just a girl being shy…when it’s actually not.

So to make sure you don’t mistake a girl who just doesn’t like you, for a shy girl…

Stay tuned til the end of this video. Now let’s finish with the last 3 on our list.

3. She Gets Wing-Girled

signs a shy girl likes you - She Gets Wing-Girled

Because a shy girl won’t always come out and do it herself, her friends might have to come with the assist and gauge your interest for her. So if it seems like you’ve all of a sudden got a girl’s friends testing the waters, that’s one of the most common signs that Little Miss Shy Girl’s got a crush on you.

2. Indirect Opportunities to Hang out

signs a shy girl likes you - Indirect Opportunities to Hang out

Because shy girls don’t always want to put themselves out there, if they want to hang out, they might go about making it happen in some less-than-obvious ways. Maybe she asks you to help her with something, maybe she offers to help you, or maybe she just tries to end up where you’ll be without making it clear she wants to see you.

However she does it, if she suggests doing stuff, but doesn’t ever just want to hang out…

That’s shy-girl flirting 101.

1. She Always Breaks Eye Contact First

signs a shy girl likes you - She Always Breaks Eye Contact First

Where a confident, extroverted girl will acknowledge your gaze with authority, a shy girl tends to worry more about making things weird when she makes eye contact. Because she’s got to look, but gets embarrassed when she gets caught a girl who’s shy will almost always break eye contact before you do.

1 Thing to Remember About Flirting With Shy Girls

signs a shy girl likes you - 1 Thing to Remember About Flirting With Shy Girls

I know what you’re thinking:

There must be a lot of shy girls out there. While it’s true that shy girls are all over the place, you don’t want to make the mistake of confusing shyness, with normal disinterest.

So how do we avoid the confusion?

Unfortunately, it’s still bound to happen from time to time but there is one thing that should make it pretty clear a girl isn’t just being shy, and that’s a complete avoidance of eye contact.

Where even a shy girl might look up, if a girl has no interest in you, or any other guy in that moment. She’s probably not going to really acknowledge anybody.


Those are the 10 signs a shy girl likes you and the 1 thing that doesn’t mean what you think.

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